Business idea: production of chips

According to statistics, chips are the most popular and demanded snack. So, the average citizen of Russia annually consumes half a kilogram of this product, and an American - as much as 10 kilograms.

Moreover, this segment of the market is constantly growing, so, its share annually increases by 15-20%. In this regard, even despite the existing competition, the entrepreneur has a real chance to take a worthy place in this niche and build a profitable business. We will talk further about how to open our own production of chips.

Product variations

There are two main types of chips: whole potato chips and extruded (or reconstituted) chips, which are made from semi-finished products - granules, flakes or starch. The production of the second type is simpler and cheaper. Plus, these chips are lower in fat and calories than their whole potato counterparts. In this regard, today, most manufacturers produce exactly extruded snacks.


It is impossible to start the production of chips without issuing a number of permits from the SES and Rospotrebnadzor. This is due to the fact that you will be producing food.

You will need to acquire the following documents: agreed and registered technical specifications for the production of snacks, technical instructions for the manufacture of a product, a recipe, a certificate of hygiene from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, certificates for raw materials and equipment (they can be obtained from suppliers). In addition, depending on certain individual characteristics of your project, additional paperwork may also be required.

Selection of premises

In order to organize a small production of potato chips, it will be necessary to prepare a workshop, the area of ​​which will be about 160-200 sq. meters. Half of this space will be used directly for the placement of the processing line. The rest of the area will contain warehouses for raw materials and finished products, as well as utility rooms.

The workshop must be provided with electricity and water supply, sewerage and ventilation. Before starting the production of chips, you need to make sure that the room meets the food production standards, which must be confirmed in writing by the SES staff. In addition, it is necessary to comply with all fire safety requirements established by law.

Chips were invented over 160 years ago in the United States, but they have not lost their popularity since then. According to statistics, about 35% of the snacks purchased in stores are potato snacks. The demand for the product is growing every year, but there are few entrepreneurs in Russia who have decided to build their business on chips, so the competition in this area is not very strong.

It is difficult for a beginner entrepreneur to take a worthy place in such a wide market, but having properly organized the production and sales system, you can join this business. The consumer prefers quality and low cost, so even among branded counterparts there is a chance to make money.

Organization of production

To organize your own shop for the production of snacks you will need:

  • legally formalize their activities, obtain all the necessary documents, as well as permits;
  • find the optimal production facility equipped with all the necessary equipment;
  • hire employees;
  • find suppliers of high-quality and inexpensive raw materials;
  • introduce effective technology;
  • launch an advertising campaign for the successful sale of manufactured products.

Documents and Permissions

First you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or create a legal entity. Many experts still recommend opting for an LLC, since wholesale buyers are more willing to cooperate with organizations than with individual entrepreneurs.

After successful registration of the business, a whole package of permits from SES and Rospotrebnadzor will have to be drawn up. The complexity of the procedure is due to the fact that the company plans to produce food products.

The list of required documents includes:

  • technical conditions for the production of chips;
  • technical instructions for the manufacture of the product and recipe;
  • SES conclusion;
  • certificates for equipment and raw materials;
  • permission from Gospozhnadzor;
  • a trademark of product quality from Rospotrebnadzor.

The list is not exhaustive as other permissions may be required depending on the specifics of a particular business plan.

Premises for a workshop

Among the various business ideas popular among aspiring entrepreneurs, the production of chips seems to be a particularly popular option. This is due to the high demand for this product among the local population, which is constantly increasing, which makes such a business extremely promising, despite the competition.

Varieties of Chips

Today, there are 2 main types of chips made from potatoes on sale. Products of the first group are made from whole potatoes, which requires high costs for equipment and raw materials. The second variety is made from semi-finished products, most often potato flakes, granules.

This option requires significantly less costs, which is why chip manufacturers often prefer the second type. This variety is called extruded because it belongs to the restored type.

At the same time, potato chips made from this kind of raw materials can differ significantly in their appearance. The most common types of products are:

  • spiral chips;
  • grooved;
  • chunks;
  • chips on a stick.

For their successful production, it will be necessary to select the appropriate technical equipment, which in some cases may lead to additional costs. The most widespread among the classic versions of this product are chunks and corrugated products.

Other popular snacks

In addition to the classic varieties of potato chips, there are other snacks on the market that are in demand from consumers. Among them, fruit and meat types of products, which are produced using similar technology, deserve special mention.

