Business and nuances of the production of rounded logs

Rounded log - a log, after machining, which has the same diameter along its entire length. With additional processing, the log can be given a special profile.

This type of log greatly simplifies the process of building wooden houses. The use of rounded logs does not require the involvement of qualified specialists who are engaged in the construction of log cabins from rough wood. The whole construction process is reduced to assembling a house from a ready-made kit. This approach reduces the construction time by two to three times. So a full-fledged log house for a two-story house can be assembled in "one summer" - from three to five months.

Due to the fact that all rounded logs, by virtue of the production process, have the same diameter and stable geometric dimensions obtained on mechanized machines, a more rigid and reliable log structure comes out during the construction of a house. Subject to the technological cycle of production, houses from rounded logs do not require adjustment to the customer's size, they are more reliable and serve several times longer. Also, such houses are much more beautiful from an aesthetic point of view for the end user.

A rounded log, depending on the parameters, is suitable for the construction of houses for year-round living, baths, outbuildings, gazebos and country houses.

So for the construction of houses, as a rule, they use a log of diameters from 200 mm (for the northern regions - from 260 mm). For country houses, baths, gazebos and other outbuildings - from 100 to 200 mm.

The production cycle of "cylindering" is quite simple and does not require special conditions, permits and expensive special equipment. Now equipment manufacturers offer both ready-made cylindering complexes on the principle of "one machine", and separate machines with different automation and production capacity for organizing their own workshop. The assembly of the workshop is carried out depending on the goals of the business. Since, you can open the production of rounded logs for its further sale to construction firms, or open a production base for ready-made house projects, that is, act as a construction company.

Opening a production line without an established marketing, for the further resale of logs, is a troublesome business and with a long payback period. Therefore, in this niche it is most profitable to open your own company for the construction of houses and baths from cylindrical cylinders, and your own production will be a guarantee of low prices and fulfillment of deadlines for customers. Since you will not be dependent on a third party manufacturer.

The investment required to open such an enterprise, according to a number of experts, is 5-6 million rubles. The production profitability is within 40%. Payback is achieved by the 9th month of work.

Basic codes of OKVED 2 for organizing entrepreneurial activity:

  • 16. Wood processing and production of wood and cork products, except furniture, production of straw and plaiting materials.
  • 16. 0.. Production of lumber, except for profiled, more than 6 mm thick; production of untreated railroad and tram sleepers from wood.
  • 16. 3. Manufacture of other building timber and joinery.
  • 16. 3.. Manufacture of wooden building structures and joinery.
  • 16. 3.. Production of prefabricated timber buildings.

For the manufacture of rounded logs, coniferous wood is traditionally used. Conifers are characterized by increased resinousness, that is, they require minimal additional treatment against decay, mold and wetness.

The production of rounded logs is a profitable business, the prospects of which are due to high demand for construction products and relatively low production costs.

The advantages of such activities include:

  • Ease of registration (no need to obtain a license).
  • Possibility of organizing a business by registering an individual entrepreneur.
  • Simplicity of production technology, which does not require the involvement of qualified employees.
  • Wide range of equipment. The equipment can be of domestic or foreign manufacture, new or used.

The main disadvantage is low profitability, but this problem can be easily solved by mastering related areas or reducing production costs.

What to consider first?

To achieve positive business results, it is important to comply with a number of conditions:

  • The production of rounded logs is a branch of the woodworking business.
  • A reliable supplier of source material is available.
  • The volume of production is from 200 cubic meters. meters of logs per month.

To eliminate problems with the sale of the finished product, you should do the following:

  • In parallel, open a business for the construction of houses from round logs.
  • Start the sawmill - sawmill. In this case, the process of finding clients is simplified.

Organizational matters

Is it profitable?

Environmentally friendly materials are increasingly used in modern construction. In the construction of private farmsteads, wood is used. Gazebos, baths and even houses are built from logs. This material allows you to build not only housing that is most suitable for living, but also significantly save the construction budget. Therefore, the production of rounded logs looks like a promising and profitable business.

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A wood processing plant is easy to open. The technological process is simple and special permits and licenses are not required for this. Workers may be of low qualifications. One technologist who knows the process and knows how to control the operation of the equipment is enough. Such an enterprise will be profitable only when the volume of finished products is at least 250 cubic meters. ... per month. Rounding of logs is often complemented by other activities. It is best to carry out the construction of houses or small architectural forms from wood along with this business. Large companies involved in the construction of such buildings often open their own production of materials.

A significant disadvantage of the business is its seasonality. Construction work, as a rule, stops with the onset of cold weather. That is why, in the winter period, it is necessary to find an alternative to the income from the cylindering of logs.

How to start production of log cylindering

The log cylindering shop can be located in the production room, hangar and even just under a shed. The equipment must be protected from the sun and precipitation. Wood blanks and the final product itself are rather large. The equipment for working with them is also impressive in size. This must be taken into account when choosing premises for production.

