Business idea: production of glass mosaic tiles


- glass hollow products, consisting of two pressed semi-blocks, welded together.

Glass blocks are subdivided: by design - into one- and two-chamber with increased thermal insulation properties; by form e - into square, rectangular and angular; in terms of lighting qualities - for light-scattering, light-guiding, translucent and sun-protection; and about the decorative qualities of colorless and colored. Colored glass blocks can be made of colored glass melt, from colorless glass melt with subsequent inner painting of two iolublocks with aerosol colored coatings, from colorless glass melt with an interlayer of colored glass film.

The front sides of the glass blocks are smooth or have corrugations on the inside, giving the glass blocks certain lighting technology. and decorative qualities.

Glass blocks are used for the construction of external and internal translucent fences in residential, public and industrial buildings, including for translucent fences with increased requirements for fire resistance, heat and sound insulation, for small architectural forms. In translucent fences, the slabs are placed on cement-sand or polymer-cement mortars with reinforcement - to be completely separated by expansion joints from the adjacent building structures. In glass-block fences, window openings, opening transoms and doors can be arranged.

The most effective in construction are large-sized and two-chamber C. High mechanical. strength, fire resistance and ease of production of glass blocks allow you to get significant technical and economic. the effect of their application. In terms of durability, glass block fences are superior to many other types of translucent glass fences.

19-4. panels using glass blocks, glass panels and shaped glass. ... For the manufacture of panels were adopted, glass blocks measuring 194x194x98 mm; strapping panels, etc.

Angular (or half), triangular, round blocks are also available. ... Glass blocks have high strength (they can only be broken with a sledgehammer), fire resistance and heat resistance.

The most important products used in construction ... Glass concrete blocks are glass blocks produced by pressing, which, as a single volume or.

Sheet glass. Glass products. ... Constructive and construction products. Glass blocks are hollow, light-transmitting products obtained from two pressed from glass melt.

Architectural and building light-transmitting products are subdivided into double-glazed windows, glass blocks, profile glass, etc. • Window glass intended for glazing windows, doors, passages.

Against the background of the increased attention of the whole world to the problems of the environment, the glass processing business is gaining more and more popularity.

This industry is also of interest for the domestic market, since it is characterized by low competition and low start-up costs.

A clear business plan will help an entrepreneur evaluate the profitability of a business and achieve success in a few months.

Business structure

To convey the general essence of the business, we will describe in general terms the process of recycling glass recyclable materials.

It consists of several stages:

  • Collecting material. The following recycled glass is used in production: whole containers, lumpy glass, scrap, assorted glass packaging waste.
  • Sorting. At this stage, large impurities are separated from the total mass, the glasses are distributed by color.
  • Cleanup. All cans, bottles and shards are passed through a magnet and subjected to a vacuum. The mass gets rid of dirt, dust, paper, metal covers.
  • Shredding. The crusher turns the cullet into chips. The size of the fractions is adjustable.
  • Product manufacturing. Sand, soda and limestone are used to melt glass, but cullet can be replaced up to 40% of the total mass.

Some enterprises limit themselves to processing raw materials to cullet, establishing a sales market among manufacturers of tools, sanitary ware, building materials and glass structures.

If you have sufficient investment, you can expand your business to make your own products.

When choosing a direction, an entrepreneur should take into account the planned production volumes and prospects for the sale of goods in the region.

Consider both options for organizing a glass recycling business.

Business form

The Russian House Commercial and Industrial Company sells glass blocks and other glass products of its own production at affordable prices. This type of building material is perfect for decoration and construction, is actively used as a reliable, practical and affordable material for modern solutions in the transformation of the interior.


We manufacture high-quality products, meeting all requirements, combining the experience of our employees and the latest equipment. We are ready to custom-make numerous types of hollow glass blocks, which will differ from each other in the type of surface, color of the molten glass and shape.

Glass blocks are produced in different shapes:

  • round ;
  • square ;
  • rectangular.

Based on the type of surface, select:

  • embossed ("wave" and "diamond");
  • even;
  • with depressions or holes.

