Business idea: production of aerated concrete blocks

For its production, you need to stock up on special forms and a concrete mixer. In view of this, the wood concrete block production business is very attractive and highly profitable.

What is this material?

Wood sawdust and chips used for the production of wood concrete blocks are pre-treated with a special compound and then poured with a light cement mixture. The fractional combination of wood chips and cement is as follows - 85/15%. The raw materials used are inexpensive, making it easier to enter the business.

Depending on the production technology, there are:

  • thermal insulation blocks, which are used to insulate walls;
  • structural and thermal insulation, used for the construction of small buildings.

Arbolite blocks are distinguished by such positive qualities as excellent thermal insulation, strength, flexibility, excellent sound insulation, environmental friendliness and material availability.

Market and Competition Analysis

Another attractive side of this business is the huge sales market. Trade in this material can provide an entrepreneur with a decent income. It should be remembered that despite the insignificant level of competition, buyers are often looking for quality products.

Production plan

On the market you can find machines made by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The latter, of course, are more expensive, but an aspiring entrepreneur with limited funds is unlikely to pursue high-tech equipment.

The standard automated line includes the following machines and devices:

  • concrete mixer ;
  • chipper;
  • molds;
  • vibropress;
  • drying chamber;
  • pallets.

Blocks for the construction of walls of low-rise buildings are made of lightweight concrete, and when building buildings with several floors, wall blocks with heavy filling are used.

The demand for residential and industrial real estate is growing exponentially every year. As a result, building materials are needed.

So why not build your business on it if you buy a machine for the production of building blocks and make them yourself.

At first it seems that everything is very complicated here. But this is not at all the case.

All blocks have strict linear dimensions, and when you have good equipment, you can make materials according to technical requirements. This will require some investment.

Where to start

To get started, you need to rent a room, if you have free funds, you can hire one worker.

What can be produced

Such equipment costs from three thousand rubles and more. It all depends on the functionality of the device.

There is a versatile machine that can produce the following wall materials:

Now the technology of production of aerated concrete blocks is of interest to many people, especially those who plan to build a country house or open their own business. This material is quite durable, and also has good heat and sound insulation properties.

In this article, we will talk about the types of aerated concrete blocks, and what is required to implement a business for their production.

Business Concept

The scope of aerated concrete blocks in construction is quite wide. This material is resistant to different climatic conditions; it is used with caution only in the northern cold regions. Possesses high strength, thermal insulation properties.

Business clients are different organizations:

  • construction shops, specialized markets and building materials bases;
  • companies engaged in the construction of various objects;
  • individuals for use in individual buildings ...

Most of the client base falls on individuals who purchase material for the construction of residential buildings, summer cottages. Blocks are often used for the construction of low-rise residential buildings and office buildings.

Types of aerated concrete blocks

Aerated concrete block is a type of artificial stone based on cement and sand. Manufactured using gassing technology. One of the types of cellular concrete. Blocks can be classified according to various criteria.

Depending on the curing conditions, products are highlighted to complete production:

  • autoclave - solidification occurs in special ovens under the action of steam;
  • non-autoclave - natural environment or electric heating medium is used.

By the main knitting component:

  • cement - containing up to 50% of Portland cement;
  • lime - containing up to 50% lime-boiling water;
  • slag - the proportion of slag with lime or gypsum takes up to 50%;
  • ash - contain up to 50% of highly basic ashes;
  • mixed - include ash, slag and Portland cement in a concentration of up to 50%.

Administrator "over a year ago

Start of production at the dacha

I have a dacha with a garage, a concrete mixer is not needed at first, and therefore no electricity is needed either, we do the mixes by hand and put them in shape with shovels. It remains to buy cement and slag, since there is a lot of water around, near a lake. Shovels and a container for kneading, I think that any summer resident will find it.

And last year, at the end of March, as soon as the sun warmed up, I bought several bags of cement and ordered a slag machine from the nearest boiler house, rolled up my sleeves and immediately remembered my student years. He did everything on his own to prove, first of all, to himself and to all other skeptics that money can be earned with "bare hands", since there is strength and health.

The neighbors at the dacha immediately became interested in this, because I did everything in full view of everyone, so no advertising is needed. A few days later, as soon as the blocks dried out in the sun, I sold the first 500 pieces to a neighbor in two dachas.

With the first money I received, I bought a small concrete mixer and made gifts to my wife and son, then they finally believed in my business and my son joined my team.

Together, and even with a concrete mixer, since I have light in my dacha, it went much more fun and profitable. About a month after the start, with the money already earned, I registered my individual entrepreneur, bought 2 more concrete mixers, two akorenka so that there was where to pour the mixture, several shovels, cement, two slag machines, hired several workers, and put my son as a foreman and business that is called "boiled".

Sales of cinder blocks

I have never had any problems with the sale of my products, because my prices are much lower than for example at any factory or store, I do not pay for rent, employees who do not produce anything themselves, for example, an accountant, commodity specialists , storekeepers, sellers and others, I have not, summer residents take out the products themselves. In advertising, at first, I also don’t invest money, only in the evening in social networks. I post free posts and advertise for free on the Avito website.

In the spring, summer and until late autumn, my products are in great demand, but this winter I did not produce products, I had a rest, because I do not have such a room to dry cinder blocks and store them, so I will start again with early spring, I will work in summer and autumn, and by next winter I plan to rent a large, heated room and significantly expand production. I will send my wife to accounting courses, so I will not have a single employee who does not personally produce products, but only 4 people: I am a director, my wife is an accountant, my son is a foreman, and eventually I will have to hire a watchman and that's it.

How to reduce the cost of cinder block

Important factors that determine the type of activity when starting your own business include the cost of equipment, the availability of raw materials and the profitability of the enterprise. If at the initial stage there is no opportunity to invest a large amount in the business, you can organize the production of a cinder block. The manufacturing technology of this building material is quite simple, and the raw materials are of low cost. Wall blocks are always in demand on the market, because they compare favorably in price with similar products.

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Features of doing business related to the production of cinder blocks

According to statistics of recent years, one of the most profitable niches for starting a business is the manufacture of cinder blocks. To open a production facility, it is not required to obtain appropriate certificates for both equipment and finished products.

Since the volume of construction of private houses and cottages in our country is constantly growing, inexpensive building materials of adequate quality are sold in large quantities. Because of this, the wall stone block manufacturing enterprise can generate good income on a regular basis.

When starting to implement your own business project, you need to go through a simple procedure for opening a small business, and also be sure to obtain membership in a self-regulatory organization that unites small business entities in the construction sector. The center's specialists provide support in obtaining an SRO certificate and conduct training for employees who will work at the enterprise.

Cinder block manufacturing technology

The main equipment required for the production of cinder blocks by the vibrocompression method is a special vibrating machine, the main structural elements of which are: a matrix and a clamp. The model of the machine with the simplest configuration will cost a novice entrepreneur about $ 170. ... The low price of the device allows you to open your own workshop for the production of cinder block with a minimum start-up capital.

To organize the production process, an asphalt or concrete site with an area of ​​about 100 square meters will also be required. Spending less than 14,000 rubles on equipment, you can produce about 500 pieces of stone blocks per shift. The net profit from each product is at least 7 rubles. Thus, it will be possible to recoup the purchased machine in just 4-5 days.

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