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Where does aeromodelling begin? How quickly can you start assembling radio-controlled aircraft of your choice? The best place for a budding aviator is to start with simple airplane models, and it is best to start by preparing a space for creativity. The workshop can be deployed both in the garage and on the table in your room. There are certain approaches that are worth knowing in order to prepare yourself a workplace and create a comfortable working environment for yourself. Then the work will argue, and the pleasure from the process will be greater.

Workplace equipment

To equip a workplace, first of all, you need a work table with a size of at least 1.0 x 0.6 m. If you are worried about the safety of the table surface, then it is best to put a sheet of plexiglass or a sheet of plywood on top. As a table, you can choose an ordinary office table, but preferably with a bedside table or with drawers. On such a table it will be possible to paint, and hammer in nails, and solder, and glue. One of the main requirements for the table surface is its straightness, since work with liquids will be carried out on the table surface, it must be located horizontally.

The next question concerns the equipment of the tool storage space. It should be roomy enough and convenient to accommodate everything you need for work.

Chaotic storage of a tool in one pile should not be allowed, as sooner or later this will lead to damage to the tool, its bluntness and breakage, as well as an increase in the search time.

Alternatively, to position the tool, you can install a board with holes for mounting tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and other similar tools, in a cabinet or on a vertical wall.

If you are using a drawer or cabinet to store your tool, you can use the clamps as shown to fix the tool. It is convenient to use a stand to place files; it is convenient to use a block to place drills. All these simple devices can be made by yourself, or purchased in a store.

It is better to have a high storage cabinet so that the workpieces can be stored there in height.

Stops are needed for work on the desktop, for example, for processing parts with a plane. As one of the possible ways, you can use such a simple device as in the figure.


Model Aircraft Tools

Model Aircraft Tools

The choice of tool is influenced by many factors, but the main one is the aircraft model and the nature of the work that needs to be done.

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Topic by HiOctane - ::

As a preface.

What I would like to do right away is to get the readers serious. In this topic, I will try to describe my personal experience of creating a company that is well-known in modeling circles around the world, with a good reputation and currently occupying the third place in at least Europe in terms of the quality of models. If your goal is not so ambitious, then most likely you will not be interested further. And there will be many letters.

The second thing I would like to mention. This is my personal experience, my bumps full of more than 5 years, but I ask you to take this text only as general facts, but in no case as a guide to action. Everyone has his own path.

Well, let's go? Let's start with general information.

1. Various business models.

There are several successful business models in the modeling business today:

1. ... You only pack the kits, do the marketing, test builds, and ship the kits. Also, you make a decision to launch a particular model into operation. Master models are purchased from third-party craftsmen (sorry for the taffetology), casting orders are placed on the side, etching drawings, pictures for decals, website operation, bookkeeping, etc. are all outsourced. This is how, for example, Howard Whitehead, KFS works. ... ... You produce master models and nothing more. You either buy the drawings for the master model or make it yourself. Casting, drawings for baiting, the very production of baiting, pictures for decals are purchased from suppliers. That's how I started. ... ... Everything is the same as in the first version, but only its own casting. This is how Mick Gannon, M&G Moldings works. ... ... Only its own foundry and online store, everything else is bought on the side. This is how a couple of my partners in America work. ... ... My scheme of work. I make master models, drawings for them, files for growing, files for CNC milling, ready-made drawings for photo templates for etching, I administer my online store, I do marketing, I keep accounting records (although hired people hand over reports for me ), we pour ourselves, design the forms, pack the models ourselves and send orders. I don't seem to have forgotten anything.

Pros and cons of different business models:

Model 1.. Your margin will be 75-50% before taxes. Well, maybe 30 percent pure. If you have hundreds of items in your assortment, then this is most likely enough for you for a salary, and maybe even profit will remain.

