Baths (saunas) business plan with estimates 2021

The production of barrels-baths is a profitable business with a small investment. The payback of such a business (due to good demand) is one of the fastest. This niche is not filled in the market, so there is practically no competition here.

A barrel-bath is a mobile structure that can be installed in any yard, and some models even indoors. The system can be moved and mobile. This immediately made it popular among those who want to get pleasant moments from relaxing and healthy water procedures.

The process of relieving stress is gaining more and more relevance in today's rapidly changing world. For us, this is important both from a medical point of view and from a spiritual point of view.

Barrel bath pros and cons

The ecological material from which such a mobile bath and the built-in heating source are made will generally have positive aspects on health. In appearance, the exotic exterior of the bath is similar to a barrel. The trend towards its acquisition appeared due to the main advantages:

  • Unusual exterior and interior design.
  • Ergonomic and compact.
  • Circular steam circulation.
  • Rapid warming up of the room.
  • Economy in terms of solid fuel consumption.
  • Mobility.
  • Durability and long service life.

This is all about the positive side of barrels. The main disadvantage is the price. It is also considered a small disadvantage that a certain number of people (from 3 to 5) can be in it.

Barrel-bath manufacturing technology

The manufacture of a barrel can be carried out by a person even without education according to the drawing, but with the preparation of the base, which will subsequently be installed on a support of beams. Workpieces with a thickness of 45 mm and beams of 100 mm are taken. Vertical boards with a groove are pulled together and connected in a round sector. The bond must be tight in order to achieve a tight seal while maintaining the correct shape. The length of the assembled wall can be up to 5 meters. After fastening, the entrance blocks are mounted. The heating element is insulated from the board with special sheets.

This system is popular in health centers, saunas, private homes and summer cottages. Using the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bmaking them, you can get a quickly payback process of investing funds that will return in 4-5 months.

  • rent a room;
  • find special equipment and materials;
  • launch advertising;
  • select staff.

To start manufacturing a structure, you need to find a room with an area of ​​80 to 200 m². Its price is $ 1-1.3 thousand, for 2 months with communications.

You need to select an object with ventilation for drying products (5-8 months) and storing them.

Organizations such as baths and saunas, which provide services to the public, are becoming more and more popular, and, accordingly, are beginning to interest investors. In order to draw up a business plan for a bath or sauna with calculations, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors, as well as pay attention to organizational and legal calculations. An institution such as a sauna, if you want it to be status and prestigious, must meet many requirements. Below we will look at the main aspects that you need to pay attention to.

Sauna business plan: where to start planning a project

Before opening your own bath or sauna, it is extremely important for any investor to see the end result he is going to. The more detailed you consider the possibility of starting a business, the easier it will be for you in the process of bringing the project to life. There are several main stages:

  • Define the type of sauna. It can be a Finnish sauna, or you can create a wood-fired sauna business plan. Both the first and second options will find their customers.
  • Determine what equipment needs to be installed based on the type of sauna.
  • Determine if any additional services will be provided, for example - billiards, spa, solarium or something similar.
  • Choose a room, and also decide whether you will purchase, rent or lease it.
  • Calculate the financial plan for the establishment.
  • Renovate the premises.
  • Purchase and install hardware.
  • Register a company with government agencies, obtain the necessary permits and operational documentation.
  • Find personnel to service the sauna.
  • Carry out a marketing campaign to attract customers.

It is also necessary to understand: is it profitable to open a sauna or a Russian bath at all? The profitability of any business is determined by the amount of profit received in relation to costs, initial and current. Therefore, it is very important to think carefully about the organizational structure of the company, as well as provide customers with the most demanded services. This will help to recruit regular customers, which will contribute to the further development of the business.

For a modern person, a sauna is not only a recreational facility, but rather a place to spend leisure time. Therefore, we recommend that you consider in advance a unique selling proposition for customers, which will become the main attractive factor. It can be exclusive equipment, innovative finishes, a free offer to clients of any service. You can win clients in a huge number of ways, the main thing is to approach this issue with responsibility.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Studying the level of business demand, especially in the presented segment, it is necessary to understand that a person's needs for leisure are commensurate with his income and financial capabilities. Therefore, the general economic recession in the country greatly affects the leisure segment: cultural events and entertainment are the first things a person starts to save on during a crisis. Why, then, is it worth opening a sauna or bathhouse? There are two reasons:

  • This institution offers not only entertainment, but also a number of medical and preventive procedures.
  • This leisure format attracts people of all ages: both young and adults.

