Business idea: production of eco-bags and eco-bags

Investments: from 300,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 year

It is no secret that the modern market for goods and services offers spoiled consumers literally everything they want. Even something that we sometimes did not even know existed. However, this raises another problem - to choose a product that suits you. In pursuit of design, manufacturers forget about the quality and functionality of things and vice versa. This is especially noticeable when using bags and backpacks. The issue can be solved by tailoring things to order, taking into account individual wishes. In addition, custom-made backpacks are a great business idea that can generate good income.

Business Concept

If you look closely, almost everyone needs such an accessory as a backpack. Often, experts, by virtue of their professions, are forced to carry a lot of things with them. Photographers - camera and lenses, makeup artists - makeup supplies, artists - brushes and paints.

For some, spaciousness is important, while for others - colors and the presence of many pockets. An individual backpack can also be ordered for a schoolchild - beautiful, comfortable and does not spoil the posture.

What is required for implementation?

A vacant room with good lighting, where the work accessories will be located, and customers can be received. You can even start a business at home. This will save on the rental of production space. However, sewing equipment will be needed anyway. The minimum set includes:

  • sewing machine;
  • overlock;
  • cutting table;
  • iron and ironing board;
  • punch for rivets and buttons.

If you also plan to sew from leather, then, in addition, purchase a device for trimming the edge, gluing, a tool for punching, embossing and burning.

When choosing materials and accessories, pay special attention to quality. A backpack is, first of all, a practical thing. It must withstand loads, so the material, threads, buttons, zippers, etc. must be designed for long-term intensive use. Don't skimp on them.

It's great when a person is not only engaged in his favorite art, but also at the same time manages to make money on it. The production of bags can be such a promising business for you.

This accessory is loved not only by women: men also appreciate good-quality briefcases or laptop bags. And kids also like bright, original backpacks. So clients with proper promotion are provided for you.

How to beat the competition

You might argue that the market is oversaturated with cheap goods from China. It is difficult to compete with him, since it is almost impossible to outbid the initially low price.

However, you do not need to chase downright cheapness. It is in your power to attract people with quality. It is the lack of this property in Chinese products that disqualifies many from thinking about buying it. You can offer a product that is more expensive, but of impeccable performance.

Sale of leather bags

And consumers are more willing to buy products made of the materials mentioned.

In order to reduce the cost of goods, it is best to rent a room (you can even on the territory of a former garment factory), put there several sewing machines, an ironing press, and accessories for installing accessories.

Bag production is divided into technological stages, each of which is sequentially performed by employees. At the exit, you receive a batch of new products that will be sold either in the company store or through other outlets.

A new trend - eco-bags

If you cannot afford to launch a large-scale enterprise for the manufacture of bags, then try your hand at the current fashionable ecological trend. We are talking about textile "string bags". Polyethylene bags heavily pollute the planet. They can lie in the ground without decomposition for centuries.

So, I promised to tell you in detail about the production of eco-friendly bags and pouches.

This is really a product that does not require large costs at the start, but you can get a very decent exhaust!

All major chains have long been offering their customers reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Moreover, there are already loud claims around the world that they will reward shoppers who use reusable bags, and the price tags on plastic bags will rise to reduce their accessibility to shoppers and thus help educate society to consume wisely.

Of course, bags from chain stores are made of spunbond nonwoven material and are marked with the chain's brand inscriptions, which does not always correspond to the aesthetic taste of people. We love beautiful things and want to look stylish even with a shopping bag.

That is why more and more shopping bags with individual and fashionable designs appear.

We will not lag behind the trend)

So, for the production of shopping bags, we need to sew a bag and decorate it

We buy fabric - thick cotton, two-thread or linen, bleached (there will be white bags), unbleached (the most eco-friendly) and, for example, black (fashionable black bags, yeah).

A big plus - this fabric is CHEAP! This is not an American super-cotton for 15 bucks for 90 cm. / P>

If you know how to sew or you have your own sewing workshop (well, or you found such a workshop for a contract), then the problem is solved. The patterns of such bags are massively presented on the Internet, and even develop it ourselves as two fingers on the asphalt) It is so simple that it’s even a shame. Sewing also does not require a lot of effort. The most difficult thing is probably to sew pens for her. By the way, for the handles of the bags, you can use a special tape - a sling, it is cheap, strong and comes in different colors.

If it's generally lazy to bother with sewing, then many wholesale companies already offer to buy batches of sewn base bags made of cotton or flax (the price tag, by the way, is from 90 rubles for a very sensible bag). It remains only to decorate it.

In general, you can choose any option, the main thing for us is to stand out with the decor, so that our bags will be remembered and they become a trend.

So the fun part is the decor

Business ideas were not discussed only by the lazy.

We share knowledge, our own and others' experience on how to create your own brand of backpacks from a low start.

Where does the noise come from?

The growing popularity of "old people", already well-known domestic brands, has warmed up the attention of novice entrepreneurs. Well done, but they hyip "on the wave" and caught it before the rest.

This is a trend, and a global one.

Business ideas for the production of men's backpacks or women's bags regularly fall into the top niches for startups in the "burjunet". Here's an example of the trend of simple drawstring tote bags:

The niche is growing and actively expanding due to changes in preferences. According to Euromonitor International, a long-awaited shift has also been outlined in the Ukrainian backpack and bag market. Ukrainians began to prioritize style over functionality.

China still dominates, but inferior in a number of qualities. For the mass consumer, the low price is still the decisive factor of choice.

Let's add a hype in everything Ukrainian and get the ground for new experiments.

How to create your own backpack brand?

The process of creating a new one is insanely exciting, but it requires persistence and a clear plan of action.

We have collected everything we know. This is how the current Ukrainian backpack brands work. Follow our detailed guide and perhaps your creations will someday be called a Ukrainian brand ????

The first is short. You are using a successful and already working case (model). Improving / adapting or just repeating. You lower the price and start working. They call it biting - copying ready-made ideas.

Business idea: selling travel suitcases

A suitcase is an indispensable attribute in travel For travelers and tourists, such an irreplaceable attribute as a suitcase is the most necessary and coveted thing.

If everything you need is compactly placed in it, and at the same time it remains light and convenient, then such a suitcase will be a reliable assistant on a long journey.

It follows from this that a business idea of ​​selling suitcases can bring a good income.

Each trip is always a pleasant gathering and anticipation of the upcoming travel. But as happens in practice, either the suitcases are made too small, or the wardrobe of wearable things is very overloaded. Therefore, when collecting things, certain difficulties always arise.

To avoid such hassle, the traveler buys sturdy and compact suitcases in which you can ideally place everything you need. The most popular and progressive are travel leather goods:

  • small travel suitcases;
  • medium sized suitcases;
  • giant suitcases.

If desired, the traveler can choose the most suitable model and go on a trip about his business. Stylish or business design of a suitcase, give its owner an appropriate look, and regardless of the chosen model, it will be creative or business style.

Since leather goods, including suitcases, are in high demand, business ideas for their sales are quite a profitable and quickly repayable type of entrepreneurial activity.

Organizing business ideas for selling suitcases

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