20 animal-related business ideas (part 2)

Animal breeding at home is becoming a profitable and widespread type of own business. To organize a profitable household, it is necessary to have sufficient land and initial capital, and have the necessary knowledge in the field of animal husbandry.

A comparative analysis of the conditions for breeding the species, its relevance, payback periods will help the entrepreneur to determine the profitability of the enterprise. When choosing which animals to raise on your home farm, you need to take into account the available free space, the size of the initial capital and the ability to organize comfortable conditions for the reproduction of the species.

Different types of animals, birds, fish and even insects can become a profitable business when breeding them at home, if you follow certain rules:

  • Purchase young stock in the required quantity and from reliable suppliers;
  • Preliminary study of the breeding of the species;
  • Prepare the premises by creating all the necessary conditions ;
  • Use quality feed, monitor the health of animals;
  • Determine the sales market, find regular customers.

Which animals are better and more profitable to breed depends on the location of the mini-farm, natural and climatic conditions, the demand for the species and the preferences of the entrepreneur himself.

Type: Cost of an individual for breeding, rubles / piece Breeding period Payback Seasonality Sales market Profitability, rubles / year (explanations in the text) Fish 100 - 150 Caviar - after 6 years, grown individuals for sale 7 - 9 months. 0 - 12 months this, autumn Grocery markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 300 000 Cancers 50 - 12021 - 12 months. - 3 years All year round Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores From 130 000 Poultry (chickens, turkeys) 150 - 3006 - 8 months 0 - 12 months All year round Food markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 150 000 Rabbits from 2021 -12 months 8 - 10 months all year round Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores From 300 000 Pigs from 150010 - 12 months Year Round the year Food markets, shops, wholesale organizations From 500 000 Worms (bloodworms) 50 - 80 rubles / kg2 - 3 months. - 5 monthsAutumn, winter, springFishermen, fish farms, fishing shopsFrom 300,000

Sturgeon, sterlet, commercial fish

Growing fish at home is beneficial if there are sufficient areas on which to arrange artificial reservoirs. The minimum pool area is 3 meters in diameter, depth is 1 - 1.5 meters.

At the initial stage you will need:

  • Several tanks for rearing fry, each 2 - 2.5 cubic meters;
  • Heated room for raising sturgeon at home;
  • A generator that provides uninterrupted power to the farm;
  • A water pump connected to a well or well;
  • Automatic feeders that ensure timely and even distribution of feed;
  • Compressor for saturation of water with oxygen.

In addition to equipment costs, investments will be required for the purchase of feed, payment for electricity, costs for the purchase of fry. The minimum number of purchased young stock is 1000 pieces, a smaller number will be unprofitable.

Breeding sturgeon fish is especially beneficial when an entrepreneur uses all the options for making a profit. Sturgeon is grown for sale in grocery stores, restaurants and cafes. The second option for increasing the profitability of the business is breeding females to obtain caviar, which is considered delicious and brings maximum profit. And the third option for obtaining profit is sturgeon breeding with the aim of further selling fry in industrial volumes.

In the Stone Age, man managed to domesticate a dog and a cat (10-15 thousand years ago). Less than 10 thousand years ago, man began to breed goats and sheep. 5-6 thousand years ago cows, horses, chickens, geese and ducks became our smaller brothers. For breeding various breeds, not only mammals and birds were used, but also invertebrates. The domestication of popular and exotic animals continues, with some even turning the animal business into a lucrative business.

What animals to breed for business

Breeding and selling animals is an interesting and promising business idea, but certain knowledge in the field of animal husbandry is required to implement it. The profitability of a business is determined by its strategy, approach to the organization, and the amount of cash investments. With the profit from the enterprise, you will have to spend a lot on creating optimal conditions for keeping animals, feeding them, caring for them, veterinary services, and vaccinations.

What animals to breed for business? The choice may be influenced by one's own experience of keeping a pet, place of residence (city or countryside), living conditions (apartment or private house), interest in a particular type of animal. When choosing a niche, you should take into account your financial capabilities, level of knowledge of breeding technology, the specifics of the activity (its seasonality). Which animals can be bred and put up for sale:

  • Farm animals - horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, domestic donkeys. In rural areas, rabbits, ferrets and minks, domestic geese and ducks, Indo-ducks, chickens, turkeys, pheasants, ostriches, etc. are also bred;
  • Pets - dogs, cats, chinchillas, hamsters, sea pigs, degus, decorative rabbits, decorative rats;
  • Decorative birds - parrots, owls, canaries, amaranths, finches, pigeons, finches and so on;
  • Reptiles - turtles, snakes, geckos, agamas, lizards, geckos, iguanas;
  • Exotic animals - monkeys, spiders, snails, axolotls, frogs, capybaras, leeches, etc.

