Business idea Production of foam concrete blocks

Without a doubt, everyone wants to have their own profitable business. But what kind of business to do? Among the many ideas for business, a rather attractive option is the business idea for the production of foam blocks. Foam concrete is currently one of the most popular building materials. Its popularity is due, firstly, to its low cost, and secondly, to the good characteristics of this building material - lightness, strength, ease of transportation. Foam blocks are widely used in construction - they are easy to handle, they have a convenient shape. Sound and thermal insulation characteristics also have a positive effect on the demand for foam blocks as a building material. The foam block is a product of modern technologies, an extremely demanded material. This is due to its low cost and low cost. The lightness of the finished product also has a positive effect on its relevance. Self-ventilation of foam concrete prevents the formation of mold and mildew. Also, fire safety is distinguished among the advantages of foam concrete - the foam block is resistant to high temperatures. Foam concrete can be stored for years in open areas - there are no special requirements for storage conditions. Recently we talked about business ideas for sex, maybe it will be interesting to you.

  • Investments: 500,000 rubles
  • Profitability: from 100,000 rubles per month
  • Payback calculation: 5 months
  • Staff: 5 people

The demand for foam concrete generates a high demand for it. And where there is a high demand, there is a good profit. The production of foam concrete, the production of foam blocks, with the right approach, the availability of suitable equipment and adherence to production technology, can bring a good profit at minimal cost. The emergence of an idea to conduct such a business means a good profit in the future, subject to the rules of production and registration of the enterprise.

Where to start?

The business for the production of foam concrete and the manufacture of foam blocks must first of all start with a small investment. As already mentioned, the cost of the foam block is quite low, so no exorbitant costs for business development will be required.

To start the implementation of a business idea for the production of foam blocks should be with the choice of premises. For the manufacture of foam blocks, huge areas are not required, so you can select rooms with a small area. An important point is the availability of reliable electrical wiring and good ventilation, good insulation of door and window openings.

The next step is the purchase of raw materials. It is necessary to purchase exactly as much raw material as necessary. Production should not leave a surplus behind. It is necessary to carefully plan the volume of products that can be paid with the available funds, working conditions and other conditions.

Then we buy equipment for the production of foam blocks. The equipment must be reliable and durable. It is necessary to purchase machines for the production of foam concrete, for the supply of dry components, for cutting (allows you to make a foam block of any size).

The foam block machine itself does not require daily maintenance. The foam block is made on the machine in a matter of minutes, which leads to the normal workload of the line, therefore, the line for the production of foam blocks will not be idle. As for the price, the price for modules and machines for the production of foam blocks starts at 100,000 rubles. But nevertheless, with the further development of the business, it is necessary to buy more expensive equipment - even if it has a higher cost, but the resource is several times higher. You may also be interested in looking at online shopping ideas.

Registration of aerated concrete manufacturer

Home production of foam blocks business. Equipment and technology for the production of foam concrete blocks at home.

You can even organize a mini production of foam blocks at home, in this article we will consider opening your home business on foam concrete blocks.

What is a foam block? This is a building material, a concrete block with a porous structure; it is the presence of pores in the foam block that gives it good thermal insulation properties and a relatively light weight. By density, foam concrete blocks are divided into several types:

  • Constructional.
  • Structural and thermal insulation.
  • Thermal insulation.

Equipment for foam blocks

For the production of foam concrete blocks according to the classical technology, equipment is used, consisting of a foam generator and a foam concrete mixer.

Installation for the production of foam blocks photo.

In barotechnology only a baro-installation and a compressor are used.

Also, regardless of the technology, you will need demountable molds for casting blocks.

Raw materials for production

Foam blocks production technology

Among all the variety of enterprises producing building materials, the production of foam blocks occupies one of the leading positions both in terms of sales and in terms of profit. The production of foam concrete blocks requires relatively low costs and with a high demand for products is a quick payback project, all investments in the manufacture of foam concrete blocks can really be returned literally within 2-4 months. Provided, of course, stable distribution channels.


