Business idea: production of paper bags

Investments: from 1 million rubles

Payback: from 12 months

Many manufacturers are increasingly using paper packaging; supermarkets offer paper bags for food. This is primarily due to the environmental situation in the country, or rather, to caring for it. It is also comfortable and stylish, just like in American movies. But as it turned out, there are not so many manufacturers of such packages. And demand creates supply. Therefore, in this article, we will deal with the idea of ​​a paper bag business.

Business Concept

The production of paper bags is quite simple: the raw materials used are inexpensive, and the equipment is not very complicated. Still, any production requires detailed awareness of the technological process. The technological process consists of five main stages:

  • Creation of a preliminary template according to which the package will be made. That is, a tube is formed from thin cardboard, which is further cut into packages. And already at this stage, it is possible to print corporate identity and logos.
  • The second step is to form the bottom of the package and glue it.
  • Next, a future valve for the packages is prepared, to which they will subsequently be closed.
  • Gluing the bottom of the bag and pressing the product for transportation.
  • Formation of packages into bundles.

What is required for implementation?

Since our production, though not very complicated, will require equipment for the production process. Another caveat - the bags are both sewn and glued. The choice of the right equipment depends on what kind of packages we will produce.

The high cost of equipment is directly related to the characteristics of the machine, such as productivity, dimensions and type of production line. In addition to the machine itself for the production of blanks for bags, you will need to purchase auxiliary devices. Such as a mechanism with which the bottom of a bag or sack will be stitched in layers, a specialized mechanism for feeding paper, a hydro-mechanical press that will boil finished products, and a typewriter for applying logos.

A small production facility is also needed, which can be rented in the first couples, with subsequent purchase. The room must be equipped with plumbing, sewerage systems and electricity. The main requirement for the area of ​​the premises is compliance with fire safety standards.

Personnel for direct work in production should be experienced, but without special education, although training is possible. 3-4 workers are enough to work with one machine. At the same time, it is desirable to organize shift work, which will increase labor productivity.

Step-by-step startup instructions

Business idea: production of paper bags

Any kind of activity requires the development of a special project, on the basis of which it will be built. In today's article, we propose to study the business plan for the production of plastic bags. Polyethylene products have long and firmly entered our life. Let us consider in detail how and what you should pay attention to when drawing up a project for this type of activity.

General information

Today, plastic products are used everywhere: in shops, supermarkets, for gift wrapping and food storage. There are even special garbage bags that are used by almost all housewives. Long gone are the days when rag bags were in use, and cellophane bags were carefully folded and stored.

Currently, a plastic bag fulfills its direct purpose - it is a one-time means for convenient transportation of the product and its packaging. This means that the demand for this product will be stable for many years to come, without a tendency to decline.

Choosing the production of packages as a business, you need to understand that, in addition to the obvious functions, the product has become a means of advertising. Almost every large company, boutique or supermarket offers its customers a branded package with the company's logo printed on it, contact details and a list of services. This method is considered effective and mobile advertising.

Product demand and sales market

Statistics show that the domestic production market has a lot of unfilled niches. 20% of the supply of polyethylene products falls on foreign countries. Turkey and China are considered the main competitors. Their product is very low in price and often of the same quality.

Unsoldered seams, torn off handles and falling out bottoms are just a few of the defects that buyers of such products face. Unfortunately, for our consumer the price is the decisive factor, so the demand for goods from foreign manufacturers is not weakening.

But it's worth making a reservation: this only applies to direct wholesale deliveries of finished products. It is more profitable to work under the order, having concluded contracts for the supply of packaging material and finished products for various trade, construction, manufacturing enterprises. In this case, you can count on the "company image" rule to work. After all, not a single large and self-respecting company will offer a customer a product in bad packaging.

Polyethylene products are required in any region. Even if a large factory is already operating in your city, entrepreneurs of medium and small businesses can freely find their niche by analyzing the proposals of competitors. There are many types of plastic bags:

  • gift bags;
  • t-shirt bags;
  • banana bags;
  • garbage bags ;
  • advertising packaging with a logo;
  • multi-layer, single-layer bags, etc.

At this stage, the main task of an entrepreneur is to identify products with the highest demand or to find a niche that is not covered by competitors.


Business idea: production of paper bags Investments: from 1 million rubles Payback: from 12 months Many manufacturers began to increasingly use paper packaging in supermarkets

Investments: from 700 thousand rubles

Payback: from 4 months

Plastic bags in various designs have become part of our lives. Their variety is huge: this is the packaging of products and household chemicals, and all kinds of grocery bags, as well as garbage bags. This widespread use is due to the simplicity and ease of use. Their low cost also plays an important role.