Distinguish by lighting properties:

  • light guides ;
  • sunscreens ;
  • light scattering ;
  • translucent.

Stages of creating hollow glass blocks

The manufacturing process consists of several sequential steps. Production is carried out on mechanized lines.

A good option for starting a small and medium-sized business is the production of glass tiles. Such an enterprise can be organized in a small private room, which is extremely convenient. The key advantage of this business is the minimum investment. What is needed to organize a business, what is the manufacturing technology and how much money should be invested? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Business Registration

Doing an unregistered business is a serious offense. The reason is that in the manufacture of tiles from cullet, the process of secondary processing of raw materials takes place, which means that you need to have a license from the Ministry of Ecology. It is usually issued for the entire life of the enterprise.

According to practice, it can take from 1 to 4 months to collect the necessary documents. You can get around these restrictions by a simple method - contacting agencies specializing in this area for help.

Choice of organizational and legal form

In most cases, entrepreneurs form an LLC or an individual entrepreneur. If you own a free amount of money to create a production, then the best option would be to open an IP. When you open it, the costs will be significantly lower. You will need to pay a state fee - 800 rubles without fail, as well as make a personal seal to order - about 1,500 rubles.

When there are few "start-up" funds, it is better to open an LLC. The process of its creation is somewhat more complicated than that of an individual entrepreneur, but there is also a plus - you can attract investors from outside.

OKVED codes

With regard to this type of business, as the manufacture of glass tiles, only two OKVED codes can be applied:

  • OKVED code 38. 1 - permission to collect glass waste.
  • OKVED code 23. 9. - production of pressed and shaped glass products, permitted for use in construction.

Required documents

Brick has been replaced by cinder block - an inexpensive building material with increased performance characteristics. Domestic production of cinder blocks is not yet developed to a sufficiently high degree, so you can establish a profitable business. How to launch it - read our article.

Why is it worth opening a cinder block production?

Given the decline in household income, cinder block is a worthy alternative to other types of wall blocks in terms of price and quality. When properly promoted, making such a versatile material guarantees high sales. It is possible to make money on this business idea without huge investments due to the availability of equipment, technology and raw materials in most regions of Russia.

The production of cinder blocks as a business has many advantages:

  • Increased demand. There is a possibility of selling building material at a much lower price than bricks. That is why the cinder block finds its application in the construction of small country houses.
  • Minimum weight. A 30-kilogram wall made of cinder block is capable of replacing in terms of thermal conductivity a similar brick structure weighing four times more. Conclusion - products are easier to deliver to the consumer.
  • Minimum thermal conductivity. The structure of the material is 80% composed of air bubbles, screening heat. The use of cinder block as the main building material reduces by 20-30% the costs associated with heating individual rooms or an entire house. The customer does not have to separately allocate a budget for the purchase of thermal insulation materials.
  • Environmentally friendly. The composition of the cinder block does not contain toxic substances. The building material is distinguished by its simplicity of production technology.

A cinder block is a building block made of pressed concrete with the addition of slag or other solid particles. It is the availability of raw materials, simple manufacturing technology and affordable equipment that makes the production of cinder blocks an attractive and promising business idea.

What do you need to know before starting a cinder block production?

Cinder block is a small-piece concrete product. Its main advantage is its low cost. Demand is seasonal as construction companies prefer summer jobs. The demand for stone wall materials is not the same by region.

The highest profitability of cinder block production can be expected from the central regions of Russia. The investment is based on the market price of cement (the most expensive item in raw material costs) and the availability of fillers (manufacturers prefer local materials).

When conducting market analysis of consumers, it can be seen that building material has an inelastic demand. Sales may remain the same if the manufacturer lowers the cost of the product. The fundamental factor when choosing is quality, not price - the purchase is made for the prospect of reliable long-term use.

At the beginning, you will have to spend time optimizing the ratio of components and improving the technology. The final quality is determined taking into account the composition of the mixture and the type of equipment available from the manufacturer.

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