Model 1.. Everything looks good. After spending a year or two on preparation and having done 5-7 masters, you can start. But! a) you will have to run after the foundry workers. There are few good casters and they are loaded with orders. ) foundry workers will constantly disrupt delivery times. ) the prices of good foundries are such that you can lay a margin of 50 percent, otherwise the price will be prohibitive. ) for drafts for baiting, for the development of decals, etc., you will have to pay. Your margin gets even smaller. What if something doesn't work? You need to ask to redo the drawing, try on, give the drawing to work for making a photo template, wait for the first products, try on. and can be repeated all over again. And your suppliers will constantly let you down with deadlines.

Hi everyone, aviation has always been a passion of my life, which ultimately led to my PhD in aviation university. As a student at a technical university, I know that I always have something to learn, but I also have a lot to give myself, since I have been flying, building and developing airplanes for 10 years. As a result of my hobby, I collected information and wrote detailed instructions on the topic: "How to design and build a radio-controlled aircraft." In it, I collected the necessary and useful information, from choosing an aircraft model to a test flight of an aircraft.

Any aircraft development begins with a clear goal setting. She is the main guiding force of all calculations and design work. For the construction, I chose a piston fighter of the Second World War. That is why my research began by examining various aircraft designs in order to find an example to follow. This list includes the P-51 Mustang, Messerschmitt BF-109, P-40, Spitfire, and other WWII fighters. All these aircraft were symbols of their time and were most suitable for the conditions in which they were operated.

As a result of a long preparatory work and the manufacturing process of the aircraft, I wrote an instruction in which I spoke in detail about all aspects of the design and manufacture of an aircraft model. In the instructions you can find information on the basic steps for building an aircraft model, on the difficulties and overcoming them. You can also find information on how to work with wood, how to do fiberglass work, and other aspects of the art of aircraft modeling. I hope that the manual will provide all the necessary information and will serve as a guide to the world of aircraft modeling.

This detailed instruction begins from the moment of choosing an airplane model, then the stage of calculating an aircraft model, determining the weight and making a prototype is considered. Further there are the stages associated with the manufacture of individual parts of the model: wings, fuselage, tail, engine compartment. I did not post photos of each step of construction, since there are many of them. But on the other hand, he described in detail each stage of manufacturing and is glad that everyone can find information on how to advance in the manufacture of their aircraft model, and for me this is already a great reward. If you have any questions about aircraft modeling technology, I will be glad to answer them in the comments after the article.

Step Purpose of the aircraft

The first step in creating an aircraft is always determined by the purposes for which the aircraft will be used. Examples of aircraft targets include:

Model aircraft trainer for flight training

Airplane model for acrobatics

Modeling real models

Model size, budget, timing are also considered. In my case, the choice fell on a scale model of the English Spitfire fighter. After that I drew sketches of my plane at an arbitrary scale with all its details.

Step Defining the main aircraft parts

Airplane sketch in lateral projection

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Aircraft modeling

A question was raised on the forum - where can a beginner (or continuing) model aircraft designer earn extra money. I decided to share my experience a little. I will not say that it is the only one or the most correct one, I am always an amateur here, but as a designation of directions I can show, and I can also highlight the "fish places" :)

1. Affiliate program

For example, you can compile an article based on some aircraft model from 2-3 sources. At the very beginning, give a link to the aircraft model.

  • 1 How much money is needed for a souvenir craft business
  • 2 How to start a souvenir craft business
  • 3 How much you can earn on the manufacture of souvenir ships
  • 4 How much can you earn
  • 5 Which equipment to choose for organizing a business
  • 6 Which OKVED to indicate when registering with the tax office
  • 7 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for work
  • 9 Do I need permission to open
  • 10 Technology of sales of souvenir products
  • 11 New to the souvenir craft business

Making wooden souvenir craft is a great idea for a home business.

Such an undertaking requires some investment, but with a well-chosen marketing strategy, the investment will pay off quickly enough.

The advantage of a souvenir craft business is that it can be organized without hiring employees.

One person can make and sell 5-6 ship models.

Of course, for this you will need to master the production technology of such souvenir products.

A detailed description of the process can be found on the Internet.

How much money is needed for a souvenir craft business

The purchase of a set of tools for the manufacture of wooden ships will require significant costs.

The entrepreneur will need to purchase a large number of fastening tools (various connectors, clips, etc.).

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