This project is a business plan for the production of foam blocks, instructions on how to organize a mini-plant for the production of foam blocks with a payback period of 2 to 6 months.

Project goals:

  • creating a highly profitable enterprise
  • organizing a stable profit
  • satisfying the consumer market by providing products that are produced by a foam block plant ...

Project financing source: own funds or bank loan

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Total cost of the project: 150 - 500 thousand rubles

Payback period: 2 - 6 months

Calculated interest rate: 25%

The total amount of interest payments will be: 6250 - 18750 rubles

The investor's income will be: 6250 - 18750 rubles

Payments of loan funds and interest on the loan will begin from the first month of the project. back to contents ↑

A fairly profitable direction in the construction industry is the production of foam blocks as a business. The most important thing is to properly organize your business and find regular customers. After that, you can start increasing production volumes. First of all, select qualified personnel, set up equipment and find ways to sell finished products.

Starting a new business is most profitable in the area where you can easily find regular wholesale buyers of products. Many businesses go bankrupt precisely because they cannot sell their goods. If there are no clients, the business quickly becomes unprofitable. The production sector guarantees a constant income. In the previous article, we told you about the production of paving slabs from plastic bottles. In today's publication, we will discuss in more detail the idea of ​​earning money on the manufacture of foam blocks.

Foam block production as a business

Foam blocks are resistant to any atmospheric influences. They do not deteriorate in the sun or rain, so they can be stored outdoors for years. But storing products will not generate any income. You need to do your best to turn it into a pile of money.

Room selection criteria

Since foam blocks are delivered directly to the construction site, you can rent inexpensive premises outside the city. For aspiring entrepreneurs, the cost of rent is of great importance. Pay special attention to this issue.

Renovation of the premises is optional. It is enough to insulate the windows and doors, and also check the wiring. Do not forget to clear the room of various debris and unnecessary items.


After you have repaired and cleaned the premises, you can invite various inspectors to check. Without all the required permissions, you will not be able to get started.

Before starting a business for the production of foam blocks, you need to register a company or individual entrepreneur, choose the form of taxation and obtain a license to operate. If you do not have time to visit all instances, contact the specialists who will do all the work for literally 3-5 thousand rubles.

Scheme: production of foam blocks

Manufacturing technology

You can even install equipment for the production of foam blocks on your personal plot. But if you want to work in winter too, you need to equip production areas.

In fact, by their structure, foam blocks are light building materials that are obtained by diluting a solution (consists of cement, sand, water, foam and some chemical additives).

This type of brick (block) has a number of advantages (even besides the fact that it can be made by hand):

  • Thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity values ​​are so low that even a bathhouse can be built from them;
  • Reliability. Despite the fact that the foam block is a porous material, it easily tolerates adverse environmental influences and without a twinge of conscience can be called eternal;
  • Lightness. This material is much lighter than ordinary brick (about 2.5 times!), Which makes them simple and easy to use;
  • Sound insulation. A building built of foam blocks perfectly absorbs sound;
  • Installation speed. Due to its size and light weight, the assembly of the blocks is quick and hassle-free. / ul>

    What we have in the end - the price of materials for the manufacture of foam blocks is low, and the demand for finished blocks is high. It follows from this that you will definitely not stay in the red.

    Pros of self-production:

    • The main plus is the low cost of starting our own production of foam blocks. To organize a mini-enterprise, you will need a maximum of 300 thousand rubles;
    • Simple and affordable manufacturing technology;
    • Stable high demand for finished products;
    • For production does not require many workers and huge workshops;
    • Economic efficiency and production profitability are about 50%.

    Manufacturing technology

    A business plan for the production of foam blocks cannot be drawn up without knowing the production technology.

    Now we will consider all stages of production:

    • Preparation of concrete mortar;
    • Cutting and forming of foam blocks;
    • Heat treatment of finished products (drying);
    • Warehousing and packaging.

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