Blinds business: production, sale and installation of blinds

In the current interior, blinds occupy a dominant place. They compete with curtains and curtains. Such a detail of the interior serves as an excellent protection from sunlight, affects the circulation of heat in the room, and also reduces the noise level.

The production of blinds is not limited to anything. This is because it does not carry anything harmful in itself. In addition, the activities of such a plan do not need to be licensed.

You don't need to get expensive permits either. All that is required from an entrepreneur is to register his business, choosing LLC as the organizational form.

In order to do this, you will need to collect certain documents. Among them, one can single out a paper that confirms the payment of the state duty for the registration process, a statement that will say about the transition to the simplified tax system. In the event that the authorized capital will be contributed by property, it will be necessary to provide an appraisal certificate to the organization that is engaged in registration. After submitting all the above documents, it remains only to wait for a response from the registering authority.

Make profit with blinds

Today, a profitable business is the production of blinds. The market for such elements appeared in Russia in 1992-1993. All this time, this field of activity has been very slowly developed.

That is, business is promising for both beginners and experienced businessmen. Trying to organize it, you will find your niche in this entrepreneurial business. There will definitely be a profit, because the margin level reaches almost 80-100%.

Pay attention to the windows in private residences. In almost every home, you will see tulle, curtains and blinds because they are very practical to use. They are especially often used in offices, shops, schools. In general, there is a lot of work for those who want to do this business.

Don't worry about low demand

Low demand for blinds is a thing of the past. It was explained by the almost complete absence of advertising. And the marketing activity that was, was not good. But in modern conditions, all people have already understood how good this piece of furniture is.

Investments: from 600,000 rubles

Payback: from 4 months

Having decided to build a business, it is important to find a niche for activity. After all, the service or product that will be distributed must, first of all, be in demand. To date, a business for the production of roller blinds can bring a good profit. Let's break it down in detail in this article.

Business Concept

Roller blinds are in demand, so this business will pay for itself quickly.

  • among owners of apartments and houses;
  • to office premises;
  • to government institutions.

Roller blinds are popular because of their convenience and practicality in operation, as well as the ability to combine with any interior. Before starting production, you need to study the state of the market in the city or region in which business is planned. After all, if there are competitors in this field, then you need to think about your competitiveness.

What is required for implementation?

To implement this type of activity quickly and in a short time, it is necessary to prepare the premises, equip it, buy equipment and materials. The premises will require furniture, office supplies and household appliances. For production, you need to purchase a machine for gluing tape, a table for cutting lamellas, a mechanism for processing the edge of the fabric.

To create a wide range of products, you will need various types of fabric, tape and accessories (bottom beam plug, ceiling mounts, self-locking mechanism, plastic chain, aluminum shafts, connecting, bottom beams). All this is best purchased from one manufacturer.

Step-by-step startup instructions

The production of roller blinds can be started if the following conditions are met:

Business in the production of blinds is one of the most promising modern areas of business. The production process is quite simple and does not require huge production facilities and multi-million dollar costs. A business idea will be of interest to both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

Blinds are interconnected horizontal or vertical narrow plates designed to shade the room and regulate the air flow. Blinds are made from aluminum, fabric, wood and plastic. Today there is a tendency to use blinds not only for their direct functional purpose, but also as a decorative element. The product successfully replaces classic curtains, wardrobe doors, plays the role of a screen and an office partition.

Blinds have gained popular recognition and popularity due to their durability, high quality, ease of use and maintenance. The product does not require washing, steaming; during the production process, the plates are treated with an antistatic compound that protects it from dust and the sun. Modern technologies make it possible to produce plates of different colors and textures for every taste and color.

The production of blinds attracts entrepreneurs not only by the simplicity of the process, but also by a wide range of potential consumers. The product is purchased both by individuals for houses and apartments, and by state and municipal institutions, commercial companies.

Where to start

Where to start translating a business idea into reality? First you need to be sure to register with the tax authority if you are starting a business from scratch.

Next, you need to select an office and production space. The simplicity of the process and the small dimensions of the equipment allow it to be located in a small room, whether it be a garage, a rented warehouse or a utility room of your own house. The rental price depends on your region, on average a small room of 50 sq. m will cost you 40,000 rubles a month plus utility bills (about 6,000). If you own the premises, the costs should include utility bills and property tax.

The office may be located directly during production, but it will be more efficient to rent premises closer to potential buyers. For an office, 20 sq. m, on which you need to place product samples and organize the employee's workplace. Renting an office will cost you 25,000 rubles, its furnishings and technical equipment - about 75,000 rubles more.

