Business idea: Waste management

Investments: from 110,000 rubles

Payback: from 4 months

Any organization in the production of any product has a percentage of defects that cannot go to store shelves. Most often, this situation occurs in bakery factories, where the percentage of rejects is quite high. The expiration date also plays a big role, because bread or stuffed buns become expired after 4-7 days. Accordingly, manufacturers need to look for ways to sell to offset the costs of their production. From this, you can create a business diagram for the resale of scrap or expired bakery products.

Business Concept

To get started in such a business, you need to understand the whole scheme. The entrepreneur acts as an intermediary between the savory food manufacturer and potential customers. There is an opinion that few people need a delay or a defective product. This is a false judgment, because for livestock (pig, cow, goat), such a product is one of the best. Why? Because it is cheap, suitable for their diet when it comes to reasonable delays (up to a week).

Clients will be people who keep livestock, that is, villagers. Selling is very simple: a poster is displayed on the main street of the village stating that baked goods are being sold with a slight delay. Residents buy everything very quickly - this is the practice of many years.

If the sale of production waste is simple, then the purchase from firms is a little more difficult. There is a great demand for such a marriage and expired goods, you may have to stand in line while waiting for your batch. Such questions are to be clarified with the bakery administrator.

If you wish, you can build a large scheme for the resale of production waste in your region, which will provide a stable income.

What is required for implementation?

It is worth focusing on finding organizations that produce bakery products. Many of them are gradually abandoning the idea and letting their marriage go into the production of new food products. For example, defective bread can be easily processed into bread crumbs. Others take out expired goods to landfills. Consider the following tasks:

TaskThe essence of the task1Finding a place where you can buy production waste2Registering your business3Purchasing the necessary equipment4Finding ways to sell products

There are few stages, so you can start quickly, in 2-3 weeks. This is a good idea for this business idea: I thought it, did it, got instant income. So let's get started!

Step-by-step startup instructions

Human life is not complete without the production of waste, which includes food, electronic and household waste. One person can have about 200-300 kg of solid waste per year. In an ordinary trash can, the content of polymer waste is 50%, food waste is 25%, everything else is paper, metal, rubber, glass and much more.

Unfortunately, in Russia, garbage is almost never recycled, but remains in landfills and pollutes the environment. People generally do not sort it or dispose of hazardous waste, and incinerators themselves contribute to environmental pollution by creating a greenhouse effect. At the same time, the amount of garbage becomes less with each year.

Of all generated waste, 60% are subject to recycling, this raw material includes paper, metal, polymers, glass and so on. At the moment, only 1% of solid waste is recycled in Russia.

Meanwhile, most of the garbage can be recycled for reuse, and profit from the sale of recycled products. It is also profitable to organize such a business for the reason that now more and more enterprises for the processing of recyclable materials are opening, and the equipment is becoming more and more affordable. Thus, the processing of organic waste can produce compost for fertilizers, motor oils - physiologically active compounds and biological products.

There are several stages of waste management:

  • collection
  • transportation
  • sorting
  • recycling (disposal, storage)
  • As a rule, enterprises have a narrow specialization in relation to the 1st stage. Raw materials that do not meet the needs of production are pressed into briquettes and buried at a solid waste landfill. For further resale, about a third of the raw materials are used.

    To take your place in the market, it is important to find a source of material for processing, which can be considered, for example, a cottage village or an industrial enterprise. To start cooperation, it is necessary to convince the management to refuse the services of an existing service organization. Working with an industrial enterprise is more profitable, since in this case it will be possible to create specialization for a certain fraction, which has a positive effect on reducing costs.

    The 1st and least expensive part is waste collection and transportation, which will require containers and a truck. The use of a press will reduce transportation costs, if the collected material allows it.

    Almost any waste can be recycled, including PET containers (plastic bottles), cars, wood, paper, consumer electronics.

    The most simple and affordable recycling technologies are crushing and pressing. They are used both individually and in a complete cycle, which includes a crusher, screening line, storage hopper, press and magnet.

    Waste treatment equipment

    Equipment selection is determined by performance and type of waste. Let's give an approximate cost of some types of pressing equipment according to their specialization.

    Few people think about the fact that money can be made even from garbage. But garbage is something that pollutes the environment and spoils the appearance of the city, so you need to get rid of it. So why not make a profitable business out of such a noble undertaking? Is it possible? If so, how can this be done?

    Types of processing equipment

    There are not so many companies operating in the waste recycling sector today, and mostly these are large recycling plants. Since the enterprise belongs to a socially significant industry, you can contact the city or district administration with a request for help. Tax breaks are easy to get, but you will have to work hard to resolve the issue of financial subsidies.

    Small businesses can recycle waste in the workshop. You can choose only one of the types of waste processing equipment:

    • Waste sorting lines. They are required for the waste sorting stage.
    • Crushers. These plants are designed to separate waste into smaller fractions.
    • Presses. They make the waste more compact and convenient for further work.
    • Compactors. They compress waste like a press, but in a form that is easy to transport.
    • Waste incinerators.
    • Melting installations.

    There are also special devices designed to work with a certain type of garbage. These are shredders of paper products of various thicknesses, bag breakers and plastic bottle piercers.

