4 steps to opening a home decoration store

With the growing popularity of the construction of private houses, new building materials began to appear on the market. Arbolite, aerated concrete, thermoblocks - only a small part of the huge variety. Today we will consider: what is brizolite, its features and business in its production.

Brizolite, due to the original ingredients, belongs to natural building materials. Brizolite blocks are produced from wood chips, mainly coniferous wood, cement and additives that increase the stability of the material.

Initially, brizolite was developed and patented in the late 19th - early 20th centuries in Switzerland. But, this building block was widely used at the beginning of the XXI century in connection with the emergence of modern production technologies, building mixtures and their low cost. Now any entrepreneur with inexpensive equipment can afford the production of brizolite.

Brizolite is a geometrically correct hollow building block, which can simultaneously be a building material and a permanent formwork. To increase efficiency, reduce heat loss of finished external walls made of brizolite, one part of the block is filled with porous insulation (styrofoam, polystyrene, polystyrene, etc.). The block can be processed like wood: sawing, drilling, hammering in nails.

As one of the advertising slogans says: Brizolite - warmth of wood, strength of concrete!

Wood chips are processed (preserved) with special antifungal agents and antiseptics to increase resistance and resistance to the external environment. Then the finished chips are thoroughly mixed with cement and mineral additives. The finished mixture is formed into blocks of various configurations and sizes using a vibrocompression unit. Compliance with the production technology and the use of professional forms guarantees the exact geometry of the finished blocks, which simplifies their further installation.

Approximate composition of the brizolite block:

  • wood chips - up to 80%;
  • cement - up to 15%;
  • mineral additives - up to 5%;

Dry brizolite blocks are stacked on top of each other in three rows. After that, in the empty parts of the block, fittings are laid and tied, if necessary, engineering networks are carried out: water supply, sewerage, electrics. Then concrete is poured using a construction vibrator for better shrinkage of the concrete mixture. And again three rows of the wall are being erected. The concrete pouring process is repeated.

When installing blocks, it is necessary to observe the accuracy of their installation in order to reduce all distortions to a minimum. Such accuracy will allow you to get the correct geometry of the room, the verticality of the walls, the horizontalness of the ceilings laid on such walls.

Brizolite is excellent for the construction of external and internal walls in low-rise residential buildings. Brizolite is used to build private houses, cottages (up to 4 floors), garages and technical structures. Brizolite lends itself to any finish: siding, plaster, tile laying. Brizolite walls are ready for finishing almost immediately, there is no need to wait for the building to shrink.

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Scope of business idea: Building materials

Shop of finishing materials: relevance of the idea + advantages and disadvantages + 4 steps for opening a store + calculation of cost and profitability + example of a successful business + project evaluation + bonus display of goods + is it worth opening.

The construction business is one of the few types of entrepreneurial activity that has been steadily developing in our countries since the beginning of the 2021s. With the growth of material wealth among the population, the frequency of repairs increases, as a result of which the need for new building materials increases.

Today we will tell you how to build a business selling building materials for finishing and renovating premises, as well as provide step-by-step instructions for opening your own store of finishing materials.

Relevance of the idea

The economic situation that has emerged in the post-Soviet space, on the whole, differs little from global trends. The cost of purchasing a new home continues to rise, and not every family can afford these costs. This is where all the relevance of the business is revealed.

Since the renovation of a premise, even a designer one, will be much cheaper than purchasing a new home, more and more people prefer redevelopment and renewal of the appearance of apartments.

If we consider this business in a general perspective, then the growth in demand is observed not only in megacities and agglomerations of Russia and the CIS, but also in large cities with a population of more than 200 thousand people.

This suggests that the relevance of the business is increasing, as new potential sales markets are opening up for the entrepreneur. In addition, recently, buyers are increasingly ordering goods via the Internet, which further expands the opportunities for selling materials.

Another useful option would be cooperation with companies and agencies involved in the repair and restoration of apartments. Having become the exclusive supplier of building materials, such a store will provide itself with a constant influx of orders and, in fact, a natural profit.

