Bakery business plan

Perhaps every person dreams of stopping working for the boss and starting his own business. Today there are a huge number of ideas for starting a business. Much depends on the experience and skills of the person who decided to start their own business. For example, someone knows how to cook well and loves to do it.

If baking and confectionery are an interesting pastime for a person, then a hobby can be turned into a great business. Like any other activity, such an idea will require certain costs and knowledge, not only in cooking, but also in economics and management. You will need to draw up a competent business plan and calculate the profitability. Before starting to become a pastry chef at home from scratch, it is worth determining how profitable it is to have such an enterprise today. Let's consider all these issues, including the correct paperwork.

Activity Registration

Before you can become a pastry chef at home from scratch, you need to prepare the necessary package of documents. First of all, you will need to register with the tax office as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The first option is much more convenient, since in this case it will be possible to switch to a simplified taxation system. This means that the businessman will only need to pay 6% of the total income. If we are talking about an LLC, then in this case, opening such a business will be associated with large financial costs. In addition, it is more about partnerships and business relationships than a family baking project. Therefore, it would be much more logical to open an IP. In this case, you will need to pay a state fee of 800 rubles.

You also need to understand that confectionery is food. Accordingly, in this case, there are certain risks. This means that in production, regardless of where it will be organized (at home or in a workshop), the necessary conditions must be created that will fully comply with all existing sanitary standards. If we are talking about living quarters, then in this case the paperwork will be more complicated.

You also need to undergo a medical examination and get a health book. It should indicate that the person who is directly involved in the manufacture of products is not sick with infectious ailments and cannot harm the health of buyers. To obtain this document, you must contact the clinic at the place of your registration.

Speaking about what it takes to become a pastry chef at home, it is also worth remembering that you will definitely have to visit the SES and get a certificate there that a novice entrepreneur makes products that meet all the necessary standards.

Additional information

When registering an individual entrepreneur, it will be necessary to draw up a standard contract, as well as a charter. Fortunately, all the samples you need are easily found in the public domain. Additionally, you will need a copy of your passport. After that, the entrepreneur is entered into the general register and receives the necessary documents.

If you open an LLC, then the authorized capital must be at least 10,000 rubles. When registering an individual entrepreneur, no evidence of financial stability is required. After an entrepreneur passes state registration, he must register with the tax authority and receive the corresponding TIN certificate.

After that, you will need to register for social insurance and contact the Pension Fund. Also, speaking about what a pastry chef needs to work at home, you should immediately make your seal and open a bank account if transactions go through the Internet. When paying in cash, you will need a cash register, or if a businessman works under a simplified taxation scheme, then it is enough to prepare the appropriate payrolls and acts of work performed.

Bread is an essential product. In the Russian Federation, it is used everywhere. About 6 billion kg of bakery products are produced annually. 90% of the products are manufactured in Russia. There are about 45 kg of bakery products per person. The market volume in monetary terms is RUB 650 billion.

There is a downward trend in the consumption of classic bread. Consumers are switching to expensive, high-quality bakery products.

The attention of consumers is attracted by unconventional bread compositions that allow them to adhere to a healthy diet, as well as delicious homemade buns, pastries, unusual products that stand out from the general background.

An entrepreneur will make good money if he opens his own mini bakery. However, there is high competition in business. To counter it, think of a chip that will set you apart from the general background.

Business plan for conventional and mini bakery with calculations

First, choose a business concept. There is a conditional gradation of mini bakeries. Allocate:

  • Classic bakeries. They sell ordinary bread, bakery products, pastries, and confectionery delights.
  • Bekerai. The variety combines a cafe and a bakery. The option is profitable and highly popular. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase bread and have a good time. The assortment contains related products and drinks. The menu does not include alcohol.
  • Boutique. They sell expensive bread here. The creation of a boutique is suitable for a businessman starting his own business in a large city. Make sure there is a demand for elite bread.
  • Specialized mini-bakeries. Choose a business concept and develop it. There are many options - dietary, national, exotic bakeries. The products are produced in small batches.
  • Business service. Mini-bakeries collaborating with entrepreneurs are in demand in cities with a population of 100,000 or more. Organizations fulfill large orders.
  • Bread from the Russian oven. The segment is free. The bread is cooked over charcoal.

Gradation is performed not only according to the chosen concept. Think about which production format is optimal for you. By the way of organization, there are:

  • Full cycle bakeries. The production process starts with the purchase of flour. Semi-finished products are not used. At the exit, the company produces finished products. They are sold to wholesale resellers or end consumers. The kind of business comes with a lot of costs. A substantial investment will be required to purchase the equipment. The profit is also maximized.
  • Use of semi-finished products. You will reduce your financial burden - you will not have to purchase expensive equipment. Income will also decline.
  • Opening by franchise. The method is suitable for beginners with no experience. Take advantage of the franchise offer and start your own business. You will be provided with a ready-made business plan for a bakery, they will explain how to promote the company, and provide contacts of product suppliers. Part of the profits will go towards paying royalties.
  • Home production. The volume of baked goods is small, but there are no costs at all. However, it will not be possible to officially register production at home. Such work is unacceptable by law.

Project Summary

Organizing your own pastry shop is a fairly simple idea in terms of implementation. However, in this area there are many nuances that must be taken into account in order to have the desired level of profit.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Any area of ​​business is attractive to work from the point of view of some aspects and not very profitable from the point of view of others. Our own pastry shop is no exception. Among the disadvantages, first of all, stands out the fact that this is a difficult business (like any related to the food industry) for a budding entrepreneur.