Fire safety requirements are imposed on the workshop. The floors and walls are finished with non-combustible materials. The drying chamber is usually installed in a separate room. Blanks and finished products are stored separately. In addition, you need to equip an office space for the administration.

Depending on the volume of production, you need to calculate the required number of workers. 3-4 people can handle rounding of logs in one shift. From the administration you will need a director, accountant and sales manager.

How much profit does a company specializing in log cylindering make?

The monthly costs of the woodworking shop include:

  • Rent (industrial premises and office).
  • Staff salary.
  • Utilities.
  • Raw materials and consumables.
  • Transportation costs.
  • Electricity.
  • Ads.
  • Depreciation.
  • Taxes.
  • Administrative expenses.

Proper planning is the key to business success. If you are familiar with the construction business, have practical skills in the construction of wooden houses and want to make money on it, you should think about the possibility of implementing an interesting and promising business idea. It consists in the construction of small houses for sale from rounded logs.

Benefits of a timber house construction business

First, let's look at the advantages of the business of building mini-houses from rounded logs. The demand for such a proposal is due to its specifics. There is a constant increase in demand for wooden houses. Many have already appreciated the comfort of living in them. A dwelling made of environmentally friendly material provides increased air exchange. That is why the state of health improves from being in it. Do not forget about the aesthetics of the exterior and the cozy interior design of houses made of rounded logs. But the most important thing is the fact that cylindrical houses do not require special expenses for external finishing and internal work.

How to start a business in the construction of economy class wooden houses?

At the initial stages, a small construction business with a relatively small investment can build the following structures from rounded logs:

    Small houses for young families.

    Gazebos and mini garden houses from a bar or log house.

    Sheds and outbuildings (cowsheds, chicken coops, pigsties, etc.)

    Houses for playgrounds.

    For creative inspiration, we recommend looking at the catalog of house projects in 3D.

    Thanks to the rounded log, any of the listed buildings will be in demand to look. And you can not start your small construction business right away from the houses from the cylindrical building, but first test your strength on low-budget projects. Thus, another advantage of this business idea is a relatively low threshold for investment entry and business start-up.

    People with different financial capabilities want to have a country house made of wood. Not everyone can afford multi-room mansions. But the construction of a compact country house can be paid for by people with an average income, who understand the benefits of living in an ecological environment. They will become your clients, ensuring the profitability of your business.

    Advantages of wooden houses made of rounded logs

    • 1 What is more profitable to build large cottages or houses for rent
    • 2 We produce log buildings in the format assemble it yourself for implementation
    • 3 How much can you earn
    • 4 How much money is needed to start a business
    • 5 Step-by-step plan for starting a business
    • 6 Regulatory legal framework
      • 6. Do I need permission to manufacture wooden houses
      • 6. Which OKVED to indicate for the implementation of the project
      • 6. Which taxation system to choose for registering an activity
    • 7 Technology of doing business
    • 8 Purchase of building material
    • 9 Selecting equipment for business <
    • 10 Things to look for when marketing

    Currently, many city dwellers seek to retire from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the tranquility in an ecologically clean place. That is why people tend to settle in houses where it is easy to breathe and where you can spend time with pleasure. But while some simply enjoy life in wooden log cabins, others earn on them.

    What is more profitable to build large cottages or houses for rent

    To perform work at a high level, it is necessary to carry out the entire process independently, from wood preparation to installation of the structure. There are several areas of business in the construction of wooden log cabins:

    • Construction of large houses for further sale. Such log cabins are designed for a certain circle of people with high incomes. It is not so easy to find regular customers for the construction of huge log cabins, especially since it takes up a lot of space for installation;
    • Building a house with further lease. In recent years, apartment buildings have gained particular popularity - large buildings divided into studios.

    Considering the construction of an apartment building, it is worth noting that even people with average incomes can afford to rent a studio. Accordingly, it is much easier to find a consumer and get a high income.

    We produce log buildings in the format assemble it yourself for implementation

    An interesting, and most importantly new direction of business is the production of wooden log cabins, which can be assembled depending on the client's requirements. Simple designs allow you to mount rooms of different sizes, complement or minimize space. By applying the strategy of creating an apartment building, you can quickly reach 100% profitability. Moreover, the cash flow will never stop: many will want to live in an ecologically clean house.

    The client can be offered different types of structures:

    • A guest house where you can relax on weekends or on vacation. Very often the owners of a log house live in the same place. Installation of a guest house simultaneously solves several problems: there is no need to maintain your own living space and the opportunity to receive a consistently high income;
    • Mini-hotel is a wooden blockhouse in which a room can be rented for a short time. When implementing this project, it will be necessary to hire staff to provide a minimum list of services;
    • A hostel in which several people can be accommodated in one room at the same time. Such a profitable log cabin is less popular, since it is very difficult to retire in it;
    • Townhouse - a log cabin with separate apartments and an entrance.

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