Business idea: production of furniture from pallets

In this article, we will take a closer look at the pallet (pallet) business. Namely:

  • what pallets are there;
  • what assembly technologies exist and which one is better to choose;
  • is it possible to do this business in a garage;
  • what are the expansion options;
  • how much money is needed to start.

And also for clarity, we present an approximate calculation of profit.

What are pallets: types and prices

There are wooden and plastic pallets. The most common option is wooden.

Wooden pallets are manufactured according to Russian and European standards, the latter are called Euro pallets.

Wooden pallets

For the Russian Federation, the most optimal option when choosing raw materials for manufacturing is wood. The type of pallet is directly related to the area in which it will be used. All standard dimensions are given in GOST 9557-87 and GOST 9078-84.

Mandatory machine assembly is not regulated for the Russian Federation, but GOST 9557-87 is similar to European standards. All the nuances: thickness, number of nails, chamfers, etc. UIC 435-2 and GOST 9557-87 practically coincide. On the basis of such data, the conclusion suggests itself that domestically produced pallets can be safely called "euro pallets", but this is not entirely true. They put a brand on them - BK (no brand) - this significantly increases demand. They will not be allowed to go to Europe with them.

Cost - from 50 to 250 rubles.

Euro pallets

Pallets are a necessary attribute of every warehouse. Currently, any company that is engaged in wholesale supplies uses pallets in its activities. By using pallets, the company greatly simplifies the workflow of many warehouse employees, transportation of goods across its territory, unloading and loading operations.

Thanks to pallets, cargo can be stored in several rows, it simplifies the counting of goods and ensures the preservation of the presentation of the packaging. The conclusion suggests itself: pallets are a consumable item and therefore there will always be demand for them. So how to set up their production and make money on it? Let's figure it out!

  • 1 Types and classification of pallets
  • 2 Requirements for the quality of pallets
  • 3 Features of the business of manufacturing wooden pallets
  • 4 Technology for manufacturing wooden pallets
  • 5 Equipment for manufacturing pallets
  • 6 Setting up a business
  • 7 How much can you earn from manufacturing wooden pallets?
  • 8 Resumes

Types and classification of pallets

A pallet is a container that has a reliable, rigid base on which the cargo is assembled, reloaded and stored. Pallets are divided into:

The dimensions of single-use pallets are not regulated by law. Requirements for reusable pallets are regulated by European standards, therefore, on the territory of the Russian Federation, these pallets are called "Euro pallets".

Also, pallets have the following classification:

???? Wooden pallets are the most common. Disposable pallets are produced by the manufacturer of the goods in order to make the produced goods fit the pallet dimensions.

❗ The shape and dimensions of reusable pallets are set by European standards (DIN) and some Russian ones.

❗ In the device of pallets, it is imperative to have holes on all sides, which are important for a secure grip when working on a forklift and palletizing the folded goods.

Pallet quality requirements

???? All pallet elements are fastened with metal staples and nails. During high humidity, the tree swells and there is a risk of hardware falling out, so that this does not happen, they must be bent during production.

???? The material for the production of pallets should not have a moisture content of more than 25%. The main material in the production of wood pallets is coniferous trees, which are of a low grade, larch and birch.

Investments: from 100 thousand rubles

Payback: 3-6 months

If you want to open your own business, but have little capital for investment and development, the production of furniture from pallets (pallets) would be an interesting idea. For this, used pallets are used (they can be bought at a minimal price) and original ideas. With a competent organization, the costs will pay off in 3 months.

Business Concept

The idea of ​​making products from wooden pallets used in workshops and warehouses originated in the USA. At the moment, this area is poorly developed in Russia, therefore, the competition in the market is low.

