Business idea: production of coal for hookahs

Own business is always more profitable than employment in a company where the work of one of the employees is performed. Recently I was thinking about home-based charcoal production, which would make a great business plan.

I have visited many sites on economics and made conclusions - such a business will be profitable, and the costs of start-up investments are minimal. Charcoal is 100% carbon, it is used for domestic purposes, as well as in construction. Raw materials are perfect for making barbecue.

Charcoal production as a business

This idea came to my mind a long time ago, I leafed through economic forums, analyzed the niche and came to the conclusion that making coal at home is relevant when there is a place and time for this.

I live in a private house, there is a large empty area where you can equip a space for work. I read the reviews of the owners of such a business, which says that the profitability of a business depends on the strategy of behavior in the market. Competitiveness is high, anyone can buy charcoal at any gas station, and it takes a little time to produce it.

Before purchasing raw materials, I analyzed the market. I have touched upon the following points:

  • Equipment and raw materials. To start, you will need ovens, scales, an electric generator, chainsaws, hydraulic cleavers, and packing machines. Raw materials for charcoal and packing bags are purchased separately.
  • Premises and staff. It is better to locate a production facility in a suburban area or outside the city. I live outside the city, so I decided to organize production on my site. The stove is operating at full capacity and requires a lot of space to operate. To store raw materials, you need a room of 100 sq. ... If the premises are detached, where people can work, then you need to hire personnel. These are skilled workers or people who quickly learn professions. In addition to them, you will need a watchman, an accountant, an accountant and a manager. The latter will manage purchases and check stock balances. At first, I decided to be a manager myself, since this is my first business, and I wanted to learn all the nuances on my own.
  • Costs. The number of expenses will include the cost of equipment, raw materials, staff salaries, rent of premises, if you do not have your own, building decoration, transportation costs, advertising costs.
  • Sales of products. In the vastness of our country, charcoal is not very much in demand, the products are in greatest demand abroad. The goal is to find foreign partnerships and conclude a profitable deal with them.
  • Profitability. Ecological products stimulate many customers to purchase goods. Make an emphasis on this point, develop an advertising campaign in this direction.

To register a charcoal business, the form of individual entrepreneurship is better suited. To do this, visit the local tax authority, fill out the documentation, pay the state fee.

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Charcoal production technology

The production of charcoal is not only profitable from a financial point of view, but also a useful business idea for nature. Its manufacturing technologies are constantly being improved. Thanks to the development of science and technology, it was possible to organize the production of an environmentally friendly product that does not harm the surrounding reality even when burning.

Relevance of charcoal use

Charcoal became famous in antiquity, but it became widely used only in the XX century. Its popularity is explained by the presence of many advantages:

  • environmental friendliness (charcoal is made of natural ingredients, absolutely harmless not only for humans, but also for nature);
  • efficiency of use (actively releases energy when burning );
  • wide scope;
  • versatility.

Charcoal is used not only in industrial production (for example, it acts as a reductant, purifies water and sugar, allows air to be regenerated), but also in medicine and agriculture. Ordinary citizens are also showing high interest in this raw material. It is used for kindling fireplaces, cooking barbecue in nature.

Due to the use of charcoal, the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere has been significantly reduced, and the issue of the planet's ecology is most acute today.

The highest demand for coal is confirmed by the constant improvement of its production technologies. The installations used are being modernized, thereby increasing the quality of the product itself.

Varieties of charcoal

There are several varieties of charcoal. The amount of finished raw materials will depend on what kind of wood is used for its production. The size of the outlet is also influenced by the correct application of the technology. For example, oxygen entering the interior of a charcoal furnace may cause the raw material to be completely burned out.

There are the following types of charcoal:

  • black (softwoods such as linden or willow are used for its production);
  • white (on the contrary, it is made from hardwoods, from oak and hornbeam including);
  • red (such coal can only be obtained from conifers).

Production technology

The technology for the production of charcoal is quite simple, but in the manufacture of the final product it is important to take into account all the nuances. Special skills and knowledge will prevent the yield percentage from dropping to a minimum. With the right approach, the quality of the finished raw materials also increases.

Charcoal is a biological type of fuel, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for the atmosphere. This explains its popularity among consumers and the expediency of organizing an enterprise for its manufacture.

Scope of use

Selection of premises and equipment

For the organization of production, it is recommended to select a site outside the city (the distance is no more than 5-10 km), as well as a production or warehouse type premises with a total area of ​​180-200 sq. meters.

In order to start buying equipment, you should have at least a general understanding of the charcoal production process. In special ovens, the raw material is subjected to oxygen-free burning and then dried. Further, the matter is small - to pack the coals and pack (manually or using specialized equipment).

The production capacity of an oven suitable for small businesses is up to 400 kg per day. As practice shows, manual packaging is extremely laborious and ineffective. Therefore, in addition to the incineration furnace (costing 800-850 thousand rubles), filling equipment is added to the list of necessary equipment.

It is impractical to purchase a furnace with high performance right away. At the stage of business development, it will be difficult to find buyers willing to purchase large quantities of charcoal.

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Required raw materials, its main varieties

The quality and characteristics of the resulting finished product depend on the type of raw materials used in production.

