Business idea: mini tire recycling plant

Enterprise Functions

The main purpose of a tire recycling plant is to process recycled material and supply it to enterprises that manufacture rubber products.

The main goal of every businessman is to generate income. Low competition and cheap raw materials make this industry very profitable. The tire recycling business performs an important function - protecting the environment from toxic substances that are released when burning rubber.

List of harmful emissions that are released into the environment when burning tires at landfills:

For a business to be useful to both the owner and nature, the right approach is required. Competent business conduct will bring a lot of money, and protecting the atmosphere from harmful emissions will save the world's population from mutations and terrible diseases.

What the job is

For efficient production it is necessary to adhere to certain principles of its work. The equipment in the plant must be powerful enough to maximize labor productivity. But this is not enough. The entire work of the enterprise can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Search for suppliers of secondary raw materials, rubber collection.
  • Recycling of material according to the technology of waste-free production.
  • Search for customers and product sales.

Once the required amount of raw material is collected, it is time to process it. There are several process technologies. The final result depends on the method of disposal. The most common methods are:

  • Processing of rubber into crumb.
  • Pyrolysis.

The last important stage in the work of the tire processing plant is the sale of products. When selling products, a supply contract is concluded with construction companies or wholesale buyers.

The number of motorists is increasing every year. Even the crisis of previous years could not influence this trend. Accordingly, there are more and more used tires.

As you know, the sphere of waste disposal in our country is at an embryonic stage of development. Garbage is not sorted and industrial waste ends up in the landfill along with food. This also happens with used tires, the average decomposition time of which exceeds 150 years.

Such actions cause significant harm to the environment, and the solution to this problem is the recycling of tires. And this is not only an environmentally friendly activity, but also a promising direction in business that can bring good income.

The attractiveness of tire recycling as a business is as follows:

  • You will practically have no competitors, since this activity in our country has not yet become widespread.
  • The raw materials for production are very cheap. Used tires can also be obtained free of charge, as they are of little value.
  • Great prospects for business development. By strengthening your position now, you can become one of the largest players in the tire recycling market in the future.

Business plan

If you decide to conduct serious business, then you need to develop a business plan for recycling tires into crumb. It will allow avoiding many problems and making the business profitable, subsequently bringing it to the regional and national level.

Let's consider the project implementation scheme in more detail:

  • Company registration. Since the tire recycling business is a hazardous industry, you will have to obtain permission to conduct such an activity.
  • Study of technology, stages and features of production.
  • Select the most convenient location for the plant.
  • Purchase of equipment.
  • Search for suppliers of raw materials and places of sale of finished products.
  • Hiring workers.
  • Determination of profitability based on comparison of income and expenses.

At the moment, work with recyclable materials is characterized by low competition. All that is required of you at the stage of market analysis is to make sure that there are no competitors in the immediate vicinity of your enterprise. Tire shops and service stations, of which there are a huge number in large cities, can act as suppliers of tires. The demand for tire recycled products is quite high, and therefore you do not need to look for a sales market for a long time.

There are two ways to register a tire recycling business:

The industrial business idea of ​​launching a mini-plant for the production of crumb rubber by recycling tires of tires attracts with an excellent ratio of a large amount of money turnover and a short payback period. And most importantly, recycling is the production of money from garbage. We bring to your attention a business plan for the production of crumb rubber with calculations and analysis of possibilities. For example, it is worth paying attention to additional income from the extraction of metal from tire cords, in which it is already 7%. What other useful secrets this production keeps, we will consider in more detail.

Mini tire crumbling plant

How to correctly calculate the rate and volume of crumb rubber production from recycled car tires? The answer to this question is not so simple. The production of crumb rubber depends on many nuances. There are two key factors that formed the basis for the attractiveness of this activity in terms of investment. They will help answer this question.

Factor: Industrial Small Business Entry Threshold

First of all, you should correctly assess your financial reserves that you own (your own savings and possible loans). It is worth noting that this type of industry is possible with different investment volumes, which means that such a business scales well. With small investments in the initial phase, income can be minimal, taking into account regular electricity costs, transportation costs, employee salaries, taxes, etc. It is worth noting here that this business idea concept underlies the recycling of waste (used car tires). And according to tradition, in order to get gold from garbage, you need to do a lot of work. Therefore, too little investment significantly increases the risks. It is possible to start production on a large scale by constructing a specialized enterprise with large areas, for example, several hundred square meters, which will be worth a large investment. Make the best choice of investment strategy in favor of the golden mean between these boundaries.

