Business idea: soap making for aspiring entrepreneurs

The opening of soap production is a promising business line. In order for a business to generate income for a novice entrepreneur, it is necessary to know in advance all its nuances.

Pros and cons of this area

Having decided to start such a business, an entrepreneur needs to know all its advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects of the decision taken include:

  • The possibility of organizing at home.
  • Simple production technology.
  • No big start costs.
  • No specific hardware required.
  • High demand.

Negatives include:

  • High level of competition.
  • Business is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Based on the cumulative analysis, we can conclude that soap making is capable of generating income with a small investment level.

Interesting information about this area you can get from the following video:

Activity Registration

Having decided to start producing soap, an entrepreneur must choose a form of ownership. For this type of mini-business, registration as an individual entrepreneur or the creation of an LLC is suitable.

Business idea: how to open an electrical installation company

Liquid soap production is one of the niches for small businesses. The products are in constant demand and the technology is not very complicated.

Liquid soap technology

  • Hot method - the essence of the method consists in heating fats, their further saponification with alkali and cooling.
  • Method - melting - heart soap is melted according to the "water bath" principle, mixed with water, dye, antioxidants, stabilizers, etc. additives (this method requires bulky and expensive equipment, so remelting is rarely used);
  • The cold method is the simplest, it involves mixing all the ingredients and filling the finished product. It is most often used by small businesses.

Before organizing the process, after choosing a soap making technology, you need to consult with a soap making specialist, choose a basic recipe, on the basis of which a product line will be created. The finished product must have suitable softness, ductility and transparency characteristics. Starting services of a technologist - 50 thousand rubles.


As equipment, you can purchase both a ready-made line and select equipment according to its purpose. As an example, the equipment in the form of a production line is taken, with a capacity of 7 tons per shift or 140 tons per month. Soap is bottled in pet bottles with a volume of 0.25-5 liters. To work on this equipment during one shift, 2 people are enough. The line is made in such a way that when deciding to increase production, it is enough to buy an additional module. The cost of the equipment is 700 thousand rubles, delivery and installation on site is 100 thousand rubles. Other equipment - 50 thousand rubles. In total - 850 thousand rubles.

It should also be noted that this equipment can be used to make not only liquid soap, but also detergent, cream soap and dishwashing detergent. The equipment selling price also includes recipes for these four products. In addition, the company, an equipment supplier, provides assistance in passing product certification. Liquid soap is a cosmetic product, it must be safe and meet all norms and standards.


A room for the production of liquid soap for this equipment needs from 40m2. We conventionally assume that the rental price is 250 rubles per m2, the area is 50m2. Total monthly 12,500 rubles. The area is taken taking into account the warehouse of materials and finished products.

The premises must have electricity, sewerage, heat and water. Electricity - not less than 60 kW / h., Supply ventilation is not required.


Conventionally, taking into account personal income tax, the employee's salary is 30,000 rubles. Pension fund 30% - 9000 rubles. If the business owner also works on the line, the monthly salary costs will amount to 39,000 rubles.

Those who decide to open an electrical installation company are currently on the green light.

Not everyone likes making money sitting in an office or working in a factory. Many people prefer to organize a business based on their hobbies. One of the popular small business movements is the manufacture and sale of handmade soap. Why is this business relevant - handmade soap? First of all, soap making is a relatively new art form, and even more so, making money. The idea of ​​making homemade handmade soap appeared 8-10 years ago, and the idea to sell it on a fairly large scale appeared 3-4 years ago. That is, we can conclude that in most cities the niche is not yet occupied.

Home-made soap from natural ingredients attracts many buyers because it can cleanse, heal the skin and have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the outer skin. Often it does not cause allergies (depending on the ingredients used), therefore it is suitable for sensitive skin. Unusual, beautiful handmade soap attracts the attention of buyers. Such a product is in demand if it is enough to properly organize production and sales.

Registering home soap making as a business

Before officially registering a business, you need to find a suitable premises and purchase the primary necessary materials, draw up a small business plan. For the production and sale of soap, you can register an LLC or an individual entrepreneur.

Premises of 40 sq. m will be enough. If you want to save money on rent, choose the country option. The space should be divided into two different sized pieces. The larger one will serve as a direct manufacturing site, and the smaller one will serve as a warehouse for raw materials and finished products.

Registration of a business - soap making - takes place in the tax office and does not take much time.

Handmade soap technology

Before you understand the production technology, you need to purchase all the necessary tools, products and components for soap. It is better if you have accumulated a certain amount for this, which will allow you to choose everything you need at once.

Required materials and equipment

A product consisting of fatty acids and glycerin. Has a transparent or white color, usually sold by weight. There is also a liquid soap base (for liquid soaps and shampoos). If you plan to produce products in this direction, then a liquid base is also necessary.

