Where and how to find a business partner

Hello, the Vector company is looking for business partners in connection with the expansion. plans to expand the company's presence in a number of million-plus cities. Starting a business involves significant costs and risks. What if you are tired of failures and want to become a successful entrepreneur? Show in full. We offer a ready-made business with an established mechanism without risks and investments in development. We share our personal experience every day, manage most of the technological processes and provide you with 24/7 support for FREE. The minimum investment of partners is exclusively in personal development. Not a franchise.

Your direct benefits ➢ Affiliate profit on equal terms: you earn 50% from each transaction ➢ Minimum risks: production, supply of materials and installation we undertake ➢ Reliability: all business processes are documented. ➢ Convenient partnership options: offline (office) and online forms ➢ No investment: we provide a ready-made 12-year business free of charge and help you earn money ➢ Guarantees: we make products ourselves, we are responsible for the quality of materials and installation work.

Briefly about us: Since 2021, the company "Vector" has been confidently operating in the Russian market and successfully provides services for glazing windows and building facades, and also has its own production of aluminum structures and metal cassettes for veneer facades from galvanized steel ...

The idea is simple and not new: I will become a partner selling your goods on my sites (sites) or sites of my partners. I make a few explanations for the idea: 1. you may have your own channels and sales levers (offline store, website, social media), but cooperation with an agent can bring you much more, as you EXPAND and scale the distribution of your offers to a larger audience; Show in full. 2. on my side there is the automation of many business processes for online sales, and this will only work as a catalyst for yours; automation is a very complex issue, but such is the current reality, and it gives an undeniable competitive advantage than in the case when it is underdeveloped.

working with a "product" (not services); I can discuss and tackle almost any popular topic: household goods and summer cottages, furniture, clothing, baby products, handmade, books, antiques, and so on; I will consider any others - I just need to write about this - then I will give an answer, is it promising for me and you or not; preference in work - medium and large assortment, and not piece goods (with the exception of creative goods as single, exclusive and similar things, original objects of creativity, art or developed under an individual order); I work with individual entrepreneurs or legal entities; work under a formal agency agreement (not "in words") with transparent reporting; joint work, as well as all important business processes will be carried out in the CRM developed by me. of course, the partner is. you - does not lose anything; sales channels are mine and on my side: selling is great, not selling - you stay yours. the agent's percentage can be fixed or individual - I assign it for myself; you are required to have a comfortable level of pricing for the agent's work (preferably below retail prices for similar goods, as well as price competitiveness); I will not work with inflated and inadequate prices, you understand why; then the partner will work with the orders I supply ("leads", "applications" - call it what you want) and the end user: receiving an order from me, packing it, sending it to the client (delivery, if necessary, installation, support, etc.); I accept payment from the client - it still goes through me "in transit" minus the agent's fee and other joint expenses, if any. After completing the transaction with the client - immediately or once a week / two / month (as agreed) - transfer of funds from purchases to your current account. special attention that the partner should pay attention to is high-quality product cards for their placement on sites: they will need to be prepared for you. The card must contain a title, a unique description (NOT copy-paste from the Internet and NOT plagiarism), your own photos to illustrate the product with a "face", and all the necessary characteristics. The only thing that needs to be worked on is the descriptions. If you do not have enough competencies, I will help - you can find copywriters who will do it ONCE and fairly efficiently, for a reasonable price.

Searching for partners is a difficult topic for Russia, where they are accustomed to negotiating "in a friendly way" and not using legal terms. Russian businessmen are just learning how to draw up multi-page agreements, meticulously describe obligations and penalties for their failure. Sometimes an agreement is concluded informally, proceeding from the fact that in Russia it is still impossible to foresee all the nuances.

Before choosing the type of cooperation with a business partner, you first have to find it. For this purpose:

  • looking for relatives, acquaintances, work colleagues;
  • attend events where you can meet potential investors and people willing to cooperate;
  • are looking for offers on the Internet;
  • are looking at hired employees of other commercial structures - someone is invited to the business as a full-fledged co-owner.

Business partnership: the most important nuances

Both formal and informal joint commerce agreements will fail if certain rules are not followed. First of all, determine for yourself the main motives for cooperating with another person. It is important to answer 3 questions:

  • what exactly is meant by partnership (investments, vacant premises, land plot, fresh ideas, working hands);
  • what will I offer to another person as a partner; <
  • how to document a future agreement, to protect yourself from risks and dishonest behavior on the part of the partner.

Partnership means different types of cooperation. Investors, suppliers, marketers, sales representatives are called partners in Russia. Therefore, before placing an ad on a site with offers of cooperation, decide who exactly is needed and for what. What "baggage" a potential co-owner should have: money, knowledge, experience, information, and the ability to sell. Whether territory is important or cooperation will be remote. Think about what you are offering in return. This side of the deal is often overlooked, but a partnership “works” if it is beneficial to both parties. Otherwise, serious people are unlikely to be interested in the ad.

