Biofireplace production: device, manufacturing technology, business

The business in the production of bio-fireplaces is relevant today due to the high demand for these products. Therefore, aspiring entrepreneurs can use the idea to start their own successful business. It is also attractive because of the possibility of starting with minimal investment. At the first stages, additional workers are not required - you can engage in the production and installation of fireplaces yourself. The manufacturing technology is quite simple and does not require serious knowledge and skills, which will allow you to quickly get used to the industry.

Biofireplace is a device used to heat a room and decorate it. It differs from ordinary fireplaces in the absence of a chimney, which allows to reduce consumer costs for the heating system and the duration of installation.

The production of biofireplaces as a business is a new direction of entrepreneurship available to citizens with minimal start-up investments. Investments must be at least 50,000 rubles. There are other positive aspects of working in this area - low level of competition, relative ease of work.

What biofireplaces to produce?

The biofireplace itself consists of a special metal device with a fuel tank. You can decorate it at your discretion, using veneer, polymers, forged products, processed stones and even heat-resistant glass. The front part is necessarily equipped with a tempered glass screen - with the help of it, the effect of a living flame is created.

If an entrepreneur wants to attract as many customers as possible, then he needs to work with all types of biofireplaces at once:

  • floor-standing (actively used for decorating spacious country houses);
  • wall-mounted (also used in country houses);
  • built-in (excellent will fit into the interior of a small living room or kitchen);
  • desktop (still more related to decorative options).

But the production technology for all these varieties is the same. They will differ only visually, there are some differences in installation.

If an entrepreneur wants to increase profitability, he needs to be engaged not only in production, but also in the installation of bio fireplaces. Additionally, you can offer repair and maintenance services. Clients prefer to work with organizations providing complex services.

Required materials and equipment

The main investments in the business will be related to the purchase of equipment and materials. To work you will need:

What are bio fireplaces?

Biofireplace is a special type of fireplace that runs on environmentally friendly biofuel. As in “real” fireplaces - a fire burns in a bio fireplace and heat is emitted. Only special biofuel does not produce any harmful combustion products that are hazardous to health. That is why biofireplaces can be of completely different sizes - from compact table-top to massive floor-standing ones. The biofireplace device is extremely simple: a metal "hearth", glass casing, mesh and decorative stones for better heat distribution. Biofuel is produced on the basis of pure ethyl alcohol and its small volume provides a fairly long combustion process.

Biofireplaces have a number of undeniable advantages over their "colleagues in the shop":

a) do not require a connection to electricity or gas; b) easy to operate (even a child can serve them); c) flexibility of use: you can use them all year round in different rooms; d) do not emit harmful combustion products and are not contaminated by themselves. It is enough to ventilate the room for a short time after using the biofireplace.

In general, biofireplaces are not only a modern and fashionable element of the interior, but also a rather useful thing!

Production and sale of bio fireplaces: how to make a lot of money

Immediately a small disclaimer: if you are not sure that you can make a good biofireplace with your own hands, then it is better to hire a qualified craftsman. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to demand from him any experience in this area - the main thing is that he does not abuse alcohol and know how to work with glass and metal.

For the production of a standard bio fireplace you need the following "ingredients": glass, at least 3 mm thick; high-quality glass cutter; metal construction mesh; medium-sized stones or pebbles; metal box (its size depends on the type of fireplace); wick; silicone sealant.

The process of making a bio fireplace includes the following steps:

a) installation of a glass casing, which will serve as a fireplace screen. Glass sheets are cut strictly to the size of the metal box and sealed with silicone sealant. The sealant dries for about a day, and sagging and stains from it are removed with a clerical knife or a regular blade;

b) connection of the glass casing with the fuel block, under which an ordinary metal planter can be adapted. The fuel block must not be too small - otherwise the glass may crack from heating;

c) final assembly of the biofireplace. Fireplace biofuel is poured into any suitable metal can, which is installed in the drawer. A metal mesh cut to fit the size of the box is laid in several layers and covers the can of fuel. Stones are laid on the mesh, which, in addition to performing a decorative function, also serve to evenly distribute heat between the glass casing and the metal grill. The wick fits neatly into the biofuel jar. Fireplace, ready to use! The external, purely decorative design of the biofireplace is limited only by the scope of your imagination.

Depending on the volume of the fuel container, the average fireplace burns for two to four hours. An empty fuel can can be reused or replaced with a new one. Biofuels are purchased separately or made by hand. The recipe is very simple - you need to mix medical alcohol and gasoline in a 9: 1 ratio and shake the container with fuel before use.

The production of biofireplaces as a business can be a great idea. Its profitability is as high as possible, and a competently drawn up business plan will help you in a short time to establish the manufacture and sale of products.

Today, various decorative elements are gaining in popularity. And if earlier the fireplace could only be installed in a private house with many complex accompanying works, now this element of the interior is available and safe even in a small city apartment.

