Anti-freeze liquid production technology

With the growth in the number of cars, the demand for operating fluids increases, including anti-freeze. It is in demand not only in winter. Products are purchased by motorists in autumn and spring, which is characterized by night frosts. In their conditions, the water in the washer reservoir turns into ice and the driver is unable to use the brushes to clean the windows. The technological process of making a liquid is not complicated, but having decided to open a production, you need to be prepared for fierce competition. How to overcome it and bring your business to a highly profitable level.

General information

Non-freezing is a composite liquid that has the properties to remain in its initial state of aggregation at any temperature regime.

It is used as a cleaning agent for car windows and headlights. The liquid is sprayed on them through nozzles, after which it is removed with brushes. It can be used as antifreeze. The product is seasonal. The demand for it increases with the onset of the cold season, which is characterized by frosts.

Before opening your own business in the production and sale of operating fluids, you need to study the product market, which will allow you to assess the profitability of the activity and its relevance, as well as understand the level of competition in the chosen niche. Well-established sales markets are the key to successful business. You should focus not only on retail buyers, but also on wholesalers, which can be gas stations, car washes and retail outlets specializing in auto chemical goods.

The essence of the business

The organization of production does not require special knowledge, since the technological process in fact consists in the ability to measure or weigh the required amount of raw material and mix it while ensuring normal temperature conditions. The essence of the production operation consists in carrying out a chemical reaction with the participation of isopropyl alcohol, as a result of which an alcohol-containing solution is obtained, into which water and additives are subsequently added. The resulting mixture retains its properties up to minus temperatures of 30 degrees.

Where to start

Before starting to do something, you must register as a business entity. Having decided on the production premises, you should obtain permission to start activities from authorized bodies, which include the fire, environmental inspection and SES.

Since the finished product contains alcohol, a license will be required for its manufacture and sale, the cost of which is 60,000 rubles. It should be noted that if the liquid contains less than 9 percent alcohol, then the income received from its sale will not be subject to excise taxes.

When planning small-scale production, you can save on paperwork and carry out activities as an individual entrepreneur without obtaining a license. However, with an increase in the quantity and volume of production, it will be necessary to obtain the status of a legal entity and draw up all the documents required for conducting business.

Technological process

Mini production of anti-freeze liquid for cars, equipment technology of anti-freeze production, photo, video.

Non-freezing liquid for removing dirt from the windshield and headlights of a car, it is used at low temperatures, the liquid is sprayed onto the glass through the nozzles and removed by the wiper blades.

An antifreeze business can be set up practically in a garage, just purchase a small unit and a few ingredients to produce an antifreeze.

Anti-freeze equipment

Installation for the production of anti-freezing liquids consists of the following units:

Tank mixer with conical bottom, tank equipped with fluoroplastic scrapers and motor reducer.

Reactor is a tank for heating and cooling liquid, consists of a three-layer tank, heating and cooling jacket and thermal insulation made of mineral wool.

A container with a conical bottom and a nozzle with a tap for the finished liquid.

Installation for the production of anti-freeze liquids

Installation for filling liquid into containers.

Labeling machine.

Investments: about 1,145,000 rubles

Payback: from 18 months

The entrepreneur, who gave preference to such a business project as the production of antifreeze liquid, was not mistaken: the matter will be relevant for a long time. These products will be necessary until humanity gives up on cars, which is unlikely to happen.

In the warm season, the windows of the car can be washed with plain water, but in the winter season, a special agent is needed - an anti-freeze liquid. It allows you not only to clean the glass, but also to prevent the appearance of ice on their surface, which is important at low air temperatures. In addition, it is an antifreeze that is required for the engine to work.

Many entrepreneurs who follow the development of the automotive market know that today there is a lot of competition between firms offering these products. However, the number of vehicles is increasing, so there is a place for every company.

Business Concept

The so-called “non-freezing” is a chemical mixture of water as a base and organic components: glycol, ethylene, glycerin, fragrances and anti-corrosion substances. It is used to provide high-quality care for machine windows.

There are several advantages to producing these products:

  • Raw materials for the manufacture of "non-freeze" are available and have a relatively low price.
  • Due to its simple manufacturing technology, no expensive equipment is required.
  • Due to the large sales market, you can count on a constant high income.
  • In the warm season, the chemical composition is easy to change, which means that the business will be profitable all year round.

An entrepreneur can have both retail and wholesale customers. To run a successful business, it is recommended to rely on "wholesalers": gas stations, car dealerships, shops in car markets, parking lots or parking lots. Anti-freeze fluid can be sold to private car owners, as well as taxi or car rental companies.

Implementation Requirements

When drawing up a business plan for the production of antifreeze liquid, one should first of all define the distribution channels.

The number of cars on the road is constantly growing every year. It is logical that the demand for their service is also increasing, including for antifreeze liquid. There are many competing businesses in this niche, but aspiring businessmen may well take their place. Is it profitable to organize your own enterprise for the production of anti-freeze: this and not only our article.

Non-freezing is a liquid consisting of water and various organic elements (alcohol, glycerin, anti-corrosion substances, etc.), which is used as a glass cleaner and antifreeze.

This product, like the business of its production, is seasonal, demand flies uphill with the onset of cold weather and first frost.

Business Registration

It is more convenient to formalize the business in question as a legal entity, while taking into account that:

  • You can choose a simplified taxation system (tax will be a maximum of 6% of all income or 15% of operating income). In this case, the state registration fee will cost 4,000 rubles.
  • A license will not be required if the company will use ethyl alcohol for production, since the circulation of ethanol is not licensed under the law (the use of ethanol must be strictly in technical production, not for human consumption in alcoholic beverages).
  • An entrepreneur must have documentation for ethanol, so you need to cooperate only with legal suppliers.

In addition to ethanol, other additives may be involved in production, so in each case it is necessary to clarify the information. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use methyl alcohol due to its increased toxicity.

Also, the entrepreneur is obliged to obtain a certificate of conformity. All auto chemical goods, including non-freezing liquid, undergo a sanitary and epidemiological assessment. The price of such a study is different and depends on the accredited organization to which the businessman applies. The certificate of conformity will only play into the hands, since the consumer trusts more tested products, and wholesale buyers also prefer certified goods.

The option with individual entrepreneurship is optimal when setting up a small production. To register, you need to write an application according to the sample, provide a copy of your passport and a receipt for payment of the fee in the amount of 800 rubles. This procedure will take only 5 days.

Organization of production

The anti-freeze technology is quite simple, the essence of its production is in the chemical reaction of isopropyl alcohol, which is mixed with water, flavors and other additives.

Anti-freeze production as a business idea: stages of organization, technology for the production of anti-freeze liquid, detailed calculations + 3 methods of product sales.

► Payback period for anti-freeze production: 6 months. ► Costs of setting up a business: 935,000 rubles.

Non-freezing liquid production is a business that everyone can do.

The main thing is to have patience and be ready to invest money.

This liquid is used to cool the car engine and in the window cleaning system.

It replaced ordinary water, as the water had to be constantly drained.

Unlike water, an anti-freeze liquid needs to be changed only once every two years.

It is especially popular in cold weather.

As the number of cars grows every day, the demand for engine fluids is increasing, including non-freezing.

This means that this production is in demand, but if there is demand, then there is quite a lot of competition in this area.

Therefore, first of all, the main issue of business success is finding ways to sell non-freezing products.

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