Building materials production: ideas for business

Are you looking for an interesting and profitable business idea? We advise you to pay attention to the idea of ​​production of building materials. With a competent and responsible approach to business, your business for the production of building materials will quickly pay off and begin to bring a stable income.

There are many ideas for a building materials business. You can arrange production:

  • brick ;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • building blocks;
  • plywood;
  • GVL or gypsum board, etc.

We will consider the most interesting and profitable ideas.

Nail making

Great idea for starting your own small business with little investment.

Premises. There are only 2 requirements for it - the presence of heat and electricity. The monthly rent will require about 20,000 rubles.

Equipment. It can be easily purchased through the Internet. The cost of a new machine, capable of producing 125 kilograms of nails per hour, is approximately $ 12,000. Used equipment can be purchased for up to $ 8,500.

Profitability. Assuming that in a month you will be able to produce about 20 tons of products, the idea can bring you up to 130 thousand rubles. monthly. Consequently, the business will pay off in 4 to 6 months.

Roofing material production

Catalog of business ideas in the field of construction and renovation

Ideas in the construction business today are variable and attractive for aspiring entrepreneurs. Below are tips for bringing ideas to life in the construction industry.

Business ideas in the construction industry

Before starting active actions, novice businessmen ask themselves a question - to nurture a business idea from scratch, acquire an already well-functioning commercial enterprise, or find a compromise by concluding a commercial agreement.

It is important to understand that today, in a period of protracted crisis, before opening a company, it is necessary to carry out a number of organizational measures that will help not only determine the most demanded direction for a commercial project, but also a strategy for its further development:

  • to analyze the most demanded areas in production;
  • to identify the strongest competitive positions;
  • to establish contact with reliable suppliers of building materials.

After you have chosen and approved the main direction of commercial activity, you can proceed to search for ideas for making money in the field of construction and repair. According to experts, in recent years, the most relevant areas of commercial activity are: production of building materials and finishing renovation of apartments. Speaking about finishing works, it can be noted that the problem of import substitution has bypassed them, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the sphere of construction production.

A profitable business idea in construction, or how to open a new production

Making a new business a reality is never easy. Novice managers should remember that despite the problems with the substitution of foreign products, Russian manufacturers have also become noticeably more active, trying to reduce the cost of work, but at the same time they do not spare the quality of the services provided.

A pleasant value for money, which is not as easy to achieve as it seems, will help you to noticeably stand out against the background of enterprising businessmen. There are a number of priority activities to help you succeed:

  • to collect all available technologies of construction production;
  • to conduct independent testing of samples and select 3 most acceptable according to the quality criterion;
  • to gather a professional board , which will choose the best equipment in terms of quality, price and manufacturing complexity;

Ways to start a construction business

There are two ways to start a construction business or implement a renovation business idea. The first way is to buy a ready-made construction company, where everything is streamlined, there is a staff, well-established relations with clients and the necessary equipment. The second way is to start from scratch.

Purchase of ready-made company

First of all, it is necessary to conclude a purchase and sale agreement between the current owner of the company and the future one. There is one important nuance here. Before signing the contract, you must make sure that at the time of purchase, the founder of the company is a real person. Cases of fraud have become more frequent, when a fictitious person appears in such transactions, who exists only on paper. Usually, the costs associated with paperwork are included in the cost of the company in advance. Therefore, all worries fall on the shoulders of the employees of the law firm that the seller has chosen.

Construction business from scratch

If you decide to start a construction business from scratch, then the first thing you need to do is register with the tax authorities. When registering, you will need to decide on the organizational and legal form: LLC or individual entrepreneur. The choice of form will depend on the scale of construction activities. IP - small construction, LLC - large construction. After that, you will need to purchase stamps and forms, which must be filled out and registered at a notary office. Then you need to pay a state fee and open a bank account to credit the authorized capital of your organization.

An important condition for the full-fledged work of a construction company is joining a self-regulatory organization. According to Russian law, construction firms are required to be members of SROs. Otherwise, they can only carry out finishing work and cosmetic repairs.

To join an SRO, you must provide construction certificates, constituent documents and an application for membership. The application can be considered within a month, but usually the answer comes much earlier.

