Business idea: precast sandwich panel production

MDF-boards and HDF-boards (from the English "Medium" and "High Density Fiberboard" - medium and high density fiber coating) - one of the most popular materials used in furniture production, yielding leading positions in sales only chipboard ... Although the quality of MDF and HDF boards is significantly higher.

Opening your own business in the production of fiberboard is profitable, cost-effective. In addition to furniture, they are used for making doors, external and internal finishing wall panels, enclosures of acoustic systems, floor coverings, in particular, laminate.

MDF board production technology

The popularity of MDF boards is understandable. Some manufacturers claim that in terms of their operational properties they are not inferior to products made of natural wood, solid wood panels, and at the same time they are much cheaper. Indeed, this material:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • durable;
  • moisture resistant;
  • resistant to the formation of fungi and bacteria;
  • resistant to mechanical stress.

And processing with special coatings and films makes it indispensable for the production of kitchen furniture.

In a simplified way, the process of obtaining MDF / HDF boards can be divided into the following stages:

  • First, log cabins get rid of the bark.
  • Then logs are cut to the state of technical chips.
  • Flushing to remove debris and impurities.
  • Steam softening.
  • Transfer for grinding to a state of mushy fibrous mass.
  • Introduction of binders (resin, etc.).
  • Drying to moisture values ​​of 8-9%.

Then the so-called "carpet" of the plate is formed, the primary pressing (pre-pressing) and the main hot pressing, grinding, cutting.

Equipment for the production of MDF boards

The production line for the production of MDF boards consists of the following equipment:

Investments: from 1.5 million rubles

Payback: from 1 year

Thermal panels are a building material for exterior decoration, consisting of insulation and facing tiles. They are analogous to siding, while looking more attractive. Thermal panels are used in the construction of private houses and small structures. The material is durable and retains heat well. In regions where such construction is quite common, the production of thermal panels can be quite profitable.

Business Concept

Thermal panels are used for finishing not only the external walls of buildings and structures on individual sites: they are also used to decorate pools and stairs, used in the manufacture of frescoes on the walls of houses, in landscape design.

The main consumers of the goods are the companies-developers of cottages, baths, hotel complexes, as well as individuals - the owners of plots with ongoing construction. It is also possible to supply products to construction bases and shops. Thermal panels are quite in demand, and subject to competitive prices, such a business will be quite profitable.

What is required for implementation?

The technology for the production of thermal panels is multi-stage, a lot of equipment will be required, therefore, for proper installation, as well as placement, an area of ​​at least 120 sq. m. It is best to place it in an industrial area, while the premises must be supplied with sewerage, electricity, water supply and ventilation.

Permits from the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire inspection will also be required to start production.

Step-by-step startup instructions

1. Market analysis. Study of competitors' policies, prices, potential consumers.

What is BSC?

Sandwich panels (JV) are one of the most popular solutions in frame construction. This is due to the fact that JVs are very practical, while their use is economically beneficial. These qualities make sandwich panels a material suitable for construction sites of any scale. Reliability is due to the metal base, and cheapness is due to the availability of the material. When installing sandwich panels, you can choose the type of insulation that suits your building. You can buy a joint venture in hardware stores, as well as in stores of roofing and facade materials. Buying sandwich panels can be said to be the traditional way of purchasing them. The buyer is charged with additional costs for the delivery and assembly of panels. Difficulties will be added by the fact that small stores may not have delivery at all, which means that you will have to select and negotiate with a transport company (or a private driver) yourself. At first glance, when purchasing materials, the client has no other choice - everyone does it, everyone faces difficulties. But, as is usually the case, alternatives exist and are much cheaper and easier.

Sfera-SSP is a roll forming machine developed by Azhurstal for the production of prefabricated sandwich panels (in fact, SSP). The principle of its operation is extremely simple. Sfera-SSP uses widespread rolled metal products as raw materials. The installation of raw materials is carried out on an uncoiler, after which the metal is fed into the guides of the rolling mill. Passing through several rollers, the metal takes on the given shapes, forming a finished profile at the exit. The installation of a profile that came out from under the Sphere-SSP mill is no different from purchased sandwich panels. In the future, for finishing the facade and roof, you can use any material convenient for you, be it: artificial stone, metal siding, shaped sheet or metal tile.

Why sandwich panels?

Among the main advantages of prefabricated sandwich panels are:

Each of these points will be discussed in more detail below:

· Prefabricated sandwich panels are a modern and very popular material on the market. At a fairly low cost, it has good quality indicators. Ready-made sandwich panels are distinguished by their durability and unpretentiousness to operating conditions. The production and sale of BSCs is a profitable business, the entry threshold into which is not particularly high and is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs. There will be no problems with sales markets. In any city, you can easily find a dozen construction stores that will gladly take on high-quality sandwich panels for sale. An alternative way of earning money is production and installation on site. In this case, "Sphere-SSP" is deployed right at the construction site and produces panels, as they say, in the field. This will not affect the quality of the final product. This method is ideal for pre-fabricated buildings (hangars, warehouses, etc.). All of this is underpinned by consumer interest in modern construction methods, which in turn creates a strong demand for prefabricated sandwich panels.