The advantages of bio fireplaces

The relevance of such a business is obvious, because you never get tired of admiring a live fire. This spectacle calms the nerves, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, brings relatives together. In addition, these fireplaces are designed with the help of designers and are a beautiful addition that can make your home stand out from the rest. The ability to install a source of live fire even in a city apartment will appeal to many.

The main advantages of a bio fireplace are:

  • It can be used in almost any room - home, office, apartment, hotel.
  • No special chimney work is needed.
  • The air remains clean and safe for health, you only need to ventilate the room occasionally.
  • You do not have to obtain permission from the fire inspection or other regulatory authorities to install this interior element.
  • Takes up little space.
  • They can be of a very different design shape, size, color, and even built into a wall or furniture.

Here you can download a short business plan for the production of biofireplaces as an example for free.

Activity Registration

In order to start creating such products with your own hands, it is enough to issue an individual entrepreneur. In this case, the receipt of securities will take no more than a week, and the taxation system is selected according to the expected profits. But in the event of bankruptcy, an individual entrepreneur is liable to creditors with all his property, which is considered a major disadvantage.

When registering an LLC, it will take longer to wait for registration, but this form of organization has its advantages:

  • There can be several founders to separate capital investments.
  • In case of bankruptcy, the company risks only the amount included in the authorized capital.
  • Over time, you can expand and open your branches by region or country.

You can endlessly watch how water flows, how a fire burns and how a fireplace is installed in your house. Interior fashion is a fickle thing, but the love for fireplaces does not fade away. We will tell you how to open a business on the laying of custom-made fireplaces.

Relevance of business idea

Private residential houses are popular again, and with them all the attributes of suburban life are popular. Who doesn't dream of sitting by the fireplace on dark winter evenings? A rare country house will do without its own fireplace.

Laying fireplaces can be a good start for both a novice entrepreneur and business expansion for an already established one.

Costs and Benefits

Initial investments in the project are not high and start from 45'000 rubles. Reaching ROI can be quick, but maintaining constant demand takes effort. Monthly profit depends on the number of orders. With a minimum income of 25'000 rubles, it will pay back the costs in just a couple of months.

Start-up costs: approximate calculation for St. Petersburg

Monthly costs

Consumables 50'000

Permits and Documents

Business Registration

To provide services for laying fireplaces, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur. To do this, fill out an application at the tax office at the place of residence in the prescribed form, attach copies of all pages of the applicant's passport and a receipt for payment of the state duty in the amount of 800 rubles.

Nowadays, anyone can place a real hearth with live fire in their apartment. This can be done very simply, it is enough to purchase a biofireplace in a store or from local craftsmen, which can work fully in any room. This small device will create an aura of coziness and comfort in your home. Today we will talk about how the production of biofireplaces takes place, consider options for the industrial and independent production of such things, as well as the possibility of building a business in this area.

Device structure

Despite the large assortment of bio fireplaces in stores, they can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Wall mounted appliances designed to be fixed to a vertical surface, like paintings.
  • Built-in devices, conveniently placed in niches of walls or furniture.
  • Corner systems designed to maximize space savings in the room.
  • Floor-standing biofireplaces, extremely mobile and easy-to-use devices.
  • Table devices, characterized by small dimensions and often original design.

Note that the device of all these types of biofireplaces is the same, but they differ only in size, design and installation options.

The biofireplace device is very simple, it consists of two main parts:

  • The fuel block is responsible for working with fire and fuel.
  • The outer casing serves as a decorative part and helps to position the machine in the desired location.

The fuel block contains a fuel tank made of stainless, heat-resistant steel. The fuel used in these systems is called bioethanol and is a vegetable alcohol. When burned, such fuel emits steam and very little carbon dioxide. The reservoir is designed in such a way that the fuel does not flow out of it in any position. The size of the fuel tank depends on the overall dimensions of the fireplace.

Another important part of the fuel block is the burner. It is the burner that allows you to create a real fire, properly controlled and uniform. Most often, the biofireplace burner is covered with decorative elements: imitation of stones, coals, original ceramic objects. This is done to make the biofireplace seem more natural.

The external decorative frame, which is installed on the body of the product, is also responsible for naturalness. An important detail here is the protective screen made of fireproof glass, which protects the outer space from fire. The entire system can be built into a special portal for a bio fireplace, which allows you to make it a full-fledged participant in the entire interior of the room. By the way, you can entrust the manufacture of the portal to a familiar master or carry out the work yourself. With your own hands, you can make the biofireplace itself.


The manufacturing technology of biofireplaces is quite simple, like their device. We can easily make a small, amateur apparatus at home, which will perfectly cope with the main function - to safely create a fire in the house. In addition, creating a biofireplace with your own hands will save a little money.

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