A selection of relevant ideas for small businesses in Russia that are the most cost-effective and easiest to organize

If you want to start a small production, you will need to study mini factories for small businesses. We have collected the best options for production lines for starting a small but profitable company.

Mini Brick Factory - Yufeng DMYF

Country of origin - China, JUNAN YUFENG MOLD FACTORY. The new DMYF500 plant (pictured above) with a capacity of 800-900 bricks per eight-hour shift will cost you $ 9,000. A used option can be found for 6-7 thousand dollars. The weight of the line is 2500 kg, cement and water are used as raw materials. Clay can also be used as a raw material.

For the manufacture of a thousand units, approximately 775 kg of cement and 300 liters of water are required.

By producing 27,000 bricks per month, the company generates about $ 8,300 on wholesale, and the net profit will be approximately $ 4,000 per month.

A ready-made mini-plant with a production volume of 10,000 units per hour will cost $ 19,000. But the profit from it also starts at $ 10,000 per month. An example is JZK40 / 40-3. from Yingfeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mini-plant for the production of concrete - RBU-G-B

Inexpensive machines like this one are produced in Russia on the basis of ZZBO LLC. This model is designed to produce 10 cubic meters of concrete per hour and costs $ 11,000. Power - 10.5 kW. Suitable for the production of various types of concrete (silicate, gypsum, cement, polymer-cement), this is important for expanding the sales market.

Mini concrete production plants require premises ranging from 250-300 square meters. It is best to open such an enterprise on the outskirts of the city or even outside the city. The main thing is to provide access to the building of trucks for the shipment of raw materials (cement compositions, gypsum, lime, etc.) and finished products for sale.

The industrial workshop produces 2300-2400 cubic meters per month. m of concrete costing $ 35-40 per cubic meter. The cost of one cubic meter of production is about $ 21-22. After deducting rent, utilities and wages, we get a net profit in the region of $ 30-32 thousand per month.

Now there is such a tendency that when planning to open a new business, first of all, trade options or options for providing services are considered. This is logical, because any production is obviously more complicated. Indeed, in such an area, it will be necessary not only to establish the production process itself, but first to choose what to produce, how to produce, how it will be better than the rest, and then - to understand how to implement.

But to everyone who says - why then make more efforts, we will answer - think then, why large and experienced entrepreneurs do not abandon the production type of business? That's right, because the profits here, as a rule, are higher. Especially if you take your own niche and establish permanent channels.

Another point stopping beginning entrepreneurs from production is large investments in the start. Most of it goes to rent, because you need a room for equipment and a room for a warehouse, well, for the machines themselves, which will produce goods for you. But in fact, not all types of production require large investments at once. It all depends on what exactly you choose. And the main costs, which we indicated at the beginning, can also be reduced. So, for example, some people use their own garage for production, which allows them not to spend money on rent at all.

By the way, there are several business options here that you can start in your garage.

In general, small production has many advantages that a beginner should know about right away:

  • Large investments are not always necessary (we just discussed this point).
  • You don't need to hire a large staff and rent a large space. In fact, a significant plus. Because hiring workers is very expensive.
  • Manufacturing scales easily, no matter what you are manufacturing. This is done by expanding the range or increasing volumes.
  • The manufacturing industry often receives grants from the government.

In the meantime, let's look at production options that are suitable for small businesses and do not incur large costs.

Cheese production

Cheese has a hard life in Russia. Especially recently, after the history of sanctions. However, domestic entrepreneurs have turned this story in their favor. Local cheese production has intensified. New types of business have appeared that combine cheese dairy and other areas. And the product itself in the food market of our country was and remains very popular. Moreover, according to statistics, hard cheeses remain more in demand in Russia, so it is better to start production with them.

In fact, such a business is best suited for farmers, since, provided that there is a private farm, the cost of materials for production is significantly reduced. However, as practice shows, city dwellers also cope with this by simply purchasing the necessary materials in bulk from the same farmers.

If you are interested in how you can open your own farm, we recommend that you read this article.

