Business idea: production and sale of 3D wallpaper

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For the legality of business, you must obtain state registration. Rospotrebndzor carries out a sanitary examination. Get a finished product certification.

Product variety

An important stage in drawing up a business plan is product classification. Perhaps your business will include all kinds.

Wallpapers are divided by moisture resistance:

  • washable ;
  • super-washable ;
  • moisture-resistant ;
  • non-moisture-resistant.

By surface type: relief, smooth, textured.

By density: heavy, light.

By type of backing: paper, fabric, polymer.


  • for painting: becoming more popular, can be painted;
  • vinyl: imitating natural materials, durable, waterproof, used for bathrooms, kitchens, but poorly passed air;
  • paper: cheap, breathable, environmentally friendly, moisture resistant when using special impregnation;
  • velor: decorative, paper or non-woven base, the top layer is covered with a fleecy pattern, non-moisture resistant, behind them difficult to care for;
  • quartz: a layer of quartz (colored sand) on top of a non-woven base, resistant to mechanical damage.

Arrangement of the factory and production

Paper comes to production in rolls (width 550 - 620 mm). Check for technical compliance:

Content of the article:

The range is very wide. Different types require different equipment, as well as individual production technology.

Product variety

  • paper: the most popular, although very thin, fade in the light, but cheap, easy to glue, besides, they are environmentally friendly; are divided into simplex (consist of one layer, thin, cheap) and duplex (consist of two layers, durable, decorative, embossed, resistant to moisture);
  • paper for painting: their structure is impregnated with a special composition for increasing moisture resistance, they are often used for pasting ceilings;
  • vinyl or washable: non-woven base covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), durable, do not fade, but at the same time heavy, do not let air through;
  • textile: thick paper covered with a layer of threads or woven material, which is made from natural or fibrous fibers; spectacular, absorb noise, require special care;
  • non-woven (divided into ordinary, for painting) - embossed, made from a special foamed paste; they mask the uneven surface of the walls, allow air to pass through, easy to use for painting;
  • glass wallpaper: environmentally friendly, fireproof, durable, moisture resistant, easy to care for, let air through, repainted many times;
  • liquid - decorative plaster, which is made using natural fiber, silk threads, wood chips, mica are also added; hide wall defects, are easy to apply and remove, moisture resistant, do not absorb odors, serve for about 10 years.
  • velor has a paper base, on which a drawing is applied using glue; decorative, not practical, they wipe off, absorb odors, dust;
  • felt are made on the basis of synthetic fibers, have a soft structure, like soft pile; breathable, practical, but very expensive;
  • metal: paper or non-woven base is covered with foil with a pattern, sometimes imitating expensive metals; practical, moisture resistant, do not wipe, are often used for the decoration of non-residential premises;
  • cork - environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, soundproof;
  • tufting wallpaper: synthetic and similar to carpet fabric, moisture resistant, not skip sound.

Technological process

Manufacturing equipment technology:

  • Material is fed into the machine;
  • Vinyl covering the paper;
  • PVC foaming in the drying chamber;
  • Moving into the cooling chamber;
  • Embossing and printing;
  • Re-cooling;
  • Cutting wallpaper 10 meters long.

Video: How is paper wallpaper made?

Printing methods

Surface Printing

Creates a drawing with only one color. It is printed on a roller machine with a rubber shaft.

Intaglio printing

The machine uses multiple clips and colors. The higher the pressure, the print runs better.

Despite the variety of textures, textures and colors of modern materials, wallpaper still occupies its first place in interior decoration. This means that this building material is in demand, which means that wallpaper production is a profitable business. This article will show you how you can bring this business idea to life.

Functional wallpaper varieties

In order to have a wide range of customers, you need to produce all types of this wallpaper, which are divided into:

  • washable and super-washable;
  • moisture resistant;
  • moisture resistant;
  • noise-absorbing wallpaper (fleecy);
  • heat-insulating ;
  • luminous wallpaper (like a night light).

  • smooth ;
  • embossed ,
  • textured.

  • combined wallpapers;
  • 3D wallpapers;
  • photo wallpapers.