What are the benefits and opportunities for this business:

  • easy accessibility of the main material for production;
  • standard sizes and shapes of pallets and pallets - semi-finished products;
  • the use of such environmentally friendly material, like wood;
  • cheapness: used pallets can be purchased from any large shopping mall or warehouse logistics center;
  • considering that almost all modern furniture (economy segment) is made of chipboard and fiberboard, you can promote furniture from pallets and pallets as environmentally friendly, more durable and durable;
  • inexpensive entry into the business (if you have your own or peeped options for furniture from pallets, it is possible to start production practically in your garage, and implement via the Internet, social networks);
  • a large number of design ideas for such furniture.

What will be required to start production?

At the initial stage, you need to decide on the range of furniture that you plan to produce and the end consumer. The size of production, used fittings and consumables, distribution channels depend on this in the future. It could be:

  • garden and country furniture;
  • furniture for living quarters;
  • furniture for cafes, restaurants, offices;
  • designer, author's furniture;
  • custom-made furniture;
  • all of the above directions.

Step-by-step startup instructions

Pallet production is a type of activity focused only on domestic producers. Buying ready-made pallets abroad is expensive, impractical and problematic. Difficulties at customs, the high cost of transportation - all this speaks of the advantages of their production at home. How to start such a business, we will consider in this article.

Pallet making as a business ????

To ensure high-quality transportation and storage of goods, the container must be strong and rigid. The pallet is an ideal solution as a basis for assembly, product transfer to warehouse and transportation to the point of sale. The goods placed on pallets must be securely fixed. For this, the product is wrapped in several layers with thermal film, or special fastening devices are used. Which fixing option to choose depends on the specific cargo - its size, material of manufacture, resistance to mechanical external influences.

Inside the room, pallets are driven by additional technology:

  • forklift trucks ;
  • trolleys with hydraulic control system;
  • stackers.

Any container must comply with the standards established by regulatory documents and sanitary standards. They are classified into several types, depending on the material of manufacture:

  • made of pressed cardboard;
  • plastic;
  • made of metal alloys;
  • made of wood - the most popular, budget-priced and easy-to-use.

Regardless of the material, design features are standard for all types of containers. Pallets can have one or two working surfaces.

Possible business options in this niche:

  • home production - investment will be minimal, but productivity is extremely low, up to 7 minutes for the manufacture of 1 pallet.
  • the semi-automatic line allows the production of one and a half pallets per minute.
  • automatic production produces 5-7 pallets every minute, but is expensive.

The business idea related to the production of pallets is quite relevant in our time. In this article we will reveal the most popular questions about calculating costs, profits, and finding a clientele.

The production of packages and containers, for example, pallets for goods, is often more profitable than the creation of the goods themselves. Simple technological operations, uniform, usually inexpensive materials and a steadily growing sales market make the container manufacturing business the most demanded direction. In this article we will try to understand the pallet business, calculate the profit and profitability.

Wood pallet market overview

One of the most profitable business ideas is the production of pallets or Euro pallets. They can be made of various materials (metal, wood, plastic), but wooden pallets are the most promising. Metal and plastic pallets also exist, but their production is expensive.

Wooden pallets are actively used in various fields of production, retail and wholesale. They quickly wear out and lose their presentation, so organizations have to constantly update the fleet. Wooden pallets are historically more popular in the Russian Federation than plastic and metal counterparts, therefore they are in stable demand.

Mandatory customs check for compliance with phytosanitary standards makes it difficult to import pallets into our country, so you will have to compete exclusively with local producers. At the same time, the quality of domestic products is in no way inferior to foreign ones, since it is regulated by GOST 9557-87, which almost completely repeats UIC 435-2. This allows the products to be officially called "Euro pallets" and increases the confidence of potential customers.

Construction and types of wooden pallets

Manufacturing of wooden pallets does not require unique equipment and complex technological operations. Their design is clear at first glance: several planks tied with wooden checker cubes and fixed with special nails. The fasteners are called "ruffles" and look like a hybrid of a screw and a nail.

There are several types of pallets:

Disposable containers created for a certain type of cargo without observing standards.

Collapsible and non-collapsible structures. The former are used for the transportation of tires and in several other areas, the latter are ubiquitous.

With one- and two-way cargo placement.

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