As for the area, of course you won't produce cheese in the garage, but you won't need a large room either. So, for the production of about 100 kilograms of products per day, no more than 40 square meters will be required. Therefore, rental costs will not be critical.

Many people dream of their own business, but their own business is a very costly and risky thing. Not everyone can start a real business, at least from scratch. That is why it has now become fashionable to start a small business at home.

At home, you can produce food, jewelry, jewelry and much more. And all it takes to start a small home business is desire and aspiration. What are the hottest small home business ideas right now?

  • 1 Pros of Home Business
  • 2 Manufacturing Products
  • 3 Convenience Food & Tea
  • 4 Other Business Ideas home production

Pros of Home Business

Before you start considering home business ideas, you should consider the benefits of doing this. On the one hand, home business is very convenient, but is it that easy to run? What are its advantages?

Product Manufacturing

Ideas for a home production business may vary, but the easiest way to start a business from the comfort of your home is to make products.

For example, you can start making and selling baked goods. Homemade cakes are always in high demand, and if you know how to cook well, then it will not be difficult for you to bake really delicious pies, which will be in high demand.

Ideas for a home-made business can be different, for example, you can make jams and jams for sale. The costs for this kind of production will be even lower than in the case of baking, and the profit is not less. True, it should be noted that jam is sold poorly in summer, but in winter it brings good income.

Still often, home-made business ideas can be realized by selling their own canned food. A variety of pickles sell well all year round, do not require a lot of effort for production and large investments, moreover, you can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on yourself for the production of future pickles.

Small-scale production is rightfully considered one of the most difficult types of entrepreneurial activity, but the demand for business ideas of production is only growing.

The reason is easy to explain - despite all the complexity, there are many prospects and good profits. And with a careful search for ideas and costs will be minimal. However, this is easy to see when considering five very interesting and low-cost options.

Option: Nail Making

Construction will only exist as long as people will exist. And, therefore, nails will always be required. Therefore, as a business option, you should consider your own production of nails. The advantages are the low cost of raw materials and constant demand.

As for the equipment for production, depending on the type of product, the price for a wire-nail machine ranges from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

But, of course, no one canceled the purchase of used equipment, and from that noticeably cheaper equipment.

Option: production of monuments

As in the previous case, there will always be demand for monuments. Moreover, given the sharp rise in the cost of ritual services, many compatriots prefer to buy cheaper products.

Exclusive tombstones made of expensive marble or granite are not often ordered. And this plays into the hands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Equipment for the manufacture of concrete monuments costs around 100,000 rubles. Raw materials, as it is not difficult to guess, also have a low cost.

However, there is demand, just as you should not worry about the appearance of the finished product. With experience, you can make monuments that are not inferior to the exclusive options.

Option: production of paving slabs

TOP-35 business ideas for mini-production for small businesses, which will require from 10,000 rubles to 500,000 rubles to launch, change every year depending on market conditions. Those that, in the opinion of RAEX experts, are the most relevant and profitable for the Russian market are given in the proposed selection.

Data on profitability, profitability will make it possible to compare different types of production in such a position as the financial attractiveness of the choice.

After assessing your capabilities and preferences, you will need to draw up a detailed business plan, taking into account the decisions and actions that need to be taken in unforeseen situations. In practice, no one has refuted the aphorism of the founder of IKEA I. Amprad: "A successful business is always a deeply thought-out business."

Artificial decorative stone

The consumption of such a product is developing quite dynamically - about ten percent annually. Higher rates - consumption of artificial stone for facades. In the segment of materials for interior decoration, the growth of imitations of valuable stone species is more promising.

Profitability - about 250% with ease of production.

Lego Brick Making

Made by pressing from publicly available materials, does not require firing.

The main clientele is private developers. The possibility of using various fillers (marble, dolomite, shell rock, etc.), pigments makes it possible to vary the appearance of the product.

The brick is laid on special glue with a packing consumption of 25 kg. for five hundred pieces of bricks.

Lego brick is attractive not only by accelerating the construction process, but also by the presence of holes that eliminate the need to punch holes and channels when laying communications - this must be displayed in advertising.

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