  • heavy ;
  • light.

  • paper ;
  • cloth ;
  • polymer.

The assortment is divided into:

  • vinyl - imitate natural materials. They are applicable in bathrooms and kitchens, as they are highly water-resistant, but poorly ventilated;
  • paper - environmentally friendly and the most budget;
  • for painting - the most popular type of this product, so how you can give them any color;
  • quartz - consist of a fabric base and a thin layer of sand;
  • velor - a capricious option that requires careful maintenance.

Functional wallpaper production technology

Investments: from 1.5 million rubles

Payback: from 8 months

Renovation is a painstaking procedure, because everyone strives to improve their home, to make it more attractive. A lot of attention is paid to appearance. It is believed that visual decoration is half of the total renovation. I would like to use bright colors and designer personality in my work. Most of the attention is given to wallpaper. This is the first thing that catches your eye during a new renovation. A wallpaper store will always be in demand - they accompany each new finish in an apartment or office. You can occupy this niche, settle down and receive a stable income from the business.

Business Concept

Opening a store often involves the sale of finished products, which are purchased from suppliers at a reduced price. The mark-up on the product is the seller's profit. The scheme is no different here. The task is to find high-quality wallpapers from the manufacturer, sell them at a favorable price. Since there are a lot of such entrepreneurs, the competition is high. Almost none of them use unique marketing, everyone thinks stereotypically. If you want to reach heights, constantly grow, then you need to use an excellent store design, advanced technologies (Internet), massive offline and online advertising, give the client an opportunity to look at the finished result (3D layouts in digital form), etc.

The assortment here is made by the seller himself to his taste, so it is important to get to the point of people's desires, otherwise sales will go slowly, the profit will be insignificant. It is important to be flexible, because there are wallpapers aimed at different segments of the population, for different purposes (in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall). The scheme looks simple, but a certain share of success is attributed to luck.

What is required for implementation?

This area is very stable, there are no spikes and drops in demand, seasonality. The wallpapers themselves are not much different from their original appearance, which was put forward about 100 years ago. A roll of material with a pattern - minimalism. But over time, only the materials for production have changed, and they began to take responsibility for the design. Against this background, photowall-paper, 3D wallpaper, etc. appeared. At the start, it is important to investigate the market of the city where the store is planned to open. Some technologies have not yet reached the depths, you can become a pioneer, collect the very cream.

A supplier of such a finishing material should supply only high-quality products, it is rather difficult to find such a product, not every region has a manufacturer. Against this background, many unscrupulous organizations have bred. At the beginning of the journey, finding a manufacturer is a priority task; you will have to conclude an agreement for the first batch of goods in advance. Then the location of the store follows, after which little remains to be done.

Step-by-step startup instructions

The beauty and comfort of a room is an integral part of every person.

Thank God that today's technologies and computer modeling allow us to do very interesting and sensational things regarding renovation in any room.

Today we want to offer you a very interesting and rather young, by the age of the foundation, case - 3D wallpaper for walls.

With a successful coincidence of circumstances and competent planning, you can easily unwind in this area. Moreover, the competition is not yet great.

The essence of our business idea is that you will make and sell 3d wallpapers.

Obviously, it sounds awful, but with the right approach, you can make amazing 3d drawings and then turn them into wallpaper.

This business will be very interesting for those people who want to diversify their home, attract visitors to the institution, or simply show everyone that you know in the design of the premises as well as others.

Business in the production and sale of D wallpaper

I hope the readers of my blog know what 3D effect is.

If you have no idea what these wallpapers are, then take a look at the photo. This type of wallpaper was invented relatively recently, but the appearance and design turned out to be so interesting that orders for production are still pouring in like a river.

According to sociologists, who for some unknown reason began to check the popularity of 3d wallpapers, it turned out that when these wallpapers are used in retail premises, the popularity of the institution improves by 35-50%.

I don’t know what makes 3d wallpaper for walls better, but I note that they look quite interesting.

The most important thing is that you can completely and completely control the process of creating a picture and easily make any design.

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