· Speaking about economy, let us remind that panels are made of rolled metal, which is not expensive in itself. You can find any supplier convenient for you to buy raw materials on favorable terms. By accurately calculating the required amount of material, you completely eliminate the possibility of the appearance of metal scraps, which can no longer be put into production. Also, you will save on transport services. "Sphere-SSP" with the required amount of rolled metal can be brought at the very beginning of work. You will not have to spend time and money on additional orders and delivery of missing raw materials. Separately, we note that ready-made sandwich panels are quite lightweight; you do not need to rent a crane to install them.

· Prefabricated sandwich panels are ideal for finishing any building, be it a shopping mall, a gas station or a pre-fabricated hangar. The device itself, "Sphere-SSP", is very easy to use, but, at the same time, very functional.

· The roll forming machine can work in manual and automatic modes. When automatic mode is turned on, the device will roll and cut profiles of the desired length without operator intervention. The finished profiles can be used for cladding as well as for roofing work. Due to the lightness of the structure, any types of frames are suitable for the SSP, including: reinforced concrete and light metal structures. Installation of roof sandwich panels is similar to the installation of wall-mounted SSPs.

· During the production of panels at the Sphere-SSP mill, all technological requirements are observed, which makes it possible to achieve high strength of the finished material. Prefabricated sandwich panels do not delaminate from temperature extremes, they are not afraid of high humidity and direct exposure to sunlight. Depending on the climate and the purpose of the building, you can choose the type of noise reduction and insulation that suits you.

· The ability to install any facing material over the sandwich panels makes it possible to implement any design ideas, be it corporate colors or requirements for the appearance of a building, for example, under an artificial stone.

Sfera-SSP uses rolled galvanized steel 1 meter wide and 0.7 to 1.5 mm thick as raw materials. In just one minute of work, you will receive about 20 meters of a finished straight profile. At the same time, Sfera-SSP produces both facade and roofing sandwich panels. Weighing 9 tons, the machine is 8 meters long, 2 meters 80 cm high and 2.38 meters wide. Such dimensions will make it possible to organize the production of panels in the garage. Transportation of "Sphere-SSP" is carried out by a truck with a body of 9m in length and with a permissible weight of more than 9 tons.

Preparing the ground for a sandwich panel business

The business idea for the production of sandwich panels is relevant, despite the low level of paying capacity of the population. Today the market is limited to small-scale production, there are no large industrial facilities. Because of this, there is always demand for a sandwich panel, and the sale remains profitable even if it is transported to remote regions. In order to start your own business, you need to purchase equipment and hire specialists.

Here, the entire production process is focused on the work of technology, and the workers control the quality of performance, material and other processes. Therefore, you can limit yourself to a staff of four employees. In the future, this will help to significantly save on wages, because such a workforce will be sufficient.

Also, recently we talked about the production of bricks.

Equipment for the production of sandwich panels

The sandwich panel production line works in automatic mode. It is the purchase of equipment that is one of the most serious expenses in the business plan for the production of sandwich panels. The installed line can produce in one working day up to 120 square meters of sandwich panels, up to nine meters high.

Before purchasing equipment, you should carefully study the market. If there is a lot of competition in your region and there are already companies providing ready-made sandwich panels, give preference to a cheaper technology. In the absence of visible competition, buy better quality products that will manufacture a sandwich panel.

The equipment for the production of sandwich panels includes a crane beam, a line for the production of sandwich panels, a loader, working tools.

Sandwich panel production

Sandwich panel manufacturing technology includes the use of modern equipment. The exterior is attractive, due to painting in a wide variety of colors, laconically fitting into the facade of the building. An additional plus is the presence of grooves that speed up the installation of a structure made of sandwich panels. The construction potential of sandwich panels is high, since they are widely used for insulating facades of residential and public buildings, shops and supermarkets.

Sandwich panel production includes stages such as:

  • Cutting insulation material according to the parameters set by the technology.
  • Forming locks for sandwich panels on a milling machine;
  • Unwinding a sheet of steel on a drum;
  • Making locks and drawing a pattern on the surface of steel;
  • A procedure that includes the need to filter the components of a sandwich panel;
  • Applying glue to insulation and steel sheets;
  • Joining layers together;
  • Pressing on a production line ;
  • Packaging of finished sandwich panels in foil, sending to the warehouse.

Registering a sandwich panel business

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As you know, new trends are constantly emerging in interior design.

One of them is the use of 3d gypsum panels. Such structures can be installed both on walls and on the ceiling.

They are distinguished by a convex volumetric shape, which allows you to bring to life various design ideas.

Such panels are capable of impressing any person. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with this trend.

How to start your d-panel manufacturing and assembly business

To organize his business in the manufacture and installation of gypsum panels in three-dimensional format, an entrepreneur will first need to create a colorful portfolio.

This will interest potential customers. Many wealthy people will be happy to decorate their interior with such an unusual decor element.

Making 3d gypsum panels is a great idea for small or medium-sized businesses.

Competition in the production of such products is minimal, so an entrepreneur should not be afraid of losing start-up capital investments.

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