What animal business is profitable

In modern realities, it is allowed to organize various business ideas related to breeding and selling pets. Consider these options for a business related to livestock:

  • Sale of pedigree pets - if the animal has documents confirming the pedigree, its cost increases. So, for a thoroughbred puppy, the price can be from 3 to 10 thousand dollars and more;
  • Production of animal feed - the profitability of the business is at the level of 20%. The purchase of special equipment requires spending from $ 30,000. One ton of feed can generate $ 700,000 in revenue;
  • Small tailor made house business - suitable as a simple idea for beginners, does not require large financial costs;
  • Making toys for pets;
  • Organization of a hotel for overexposure of animals;

  • Providing cleaning services for the care of animals;
  • Providing services of an animal photographer - photographing pets;
  • Providing services for babysitting / walking animals;
  • Dog training courses - training, obedience training in dogs.
  • Full cycle pet shop;
  • Equestrian club - horses can bring a good income. The equestrian club opens riding schools, or provides horses for rent for walks. Renting one horse costs about 1,500 rubles per hour. A lesson with an instructor will cost 2500 rubles;
  • Farming - business is developing well in the suburbs. For office work, it is necessary to take into account the principles of quality, environmental friendliness, proper care, a wide range of products.

It is profitable to engage in animal husbandry in rural areas - here it will be possible to organize additional income through ecotourism. If you equip a guest estate on the basis of a subsistence economy, the business will pay off faster. But if a person likes breeding pedigree small pets, then the conditions of a city apartment with soundproofing are suitable for this business. Depending on the type and size of the animal, the parameters of its maintenance are determined (square meters of living space per pet).

Animal Related Business Ideas - Videos:

Business: pet hotel

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. Do you miss your pets while at work? Are you dreaming of a business that will allow you to spend more time with your beloved pets? An animal business would be the solution. There are many ways you can turn your love of furry (or scaly) creatures into a viable business.

TOP business ideas with detailed analysis

Idea Hotel for Animals

A pet hotel is an establishment that caters to customers' pets when they cannot take care of their pets for one reason or another.

A well-thought-out business plan is critical to an entrepreneur's success. He will help outline the specifics of the business and discover some unknowns that could interfere with making money on animals.

There are a number of factors that affect the start-up costs of your business, including location, local laws and regulations, and business size. It is recommended that your budget is at least 1,000,000 rubles.

Initial investment will include the following:

  • Rent of land plot
  • Construction of the object
  • Insurance
  • Equipment, the price of which fluctuates depending on the size facility and service / pet accommodation
  • Standard business start-up costs, permits and deposits
  • Site design

Your running costs will include:

  • rent ;
  • standard service costs;
  • insurance;
  • website maintenance;
  • marketing.

Pet Shop

Investments: from 300,000 rubles.

The key is to open a pet store somewhere in a residential area that will sell pets and pet related products directly. If you have a suitable quality of goods, then they will go to the pet store only because it is close to home.

Considering the approximate growth in this niche of about 20% and the people's love for their pets, the prospect of opening such a business is very good. In general, even novice entrepreneurs should cope with this task.

To start, you will need about 300,000 rubles. A small pet store in a residential area can generate about 50,000 rubles in profit.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Investments: from 500,000 rubles.

This business idea is more promising than a pet store. The fact is that veterinary pharmacies are much smaller than specialty stores. It is also worth considering their uneven geography.

According to statistics, there are about 100 veterinary pharmacies per 2,000,000 pets. The overall competition is below average, which creates an excellent starting point. It is important that there is a person who understands preparations for pets.

One of the advantages of such a business idea is that it is in demand even during the crisis and in small settlements.

Animal husbandry as a business is one of the most promising areas in agriculture, which, with the right approach, can bring significant profits even in times of crisis.

Of course, this type of entrepreneurial activity requires certain capital investments (for example, for the purchase of feed and for the very maintenance of farm animals), but their payback period is characterized by the shortest periods. If you get down to business wisely, a livestock business started from scratch can make you a financially successful and independent person in a few years.

How to start a livestock business?

Recently, the livestock business in Russia has become more and more popular.

The following external factors contribute to its rapid development:

  • availability of government programs to support domestic producers;
  • constant growth in food prices;
  • livestock products are a category of essential goods; <
  • in this area there is a wide selection of a wide variety of areas for business.

Considering the above factors, it is safe to say that animal husbandry as a business from scratch is a very promising and rather profitable type of activity, which, with a certain start-up capital, can bring a sufficiently significant and stable income.

The beginning farmer in the first step should take the following steps:

  • decide on the direction of the future business;
  • develop a good livestock business plan on his own or with the help of qualified specialists;
  • Invest start-up capital in agricultural machinery and animals;
  • officially register as a private entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • apply for financial support to the relevant government authorities.

The organization of a business in animal husbandry, like any other business, is associated with certain difficulties. It is best to start your own business in an area of ​​activity that is familiar to you and that is of interest to you.

A business idea in animal husbandry when creating a new enterprise should be such that it would allow to achieve a positive result in a short time with minimal financial costs.

After studying in practice the selected technology for the production of livestock products, in the future you can think about increasing the scale of your business.

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