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How to earn $ 1000 per month on YouTube without a penny of investment? This question worries many users. We decided to figure out how real such a business idea is. After that, it was possible to compare the necessary actions in order to find a unique path to success against the background of numerous competitors.

How much money can you make on a YouTube channel?

We've always taken new business ideas seriously. It is difficult to immediately decide whether it is worth pursuing one or another direction. Because of this, you first have to figure out how much money you can get on your channel? Yes, there are fabulous success stories of users who have tried to upload a video on the network for the only time, but it is difficult to believe in their veracity.

Usually, with an average number of views for 8-10 videos, you can easily reach the $ 500 mark. Such amounts should interest you, because their receipt does not require much effort. Although the comparison with the data of various forums, it is safe to say that the size of payments grows at a high rate with some effort.

If you want to receive $ 1000 per month, you will have to regularly update the video content on your channel, as well as attract visitors in various ways. This will take a long time, but the results fully justify it. Seasoned bloggers earn other amounts as well, but they do it through viral videos. It carries a minimum of useful information, although it attracts millions of views. So it makes sense to move on to exploring a business idea.

What affects your earnings on YouTube?

Often beginning bloggers ask the question of how to make money on YouTube videos, not knowing what affects the amounts. We understand very well that it is not so easy to figure out complex marketing issues on our own. Because of this, we offer the main points that will have to be taken into account when starting a project.

  • Advantageous direction;
  • Content quality;
  • SEO selection;
  • Update frequency;
  • Number of views;
  • Principles of monetization.

If you want to understand the issue in detail, you will have to study each point. A serious approach is needed in any business, so now you have to show patience. You should not immediately launch a channel and select the first video that comes across, views and money will still not appear.

Profitability of the direction

New business idea, or how to make money on YouTube

According to statistics from Similarweb, the monthly number of visits to Youtube is 22 billion, and the number of views is 10-11 times more.

Youtube is not only entertainment, but also serious business, or part of it! It can be for you either the main source of income from scratch, or the main source of customer search, or a great addition to your existing business. After all, videos can be published not only for entertainment, but also for review, for example, the real estate that your company sells, or the product that you produce.

So, let's look at the information on how to make money on Youtube from scratch.

Topic / niche selection

The most important question in any business is choosing a niche. It's the same with Youtube. It is very important to do what you are interested in and what you are a specialist in or can become one. You will not be able to earn if you do not what you are interested in! Therefore, when choosing a topic for your channel, you should focus on your education, hobbies, interests. Someone likes to travel, someone likes cars, someone dresses beautifully or just takes care of themselves, someone has moved to another country and has something to share with others, someone is an excellent specialist, and someone just an interesting person, perhaps also talented, so he can shoot almost everything.

Services such as Google Trends, as well as keyword statistics services, for example, Wordstat, will help you to choose the topic of your channel. andex or Google Keyword Planner. With the help of them, you can choose the most popular of all that interests you, find new trends, and also find out in which topics advertisers pay more.

Query statistics

Previously on Youtube itself there was a special service for collecting statistics on keyword requests that are entered by Youtube users. Unfortunately, this service has been closed since September 1, 2021. But there are alternatives like keywordtool. o / youtube. You can use these statistics to choose a niche, to shoot and publish the most popular videos, to seo-optimize your videos and promote them.

Do not forget that search engines often display videos from Youtube in search results. Therefore, you can also use Google Keyword Planner to search for key queries, or any other of the many paid and free services for collecting key queries from search engines.

How and how much you can earn

Dear readers! You have probably come across unique data on how bloggers make millions on a single

Watching videos on the Internet is one of the easiest options for newcomers to the Internet, allowing you to get your first money right away. Age, education and past experience are not important here, investments are not needed - only the desire to work, Internet access and at least a little free time are important. Where to look for a job and what income you can count on - we will analyze in the article.

Read also the full review of sites where you can make money on simple tasks on the Internet.

Watching videos for money: what you need to know before getting started

The main feature of this way of making money is a huge number of potential customers and the ability to perform this work at any time and from any place where there is Internet. This type of earnings is relevant even for a crisis, and the performer may not be afraid of being out of work - regardless of his age and where he is.

There are no requirements for the performer: you just need to carefully read a simple task condition and fulfill it. This kind of work is suitable for any person - from schoolchildren to pensioners. And you don't have to do this from morning to evening: you can complete tasks, for example, while you are traveling on public transport and have free time. True, your earnings will be directly proportional to how much time you are willing to devote to this occupation.

There is no need to harbor illusions about the level of income, because the easier the job, the cheaper it is paid. The cost of one view is measured in kopecks. It will take several weeks of hard work to receive a reward of at least 5,000 - 10,000 rubles ..

Another major drawback of this business is the lack of room for growth and scaling. Most freelancers have the prospect of reaching the next level and increasing earnings, but there is nowhere to grow. Therefore, this method can only be perceived as a small part-time job.

What to do

Usually, work is limited to watching small videos, but in addition, employers can ask for additional actions: subscriptions, likes, comments or reviews.

What you need to make money:

  • email address for registering on the sites where you will receive assignments,
  • phone number: may be required for registration and verification. There is an option to withdraw money to a mobile number. If you don't have a computer or tablet, you can also work from your phone.
  • wallets for withdrawing earned money in WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi systems.

In addition to watching videos and performing other simple tasks, there is another way to make money - you can post these videos on your own resources (website, YouTube channel, group, Instagram account). At the same time, you will receive money from each view of the content by your subscribers.

This method is not suitable for everyone: you need to have a promoted resource. But the level of income will also be higher, and the performer will not have to spend their own time watching. We will tell you more about this method at the end of the article.

When mentioning the video service Youtube, the first association that most marketers have is a viral site with multimillion views. Of course, there is nothing wrong with filming, editing and then uploading a video to everything else and for free. But making a high-quality viral video isn't as easy as it seems at first glance. This requires either a solid start-up capital, or an original idea or luck.

Viral video is not the only way to use Youtube for business. However, it is also worth analyzing the fact that, for example, you shoot a video that will be laid out for public viewing for daily viewing, as the chief economist of your company fights off the employees of the tax office with a hole punch. Or how a warehouse worker speaks to suppliers in a different voice through voice acting. But can this video be profitable? This is the purpose of any advertisement.

Ways to use video hosting for business

You need to create content that will focus on the needs of your customers. It will be constructive and will serve as a kind of additional coefficient to the cost of your products or services. If you have something to fill your blog with, it would be nice to supplement it with a video on the same topic. It can be in the format of a regular video, an interview with a specialist, a video presentation, etc.

For example, a fairly effective and effective online option - walking through apartments in new buildings, video lessons on performing repair work, fitness videos with a set of exercises at home. Undoubtedly, you can post funny videos on the channel, which will gain a large number of views. But do you need such popularity?

Video availability

Firstly, besides Youtube, there are many video hosting services, each of which has its own subscribers and amateurs. You shouldn't reach all users at once, but it makes sense to use multiple resources.

Second, YouTube and Google are pretty much the same thing. And therefore, these services are perfectly indexed, because search queries are carried out precisely through such a connection.

When uploading videos, try to follow the tips:

Another secret for search engines is that when writing a title, it is imperative to put a colon and paraphrase. For example: "Tips for applicants: how to enter the university". Undoubtedly, this may sound ridiculous, but it is quite suitable for promoting a video.

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