Business idea production of bags

There should be a lot of handbags, like shoes, in a woman's wardrobe. It is unlikely that there is a wonderful person who is willing to do with just one model, especially since business papers require a classic A4 portfolio so that documents do not wrinkle in it.

A small bright clutch becomes a lady's companion to go out. A voluminous shopping bag is suitable for walking around the city with girlfriends. And men appreciate solid, elegant accessories. Therefore, if you love sewing, understand the latest fashion trends, then you can try your hand at mastering the leather goods market by launching the production of leather bags.

What are the advantages of business

You might argue that the market is already oversaturated with goods. Here you can find cheap products designed for the mass consumer, models of the middle price segment, and elite brand samples. So is it worth starting another sewing line?

Despite such an abundance, high-quality original products made in a single copy will always find their buyer. A small enterprise, which treats with attention to each produced sample, usually wins over with impeccable performance, uniqueness of models, the ability to order bags according to an exclusive sketch.

Famous Russian brands

Let's go over the main players a little. Along with Chinese factories, Turkish and Italian brands, Russian manufacturers of women's handbags are confidently conquering this market. Now many customers can proudly say that they wear products from the St. Petersburg Crocus factory or the Toseko company. The latter, by the way, produces a line of suitcases.

Bags from "Kaima" differ in original design, men's bags and briefcases are produced by the "Boyarynya" factory.

One of the largest manufacturers of leather goods in Russia is the Permian "El Masta".

But perhaps the oldest manufacturer was and remains the Medvedkovo company. Bags from her have been valued for more than one generation. The constantly updated assortment and quality, not inferior to the famous foreign brands, have made Russian-made bags from the Moscow factory very popular. Moreover, the price for them is quite competitive.

You also have a chance to find your niche by offering customers a unique product. It is known that with all the wealth of choice, it is very difficult to find your own bag.

So, we rent premises, draw up a business plan, purchase materials, install equipment and launch our own production.

What to sew

Own business: production of leather bags

The production of bags is a promising and profitable business. Bags are always needed.

Designer, elegant bags will always find their owner. Strict bags will be appreciated by men, and large and roomy ones will appeal to travelers and lovers of practicality in everything.

A few well-designed ads and bags will find their customers.

Once again, the ubiquitous China

There are a lot of different Chinese products on the modern market. Chinese bags attract with their low prices and a huge assortment of bright colors. By the way, many, disappointed in trying to outplay "China" in price, become suppliers of Chinese goods.

Competition will be only on the quality and originality of products. It makes no sense to compete with the Chinese in price, the quality will be at the level of consumer goods with Ali.

However, having used a little Chinese products, many buyers, in the future, bypass Chinese products. The reason for this phenomenon is the low quality of the product: poor quality of the material in combination with weak fittings form a rejection in the consumer.

Therefore, the high quality of the product will become the very reason that will draw the attention of the consumer to the product, and the wide range will encourage the search for unique products.

Many people prefer leather bags. This is undoubtedly an expensive production. However, you can reduce the cost of the process. It is enough to rent a small workshop where you can put several sewing machines.

Simple sewing machines will not take up much space, so you can save on renting a room, and you can buy material with the money saved, but you should take into account the fact that sewing leather products on such machines will be problematic due to the coarseness of the material ...

Sustainability is a trend

Ordinary textile bags have become especially popular lately. They are convenient to use, they are easy to carry, they do not occupy, do not freeze in the cold and are spacious enough. One of the ways to raise business and save money can be the production of such bags.

The fabric for these bags can be very different: from polyester to jeans. These bags are easier to sew than leather bags. A minimum of fittings is required.

There should be a lot of handbags, like shoes, in a woman's wardrobe. There is hardly a beautiful person who is willing to do with one model. Moreover, for business papers, a classic A4 portfolio is needed so that documents do not wrinkle in it. For publication, a small bright clutch becomes a companion of the lady. A voluminous shopping bag is suitable for walking around the city with girlfriends. And men appreciate solid, elegant accessories. Therefore, you can try your hand at mastering the leather goods market.

Needlework is always a creative process that requires perseverance and even love to create something new. Anyone can make a bag with their own hands, but only a person who loves to create can make it beautiful and stylish, unusual and new. If needlework does not seem to you a tedious task, and you have at least some basic sewing skills (however, it is never too late to learn) - this business is for you!

A woman without a bag is like a head without a thought (folk wisdom)

Who are your customers?

Women of all ages who love stylish, exclusive handicrafts. Or their acquaintances who want to make a gift. But most often these are girls of 20-30 years old, fashionistas for whom it is important to show off a glamorous novelty. The wider the assortment that you offer, the wider the target audience. So everything is in your hands.

