Business idea: barbecue production

Who among us doesn't like tasty, juicy barbecue meat? However, not everyone knows that the production of such equipment is considered a promising business idea.

Barbecue as a profitable business idea

You have decided to start your own barbecue business. How can this idea be realized?

First, you need to analyze the market in your region and find out what barbecues are in demand among buyers. Today, a modular barbecue located directly on the street or in a gazebo is especially popular. This happens for the following reasons:

  • modular design is easy to assemble;
  • the device has high strength;
  • service life - up to 30 years.

The next step in implementing this business idea is choosing a place to work. The area of ​​the premises must be at least 40 square meters. You will need a warehouse to store finished products. The rental price starts from 20 thousand rubles. It is important to choose a convenient location, since it is from the warehouse that you will have to take the modular barbecue to your customers.

Having chosen a room, we proceed to the selection of materials for manufacturing. Consumers prefer barbecue made from:

  • brick ;
  • steel ;
  • artificial stone.

The price of a brick starts from seven rubles per piece, an artificial stone - from one thousand per square meter. You need to purchase a grout and a horizontal level.

Usually, a modular barbecue is made according to prepared drawings. Particularly popular are barbecues with sinks and worktops, and cupboards for storing kitchen utensils.

A few words about the idea

It is difficult to find people all over the world who would not like outdoor recreation with barbecue or barbecue. Here is the place for charcoal, which can work wonders in the process of making dishes. As we understand, there will always be demand for such a product, therefore the payback will be fast. And the cost of producing such a product will need a minimum.

The essence of making charcoal is a special pyrolysis of wood at a temperature of up to 700 degrees. As a result of this process, a porous, environmentally friendly substance is obtained. Birch bark is used as a raw material for such a product.

Not only individual residents who like outdoor recreation are interested in buying such a product, but also baths, cafes, restaurants and various health complexes. But consider a clear business plan in stages.

Process start

  • Documentation;
  • Recruitment;
  • Purchase of materials;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Cost planning;
  • Calculating profit and rate of return on business;
  • Advertising;

All these options, without exception, should be thought out to the smallest detail, because they are parts of a single large system! Analyze the market, identify the best offer options for each item and get started. Now let's consider all the specified aspects of coal production in detail.

Business Registration

Any activity that results in the production of goods, services and making a profit must be carried out with registration. It is about the creation of an enterprise, society or the foundation of an individual enterprise. In this case, it is best to give preference to the form of individual entrepreneurship. You do not need to spend time and money opening a large business and thinking about paying high tax rates.

As you can see, this form is indeed the most appropriate. At the first stage of starting a business, you do not need to draw up minutes of the meeting of founders and other complex documents.

At this stage, registration is completed by entering information into the general state database. The good news is that, unlike other types of activities, here you will not need additional permissions to implement such a business. Everything is easy and simple.

The most obvious and vivid example of a business with a sparkle is the manufacture of barbecue grills. Most of the instructions and sources on the Internet recommend doing the following (it is suggested to organize a business in your garage ... but to organize something in the garage, you need to buy this garage, and we have no money):

  • Cut the necessary pieces of sheet metal;
  • Learn how to weld and neatly weld a beautiful barbecue;

Yes. You can and do such a welding business. With one BUT. Working as a welder with forged products - you can earn a lot more on various welding jobs than simple welding of braziers (professional welders do not really like to cook braziers, there is a lot of work, and the profit is small). Trust my experience. Or check out our article - Forged Products Business for reference.

In addition, by producing welded barbecues, we limit and drive away our potential customers. Firstly, such barbecues cannot be foldable, which means that only those buyers who need a stationary barbecue are suitable for us. Secondly, the material with which we can work is limited to "ferrous" metal, which blocks access to customers who need original stainless steel braziers. Thirdly, the braziers turn out to be of the same type, and if you make them very beautiful, then heavy.

No, no, I am not dissuading you from this line of business. There is demand in it, the production cost is small, orders are in progress. And as a side income, brazier welding takes place. What if we take and expand this type of business?

Forget welding. You will have to master sewing and a computer. Yes, I'm serious, the production of metal barbecues may require you to be able to sew. All you need for this business is a little engineering education. If you do not have one, then you must have an acquaintance or relative, a design engineer, perhaps a retired or student. Are you a retired engineer yourself or a college student? This is your business, drop everything and prepare your wallet for profit.

What is required? A simple and affordable thing: you need to develop a collapsible brazier in a design program. As a rule, such barbecues consist of 5 parts: a bottom, 2 sidewalls with legs, 2 long sidewalls with ventilation slots and a place for skewers. These parts should be connected to each other by a simple type of groove connection (do not forget when designing). That is, you take a sheet of metal of standard sizes and "cut" it into the component parts of your barbecue. One sheet can fit up to 20 braziers, that is, about 100 pieces. Make sure that there are not many unnecessary scraps left. Although they can then be turned over to ferrous metal and earn a little more money. Well, looks like sewing and sewing for now?

The designed brazier can be of almost all sizes: from miniature to stationary. Any metal can be used - from "black" to stainless steel of any thickness, the main thing is heat resistance. Plus, you don’t need to be a welder, have a garage, and generally don’t need to leave the house.