However, most often manufacturers give preference to classic counterparts, which is due to a number of factors. First of all, the cost of producing potato chips is significantly lower, regardless of the manufacturing method, in comparison with fruit and meat counterparts. In addition, the demand for potato snacks is traditionally higher, which guarantees the demand for products among consumers.

Documents and Permissions

Before studying what features the technology for the production of meat chips, as well as their potato counterparts, has, it is advisable to study in more detail the necessary documentation that will need to be issued to start production. To begin with, an entrepreneur will need to go through the registration procedure as an individual entrepreneur / LLC.

The profitability of the potato chips business is 25-30%. A small workshop can pay off within two years. And the owner of such a shop for the production of chips with an average productivity of 600 kg per shift can count on a profit of $ 5 thousand per month and more.

Chips are the most popular product in the snack line. According to statistics, every Russian eats up to 400 g of potato chips a year, and an American - 10 kg. According to the forecasts of the Russian Product OJSC, the growth of the chips market segment will be about 15-20% annually.

Most Russian manufacturers produce so-called extruded chips, or reconstituted ones. Unlike whole potato chips, they are made from semi-finished products - potato flakes, granules or starch - and contain significantly less fat and calories than their potato counterparts. These extruded chips are much cheaper and easier to produce than whole potatoes.

Premises for the shop for the production of chips

To organize a small workshop for the production of extruded chips with a capacity of 600 kg per shift, a room with an area of ​​about 150-200 m2 is required. Of these, 100 sq. m will be needed for the placement of the technological line, and the rest of the area will be used for warehouses for finished products and raw materials and household premises.

The premises for the production of chips must comply with all SES standards applied for food production. Electricity, water supply, sewerage and ventilation must be provided. In addition, all fire safety standards should be observed in accordance with the requirements established by law.

Before starting production, the premises must be inspected, and then the necessary permits from SES and State Fire Supervision must be issued.

It is mandatory to have certificates for equipment (issued by suppliers) and raw materials.

Equipment for the shop for the production of chips

Equipment for the production of extruded products is produced by both domestic enterprises, including St. Petersburg-based APREL LLC, VES LLC, Russkaya Trapeza LLC, and others, as well as imported ones, for example, French Clextral.

Experts advise buying overseas equipment, since it is more reliable and easy to operate, the whole line is controlled by one button. And domestic counterparts, although they cost 4-5 times cheaper, are inferior in quality to imported ones, and require constant maintenance.

Raw Materials for the Chips Manufacturing Plant

Investments: from 930,000 rubles

Payback: from 4 months

Potato Chips - an appetizer prepared by thinly slicing potato tubers and deep-fried. It does not belong to essential products, but is in constant demand and popular among the population. The business of producing it, with the right approach, will pay off pretty quickly. Let's consider how to organize it correctly.

Business Concept

The idea of ​​entrepreneurship for the production of chips involves the purchase of a production line for the preparation of potato snacks. Chips can be made with a variety of flavors. Common spices: chicken, mushrooms, bacon. Packing is carried out in specialized polyethylene packaging of one hundred and two hundred grams.

This product is intended for a wide audience. The sale is carried out in bulk through intermediaries engaged in retail deliveries of goods to retail outlets on their own transport. You can supply chips to private shops and stalls, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Implementation Requirements

Today the Russian market has a wide range of technological lines for the production and packaging of snacks. They vary in capacity and cost. The line consists of a washer, a tuber peeler, a blanching machine, a slicer, a deep fryer, a work table and additional items. Also added an automatic packaging machine for the finished product.

A small device producing 60 kg of products per hour costs from 600,000 rubles.

The size of the workshop depends on the selected technological line and capacity. For the equipment with the smallest capacity (twenty kilograms per hour), you need at least 55 square meters, plus 25 "squares" for the warehouse. This line for the production of snacks is served by two people per shift.

Step-by-step startup instructions

First of all, make a business plan in three copies: optimistic, realistic and pessimistic. In all three cases, describe the calculations and possible risks. Then you can start opening the business itself:

  • Check the availability of potential points of sale, make a preliminary agreement with the buyers of the products.
  • Officially register the company with the tax authorities, obtain sanitary permits. The status (LLC or individual entrepreneur), as well as the tax regime, depends on the scale of the business.
  • Rent a room for a workshop. You can save money on the opening of production in the suburbs, where rental prices are lower.
  • Purchase and install equipment.
  • Purchase raw materials. If you negotiate with local farmers in advance, potatoes will cost less than purchasing from a wholesale base.
  • Hire staff.

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