Factor: Manufacturing capacity for small businesses

In case you have about $ 17,000 of money, the question of choice should not be hindered. For this money, you can purchase a production line for processing tires into crumb with a minimum configuration and a capacity of 100 kg / hour. In this case, the most important will be the search and rental of a warehouse with an area of ​​about 100 m 2 and a production facility whose area should be on average 40 m 2, plus a few more small storage facilities. In this case, the production of rubber crumb can start from a production volume of 800 kilograms of finished product daily (100 kg / hour per 1 working shift).

What you need to convert tires into crumb rubber

The minimum complete line for processing tires into crumb rubber includes the following equipment, which can be found on the Internet at prices:

  • Side cutter - $ 2,150
  • Tape cutter - $ 2,700
  • Rubber shredder - $ 7,650
  • Circular sieve - 1,000 $
  • Conveyor with magnetic separator - 1,000 $
  • Machine for processing bead rings - 2,500 $

Technology for the production of crumb rubber by recycling tires

Video clip, which schematically shows in the form of 3D animation the technological process of recycling tires by crushing into rubber crumb:

The production of crumb rubber (or rubber granulate) on an industrial scale is a promising business line. This material is used in the construction industry, and the volume of construction in Russia has returned to growth. For the 3rd quarter of 2021, 72% more private houses were commissioned compared to the same period in 2021. Accordingly, the consumption of crumbs is growing.

In this article we will tell you how to organize a business correctly and what is important to consider. Also, the text contains the calculation of profits and expenses, the payback period of the business.

What is crumb rubber and where is it used?

Rubber crumb is a product of secondary processing of rubber raw materials. It is necessary for the production of tiles and paving stones, rubber coatings.

Fractional rubber granulate can withstand heavy loads for a long time. It is mainly made from car tires that contain high-tech components.

The material is used to create such coatings:

  • roads, sidewalks, playgrounds, local area;
  • industrial and sports grounds (reduces the risk of injury);
  • blind areas, approaches to pools, skating rinks, in the dressing rooms in saunas, baths.

Crumb is also used in landscape design as a finishing and roofing material - for thermal insulation. There are technologies for using crumb rubber in the automotive industry.

Material benefits

The key to the popularity of rubber granulate is its remarkable performance. The baby is elastic, but does not stretch or bend. The coating is durable and resistant - does not react to acid or alkali.

Tiny has other advantages:

  • Attractive appearance. It is possible to create black and colored coatings with different grain sizes. The crumb does not react to sunlight, the paint does not lose brightness over time.
  • The coating can be made to suit the size and thickness you want.
  • The crumb does not slip, it is shockproof.
  • No moisture accumulates on the surface of the material.
  • The material is heat-resistant, can withstand temperatures in the range from -45 to 60 ° C.

Worn tires are an inexhaustible source of almost free raw materials, thanks to the growing number of cars on the roads. The result of recycling tires is crumb rubber, a material used in the construction of routes and pipelines, in the production of tires and rubber coatings, etc. We bring to your attention a business project of a small plant for the production of rubber crumb from worn-out tires.

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Business Registration Step

First, you need to determine the organizational and legal form of the business. If you use your investments to open a business, you can register an individual entrepreneur. It will take five days and will cost 800 rubles. When the plans include third-party investment and joint partnership, it is more expedient to open an LLC - registration will take a couple of weeks and will cost more. But keep in mind that in the event of bankruptcy, the entrepreneur is liable only with the authorized capital, and the individual entrepreneur - with personal property.

The production of crumb rubber from tires does not require any licenses.

Step Production room

Production areas should not be closer than 300 meters from housing. Therefore, the easiest way is to look for them outside the city, plus - both buying and renting a building in the suburbs will be cheaper. For example, empty buildings in an industrial area or on the territory of an operating plant.

Basic requirements for the premises:

  • area - not less than 100 sq. ;
  • ceiling height - from 3 m;
  • possibility of zoning (preparation department, production workshop and warehouse space);
  • industrial power grid - from 20 kW;
  • heating - not lower than 15 ° C, availability of sewerage and water supply;
  • flat floor for smooth operation of equipment.

Step Equipment

Crumb rubber production line includes:

  • bead ring removal unit;
  • primary shredders for strip cutting;
  • guillotine for segmental cutting;
  • vibrating screens for coarse and fine cleaning;
  • separators: magnetic and air;
  • rotary crushers;
  • dust removal system;
  • transport fan;
  • pneumatic belt conveyor;
  • electrical panel.

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