What it takes to become an Internet Service Provider

Here we will look at information on how to become an Internet provider, what equipment is needed for this, and what is generally needed.

To a large number of very different people, and even to some businessmen, the organization of the Internet provider's activity may seem very complicated and confusing from a technical point of view. Therefore, the number of entrepreneurs entering the telecommunications market is not that large. But everything is not as difficult as it seems at first. If you don't look at the organization of an Internet provider as a complex technical system, but as a business, then everything comes down to three simple points.

Required equipment

We present to you the minimum list of the equipment that you need to organize the provider:

  • Web servers ;
  • Mail servers (can be combined with web servers on small systems);
  • FTP servers ( usually combined with web servers);
  • Identity and terminal servers;
  • Master server;
  • Secondary servers;
  • News servers (option);
  • Servers for development and control;
  • Registration server (for online registration, option);
  • Settlement server (option);
  • Typical server (on large systems);
  • Router;
  • Protection against unauthorized system hacking;
  • Network switches;
  • Equipment racks;
  • Cables, tools and control equipment;
  • Remote access server;
  • Admin panel and printer;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (at least 1 hour supply);
  • Cabinets, racks, etc.;
  • Spare parts.

All your main costs will be related to the equipment. It will take from 2-3 million rubles to buy it at the lowest prices and quantity (for a small Internet provider). Here it will be very important for you to seek advice from specialists, i.e. they will help you avoid making the wrong and unnecessary purchases.

How to become an Internet provider - organizational and legal part

So, let's look at information on how to become a provider in terms of organizing this business.


Internet service itself, like any other type of business, should be headed only by a legal entity. Therefore, the first step is to register a "Limited Liability Company" and obtain all the necessary documents for the Internet provider. The registration process for a "Limited Liability Company" can take from five to thirty calendar days, and the time for registering a legal entity is about five calendar days. Upon receipt of all registration documents for an Internet provider, it is mandatory to obtain a seal and open your account at a bank institution. The time it takes to open an account depends primarily on the bank you have chosen and varies from two days to several weeks. Do not forget - for operations on servicing a bank account, you will need copies of constituent documents, copies of documents on state registration, and a certificate of tax registration.

The approximate cost is about 15 800 rubles. This amount includes:

  • State fee for registration of a Limited Liability Company - 4000 rubles;
  • The minimum amount of the authorized capital is 10,000 rubles;
  • Notarized copy of the certificate - 100 rubles;
  • Notarized copy of the charter of the Internet provider - 500 rubles;
  • Notarized copy of the articles of association - 1,200 rubles.


Every year the market for Internet service providers grows by 47-65%. This fact underlines its relevance and prospects. Of course, it is unlikely that entrepreneurs with a small authorized capital will manage to become the largest representatives in this area. But it is quite possible to take a leading position in the field of communications in the outback, on the periphery.

ISP Types

Providers can be federal or local. The former sell access to the network at the regional, district or city level. The second - in separate small settlements. Sometimes, in some areas, there are from several dozen to hundreds of Internet providers.

There are types of Internet providers and the types of services they provide to subscribers:

  • hosting providers;
  • access providers: backbone provider - the owner of large backbones of communication channels, selling traffic in bulk and providing services to other providers; city ​​provider - a small agent leasing traffic from a larger one;
  • backbone Internet providers;
  • channel providers;
  • last mile providers;
  • mobile commerce service providers.

Activities and services

Depending on their specialization, Internet service providers can provide several types of services:

  • Internet access (broadband, dial-up, wired);
  • colocation works (installation of client equipment at the provider's site);
  • leasing of virtual servers;
  • storage of subscriber information (reservation).

Technical equipment

When opening a business such as Internet service, the initial financial investments will be directed specifically to the purchase, installation and connection of equipment. On average, starting an average provider costs about 2.5-3 million rubles.

Therefore, it is very good if at the initial stage a friend who is well versed in communication equipment comes to your aid. This will save on the purchase of unnecessary or analog equipment. If there is no such friend, it makes sense to hire a specialist.

The list of equipment is extensive and may vary:

  • webservers ;
  • mail servers (can be combined with web servers on small systems);
  • FTP servers ( usually combined with web servers);
  • identity and terminal servers;
  • master server;
  • secondary servers;
  • news servers (optional);
  • servers for development and control;
  • registration server;
  • settlement server (optional);
  • typical server ( on large systems);
  • router;
  • protection against unauthorized system hacking;
  • network switches;
  • equipment racks;
  • cables, tools and control equipment;
  • remote access server;
  • administrative panel and office equipment;
  • uninterruptible power supplies (the duration of autonomous operation of which must be at least 60 minutes);
  • furniture, etc.;
  • replacement tools and parts.

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Many hotel guests, as well as visitors to restaurants, office centers often need to download various files from the worldwide network.

And this need gives rise to a good business idea for opening an Internet kiosk.

Today there is a special terminal to solve this problem. They call it an internet kiosk.

Such an installation allows you to go online at any time, download the necessary information to your carrier.

Business at the opening of an internet kiosk

Internet kiosks are usually equipped with anti-vandal cases, which eliminates the risk of equipment breakdown.

The terminal has connectors for various card readers.

A similar terminal can be installed in any dry and heated room where there is electricity.

How much money is needed to start a business to install an Internet kiosk

The Internet kiosk does not require the purchase of special consumables.

Its service is reduced to regular collection.

How to become an Internet provider: 5 reasons to become a provider + the most promising markets + 3 provider work schemes with calculations of investments and profits + 7 effective moves to promote your business.

Starting the path of an Internet provider is a difficult and expensive stage.

A businessman needs to understand well how to become a provider, to understand the specifics of his work, in order to make the right choice regarding the type of Internet supply, the necessary equipment, or have a reliable trusted specialist in business who understands and advises in which direction to move.

The element of marketing is no less important, especially in big cities, where competition is very strong, and the market is 90% owned by giant companies.

The next stage of the business will be its development. And here, too, you need a lot of your attention. With the active growth of the number of customers, it will also be actively necessary to improve the technologies of Internet delivery and keep up with the times.

But, believe me, all your efforts will not be in vain. The market is developing and growing by leaps and bounds. Jumping into this rushing train, do not slow down, and you will become a successful and wealthy person for many years.

Should you become an Internet Service Provider?

This kind of business like connecting to the internet has its advantages and some disadvantages. We suggest, first of all, to familiarize yourself with them, before making an important decision.

Reasons for becoming an Internet Service Provider include:

  • constantly growing demand;
  • lack of seasonality of work;
  • availability of markets unsaturated by competitors;
  • dependence of the population , business from the Internet;
  • high profitability.

The disadvantages of this business are:

  • large investments;
  • complex technical base - equipment, technologies;
  • long and difficult registration of a company, obtaining licenses, permits and passing expertise.

Question "How to become an Internet provider?" may have many answers. It all depends on what results and in what time frame you want to achieve, what capital investments you are willing to pour into the provider, what market you plan to enter.

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