Let's consider the production of coal for hookah as a business idea in the field of production with minimal investment. According to experts, the market for tobacco products and related products is estimated at a serious amount of $ 20 billion. Not surprisingly, the lion's share of the surrogate and low-grade tobacco and charcoal for hookahs goes on sale. There are, of course, high-quality goods, but they are very expensive, since they are imported from abroad. This is the time to open your own production of hookah charcoal. Let's take a closer look.

Ready to go! Attention! March!

Start-up capital for starting a business is quite within our powers. It ranges from 100 to 500 thousand, depending on the scope. Next, we find out the demand and find customers. According to statistics 77, 59% of consumers of this product use coconut charcoal because they believe in advertising. The more knowledgeable public buys charcoal (16.22%). The quality of coal directly depends on the feedstock.


Hookah charcoal comes in round and square shapes. One such ember should burn for at least 90 minutes. Smoldering charcoal should never block the smell of tobacco. When taken with ticks, it must remain intact. If crumbled - garbage and not condition. To test, place an ember under the heel of one leg and lift the other. We don't need coal that has collapsed. The third indicator is density. Thrown into the water, he must drown. It is also important that the coals should not dissolve. Floating and dissolved coal speaks of poor quality, so it will be more difficult to sell.

Namely - march to choose a room and purchase equipment. What is required? The room is not large in size. A cottage or garage is fine. We purchase a machine for the production of hookah charcoal. For example, the Chinese comrades offer the YP-12 model at a cost of 17-18,000 rubles. The Chinese woman is capable of producing over 250 pieces of coal per minute.

Where to get raw materials?

Raw material is coal powder. They either buy it or make it themselves. To produce powder, you need a forced air oven, like a blacksmith's forge. Firewood is placed in the ignition compartment completely dry. Suitable trees for the procedure are hornbeam, maple, ash, pear. When it flares up, the oxygen supply is blocked. The moment of pyrolysis comes. They do not need to be afraid of these terrible words. With experience, the necessary skills and abilities will come.

Next, the coal is ground with an ordinary meat grinder. The price of electric models is around 5-6,000 rubles. The resulting powder is sent to the press of the YP-12 machine.

Calculate the return on investment for the production of hookah coal

1 cube of maple is expensive, about 35-45 thousand rubles, but from this cube, marketable coal will cost 140-160 thousand rubles. In a garage, processing this volume takes about a week and 2-3 days for packing.


With an established sales structure, the business of producing coal for hookahs will bring a stable and very good income.

First, note that the equipnet. u does not support smoking in any form and responsibly declares the harmfulness of this unhealthy habit. At the same time, if the state has not outlawed hookahs, why not talk about the business associated with this pastime. Let it be better for our entrepreneurs to make money in this field than those abroad.

According to a number of estimates, the capacity of the Russian tobacco market is approximately $ 20 billion, including hookah tobacco and special coal. The last commodity item, according to expert Dmitry Smirnov, is Terra Incognita and is represented by tens of thousands of brands, at the same time, a surrogate or unreasonably expensive varieties are often used. We are talking about imports, moreover, often of dubious quality. Let's leave the consumer properties of certain coals outside the brackets, note that, by and large, they can not only be made on a relatively inexpensive machine, but also earn decent money. Let's talk about this.

Let's start with the product

“It is known that the charcoal for a hookah must be of high density, easily ignite and burn for a long time at a constant temperature,” says the connoisseur of hookahs Marat Shaikhudtinov. - According to statistics, 77.9% of hookah smokers prefer coconut charcoal as the most advertised; 16.2% - charcoal. As for the quality, a lot depends on the feedstock. "

Despite the thousands of brands, experienced smokers consume hookah charcoal regardless of labels. Of course, the glowing coal should not interrupt the smell of tobacco. In addition, other rules must be followed. First, the glowing coal should not crumble in the mites. There is a simple test: place a charcoal under your heel and lift your other leg. If it crumbles, it means - not condition. Secondly, it must be about 30% heavier than water. If it floats, it will also be difficult to sell. Thirdly, being in water, coal should not dissolve quickly.

My own experimenter

Actually, it is in the selection of source material that the success of the undertaking lies. Former chemist, and now a manufacturer of hookah coals Alex Moreau from St. Petersburg advises to experiment and write down all your experiments in a notebook. “I rummaged through a lot of literature, but did not find anything worthwhile, I had to take up the experiments myself,” he wrote on the form.

The raw material is charcoal powder, which you can buy or make yourself. Despite the fact that the equipment for the production of charcoal is technologically complex, in small quantities necessary for the production of shisha, it can be made by yourself and on a small site. Usually this method is used by artisans or barbecue lovers. “You will need a sealed metal container and a compressor to vacuum or pump air into the lower part,” says Alex Moro. “An ordinary fire is made of dry logs up to 40 cm long in the tank, while the air is evacuated. When it is possible to ignite the raw material well, at the same time preventing it from burning out to soot. Then the container is sealed for pyrolysis in a confined space. Experience comes with time. "

Logs are chosen according to the density of the tree, which in dry form must be at least 700 kg per cubic meter. Marat Shaikhudtinov advises maple, pear, ash, hornbeam or white acacia. “If you can't make charcoal yourself from these species,” he says, “then it’s better to buy, but only powder of these species”.

If the experiment turns out to be successful, it remains to grind it and send it under the press of a machine for making hookah charcoal. By the way, you can grind it in an electric meat grinder, purchased for 5-8 thousand rubles.

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