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  • 1 What are profitable sites and how to monetize them
  • 2 How to create a profitable site from scratch
  • 3 How much does it cost to create your site to make money and from what income depends
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Profitable sites are what many have heard about, but do not fully understand what they are. With the advent of the Internet, information or entertainment resources began to appear, where new materials are regularly posted. This is done for a reason, but for specific purposes. Profitable sites are one of the options for making money on the Internet, where you can get good money. We will analyze what a profitable site is, how to buy it or create it from scratch, how much you can earn.

What are profitable sites and how to monetize them

Profitable sites (in the simplest sense) are resources that bring profit to the owner even without his direct participation. The texts uploaded to the site remain on it for years, and people continue to visit and read them, which leads to an increase in traffic. More texts means more traffic, and the more traffic, the more money the site brings.

Today there are 4 proven ways to get this income:

  • Contextual advertising.

This is the most popular among passive monetization methods. You do not need to search for advertisers yourself. You just need to install ad units on your site, and Yandex and Google will automatically do the rest.

  • Affiliate programs.

You can promote other people's goods and services and earn a percentage of sales on this. The situation with them is more complicated, because the success of the event will depend on many factors, and it is more difficult to calculate the income in advance than in the case of contextual advertising. But if successful, affiliate programs can bring substantial income.

  • Lead generation.

In such cases, the business pays the site for the applications that it received. These can be registrations, recording calls from managers, subscriptions, direct purchase orders, etc.

  • 1 The idea of ​​running an Internet resource
  • 2 The idea of ​​surfing sites
  • 3 The idea of ​​posting comments
  • 4 The idea of ​​writing content
  • 5 The idea of ​​making money on a website or blog
  • 6 For a beginner in online business and making money on the Internet

At this stage of the development of the computer universe, there is a sea of ​​business ideas: from simple surfing sites to writing highly specialized sales texts.

Running your own blog, website, forum, internet portal, or online store, group on social networks can all bring good income online.

The idea of ​​running an Internet resource

Perhaps this is the most serious type of legal income on the Internet.

By creating and promoting your website, a group on a social network, a portal or a forum, you can earn quite serious money.

The most monetary topics for Internet resources: forex, loans, construction, business, cars, tourism, earnings, investments.

Moreover, there is no fundamental difference, whether you have a website about earnings and investments or a forum about earnings and investments - you can earn quite a lot on both.

The main thing is to promote the resource on the Internet and make it useful for visitors (this is quite difficult to do), but nothing is impossible, start promoting and everything will be fine.

The only drawback here, I think, is long-term, it will be possible to promote a site or forum not earlier than in a year, the most fortunate ones succeed in six months.

Idea for surfing sites

Before creating a site, you need to decide on its theme. The design of the pages, the content and the process of its creation, the choice of the domain name will depend on this. And the most important thing is the possibility of monetization and earnings

What sites are earning in

You can make money through the site if you have a product, service or content. In the first case, they create an online store, in the second, a web service, and in the third, a traffic site.

Online store. Working with an online store cannot be called net income from a website. After all, earnings come from the sale of goods, and not thanks to, for example, advertising, as from a content site.

Although nothing prevents you from publishing advertising texts, the initial goal of creating an online store is to generate income from the sale of things or products. He will be the main source of income.

Web services. They are free and paid. For example, through Spotify, you can listen to music for free, but with ads. If you pay for a subscription, you can listen to music without ads and offline.

That is, the developer, having launched the service of listening to music, receives income from advertisers and subscribers.

Content (traffic) site. It hosts content that users need: recipes, poems, analytical materials, video tutorials, movies.

The more useful content and visitors, the more popular the site is. As a result, advertisers become more active. As a result, the resource owner receives income from regular advertising.

This type of site is the most attractive in terms of creation and promotion.

Top-rated sites for making money

We have compiled a list of popular topics based on queries, we took statistics from Yandex. ordstate and Google Trends.

About Google Trends, we remind you: the popularity of queries is estimated on a 100-point scale. 100 points mean the highest level of popularity of the request, 0 - insufficient amount of data on the request.

Your own website is an asset that can generate income from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of rubles per month. In the article, we have collected effective ways to make money on our resource.

Many entrepreneurs strive to create a website, make a cool design and launch promotion. But not everyone thinks about how it can be monetized. We have picked up ideas on how to make money on our resource. Let's figure out how to implement them.

Which site is better to monetize

Each site has a different potential and its own specifics. Therefore, for a start, you should think about the very resource on which you plan to make money. The same method can produce different results in different niches. And the most promising idea of ​​earning money can fail if the resource itself turns out to be unsuitable.

So, all web resources are conventionally divided into informational and commercial.

  • Infosites are created to provide the user with useful information and answer his questions. As a rule, such resources rank well in the search engine and collect a lot of visits. Info sites can be presented in the format of personal blogs, thematic portals, information services. All of them can generate income through advertising: contextual, banner, direct, link exchanges. In addition, thematic portals and services open up other prospects for earning money: for example, aggregator services can receive a percentage from each referred client, and on the basis of a blog, you can start selling information products.
  • A commercial site is created to sell goods or services: an online store, a brand site, etc. Commercial projects have their own results in search engines, although often queries overlap with informational ones. For example, the key "which vacuum cleaner to buy" is suitable for both commercial and informational resources. For commerce, the main method of monetization is direct sales.

In 2021, online competition is high in almost all niches. It is difficult for a beginner to find a place for himself and choose a promising direction. But if you have the desire, strength and resources, then why not try to develop your project? Here are some lucrative topics:

  • Shopping ;
  • Tourism;
  • Business and Finance;
  • IT;
  • Auto.

Tip: before creating a website, be sure to study the state of affairs in the chosen niche. In conditions of heavy dependence on search engines, it is recommended to create sites that can receive traffic from other sources: social networks, instant messengers, etc. The level of income from a site is largely determined by traffic. And then any of the monetization methods will be effective.

Affiliate Programs

The essence of making money is placing an affiliate link on your website. For each targeted action performed through your resource, you are paid a certain percentage.

The site is a virtual office of the company. It has its own location (hosting), its own address (URL), interior decoration (web design) and security system (security protocols, SSL certificates, etc.).

A person visits a regular office and in the same way he can come to a virtual one. And this is an additional flow of customers to the business!

If you do not use the site on the Internet, then you simply lose customers and profits every day that you could have received. Every day millions of Internet users need your product or service.

Even the state uses Internet resources to interact with citizens on a variety of issues: paying taxes, submitting applications, declarations and much more. Nowadays, people find it easier to order online than to visit the office.

Time is the most valuable resource in the modern world. Ask yourself the question: where will the client go to solve their problem? Of course, to the company that is easier to find and contact. The site will help clients find you.

What are the sites

There are a huge variety of web resources:

• Multipage combined sites; • one-page Landing Page (Landing); • online stores; • content sites; • business card sites of organizations; • catalogs; • informational resources; • etc.

Depending on the specifics of the business, select an Internet resource that will solve the set tasks and help achieve the set goals. For example, if you are promoting services, then a multi-page site or Landing Page will do.

Let's look at several main types of web resources that are often used in business.

Landing Page

These sites are universal and suitable for any business. Starting from nail extension and ending with factories and wholesales. They provide information in a concentrated manner, thanks to which you can close a client to submit an application or immediately to purchase.

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