Among the main difficulties are:

  • Expensive rent or purchase of premises and equipment.
  • Lack of skilled workers.
  • A large number of restrictions in the food industry.
  • High requirements for the quality and taste of the final product.
  • High probability of becoming dependent on suppliers.

However, the number of advantages is much higher:

  • Independence from other people's decisions.
  • High profit level.
  • Ability to be creative.
  • Having constant communication with people.
  • Ability to uniqueize a product and make it different from what competitors are selling.
  • Ability to quickly win loyal and regular customers.
  • Relatively quick exit to payback.
  • A large number of work formats.
  • High demand at any time of the year (complete lack of seasonality).
  • Ability to develop a large number of sales channels.

You can watch an interesting story about starting such a business in the following video:

What documents will be required

In order to register a confectionery, you must initially choose the form of work - an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company. Despite the more complicated and time-consuming process of registration, the second option is preferable, since it will allow the new company to develop, and in the future to expand the network.

Jewish Warehouse

For some reason, our society has an established opinion that owning a business is expensive, difficult and long, and not everyone can do it. Of course, there is some truth in this. But this does not mean at all that if you do not have a lot of money to invest in your business, or specific knowledge, or time to prepare, then you will not be able to start your business. There are business formats that practically eliminate all these difficulties. Take the restaurant business, for example. It is considered to be one of the most laborious. Premises, grocery shopping, recipes, working with clients ... It's all very difficult, especially for a beginner.

How to open a pastry shop at home

Any person interested in such a business will immediately have a number of questions in their head. We tried to give answers to them. So:

How to register such a business?

Home baking needs to be handled very carefully. State regulatory authorities are very wary of this type of business, since the production of food at home can have many risks. Providing all the necessary sanitation at home can be a daunting task. Therefore, start such a business in small volumes, and you should not hang a sign at the entrance “Cakes are sold here”.

From the point of view of legislation, it is, of course, necessary to register such a business. The best option would be to register an individual entrepreneur - an individual entrepreneur (if you are a resident of Ukraine, then FL-P - an individual entrepreneur). Also, a person who will be directly involved in baking must keep a health book and undergo regular medical examinations in order to avoid disagreements with the sanitary and epidemiological service. In the same service, you will need to obtain a conclusion that confirms that your products fully comply with all standards and can be sold to consumers.

However, if at first you plan to sell products to your friends, acquaintances and friends of acquaintances, then you can do without registration for a while.

What confectionery to make?

Of course, first of all the ones that you do best and that you enjoy cooking. The main thing in this business is quality. If you have a favorite product that you work with most often, start with it. Anyway, with experience, you will be able to cook almost any confectionery, and then the question “what to cook” will no longer be so acute. Here is a short list of the confectionery in demand:

- cakes; - cakes; - cupcakes; - cupcakes (small cakes that look like cupcakes); - cookies (French “pasta” is very popular now); - pies and pies (sweet and savory); - sweets; - waffles, puffs; - rolls, bagels, donuts, etc.

Use fresh berries and fruits, chocolate and chocolate figurines, dragee beads, multi-colored creams to decorate your pastries. Try not to use mastic, this is already the last century. Cakes with fondant sometimes come across impressive, but more and more modern pastry chefs are moving away from this way of decorating sweets. If you really want to, then use it at least in a very original form and forget about traditional roses, petals and bows.

What equipment do you need to purchase?

  • 1 Sugar confectionery business
  • 2 Production of cakes in the confectionery business
  • 3 Production of buns, biscuits and other baked goods
  • 4 A step-by-step plan for opening a confectionery
  • 5 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 6 How much can you earn in the confectionery business
  • 7 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 8 Taxation system
  • 9 Technology of confectionery production

Own confectionery is one of the most promising business options for catering. The assortment of confectionery products is huge, the demand is at a high level, but the competition is also very high. Let's analyze what business formats exist and how to make money in this niche.

The most demanded segment is the production of cakes. But selling cakes, rolls, donuts, and other pastries can also be profitable. In any case, it is important for an entrepreneur to immediately choose the direction of work - it is impossible to cover the entire confectionery segment.

There are two main directions in the production of confectionery products:

  • Flour confectionery. This includes all baked goods - cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins, rolls, dryers, etc.;
  • Sugar confectionery. Made from sugar. These are sweets, marshmallows, marshmallows, caramel, marmalade, etc.

Sugar confectionery business

It is rather problematic for an individual to enter this segment of the business - it is occupied by large manufacturers.

You can consider the option of a mini-confectionery, which will produce highly specialized products. Nowadays, mini-bakeries are very popular, where they sell oriental sweets. But it will take time for the consumer to appreciate the taste and become a regular customer.

Cake production in the confectionery business

Cake making is not the cheapest, but a promising business in the confectionery niche. You can sell cakes not only through your pastry shop, but also through the Internet or through grocery store chains - then there will be no problems with the sale of goods.

Production of buns, biscuits and other baked goods

Consider a fast-food confectionery business. These are cakes, pies, buns, etc. The most popular option is biscuit production. In terms of volume, it occupies 50% of the manufacture of other confectionery products.

It is best to open such a production together with a retail outlet for your products. You can put tables in the pavilion and offer drinks in addition to the main assortment. You will have a cafe-confectionery with your own production. This approach, with a good location of the outlet, will provide a greater flow of buyers.

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