The production of such folding braziers is as follows. You need to transfer the finished drawings and cutting to a company that offers laser cutting services for metals. All. The company will cut out the finished parts of the barbecues from the metal. Sheet metal is sold by these same companies, including all possible types of stainless steels. They will also provide metal bending services if you have such an element in the barbecue. The cost of cutting is from 30 rubles per running meter. Cutting a sheet of metal, excluding the cost of the material, will cost you an amount not exceeding 5 thousand rubles.

The most important thing in this business is originality. Since you use laser cutting for the production of your barbecues, you can easily "cut" ventilation slots on the sidewalls of your barbecues in various original forms of inscriptions and drawings. In addition to utilitarian properties, they will perform aesthetic - in the dark, with a light fire, inscriptions and drawings will be beautifully illuminated by embers. You can use any inscriptions - from the general "Happy Birthday" to the names of brands of cars, motorcycles and others, the limitation is your imagination and conscience. Also, you can easily apply inscriptions on gift barbecues to order. Appreciate how beautiful and poetic the inscription on the grill sounds - "The Ivanov family from the Petrovs" - well, beauty?

The average retail price of such barbecues is from 2021 rubles (or from 4000 rubles for a stainless steel barbecue). Naturally, it is more expensive with individual inscriptions.

It is better to use skewers ready-made, a set of ready-made skewers or a grid can be purchased at any hardware store. You can also envisage the production of covers for carrying your barbecues, that is, sewing came in handy again.

  • Briefly about the business:
    • start-up capital - 90 thousand rubles,
    • profit per month - 56 thousand rubles, <
    • payback period - 2 months.

If you know how to handle a welding machine, then the business of producing metal barbecues is quite suitable for you. The idea can be realized with minimal investment - however, in this case, the income received will be less.

Interest in outdoor activities is growing, and sooner or later any family comes to the idea of ​​the need to acquire their own barbecue and smokehouse. In addition, the useful life of these products is often not very long (the metal "burns out"), so periodically there is a need to replace them. The idea of ​​the business is to manufacture barbecue grills, smoke boxes, skewers. By and large, the brazier is an ordinary metal box on legs (in addition, holes are often drilled in the side walls for air ventilation, so that the coals smolder better). Smoker is a sealed metal box with a lid. For the smokehouse, you will need another 1-2 metal grates, which are installed inside the product.

It will not be difficult for any welder to make such a product. You can come up with design features yourself, or take samples of barbecues and smoke boxes sold in stores as a basis, or find information of interest on the Internet. Barbecues and smokers are usually sold at tourist, fishing, or hardware stores.

Products can be made from both conventional "rusting" iron and stainless steel.

If you are not on friendly terms with the welding machine, then you can agree with the welders to work for mutual benefit. You give them orders, they give you finished products. The sale of the finished product is, of course, entirely your responsibility. That concerns the provision of welders with raw materials (sheet metal), then everything is individual. You can provide welders with sheet metal, or they themselves can make smokehouses and barbecues from their own material.

What are the design features of barbecues?

Braziers are stationary, portable (collapsible) of various sizes. Smokers are also portable and stationary. There is a demand for all types of products, so it is necessary to make things for every taste and budget. Stationary products can also be transported in a car, but they take up too much space, therefore, as a rule, they are installed once in the country and are no longer touched.

In the manufacture of collapsible braziers, minimal participation of a welder is required - you only need to weld the ears to connect the component parts, the rest of the work consists in cutting rectangles of the desired shape from a sheet of metal. Plus, at the vertical walls, the lower edge is often bent by 1-2 cm so that the bottom lies on the stop of the vertical walls.

The barbecue itself consists of 4 legs, 4 vertical walls and a bottom. There are 9 items in total. All of them are metal rectangles, only some need to be bent (legs - along the entire length - a long corner is obtained; and the vertical walls have a small 1-2 cm bend at the bottom at an angle of 90 degrees so that the bottom rests on the stop). Sometimes, instead of a bend, small corners are welded to the vertical walls (to stop the bottom).

It should be remembered that the thickness of steel or iron directly affects the useful life of the product. A brazier or a smokehouse made of thin steel up to 1 mm thick will burn out after 1-2 seasons.

A smokehouse or grill made of thicker iron or steel gives a more uniform heating over its entire working surface, which makes the preparation of kebabs or smoked meats of higher quality.

Equipment for the production of barbecues and smoke boxes

Business in the construction of brick barbecues is an interesting idea that can bring tangible profits to an entrepreneur.

A modern person, tired of everyday worries, stress and noise of the city, often decides to go out of town for a weekend to relax with his family. And of course, this holiday is often accompanied by delicious kebabs cooked over an open fire. Such meat has a special taste and smell. It is useless to compare kebab with fried food.

And in order to cook barbecue without any problems at his dacha, a person needs a barbecue. If you have free cash, you can think about building a capital structure from bricks.

Varieties of barbecues

The variety of barbecues is great today. As a rule, the following varieties are made:

  • brick ;
  • metal ;
  • concrete ;
  • stone.

Each species has its own characteristics. Consider the advantages and disadvantages in the comparative table:


Low cost, ease of manufacture

Very fast and too strong warming up (kebabs start to burn, not having time to completely fry)

Aesthetic external properties

The complexity of the design (the duct is made taking into account the direction of the wind), limited area for cooking meat

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