A construction organization that is a member of an SRO may perform the following works:

  • survey and geodetic works;
  • finishing and repair work;
  • construction of structures, structures and buildings of any complexity.

But the most important thing is the selection of qualified employees. It is on their professionalism, to a greater extent, that the success and authority of your company will depend.

At the initial stages of work, it is possible to attract third-party specialists to fulfill complex orders. But in the future it is desirable to have your own staff. The minimum team should consist of four people: painter, plasterer, electrician, plumber. Remember: we need specialists who also know firsthand about safety! THERE ARE NO SUCH EMPLOYEES NEEDED:

Many entrepreneurs are struck by the idea of ​​organizing their own production of building materials - this is a promising undertaking that promises a stable and good profit. There is always a demand for high-quality materials for construction and repair, which means that a good manufacturer will not be left without buyers. What do you need to know to successfully enter the market?

Building materials: stable demand for high quality

The production of building materials as a business is actually doomed to success. Of course, provided that the manufacturer will competently approach his organization and will ensure consistently high quality of all his products. At the same time, as a rule, it is not necessary to have an impressive initial capital: many entrepreneurs start with 20-30 thousand rubles.

The demand for building materials is always quite high: people are constantly building and renovating apartments, houses, summer cottages. They search for a variety of materials, compare prices, study reviews on the Internet and listen to the advice of friends. Therefore, even a small business with a small staff of employees, if desired, will provide itself with a constant stream of buyers.

Who is this business for?

There are a huge number of options for what kind of building materials to produce. Therefore, the list of those who are suitable for a building materials business is very wide - in fact, there are no age, gender, national or any other restrictions in it. Even the division into rich and poor is not as fundamental as in other industries.

It can be noted that specialized education (secondary or higher), as well as experience in construction, will be an indisputable advantage. A professional understands exactly what characteristics each material should have, what it is used for, what batches it needs to be produced and supplied.

Types of business on building materials

There is a huge variety of building materials on the modern market, besides, every couple of months, either completely new products or improved old ones appear. What exactly is profitable to produce? We tell you the most promising business ideas in the field of building materials, depending on the size of the initial capital.

Up to thousand rubles

The construction business is practically not affected by political and economic turmoil: the industry constantly needs both labor and high-quality building materials. Developers are not idle either: consumers are regularly presented with products with unique performance characteristics, and the technological lines for their production are adapted to the conditions of enterprises producing products in small volumes.

Therefore, not only new, but also proven business ideas for the production of building materials are quite in demand among novice and experienced entrepreneurs. Many of them are in a hurry to find free niches in this market, as they understand that the demand for products will grow over time. The result is active competition, which only those businessmen who pay attention to both practical actions and theoretical calculations can withstand - they draw up a detailed business plan, analyze the levels of supply and demand in the market, clearly understand the structure and needs of the target audience.

Cinder blocks

  • High coefficient of thermal insulation;
  • Low specific gravity;
  • Extended service life;
  • High strength.

The main raw materials for the manufacture of cinder block are water, cement, plasticizers and various fillers: crushed stone, sand, slag, expanded clay or granite screening. The organization of the production of building materials at home involves the purchase of a minimum set of equipment - a concrete mixer, vibrating sieve, vibrating table and molds. The cost of such a line with a capacity of 600 blocks per shift is from 55 thousand rubles. In addition, another 100 thousand rubles will have to be invested in the purchase of raw materials.

The cost of one cinder block depends on the filler and averages 20-23 rubles, taking into account utility costs and workers' wages. With its retail price of 30 rubles, an entrepreneur's income can reach 90 thousand rubles a month.

Dry building mixtures

  • Saving time on preparation of the solution;
  • The ability to produce mixtures according to individual orders;
  • High quality due to the exact adherence to the recipe.

The most popular on the market are putties, compositions for wall plastering and screed filling, as well as tile adhesive mixtures. The list of equipment used for the production of building materials includes:

  • Bins for initial components;
  • Conveyors;
  • Weighing batcher;
  • Dry mix mixer;
  • Receiving bunker;
  • Bag filling station.

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