Business idea: I sew socks-slippers and make 7000 a month

Even when planning such a simple business idea as making unusual slippers at home, which does not require a lot of investment, it is very important to have a business plan before it all starts. Some people put off creating a plan because they think it is very time consuming. Nevertheless, preliminary modeling of creative processes is absolutely necessary. When a situation involves an entrepreneur headlong into an unusual process, a handy plan will help you remember where the initial aspirations were directed and guide you how to proceed now.

  • Investments: 50 thousand rubles.
  • Profitability: 600%
  • Payback calculation: 2 months
  • Staff: 1 person

Creative slippers - what you need to get started

When planning an unusual home format, don't underestimate finances. It is good to have at least an approximate idea of ​​how much money it takes to start your business.

Especially with small cash flows, it should be foreseen that sales will be lower than expected and you may be left without funds. You should also take into account taxes, which can grow from small monthly amounts into sufficient quarterly ones.

  • Unusual business is a kind of leap into the unknown. You need to pay special attention to the overhead of the first time. By starting to work from home, you can: save on rent;
  • using online tools to easily expand your potential clientele;
  • study the demand for creative design.

Subscribing to social media channels can help you get started with accounting and financial management.

How unusual slippers began

Doug Wick, an American, was the first to insert a flashlight into the sneaker. After stumbling several times in the dark, he decided to make himself a pair of illuminated slippers. This unusual project is known as Brightfeet, and Doug himself has already sold over a million pairs of indoor shoes.

A slipper with illumination or with flashlights, in fact, is the most ordinary slipper with a built-in light source, so as to light up under the pressure of the foot. The lighting range is several meters, this allows you to comfortably move around a dark apartment, without turning on the light or hitting objects. The owner of the idea, Doug, designed an additional sensor that turns off the flashlight a few seconds after use.

Original slippers are the financial part of the project

We continue the series of articles on the subject of business ideas and today we'll talk about a great idea for starting your own business with minimal investment, namely, about the business of selling slippers. We all know that this is a hot product, and it is he who is an excellent gift not only for young people, but also for the older generation. In addition, slippers wear out and once a year they need to be changed exactly, this is precisely why the high demand for this product is connected, and we will consider how you can make money on this.

Business format

In this article we will talk about such a format of slippers trading, which will allow you to get the maximum profit from this type of activity, namely, selling slippers on the market. Indeed, the most lucrative format is opening a tent or retail space in a clothing market in your city. With this type of trading, you will not need to spend on high rents and advertising to attract customers. Moreover, for this product, this product format is really justified.

What kind of shop equipment will you need? If this is trade in a tent, then, of course, the tent itself. For the presentation of the goods, you will need to purchase special stands made of wire, which are attached to the walls of a tent or a trade stall and allow you to hang various models of sneakers on them. The whole range in various sizes can be stored in the car.

Range and suppliers

Now let's talk about the most important point when opening a slippers store, namely the assortment of goods. Since we are considering a specialized outlet, we will not delve much into additional products, but we will make a bias towards various models of sneakers.

Here's a basic list that you should have for sale:

  • regular fabric slippers (women, men, children). They will be the main source of profit.
  • knitted and wool slippers.
  • disposable slippers. They are usually used in hotels or bath complexes.
  • leather slippers.
  • rubber slippers.
  • medical slippers.
  • the animal's slippers.

Also in the winter season, you can additionally sell warm homemade uggs and galoshes.

In fact, home shoes of various formats are your assortment and, if possible, constantly expand it, people love when they are provided with a wide selection of goods.

Investments: from 150,000 rubles.

Payback: 2-4 months.

First of all, they meet us in swimming pools, hospitals, baths, saunas, hotels and inns - these are slippers. In everyday life, people get tired of constant walking, buses, routine work - in the evening they want to relax. Disposable slippers will help with this. They are also able to protect against skin diseases of the legs, since no one else wore them except you. Let's take a look at a business idea for disposable slippers.