Large supermarket chains use branded bags that can go as a gift for shopping. They are issued free of charge at the checkout and carry a pleasant bonus for consumers, as well as an advertising function of the store. How to implement a business idea for the production of plastic bags and calculate all financial investments? You will learn this and much more in our article.

Business Concept

The bag making business is not very original, not particularly expensive and very relevant. It is possible to start production with simple packaging bags for products. Customers will be all kinds of retail stores: both small shops near the house and supermarket chains.

What is required for implementation?

To get started, you need to study the market, find out how many manufacturers there are in a given region. On the basis of which the product price, assortment and points of sale are formed. There are two options for business development: to make packages from the blanks of enterprises already operating on the market (this requires a cutting and soldering machine equipped with a tray), or to purchase the entire production line.

It doesn't take a lot of resources to make plastic bags. These are the necessary equipment (cellophane film production line and soldering-cutting machine) and a flexographic machine for applying branding.

The room must have high ceilings and meet fire safety standards. And also to maintain the optimal temperature in the process of polyethylene production, there must be heating, water, sewage and light. There will be two or three workers in production, depending on the number of machines (one worker per machine). Workers may not have a special education, but work experience is desirable. Although manufacturers and suppliers of equipment offer installation supervision of their equipment and initial training.


We start production and wholesale of plastic bags

To create a sensible production with the required turnover and a sufficient level of revenue, you need to invest in equipment, which, in fact, will be the basis of your production. The price of such devices varies widely. From three hundred thousand rubles to several million. These options are aimed at different volumes. Other factors specific to the overall development of the business will also affect success. Read on for more details.

Plastic Bag Business Description

Naturally, there is no need to look for something original in this area of ​​business. Such production workshops have existed for a very long time, and the niche has already been mastered many times. But the product itself, which is a plastic bag, is so in demand in other spheres of production and trade that you can still successfully enter the market, despite high competition in any region.

The fact is that the use of plastic bags has a very wide scope. And the need to use it is found not only in third-party firms, but also in the retail sector, retail, small-scale wholesale formation. Due to their low cost, packages are also used by trading companies that distribute them for free to please the client's choice (strictly speaking, their price is included in the price tags of the products, but these are details).

Plastic bags are produced in various quality, density, shape and type. So, for example, they can become an excellent and inexpensive way to advertise a product, because they allow you to apply drawings, inscriptions, logos, information, contact details of the company on their surface.

And as a result of these and other reasons, the endless popularity of this product and the incessant demand have long been formed. Let's list these reasons again:

  • Cheapness. The ubiquity and distribution of the packages is due to their price, which allows merchants to list them for customers free of charge.
  • Production does not require special knowledge and training. It is enough to purchase the equipment and understand its operation with the help of the instructions.
  • There is no need to hire highly qualified personnel. And accordingly, there are no problems with paying large salaries. Everything is standard.
  • To start production, you only need equipment, an area and a few people.

Marketing Research

Hardly anyone would call the production of plastic bags an innovative idea of ​​modern times. But in terms of its popularity and demand, this line of business is not inferior to many others, and surpasses some of them due to high profitability and quick return on investment.

As a few years ago, so today, and with a high probability for a decade to come, this type of activity will be in high demand. Plastic bags are widely used as packaging material, without which no trade or industrial network works. In addition, the functionality of the package is not limited by its technical capabilities, it can successfully fulfill the role of information material. It is worth putting on it a logo or information about the advertised company and the package will turn into a fairly successful marketing tool that brings good incomes for companies that use this type of their promotion in the consumer market.

Plastic bags with logo

Another aspect that contributes to the popularity and practicality of this type of business is its simplicity. After all, all ingenious, as you know, is simple.

To start the production of plastic bags does not require unique technologies and special knowledge. It is enough to have the appropriate equipment, premises for organizing production and a few workers.

How to do everything correctly and avoid mistakes when organizing a business for the production of plastic bags, we will describe in detail in this article.

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Profitability and competition

Before embarking on your idea of ​​starting a business for the production of polyethylene products, it is important to carry out simple marketing research. It is necessary to study the situation in the region in terms of the presence of competitors, their pricing policy, demand for products and the range offered on the market. It is important to prepare a business plan. It will be required if you plan to take out a certain loan to promote your business and find an investor. Even if you don’t need to borrow money, this plan will help you to organize the production process step by step, without unnecessary actions, in the shortest possible time.

As statistics show, from 5 to 10 manufacturers of polyethylene products can successfully compete in one region. Typically, one of them is a large producer and the others are smaller production facilities. In fact, they all work only for one region, because in another place there are manufacturers and it will be very difficult to compete with them, given that the cost of delivery will not allow offering the price of products corresponding to local manufacturers.

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