Business idea: catamaran and boat rental

“Boat Master. ike "- a workshop for the production, repair of inflatable boats and other ed. We offer to open a service center for a franchise and earn from 1 million rubles per year. Monthly revenue - from 400 thousand rubles.

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We manufacture and repair inflatable structures.

The range includes boats and airboats, catamarans, mattresses. All goods are made of Korean PVC. Each product goes through several stages of quality control and has a 3-year warranty.

We repair and prepare for winter outboard motors, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and scooters. We carry out routine checks and maintenance, set up and synchronize carburetors.

Target audience - fishermen, hunters and tourists. We cooperate with government agencies and commercial organizations.

We founded the company in 2021 in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia. For 10 years, we have developed 30 product models and produced more than 10 thousand products. Since 2021, we have been developing a partner network for the production and repair of boats “Boat Master. ike ".

Franchise Description

We offer to become a partner of the “Boat Master. ike ". You can open the production of inflatable boats and other inflatable structures or a workshop for their repair. The cost of the franchise package will range from 200,000 to 400,000 rubles.

We will help launch a turnkey business - hire and train personnel, select and equip premises, assemble and supply a complete list of necessary consumables and components, set up federal advertising.

Opening costs

The production of PVC boats has become popular for a long time as a business. The profitability of such a project in certain seasons reaches good indicators, and the feedback from the shop owners and the customers themselves speaks of the constant demand for the products.

Is it worth opening such a production facility and what is needed for this? Many questions scare entrepreneurs, especially newcomers, at first. But all the nuances can be dealt with gradually. Moreover, this process is unhurried. The main thing is to maintain the quality of the manufactured products at a decent level.

This business area may seem too busy. There is indeed high competition on the market among well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. But some groups of tourists, fishermen and other individuals sometimes prefer a local manufacturer, who personally monitors the quality of each product produced. Moreover, you can buy a boat from such entrepreneurs at an affordable price.

But there are certain difficulties that a novice businessman should definitely take into account:

  • Only a person who is familiar with the technological process firsthand can deal with such business as the manufacture and sale of PVC boats. Indeed, even with automated equipment, you need to have experience in the selection of material, know how the devices work, navigate their settings and be able to test the finished product.
  • The process itself takes a long period. PVC boats are not a commodity that is produced in mass quantities. Depending on the type of product, it takes 2 to 6 months to create and test it. Although with powerful equipment and a significant staff of employees, this process can be accelerated.
  • Severe competition scares off a budding entrepreneur. PVC boats are produced by well-known brands and are sold in all tourist and fishing shops, making finding customers an especially difficult task.
  • There is a strong seasonality in this area. They sell goods only from mid-spring to early autumn. The rest of the time, the products will be mostly idle on the shelves or in the warehouse.

Types of boats

Mankind has already come up with many options for improvised transport in order to move along the water surface. Among them, ordinary wooden and inflatable ones have become the most popular for many years. For a tourist or an amateur fisherman, the latter are more interesting, since when folded they take up little space, and they can be transported with you to any chosen recreation area. Therefore, PVC boats as a business are considered a promising direction.

Among the inflatable varieties, there are:

  • Powered - characterized by the presence of an engine that is attached to a rigid transom. Thanks to the power of the motor, the boat picks up high speeds and enables a person to move in a short time to the right place. During their manufacture at the plant, certain GOSTs are adhered to.
  • Rowing - more interesting for a private entrepreneur, as they consist entirely of inflatable elements. Their operation is also easy, simple and safe. The sides are usually additionally divided into several compartments, which prevents the craft from sinking even if one of them is damaged.

In both the first and second versions, the bottom of the boat can be different - semi-rigid (made of plastic or plywood) or rigid, for the manufacture of which light alloys are used. Sometimes, for greater strength and convenience, a bench is also attached between the sides.

The yachting business is rapidly gaining momentum in Ukraine. This business is very young and its peculiarity is the presence of a floating craft in the warehouse. Since potential buyers are wealthy people for whom it does not matter how much the boat costs, what technical characteristics it has, the main thing is that the desired object is in stock. You can also say that the position “I want to buy now and here” dominates this business.

Market Profile

The yachting business in Ukraine is filled by about 70% with products, and these are vessels of a foreign manufacturer. Ukrainian products are significantly inferior to foreign manufacturers, mainly in design, and the difference in cost is only 20%. Therefore, it is no surprise that customers buy boats from foreign manufacturers. Depending on the configuration, these can be boats with outboard outboard motors.

Buy yachts and boats for pleasure trips or for representative purposes. Yachts worth 100 thousand dollars and boats - from 40 thousand dollars are in demand.

