Bag production

High quality bags. They are somewhat more expensive. These bags can be used for food packaging. These bags are more expensive to manufacture, because the quality of the raw materials for them is higher.

Organization of bag production

A well-written business plan will be needed to get started. Nothing will work without proper planning. The business plan should calculate the profitability of this project. It is imperative to conduct research on existing competitors for your region. The business plan should also have a financial plan, it is necessary to calculate what investments will be required in the business, to clarify what funds you will use, your own or borrowed. It is necessary to clarify the payback period of the enterprise and identify the main consumers of this product.

The second step will be to find a facility to start production. For this business, the area for the production workshop and warehouse itself will need to be quite high, namely, 800-1000 sq. ... If you have such a large production space, then that's just fine. But, more often than not, there is no such premises, there is a need to buy out the premises or sign a long-term lease agreement with the owner.

This article contains information on how to choose equipment for the production of flour.

It is the premises that require rather large material costs when starting such a business. Moreover, the requirements for this room are serious. The building should be located far from the residential area. The minimum distance to residential buildings should not be less than 50 meters, the floor is concrete, the walls are tiled, ventilation, sewerage, heating systems are required, compliance with fire safety standards and labor protection rules.

After that, with documents that confirm your right to long-term use of this premises, you should contact the tax office to register your own business. An open joint-stock company may become a suitable form of economic management for this business. This form will allow attracting investment funds in order to start a business quickly enough, as this money can be contributed to the authorized capital.

Remember that in this case, a correctly and beautifully designed business plan can attract investors. No matter how you are persuaded to use the service of specialists when registering an OJSC, remember that this procedure is quite possible to do on your own and it may not be worth paying people to fill in all your forms correctly.

Next comes the search for personnel. Of course, it is better to conduct it in parallel with the purchase of machines. But, nevertheless, what kind of personnel will be needed in production? These are necessarily employees who will work directly on the production of plastic bags, as well as an accountant (you can use the services of an accountant from an outsourcing company), an equipment maintenance technician, and a sales manager.

After everything is ready, you need to quickly start producing and selling products. The sooner the implementation of the released product begins, the better for a businessman.

It would be best to open your own production in several directions, namely:

The production of polypropylene bags, seemingly such a seemingly "ridiculous" business today brings such high profits to its owners that we decided to acquaint our readers with this business idea. Is this business relevant? This can be judged by the huge demand for this type of product.

Where polypropylene bags are in demand

Everyone knows for sure what polypropylene bags are. Strong, reliable packaging, cheap to manufacture, has long been widely used in various branches of trade and production. Construction, food production, agro-industrial complex, logistics, and many other industries use such containers for packing, storage, transportation, packaging, etc.

  • flour;
  • sugar ;
  • salt ;
  • starch;
  • dry building mixtures;
  • cereals and cereals;
  • compound feed;
  • fertilizers;
  • cement

is not a complete list of what can be contained in polypropylene bags.

Today PP-bags have become one of the most popular types of packaging products in Russia. High abrasion resistance, reusability, water resistance of the material, wide range of applications, and low cost - these are the characteristics of these products. back to contents ↑

Differences between polypropylene bags

It turns out that there are differences between PP bags, which consist in the use of different raw materials for their production:

  • white bags are produced from the so-called primary polypropylene and are used exclusively in the food sector ...
  • gray bags are made from recycled materials with the addition of primary. Such containers are used for storage and transportation of products for technical purposes only. are less durable than white bags.
  • green bags are produced only from secondary raw materials and are used for disposal of construction waste. Less durable than gray PP bags.

Target consumers of PP bags

The main question that arises before almost any entrepreneur is where to sell their products? How to find reliable wholesale channels? First of all, one should focus on the needs of large manufacturing companies engaged in:

  • construction (cement and quartz sand factories);
  • agricultural production (farms, agro-industrial complexes, industrial complexes for the production of animal feed, etc.);
  • provision of logistics services;
  • production of food products (granulated sugar, various cereals, flour mills, etc.);
  • of any private production - primarily for packaging and storage.
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Paperwork for business

No special permits or licenses are required to start production of polypropylene bags. It is enough to go through the standard registration procedure as an individual entrepreneur or register an LLC.

Recently, polypropylene bags are widely used. Most often they are used in the agricultural and food industry, as well as in construction.

Polypropylene bags are packed:

The manufacture of such packaging products is a rather promising direction, since it is in great demand. The production of polypropylene bags is a profitable business that provides a stable high income.

Document processing

If you are planning to open a large enterprise, it is better to register a limited liability company. In addition, it is necessary to obtain permits from all the necessary authorities.

Raw materials

Before purchasing equipment for the production of polypropylene bags, you should first decide on the production technology and the type of raw material.

Bags can be made from virgin or recycled polypropylene. Recycled material is called recycled material obtained from various polypropylene products.