Equipment and materials

Moving on to equipment and materials. Different production lines are installed for vertical and horizontal blinds, equipment for horizontal products requires large financial investments. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct an analysis of the customer's needs in a particular type of product and, based on the data, start one of the lines, either horizontal or vertical, to begin with.

To produce vertical blinds you will need:

In total, you will spend 82,500 rubles on equipment. Production of this type involves the use of manual labor, you can find competent specialists or train your employees from scratch. At the initial stage, 3-4 people will be enough for you in the workshop.

More and more people decide to replace traditional curtains with these particular products, so the blinds business has a lot of chances to turn into a very profitable one. So, it is worth considering in detail this type of business, as well as the features of the products that will be produced.

A little about the product and its purpose

Blinds are a device consisting of a system of plates or lamellas located in a vertical or horizontal direction and interconnected. First of all, such a product is designed to protect the room from direct sunlight, as well as to adjust the flow of light.

Blinds are often used as partitions or screens, doors in dressing rooms or open closets. Very often they are given a purely decorative role. Recently, more and more often, these products have begun to combine aesthetic and sun protection functions. That is why blinds are gradually ceasing to be products intended for furnishing an office, and are moving into the category of consumer goods.

There are a number of characteristics that modern blinds must meet:

  • no obstructions to air flows;
  • the ability to adjust the level of illumination in the room;
  • ease of use and ease of maintenance ;
  • economy and durability;
  • aesthetics, variety in terms of materials and designs.

The production of blinds must be adjusted so that the final product meets all the above characteristics. And this must be taken into account when organizing a business.

Blinds types

At the moment, it is customary to classify blinds according to several main characteristics. In terms of functional purpose, it is customary to distinguish between roller shutters and sun-protection. The first is a roll, which consists of a pair of guides, and plates sliding along them. Usually, roller shutters are installed outside door and window openings, and their main function is to protect against adverse weather conditions and intruders. By the way of closing and opening the blinds can be divided into horizontal and vertical. In relation to the scope of application, we can talk about the division into office, automotive and home.

The structure of the blinds allows them to be subdivided into such types as products with lamellas, solid, and honeycomb. In the latter, the canvas is made of a set of layers that resemble a honeycomb. According to the material from which the products are made, they can be divided into metal, plastic, wood, multi-texture, fabric and bamboo. Fabric blinds can be classified into three more types depending on the method of opening: cassette, roll and pleated.

Blinds can be installed in one of three ways: by attaching to windows, walls or ceilings.

So, now that everything is more or less clear with the types of these devices, we can talk about the rest of the points.

Manufacturing and installation of vertical blinds is an affordable business solution for many aspiring entrepreneurs, as it does not require large investments at the initial stage. The amount that can be dispensed with when purchasing components and equipment is no more than $ 1.5 thousand.

The assembly and installation of the blinds itself is not difficult, according to the established scheme it can take much less time in the future. Blinds are a very popular product if there is a wide offer. You can start producing several types of blinds, this will only expand your range, and therefore increase the number of interested buyers. Wooden, aluminum, metal, fabric, rope, with a pattern and photo printing, multi-textured, with an electric drive - all of them are practically made according to the same principle and require a small set of equipment (the exception is blinds with photo printing).

Blinds are more practical than curtains - they are easy to wash, wash, repair, they do not fade or tear. They can be installed even by an inexperienced person; it is easier to hang and fix ready-made blinds than bedside lamps with lambrequins. They are fastened firmly, with careful maintenance and use, they can serve for a very long time, and the price is affordable for almost all layers of consumers.

What it takes to start a blinds installation business

Variety of blinds

Types of blinds offered on the market:

  • plastic ;
  • metal or aluminum;
  • fabric;
  • with photo printing;
  • wooden;
  • multi-texture;
  • rope.

Blinds classification by device type:

  • Mechanical ;
  • Automatic with electric drive.

Plastic, metal, aluminum lamellas are easy to clean, this is the most suitable option for offices and public spaces. You need to know which type of blinds are best suited for a specific option with a customer. But fabric and rope made of fabric require more careful maintenance and operation, since it is rather difficult to clean them yourself with your own hands. To really clean them to their original condition, they need to be washed. Fortunately, this rarely needs to be done. First, you need to disassemble them, which is very simple to do.

Multi-textured and photo-printed lamellas can be washed and washed with a common household product if they are metal, aluminum or plastic. Vertical blinds with a pattern and photo printing will cost a lot of money in production, you can not include them in your assortment at first. But in the future, when promoting the case, it will be possible to think about them, especially since the price for installation will be the same.

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