Ukrainians do not use the purchased floating facilities for a long time. And this distinguishes them from buyers in other countries. For example, in America, a ship is used for 15 years, and in our country a maximum of 3 years, then it is replaced with a more expensive yacht or boat.

Supported yachts and boats are quickly sold out abroad, but here, if it is also a client in the capital, it is not decent to offer a used boat or a yacht at least. Somewhere, in the provinces, it is difficult to sell supported floating transport, but it is possible.

Ingredients of Success

To keep your business "afloat", choose ships from well-known manufacturers. This will help advancement in the Ukrainian market. Presenting a popular brand saves on advertising. You need to spend only on image advertising.

All popular and well-known manufacturers have already been demonstrated on the Ukrainian market. Therefore, it is not easy to occupy a certain “niche”. And yet, if you managed to find a "free" well-known supplier, first get involved in a representative office, the cost of which will cost 150-200 thousand dollars. Agree, potential buyers are unlikely to come to the basement to conclude a deal. Decorate an office in a nautical style, with many photos of various boats and yachts.

Considering that the client is ready to buy the yacht immediately, it would be advisable to organize a showroom. The client just needs to walk around the deck, look at the upholstery and navigation equipment. Then the decision to purchase the vessel is made very quickly. 200 thousand dollars is needed to purchase demo copies.

My name is Andrey Anatolyevich, I am the owner of many companies, and I am looking for a team of partner-investors to jointly implement the idea for the production of yachts and boats. This is a very profitable business that can really bring in large investments.

I was at the exhibition in Dubai, Moscow, visited the factories of manufacturers in Dubai, Belarus, Poland, and realized that there is a demand for these products, it is not great, but each manufacturer sells from 20 to 50 boats a year !

The Russian company Velvette has sold over 500 boats for ten years (50 boats per year).

Judging by the information from other companies that produce yachts and ships, the demand has increased since people stopped buying b. boats from the USA, since they are brought in with a broken bottom, and then they repair it and sell it 3 times more expensive under the guise of a new boat, then these boats are repaired and sold to each other again. And the most important criterion is, of course, the price of boats of a local manufacturer, it has dropped by 40% since now you do not need to pay 20% VAT and 15% customs duty.

Why do I need an investor partner: In order to create a company, a large infusion of funds is needed, for the purchase of boats, the manufacture of dies and the further manufacture of new boats

I would like the investor partner to provide as an entrance to the business a boat that We will jointly choose, buy it or develop it, on my part - removing the matrix or making a new one, selecting equipment and releasing a new boat. The investor partner receives in 3 months the boat (if We follow the path of copying the boat) in the form in which he handed it over to us, sells it together with us and returns his money and gets 40% of the business entry, provided that he takes part in the development of the company if without participation the profit is 30%.

Main sales market: 70% - Russia, 15% - Ukraine, 10% Kazakhstan, 5% Belarus.

If you like this idea, I invite you to my production site to get acquainted and discuss this business project.

We offer to invest in the production of expensive luxury boats and boats, to have a share in the company and to promote and sell boats in the CIS countries. We suggest considering a business plan.

Production program for the year for the production of boats!

Yacht 42 feet with flybridge

Capital investments in business (possibly partner investors)


Investments: from 350,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 months

A sharp decline in the population's ability to pay, together with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, make outdoor recreation more and more popular. In the warm season, people are 35% more likely to choose the beach and park than a cafe and a cinema. This burst of activity is the basis for a fast-liquid seasonal business, for example, a catamaran and boat rental station.

Business Concept

The rental season for floating equipment in central Russia lasts from May to October. The rental station is an equipped pier, sandbank, embankment, where catamarans for 2-4 persons or rowboats with a capacity of up to 6 people are rented. Payment is made in advance for intervals of half an hour or an hour.

Sometimes, for the safety of transport, vacationers make a cash deposit or leave personal documents, especially for walks in open water spaces.

Since 2021, you do not need a water license to drive catamarans and boats with a low-power motor, so the fleet will not have to be registered with the State Inspection for Small Vessels, as before. But the owner of the station is responsible for the safety of vehicles and the behavior of customers on the water, so there should always be a free boat available to provide assistance, inflatable vests of various sizes (required for children), and a lifebuoy.

What is required for implementation?

The first thing that will be required to organize a business is a water body in a place with high traffic. Rental stations are located near water bodies that are popular with the population: the sea, a pond, a lake, a river, a canal in the park. It is important that the proposed route is safe (without strong currents, underwater funnels, algae, reeds). If the route runs in the bathing area of ​​vacationers, then it should be separated by visible barriers.

To rent a place, you need to contact:

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