    What you need to start a business

    Please select in advance the type of waste that the company will process. It can be plastic, paper, leather, car tires, glass, construction waste. Before starting a project, an entrepreneur should consider the following:

    • The equipment is quite expensive. To make a profit, you need volumes of garbage, which will have to be taken somewhere. Please note that the Russian garbage industry is not too eager to work with small recycling enterprises.
    • Get co-founders and start an LLC.
    • Obtain a recycling license (issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources).
    • Room. For a workshop, an area in an industrial zone with an area of ​​at least three hundred square meters is suitable; equip an entrance area for trucks.
    • Obtain permission to place municipal solid waste in this room.
    • Purchase the necessary equipment: depends on what kind of waste will be processed. All enterprises will need lifting equipment, forklift trucks.
    • Personnel. Foreman, processing plant operators, forklift drivers, handymen.
    • Sign contracts with landfills (waste sorting takes place here). It is also possible to reach an agreement with garbage companies and install containers in the surrounding yards to collect waste of a certain class (plastic, glass, paper).

    How a waste recycling facility works

    The operation of the enterprise depends on the class of waste. Let's take a look at the recycling of the most popular waste - plastic bottles. The volumes are quite large, and after processing, they receive a flex, which is used in a huge number of industries.

    • Sorting takes place after the bottles are delivered to the workshop. Workers sort the containers by color, remove labels and clean them.
    • Bottles are being pressed.
    • After that, the raw materials go to the line, where they are crushed and polished.

    Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Grishinn is a person with an active lifestyle. He is not only a businessman with almost ten years of experience, but also a member of the youth government of the Vologda region. Having started in the service sector, in 2021 Grishinn moved into the "heavier" area of ​​waste processing. Today, he plans to develop unique equipment for the processing of solid waste and expand to all of Russia and the CIS countries.

    Vyacheslav Grishinn talks about the profession of a metallurgist, street waste and state grants in an interview with Kontur. urnal.

    Business interests

    The city-forming enterprise of my hometown of Cherepovets is the metallurgical plant Severstal. Therefore, I, like many others, decided to go to study as a metallurgical engineer. In 2021 he graduated from the Cherepovets State University with a degree in ferrous metallurgy. Ten years later, already in Moscow, at the Synergy University, I received a second degree in economics.

    Now I still continue to study - this year I passed the competitive procedure for retraining personnel under the presidential training program. I want to get more managerial knowledge and skills that are so necessary for me in my own business.

    In my main specialty, I have not worked a single day, although indirectly, the profession of an engineer was still useful to me. In 2021, I launched an agency providing real estate and legal services. I worked in this business for about three years, after which I sold my share to employees. Why? It's just that at some point I switched my attention to other projects: I no longer had enough time for constant communication with clients, and this is one of the foundations of a successful service business. In parallel with my own business, I was actively involved in youth policy in the region as a member of the youth government of the Vologda region.

    Crisis: losses and opportunities

    In 2021, I decided to focus on my current business - the waste processing company EcoPlast. The idea was born corny: I drew attention to the huge amount of garbage that formed after the winter. They started working small - they took plastic from individuals and from stores. They just came and offered to take out the waste for free, this is a good offer for business - no need to spend money on disposal. We brought all the collected waste to our base, sorted it, pressed it and resold it to customers as raw material. The business premises were found without any problems: even despite the presence of certain requirements, the supply of high-quality production areas in the city was good. They actively attracted acquaintances in order to rent a suitable object. To launch our simple business, we spent about 500,000 rubles. own savings and proceeds from other businesses. The initial investment went to the purchase of pressing equipment. We managed to get this money back within a year.

    In our business, the main problem is finding funding. Firstly, we have a rather specific industry, and secondly, not many people, in principle, know that it is possible to earn money on processing. In addition, we were severely crippled by the crisis.

    We planned to launch a full-fledged production in 2021, but we managed to acquire the necessary equipment only a year ago - at our own expense and a loan from the Fund for Social Programs "Our Future". While we were looking for suitable equipment in China, the prices of the machines doubled. As a result, the purchase cost us 7 million rubles.

    Today the EcoPlast company works in two directions: compressed plastic, which we sell to various raw material companies in Russia, and the processing of plastic bottles. In the second direction, back in 2021, EcoPlast won the All-Russian competition "Regions - Sustainable Development". According to the developed concept, investments in the project would amount to 130 million rubles. It was planned to build a full-fledged plant in the Cherepovets industrial park, 1.2 hectares of land were allocated for this, the estimated production capacity was 4,000 tons of PET bottles. However, due to the crisis, this project had to be frozen, as the cost of equipment increased.

    The new economic environment forced us to turn our attention to another area - solid domestic waste (MSW).

    Waste management is a global problem of the present and future. As a result of human activities, millions of tons of waste are generated annually. Recycling of recyclable materials and their further use in various fields can become a step towards a clean future.

    The practice of rational waste management has begun to develop relatively recently. Garbage can be used as a raw material for the production of new goods needed in life.

    Business Idea

    The practice “from waste to income” can be an idea for developing a new business. Finished raw materials will help to significantly reduce the cost of primary products and reduce the percentage of environmental pollution with household waste.

    Wanting to update her wardrobe, the wasteful girl throws unwanted clothes in a landfill. The thrifty hostess, on the other hand, takes advantage of the old, reshaping, altering the product into a new dress or skirt. This could be a brilliant business idea.

    Garbage and the results of human activity can be safely used for processing and the subsequent creation of new goods and services, putting them further on for sale. Thus, to organize the receipt of income from waste.

    The main thing is to generate an idea, come up with a technology, establish a process of own production of a new product from garbage.

    Where to get raw materials

    To convert waste into income, this same garbage must be found somewhere. Someone will say: why look for him, if the landfills are full of all kinds of good. But in order to create a new product from waste, you first need to thoroughly process and cleanse it. Only after that, the goods are created from the received raw materials.

    The organization of such a business is a costly business, it requires a lot of effort and energy. It is important not only to establish our own production from processed raw materials, but also to purchase waste or create our own processing line, which is much more expensive than the first option.

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