Important to know! Partnership involves joint participation in the affairs of the company, capital investment and joint decision-making. This imposes restrictions and obligations. Sometimes it is easier to hire a person as a hired employee or borrow money from him at interest. Relationships are formalized in the event that it is assumed that equal injections into the business from both sides (both money and some amount of joint work) are assumed.

How and where to find a business partner in Russia

Before you advertise on the Internet site, it is useful to look around. As a rule, future partners work in related industries, rotate in the same areas, are interested in similar topics and find each other “in step-by-step proximity” - within the sphere of their interests: at the institute, at courses, at work, in the sports section. Business partnerships on the Internet are also possible, but practice shows that it is better to keep the company under control directly. It is also easier to check a person living in the same geographic location if you have already communicated and have joint acquaintances.

How to start a startup? How to find your niche in business? Where to get ideas from?

These questions have always been and will be relevant both for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups, and for experienced businessmen.

Starting a new business is always a risk. Finding a strategy to minimize them and increase the chance of success is what we will do in this post.

Before talking about the format for finding new opportunities and how to choose the right niche for your business, you need to pay attention to the concept of consumer approval.

What is consumer approval?

Consumer approval is the decision of the individual as a participant in the marketing interaction to become a regular user of the product.

An endorsement consists of a sequence of events that starts with an awareness of the offer, leads to trial use of the product, and ends with full regular use.

On a graph where the horizontal axis corresponds to the offer duration and the vertical axis to the number of product consumers, the approval process will be displayed as a bell-shaped curve, sections of which will consistently correlate with the following user groups:

  • innovators ;
  • early consumers;
  • majority of consumers;
  • late approvers;
  • outsiders (conservatives, traditionalists).

What is innovation?

Any product, service or idea perceived as new. An idea in itself may have a long history, but it will be an innovation for a person who has never heard of it.

It takes a certain amount of time to spread an innovation in a social system. The diffusion process of innovation in society is defined as the spread of innovation from the source of its invention or creation to end users.

The consumer approval process is based on the cognitive process by which an individual moves from learning about an innovation to its final acceptance.

How to find business partners?

Tired of not showing up for meetings and excuses?

Not so long ago, I spent hours after hours driving hundreds of kilometers to give one-on-one presentations and attending home clubs.

Even worse, I was paying a ton of money for childcare just to get promoted, or I was listening to another pathetic excuse why they couldn't join my network marketing business ... over and over again.

It is difficult to run a business from home, especially when you work full time and / or are busy with family responsibilities.

Therefore, it is not surprising that I was tired of this and I was ready to leave MLM.

To be honest, I was also wondering if ANYONE would join my business AT ALL.

Luckily, I've found a better way to build this business, which we'll look at in a minute.

But first, it's important to understand that as you probably know all too well ...

Your success depends on your skills in finding people every day to talk to about business!

So where do you find new people to talk to?

For every entrepreneur, a business partner is not just a friend or ally, but a person who will help you control your business, make important decisions or fund new ideas.

But finding the right partner is not as easy a task as it might seem at first glance. Despite the fact that many people dream of having their own business (or at least half of them), not everyone is ready to do something for this: take out a loan, promote a business, fight competitors, and so on. Reliable companions cannot be found just outside, but they can be done elsewhere. In this article, we will look at where it is best to search for business partners.

Interest Clubs

In the last 5 years in our country, the club movement has become popular for many businessmen who are looking for a reliable partner. Regular meetings are organized there for communication, exchange of experience and knowledge, search for finances or new ideas. Interest clubs are also good because it is quite difficult for outsiders to get into them - the management checks everyone who wants to join the movement. A whole system of "filters" is provided to filter out fraudsters, onlookers and other public, not related to the conduct of any commercial business.

Clubs are especially good because during meetings people can look closely at each other for a long time, evaluate business acumen, professional and personal qualities, ambitions, and intellectual thinking. Often people who met at a club became best friends and partners when one had a plan, while the other had finances and his own business.

The main challenge is finding the right, really serious club. There are, of course, simpler establishments, but there the risk of finding an unreliable companion or simply wasting time is significantly increased.

One of the more popular options is Develop Your Business. This is a Swedish project that is designed to share knowledge and skills between managers, but to get there, you need to go through several stages of verification. But if you do go through them, then there is a very high probability that you can find very promising companions there.


First of all, business partnerships are built on the combination of ideas and finance. Today, many serious leaders make a significant contribution to charity: they donate money to the development of schools, orphanages, medical treatment, animal shelters, or simply to carry out repairs in a boarding school for disabled children. The method "looking for a business partner" in charity is bearing fruit: there is almost no risk of fraud.

The main catch is that wealthy people are not easy to approach, especially if they don't go to themed clubs. In this case, you will have to be patient, make an appointment first, and only then discuss the aspects of the proposed cooperation.

Thematic events

These are conferences, seminars, forums, summits, trainings and much more - these events are regularly held in different parts of the country. Typically, such seminars gather specialists of the profile segment, with whom, after the end of the event, you can get acquainted, communicate, and discuss future agreements.

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