Raw materials are supplied in the form of granules. To provide it with certain properties, various substances are added to the granules during processing. Finding a supplier of raw materials will not be difficult, since there are many similar offers on the market.


For the production of bags, you will need a room with an area of ​​at least 800-1000 sq. meters.

It should be divided into separate zones:

In order to start a bag making business to be successful, you need, at the very least, to “catch fire” with this idea. Many successful entrepreneurs who come into this business are responsible and creative individuals.

The first quality is necessary to realize the importance of the lesson. After all, we are talking about the environmental characteristics of the way of making money. And secondly, to win the battle against plastic bags, you will have to be smart and apply non-standard solutions to attract customers. All of this must be indicated and highlighted in bold in the paper bag business plan.

Polyethylene vs paper

When thinking of a paper bag business, an entrepreneur is simply obliged to promote his product and be proud of his business.

“Polyethylene products, popular among housewives, do not decompose for several hundred years,” says businessman Andrei Govorkin. “Paper is another matter: there is no trace of it in landfills in just a few months. Yes, plastics advocates rightly argue that making cellulose is more harmful than making polymers. However, the overall environmental benefit of using paper bags is higher, despite a strong pro-polyethylene PR campaign in some countries, such as Russia. "

In other words, the future manufacturer of paper bags will have to compete with both sellers of disposable polyethylene household containers and “colleagues in the shop”, although it will be cramped in its own market.

Market Brief

Speaking about consumer demand for paper sacks and bags, experts mention the following areas of consumption where finished products may be in demand:

There is a total dominance of plastic bags. Paper is inferior to polyethylene, and significantly.

Let's face it, says packaging expert Mark Ekstrin. - In Russia, especially in the provinces, there are few “green” supermarkets. Even if there are “green cash desks” in stores, they are not in demand. In seven out of ten bakeries, baked goods are packed in film. They prefer to eat fast food on the spot, with the exception, perhaps, of pizzas. Elite alcohol and branded clothing do not make the difference. In fact, the packaging of loose and bulk products remains, but everything is divided there. "

Indeed, various studies and surveys of entrepreneurs who have started a paper bag business are indicative of the current equilibrium in the market. As for the capacity of demand for paper bags, according to various estimates, it is in the range of 700 million - 1. billion rubles, and there is a double surplus of production capacity. However, a breakthrough is possible in this area.

“The landfills are a disaster, and everywhere,” Extrin adds to the picture. - The situation is such that the authorities will have to fight polyethylene containers. There have been conversations on this topic for several years, but it can no longer be tolerated. So those who are already writing a business plan for the production of paper bags are doing the right thing. "

What can be the production of paper bags

The production of polypropylene bags is organized on modern compact technological lines. The relevance of opening such a business is confirmed by the wide demand for finished products. Food and non-food bulk materials, construction and household waste require inexpensive, durable packaging for transportation and storage. Polypropylene containers do an excellent job with such tasks, and the costs of creating such a production are quickly recouped.

Relevance of the production of polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags are durable industrial packaging. It is characterized by abrasion resistance, reusability, water resistance, versatility and low cost. Differs in the type of raw materials:

  • White bags are made from virgin polypropylene. They are used for the transportation and storage of bulk food products: sugar, flour, salt, starch;
  • Grays are made from recycled materials with the addition of primary polypropylene. Less durable than whites, suitable for transporting and storing building materials and waste, pellets, fertilizers and chemicals;
  • Greens are produced entirely from recycled materials. Slightly inferior to gray in strength. Used for the disposal of construction waste.

Industrial activity related to the production of pp bags is in great demand. The wide possibilities of such packaging and the low price allow it to be in high demand among construction companies, agricultural firms, representatives of the food and chemical industries.

Business Strategy

Before organizing industrial production: renting premises, purchasing equipment, hiring workers, even at the stage of developing a business plan, it is worth analyzing the ways of selling finished products. Main consumers of products:

  • Construction companies;
  • Industrial enterprises;
  • Retail stores and wholesalers;
  • Agricultural producers;
  • Farms;
  • Warehouse complexes;
  • Online stores;
  • Dacha cooperatives;
  • Private entrepreneurs.

Any production is not complete without defects. There are special devices for processing waste and products that have worked out their life. The purchase of a crusher for plastic recycling and a granulator will help organize the process of recycling polypropylene. Recycling is an important part of an environmental program for the disposal of industrial waste.

Business Organization

Since the manufacture of PP containers is associated with the processing of polymer raw materials, the location of the production workshop should be located far from residential buildings. The best option when creating a plant is to rent a suburban space with the possibility of its subsequent redemption into ownership.

When organizing production, the mandatory technical requirements for equipping a workshop are:

  • A good ventilation system;
  • Necessary communications (water, heat and electricity, sewerage); <
  • Cleaning air filters.

The amount of space required depends on the dimensions of the purchased equipment. On average, a processing line is 50 m². It is necessary to provide storage facilities, rooms for staff, a garage, if delivery of finished products is planned.

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