Essential oils are added to the soap for aroma and various effects. Here the choice is wide: from fragrant ylang-ylang to simple tea tree. Each of the oils is antiseptic, which can be a great addition to anti-rash soaps. Esters make soap fragrant.

Special dyes will help to make the soap bright, varied and to achieve originality. The variety of dyes is great - it is worth buying as many colors as possible so as not to limit yourself in creativity. Choose natural colors: low cost is not as important as quality and consumer acceptance.

Making handmade soap at home is a great business idea that has worked well and has shown great results.

In short, with investments of 10,000 rubles or more, you can make a profit of 30,000 - 40,000 rubles. Interesting? Then read the article to the end.

Homemade soap, or rather its production and further sale are great for those who are not familiar with entrepreneurship, or want to start with something simple, have a desire to make money at home on their hobby, do not have specific knowledge of what -that sphere.

The soap making process itself is relatively simple, almost anyone can handle it. No expensive or bulky equipment needed. Only desire, hands and good imagination.

Should I start making soap now?

Today, there are still free segments of the handmade soap market. Therefore, you can still take your share practically without problems. But, you need to immediately understand that you will have to somehow solve the two most important problems.

First, the cost. Handmade soap turns out to be more expensive than the usual one. This is due to the use of a more advanced formulation, some of which are natural ingredients.

Second, how do you sell your handmade soap to your customers? Even if someone is interested in buying such a product, he will not look for specialized online stores because of the “soap”. To do this, you will have to come up with a simpler and more effective sales scheme.

Why is it worth starting a soap making business now?

How to start a home soap business?

Soap making is a business for real aesthetes. Handmade soap is akin to a work of art and requires dedication and love from the manufacturer. Fragrant natural soap bars will be a great gift for any occasion, and just a decoration of the bathroom. Also, do not forget about the modern trend - now not only everything beautiful, but also natural and environmentally friendly is in fashion. The advantage of soap making as a business is also that you can start at home with minimal investment, and switch to mass production if it goes well. We bring to your attention a business plan for this fun activity with step-by-step instructions.

Soap production technology

Of course, the soap is made using a special technology. There are three production methods: baby soap, cold and hot. Making baby-based soap is very simple and ideal for home use. In this case, your actions will be as follows:

  • Grate a bar of baby soap, add 1 tablespoon of a base oil (such as olive oil) and 150 ml of liquid and place in a water bath;
  • Add 1 a teaspoon of honey and cook the mixture, stirring constantly, until a stringy mass;
  • When the mixture is smooth, add fillers: essential oils, coffee, herbs, colors, etc.;
  • Prepare the molds: grease them with butter (preferably corn oil), pour the mixture into them and place in the refrigerator until solid. After that, leave the soap to “ripen” on the windowsill for 1-2 weeks.

If you decide to cook soap in a cold way, be careful, because in this case chemicals are used. For the base, you need an alkali - caustic soda or caustic soda.

  • To calculate the required amount of alkali and water, use a formula or calculator;
  • Start gradually pouring alkali into a container with ice water. Be careful - the liquid will start to heat up quickly and release toxic fumes. Stir the solution until the alkali is completely dissolved and let it cool;
  • At this time, heat the base oil in a water bath;
  • Mix the alkaline solution and oil. They should be at the same temperature (36-50 °);
  • The mass will begin to thicken and darken. To speed up the process, beat the mass with a mixer;
  • When the mass has become dense, you can add fillers and fragrances. Mix thoroughly again, pour the mass into molds and leave to harden for several days.

The advantage of the hot method is that the soap gets stuck many times faster in comparison with other methods. The main ingredients are the same as for the cold method. Repeat all steps until the stage of beating with a mixer. After that, put the container with the mass in a water bath and begin to "simmer". Cover the container with a towel, and only then with a roof, otherwise condensation will get into the soap and break the consistency. Boil your soap like this for 2 hours, stirring every half hour. You can add fillers after the mass is ready. You can determine this by licking it (yes, don't be afraid!) - if your tongue does not pinch you, then everything is ready and you can pour it into molds. Try to do this quickly, as the mass thickens before your eyes.

Home soap making

We got acquainted with soap making technologies, and you decided to try one of the methods at home. Household soap production only requires ingredient costs (we do not count electricity and gas costs). Here's what you need to make your first handmade soap bars:

Don't forget about tools - at least you need a scale, measuring spoons, a thermometer. The tools will cost approximately 2,000 rubles.

Packaging is also important. It must be firm and firm, but transparent for the soap to be visible. Think about its design, add your own "chip", create tags describing your soap. It will take about 2,000 rubles to create the packaging.

Thus, your initial capital for making handmade soap at home will be from 6,000 rubles.

The distribution channels for your products are friends, acquaintances, and acquaintances. If your product turns out to be of high quality, word of mouth will make a name for you. You can use free advertising tools such as social media - an Instagram account with beautiful photos and descriptions of the useful properties of your soap will quickly attract new customers.

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