Business Concept

After a hard day's work, people often relax in SPA-salons, swimming pools, baths, saunas. But such establishments are visited by a considerable number of people, therefore it is easy to “catch” a skin infection there. The owners of such places understand this, and for the sake of safety and comfort, there are always disposable slippers on sale. They protect against fungal diseases and reduce the risk of falls on slippery surfaces due to the grooved sole. Made of terry cloth, they resemble your favorite indoor shoes.

What is required for implementation?

To bring an idea to life, you need:

  • sewing machine;
  • a set of needles;
  • material - depending on the cost of slippers (non-woven, fleece, terry, velor);
  • original material (for developing your own design).

Step-by-step launch instructions:

Over time, a customer base will appear. You will get regular customers.

Production of slippers from natural materials: where to start a business

Making shoes, including slippers from natural materials, is ideal for creative people who love handicrafts.

There are many different materials available for making these items:

  • wool ;
  • felt ;
  • leather ;
  • fur.

Often house slippers have a combined composition, combining several materials. They are very convenient for making felt slippers. In addition to being very warm and comfortable, such products do not require a large amount of material and have a low cost price.

In the video: Master class on making felt slippers

As a rule, the creation of slippers from natural materials involves several stages:

  • procurement and preparation of materials necessary for the manufacture of products;
  • creation of patterns or patterns for knitted products, the technology of which will differ depending on the chosen basis and design. For example, even knitted slippers can look like socks and be completely made of one wool, but products with a sewn felt sole will be warmer and more durable. The technology of creating such or any other models can be mastered in the process of work;
  • the actual process of sewing or knitting future slippers;
  • design elements necessary to decorate products. At this stage, the creative component will be most appreciated: the more interesting and unusual the decorative elements are, the more successful the final result will be.

After the slippers are ready, an equally important stage follows - finding a buyer and selling them.

Since home comfort is very important for many people, comfortable and beautiful slippers will gain significant popularity, with a competent pricing policy they will be happy to buy them for themselves and for gifts to loved ones. Therefore, having decided to devote yourself to such a business, it is important to study the demand for goods of this kind and provide for a pricing policy. Slippers should not be too expensive, since in this case they will not be in demand, but also this product cannot have a too low price, because in this case it will not recoup its cost.

7000 rubles is not enough? Not if it's weekend crafts. And for a town outside the Moscow Ring Road, where you will not find decent work for women of pre-retirement age, this is good money. And if needlework is a hobby, it’s a dream job!

Today Elena, a jack-of-all-trades and an enterprising person, shares the history of home business of sewing original home slippers from scraps of fabric with Reconomica magazine.

Ideas for needlework - for craftswomen on a note: where to start, how to choose material, about her models, sales and work planning - Elena will tell you in detail. And also - will lead a home business plan, cost and income calculation. Elena herself does not consider additional earnings to be work. For her, this is still a hobby, and money is a bonus to hours of rest at handicrafts. Elena plans to expand production and make a hobby a permanent income only in retirement. She is sure: everything will work out!

How I fell in love with sewing sneakers, and my hobby became a business

My name is Elena, I am 52 years old, I live in the city of Shchelkovo. I want to tell you how I suddenly turned a hobby into a good source of income.

I have always loved handicrafts: knit socks or a scarf, sew an oven mitt for the kitchen. The habit of doing everything with your own hands has been preserved since the 80s, the time of queues and total shortages. I never thought that needlework could bring money. As a neighbor, she patched jeans, hemmed pants. She did not take money: in gratitude they could treat me to a chocolate bar.

Sewing home slippers is an idea for a needlewoman. And earnings!

And chance helped turn a hobby into income. I work in Moscow. The road to Shchelkovo is a solid traffic jam, and on the bus I usually read to pass the time. Once, while looking through DIY needlework ideas in a magazine, I came across a master class on sewing house slippers with step-by-step photos and a pattern. It was a real idea!

My First Slippers: Pen Test

Arriving home, I immediately got down to business. I sewed the first slippers from an old windbreaker and decorated them with crocheted roses. The slippers were a success: they were soft, warm, they sat dexterously on their feet. It was good to lie on the sofa in front of the TV in them, and after washing in the washing machine, they did not lose their shape and dried quickly.

First I put on my whole family, then my friends. And only then I began to sew for sale!

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