How to start a bag making business

First, assess your professional skills. If you already know what a sewing machine is and how to use a pattern, you do not need special courses on sewing and sewing. If not, such a course will cost you from 3,000 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the duration of the course itself and the region in which you are located. When sewing bags, there are many subtleties and tricks (how to hide a zipper, how to make a pen, etc.), in order to master them all faster, it is advisable to attend an additional course on sewing and decorating bags (from 3000 to 10000 rubles).

Next, you will need to accumulate the necessary information base. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of photo lessons on how to sew a bag with your own hands, with detailed instructions. A variety of models and materials, different types of decoration - you need to build a collection of about 20 different models of bags to get started. This will be an invaluable knowledge base that you will rely on at first. Then, having gained experience, you will be able to design your own models of bags, and you will no longer need other people's photo lessons.

Choose, from the available lessons, a few bags that you especially like (5-7, enough for a start) and try to sew them.


The income from this business is highly dependent on your productivity and on the uniqueness of the finished product. You need to pay great attention to decorating bags, the appearance of the bag is the most important thing when you sell handmade goods (closely follow the new trends in the fashion world, get ideas from famous designers and other needlewomen).

It will take about 300-600 rubles to make one bag, which is not too complicated in design (it strongly depends on the material chosen), it can be sold for 1000-2021 rubles (again, the price depends on the design if the bag has an interesting and unique pattern or applique, the price can go up to 5000-7000 rubles).

How to sell finished products?


Great DIY business - making bags

When I write about any handicraft, I often mention bags, because they can be sewn from threads, leather or suede, knitted and crocheted, weaved using the macrame technique, embroidered with threads and beads, and even made made of felt. Therefore, I decided to devote a separate article to this interesting and profitable occupation.

Bags as a business

Making handbags by hand is one of the most profitable ways of earning money at home without investing large sums of money. For skeptics, I suggest looking at the cost of similar products in such Internet services as the Fair of Masters.

Exclusive bags are most often made from materials such as:

  • genuine leather;
  • leatherette;
  • suede;
  • velor;
  • like.

Leather is the most widespread and prestigious material that is always in trend. Despite this, many craftsmen make designer bags from the following fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, wool, fur, felt.

Designer bags at Livemaster. u

The main advantages of this type of work from home are:

  • No need for large financial investments (no need for a large room, special expensive equipment, enough sewing machine and a small set of hand tools);
  • Availability of development prospects (you can open your own store, develop your own brand);
  • Constant availability of customers (if you have many women - relatives, friends, who later will advertise your brand), plus the Internet;
  • Opportunity receive a decent additional income already at the initial stage of work (you can choose your own price category, starting with the lowest budget and ending with the expensive segment).

Stages of Business Development

Nowadays, many women prefer exclusive things and accessories. Special attention is paid to handbags, because the completeness of the chosen image depends on how such an important detail of the wardrobe is selected. A designer handbag will emphasize the individuality and good taste of its owner, and what is most important - will set her apart from the crowd.

Today, the guest of Reconomica magazine, designer of designer bags, Diana Ulanova, will talk about all the stages of her brand's development, reveal the secrets of success and share valuable information for beginners.

It all started with one bag

Hello. My name is Diana Ulanova. I am an artist by my basic education. For a long time she worked in the field of light industry as an artist-fashion designer and designer. The idea of ​​creating designer bags came after a long break in work associated with the most wonderful period in the life of every woman - the birth of a child. It all started in 2021 with the creation of one bag.

For a long time I was engaged in modeling and designing clothes, I tried myself in interior design, and after the birth of my daughter, there was a temporary break in work ... Once I went to the store to buy myself a bag and did not find one that I liked ... I thought about why not invent and create a handbag myself, with my own hands? The first bag was the Battleship model. I posted her photo on the Internet and suddenly they offered to buy it! We ordered several models in a row! And that's how it all began. Today this model is one of the most bought.

I sewed the very first orders myself. Later she rented a room, found craftsmen, and opened a company. Initially, I had experience working with leather goods, but there was no special education in the field of creating haberdashery, which is probably why there were no stamps.

When you are doing what you love, work brings great pleasure.

Practicality Comes First

Since I carry my handbags myself, I check the degree of practicality on myself and achieve the maximum. It happens that the handbag immediately becomes very convenient to use, and sometimes, we achieve this for a long time, the advice and wishes of our regular customers help a lot. I really appreciate it and always listen to them. I try to make handbags of anatomical design - I don't really like square and rectangular shapes. For example, I even try to make clutches in such a way that they fit comfortably in the hand, repeating the curves of the palm.

I work only with natural leather. Today only this material allows us to create our plastic, sculpted handbags. On the technological basis that exists in the leather industry, it was difficult for us to work, a lot limited the ways of translating creative ideas into reality. Therefore, we have developed our own unique technology by trial and error.

The most difficult tasks are the embodiment of the conceived image in life. Here are the most difficult technological moments, and the development of patterns (it happens that patterns for some models we refine for a year or more), and the search for the necessary materials

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