If we talk about the demand for the service, then it is the Finnish saunas that are more relevant today, and not the baths, despite the fact that the bath should be closer to the Russian person in spirit. The services of saunas and baths are used by people in the age group from 25 to 50 years old - both women and men. This will be the target audience that you should target.

Before you open an enterprise, you need to decide what level of competition in this segment. As in any other promising direction, the level of competition will be quite high. So, your main competitors will be the following companies:

  • Large enterprises. These companies offer their clients a wide range of services in addition to visiting the sauna itself. However, a significant disadvantage of such an establishment is the high cost for customers. Therefore, it is possible to fight against such giants. You can offer your audience a more favorable cost of services, promotions, discounts. But remember about quality control.
  • Small businesses. Such organizations are simply not physically able to cover a large market volume, so it will not be difficult to compete with them. The main thing here is to find a suitable location, where there will be no direct competitors in the form of such saunas and baths. You can fight such companies with thoughtful marketing, the cost of services does not really matter.

  • 1 Business for resale of logs for baths
  • 2 How much money is needed to start a business for reselling logs for baths
  • 3 How much can you earn from resale of log cabins
  • 4 A step-by-step plan for starting a business for the resale of log cabins
  • 5 What equipment to choose for business
  • 6 Which OKVED must be specified for business registration
  • 7 What documents are needed to start a business
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for a business
  • 9 Do I need permission to start a business
  • 10 Technology of doing business

Resale of finished products is a great way to organize your business idea with minimal start-up investment.

However, in order to obtain significant income from such activities, it is worth choosing such groups of goods for which there is an increased demand.

For example, a novice entrepreneur can organize his own business on the resale of log cabins.

Such products are in demand among owners of suburban real estate and garden plots.

Finding clients for the sale of log cabins is not as difficult as it might seem.

It is enough to use various marketing tools and invest some funds in promoting your services in the local market.

Sauna log resale business

How to start a business of selling log cabins:

First of all, an entrepreneur should find contractors with the most attractive pricing policy.

The accelerated pace of life in modern cities and heavy workloads lead people to seek opportunities to maintain their health, relax and get positive emotions. Baths are one of the best places where you can have a good rest, get emotional relaxation and do healing procedures. Therefore, baths have been and remain a profitable type of business, despite the fact that new establishments of this kind are constantly opening in large and small cities, offering a wide range of services.

Which bath is more profitable to open in a year

Baths with advanced functionality are most in demand - bath complexes, which include a swimming pool, bar or cafe, billiard room, massage parlors, etc. In recent years, a new trend has been gaining momentum - establishments with bedrooms, often located in the attic or on the second floor, combining the functions of a bath and a guest house. Baths with extended terraces are also in demand. But it should be borne in mind that large bath complexes quickly pay off only in megacities. For a small town, a small bath is more suitable, which includes a minimum range of services. This is the most profitable option for starting an establishment from scratch.

Our business plan is designed to open an establishment with a minimum investment in 2021.

What documents are required to open the bath

When opening a bath, it is better to register as an individual entrepreneur, and choose UTII for taxation, the OKVED code is needed 93.4, since this section includes activities aimed at improving health, physical condition and ensuring comfort, which include Turkish baths and saunas, as well as steam rooms. OKUE number - 019100

After registration, a package of documents is prepared:

Approximately 25,000 rubles will be required for paperwork.

What should be the room for a bath

A room for a bath can either be searched for in the non-residential fund, or built. The second option is preferable for two reasons:

A barrel-shaped bath is a mobile structure that can be placed on any yard site, and certain structures can even be placed indoors.

It looks according to its name - a round structure in the form of a huge barrel. For its manufacture, planed painted boards are used.

The building can be moved and placed in any convenient place on your site. The convenience of this design has already been recognized by lovers of relaxing water procedures.

Barrel bath business

The organization of such a business does not require large financial investments and its payback is very high. However, even in spite of these advantages, such a business as the production of barrel baths is not yet considered very widespread, and there is almost no competition in this direction.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • unusual external and internal design;
  • compact and ergonomic;
  • steam circulates in a circular flow;
  • the room warms up very quickly;
  • low consumption of solid fuel;
  • mobility;
  • strength and durability.

The disadvantages include only high cost and extremely limited number of places inside (3-5).

What is needed to start a business?

To implement a business idea for the manufacture of mini-baths, in addition to finding a room, you will need to purchase special machines and materials, as well as recruit experienced personnel.


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