What business to open for 500,000 rubles: ideas for different areas

Hello friends and readers of blogfreo. u. Today we will focus on which business to open for 500,000 rubles. This amount cannot be called "great", but it opens up a lot of opportunities for its owner, because it can be used to organize the same thing as for 200-300 thousand, only of higher quality (on a grand scale). This fact will subsequently give an advantage in the market over competitors with less start-up capital. Today I will talk about what a business niche is and how to choose it based on a given amount of capital. Let's also talk about high-margin products, find out how they differ from their low- and medium-margin counterparts. All "new knowledge" (so as not to be unfounded), I will definitely supplement with specific business ideas. So read, delve into, "shake your head" and decide where you want to invest the precious half a million.

Choosing a Niche

Niches for business are a conditionally free space on the market that an entrepreneur should take, because the demand for something is great, but there is not enough supply. When choosing a niche, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Demand. It is clear here that if there is no demand for a specific product or service, then it is not worth doing this.
  • Competition. Niche only where demand is high and competition is low.
  • Market conditions, that is, the ability to organize exactly what you have in mind, for example, technical factors.
  • Finance. Certain activities require different investments, you should choose only what you can initially pull.
  • Knowledge. Doing something that is unfamiliar is very difficult, because already in the process of learning the basics you can make a bunch of mistakes and “break a lot of wood”, so you need to focus on your skills and knowledge.

Friends, in fact, in every area there are many free niches, since the world is dynamic, fashion changes, new technologies appear, people themselves develop. And sometimes it is enough to add a drop of creativity and own zest to an old, already hackneyed idea along and across, so that the business will again become in demand and profitable. Below, for each individual area, I will give some of the most popular business ideas in the past and relevant in the next year.


We digress a little from the essence of our article. Let me remind you: given - 500,000 rubles, the goal is business, the question is what can be opened for this money and where (in a small town or megalopolis). In any locality, the most win-win option is invariably the sphere of public catering, as they say, "war is a war, but you always want to eat, lunch is on schedule and things are not done on an empty stomach." How to feed people, having half a million. There are a lot of options, of course, you can't open a cool restaurant with this money, and even some ultra-fashionable bar. This is at the start and is not necessary, it is better to start small in order to gradually delve into all the subtleties of this craft.


Half a million is enough capital to realize it in the field of beauty. For this amount, you can easily organize a small family hairdressing salon, a manicure or hair removal salon, an eyelash extension point or eyebrow drawing. It is not necessary to open all this from scratch, you can rent a separate corner in an already promoted salon, and buy good equipment and the necessary funds with capital. Here's another idea for a beauty business, which is equally relevant in small and large cities - you can not provide these services, but sell professional accessories for beauty masters or cosmetics for those who are used to taking care of themselves.


Friends, the service industry has always been considered the most successful for aspiring businessmen. Any business from this category is a high-margin business (we will talk about what this means a little later). Five hundred thousand rubles is quite enough to purchase tools and create good advertising for yourself. Regardless of what you do - babysitting with other people's children, walking or taking animals for overexposure, gluing wallpaper, fixing plumbing, cleaning, giving injections, writing term papers, repairing computers or household appliances, teaching foreign languages ​​- without high-quality advertising to you not enough. How else will potential clients know about you? Therefore, some of the start-up capital must be spent on advertising the service.

I will include marketing in the same category, since this is also a service. Advertising is a great thing. Everyone who wants to be successful needs it. And you can make good money on its creation. Make advertising posters, brochures, business cards, banners, sound and audio ads, promote those in need on social networks, and so on. Spend money on creating a website, renting an office, a workshop and purchasing printing equipment.


In the review: we will consider where to invest 500,000 rubles in today's difficult time. Half a million is a fairly large amount: it will be enough to open your first business or financial investments.

How to dispose of free money so as not to be at a loss - today we will analyze 15 promising ways to invest half a million rubles.

Investing in personal development and financial security

Although for many people this is a controversial investment, according to the experience of successful entrepreneurs, they are the most valuable. Yes, investing in your own health, beauty and education can be the most beneficial in the long run. Competition in the labor market is constantly growing, in many areas it is impossible to succeed without the appropriate appearance, new knowledge and excellent well-being - these are components of a personal brand, the most valuable capital of our time.


Another important step in the face of market uncertainty is the creation of a financial safety cushion. The savings will come in handy if you suddenly have to change work, place of residence or profession. The reserve should provide at least 6 months of life without any income: if the average monthly expenses including loans are 80 thousand, then 500 thousand rubles will be enough for just six months.

The optimal way of storing the reserve is a replenished account with the possibility of partial early withdrawal and accrual of interest on the balance. It is advisable to keep part of the savings in euros or dollars.

Beauty, health, education

If there is already enough savings for unforeseen expenses, extra money can be spent on: - getting a new promising specialty of data analyst, web developer, 3D designer, internet marketer - 100-300 thousand rubles; - anti-aging plastic surgery - 350-500 thousand rubles; - rhinoplasty - 50-250 thousand rubles; - hair transplant - 300-500 thousand rubles; - installation of dental implants - 60-100 thousand rubles each.

The good news is that since dental treatment and plastic surgery are expensive medical services, they are eligible for a 13% tax deduction.

Insurance investments

Another reliable way to invest money in yourself is investment life insurance. The policy is valid for 3-5 years, at the end of the term the depositor receives 100% of the deposit, even if the exchange rates have decreased. The profitability of the deposit is determined by the formula "index growth" X "participation rate".

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