Each repair company selects materials depending on the customer's requirements. The statistics of one of the St. Petersburg contractors is as follows.

Manufacturing is the most profitable business inherent in the market. Regardless of the time, country or political situation, business production will always be profitable for the owners, of course, if the owners take into account the market conditions.

Today we will talk about various production in business - from home to opening a whole factory. We will not be able to fit everything we know into a weekend review, but we will try to go to the top of most popular business industries.

The simplest, not the most profitable, but deployed in a couple of days. Or hours. It all depends on your enthusiasm. There are many competitors in this area, but there are no leaders, since the market is not overly profitable and the newly emerging leader immediately goes to another area, making room for others.

Usually, home production is opened in the garage, in the country, in a small workshop, practically without equipment, from improvised means.

If you look at the method of production of paving stones by vibration casting, then only a vibration table is needed from special equipment, and it is assembled from a sheet of unnecessary material, tires and an electric motor. In some cases, the electric motor is replaced with vigorous hammer blows on the table. Learn more about the production of concrete paving stones.

Such a business requires a welding machine, some skillful hands and that's it. In the season, you can earn a good amount of money to do the next business. Learn more about the production of polycarbonate greenhouses and greenhouses.

By the way, this type of business is also inexpensive if you use ready-made forged products. Then from the equipment you only need a welding machine, but straight hands from the previous business idea. Read how to make cheap DIY forged items.

By growing out of a home business, by growing, you can develop to the opening of a mini-production. This is a rather capacious type of business, since you can flexibly respond to demand and offer the market relevant products, thanks to the fact that your mini-production will produce small commercial batches. Investments in mini-production do not exceed the cost of a new car from the B-class, however, they allow you to earn money for a business class in a short time.

For example, such a production is the production of volumetric letters.

For this production you will need a machine that can cut foam with hot wire and the foam itself. A little imagination and your business will be thriving. You can find out what kind of installation you can from our article - the technology for the production of letters from foam.

If you want something more essential - the production of self-tapping screws.

A small workshop, several installations and your fasteners will be sold like hotcakes. However, read for yourself - the production of hardware and screws.

Business Features

In the production of containers and packaging materials, the leading position is occupied by the manufacture of wooden pallets - the so-called pallets. This is due, firstly, to the high demand for products: regardless of the type of business, pallets are universal containers. Secondly, the launch of a small production line does not require a huge investment. Thirdly, the production process is quite simple, there is no need to attract a highly qualified workforce. Finally, the cost of raw materials for the manufacture of pallets is quite low, it is quite easy to purchase it, and the profitability of the finished product allows you to get excellent profit.

When choosing what size pallets to produce, it is worth keeping in mind that according to the standard there are 6 classic standard sizes of pallets. However, the most widespread are pallets of 120 cm by 80 cm and 120 cm by 100 cm. The production of pallets of other sizes is advisable only for individual orders.

Production technology

Depending on the size of the start-up capital, both production technology and overall productivity will vary greatly. The cheapest, but at the same time the lowest quality is completely manual production. It involves preparing wood and assembling pallets by manual labor of workers using tools.

A semi-automatic line will cost significantly more, but its use will allow you to avoid routine and time-consuming operations involving manual labor, as well as increase productivity. However, workers' labor will also be needed to maintain the line.

Finally, fully automated production will cost an entrepreneur a lump sum, but it will make it possible to minimize manufacturing defects, the number of manual operations, and significantly increase the volume of manufactured products.

Sample Business Plan

The organization of a pallet business begins with the registration of its owner with the tax authorities. To simplify the maintenance of financial statements, as well as the possibility of using the simplified tax system, it is worth choosing registration as an individual entrepreneur.

Next, the room is selected. Working with wood requires a dry and ventilated workshop. It must be connected to electricity networks, and also have water supply and sewerage. Conventionally, the premises can be divided into several zones: a production workshop (30 sq.), A warehouse (20 sq.), An office (10 sq.). Thus, the total area is 60 sq. ... The cost of renting such a premise located outside the village (or in the outskirts) does not exceed 20,000 rubles per month.

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