We open a shop selling watches in our city

Quite a lot of people want to do away with hired labor and start their own business. However, in order to start moving in entrepreneurship, you need to find a relevant business idea. One suitable and time-tested option is a watch store. The business plan should be considered in more detail. A watch store is such a company that can generate income.

Watches are classified as popular goods, provided that the models are in line with current trends in fashion and interior design. Customers of a watch store can be both individuals who need to find a suitable option for an updated renovation, and companies that equip their offices.


What are the first things to consider when preparing a business plan? You cannot organize a watch shop without the appropriate premises. The location of the store will have a tangible impact on the sales of items such as watches. Considering the fact that the need for a watch does not arise every day, it is worth looking for a place for a store in those places where there is a constant flow of people, for example, in the city center.

Central streets are a very good place to shop also because people who travel from other districts to this part of the city tend to take money with them and are in the mood to buy. It is also worth considering the fact that the average citizen will again choose the city center to buy things, various accessories and watches. This is the most profitable place to develop your business.

Sale of watches in large complexes

Another opportunity for successful placement of a store is renting on the territory of a shopping and entertainment complex. There are a lot of people in such places every day, and even more on weekends.

If you have to open a store in a big city or even in a medium-sized village, then the shopping complex is one of the best places for business.

The reason is that many people get tired enough at work not to have the enthusiasm for walking in districts of the city far from home. As a result, purchases are made in a shopping complex that is as close as possible to your favorite home.

If in such a complex there is a watch shop that offers a good assortment, decent quality, reasonable prices and a high level of service, then it is unlikely that residents of the area where the complex is located will go to the center for watches. It is also important that the store area is large enough for a high-quality presentation of all models. People need to see what they are buying. It will not be superfluous to enrich the interior with suitable paintings and unobtrusive, pleasant colors. If everything is done the right way, the watch business will become quite attractive.

Customizing your trading place

Thus, customers can easily navigate among the many models and quickly find the category they need. Moreover, such an approach will further emphasize the high level of the store.

As for the sign, it is also worth approaching its design thoroughly. Since the modern man in the street does not want to look at the signs for a long time, the proposal should be designed compactly: the name of the store and the main thesis.

Content of the article:

The watch business begins with defining a product range, finding a supplier and choosing a sales method. Your store should have watches for women, men and children, which are categorized as classic, sporty and glamorous. There should also be floor and wall models. Sample assortment:

  • wrist (male, female, unisex);
  • sports with advanced capabilities;
  • electronic, quartz and mechanical devices;
  • wall, table, floor and fireplace,
  • alarm clocks;
  • unusual design developments (this is exactly what you can bet on).

Unusual wall clock

Opening of the real retail space

Since watches are a companion product, it is cost effective to open a store in malls near clothing boutiques. If you can't find a location in a shopping center, look for a nearby location. For a start, 10-15 sq. ... Lushe to open a retail space away from competitors.

A store must be one of a kind to attract customers. For example, it could be a watchmaker's shop from the 18th century. Unleash your imagination. Take care of discounts. Get 10% off all items for shoppers who arrive at exactly 15. 0.

Calculates approximate investments (in rubles):

  • rent of space in a shopping center - 30,000;
  • purchase of furniture, showcases and computer equipment - 70,000;
  • purchase of the first batch goods - 400,000;
  • staff salaries (2 sellers working in shifts) - 40,000;
  • registration and unforeseen expenses - 30,000.

Total - 570,000 rubles.

After 6 months, you can expand the product range and add expensive models - copies of well-known brands. Amount - 400,000 rubles. In the absence of funds, we recommend taking a loan from a bank. This requires a well-designed credit business plan.

Despite the fact that now everyone has phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets that show the time at hand, ordinary clocks have not become less popular.

Most people still decorate their homes with it, and nine out of ten people wear a wristwatch. That is why such a product has always been and will be in demand, and the business of selling watches is very promising in terms of making a profit.

Today we will discuss how much it costs to open an online watch store, how best to organize the sale of this product and how much you can earn from it.

How to open an online watch store?

Step-by-step instructions for opening an online watch store

Step Creating a website for an online watch store

Basically, you can take the path of least resistance and make a website yourself using one of the many templates available on the Internet. In this case, minimal costs await you, but the result will be far from perfect. Such online stores are usually not very user-friendly and lack individuality.

Experts who have been trading over the Internet for several years advise not to save on creating your resource. The website of an online store, as well as the office of an offline company, is the face of your business and should look representative and expensive.

Therefore, it is better to entrust the development of the site to professionals.

Please also note that your resource should be not only representative and user-friendly, but also SEO-optimized. The presence of high-quality unique content will help you attract new visitors from search engines, and therefore increase your sales.

This cost item will cost you an average of 25-100 thousand rubles. It all depends on the complexity of the site, as well as on the prices of the company where you contact for its development.

Step Registering our activity

Wristwatches have become an essential accessory for many modern people. They solve the issue not only regarding the presentation of information about the time, but also became the subject of style. For example, a sports watch with a heart rate monitor is worn at the stadium, while a classic mechanical watch is more suitable for a business meeting. Also, in any apartment or private house, various types of clocks hang on the walls, which here already play the role of an interior item and often complement the design of a kitchen, bedroom or hall.

There is a demand for watches, but in order to make good money on this, you need to provide a wide range of goods in various price categories and, of course, include services. We will try to consider step by step how to open a watch store in your city, how to make an assortment, find suppliers and how much money will be needed to start.

Competition in this segment is primarily online watch shops. Indeed, many entrepreneurs sell this not only through an online store, but also through social networks and message boards. Many aspiring entrepreneurs focus on this point, assuming that this applies to absolutely all buyers, but this is not the case. There are many customers who want to come to the store, try on and evaluate how the watch will look on the wrist, and only after that buy this product. Also, if you work in an offline point mode, it is imperative to provide customers with service, namely, services for repairing watches and replacing batteries, straps and other things.

The undoubted advantage of this business is the presence of a small start-up capital. Which is very important for many newbies. In addition, you can do retailing of watches in both large and small cities.


As in any business, selling watches, you need to follow the rules of trade, for this you need to complete all the necessary documents.

  • open IP.
  • indicate OKVED for activity. For Russia it is 52. 8., 52. 3. For Ukraine - 47. 7..
  • conclude a lease agreement for the premises.
  • apply for a job for a seller.
  • design a buyer's corner.
  • , if necessary, obtain a trade permit from the SES and the fire service.

For more detailed advice on paperwork, contact an experienced lawyer in your city.

Premises and equipment

The first thing an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a watch business is faced with is finding a room. Usually, such a product is well sold in shopping centers, near clothing boutiques. If renting an area in a shopping center is not possible, you should look for a place that is located near it. Favorable location - these are crowded places where many young people go shopping. After all, they will be your main target customers.

The first site is a world-famous resource: Aliexpress. I found a large number of necessary watch models on it, at prices starting at $ 1.. I didn’t think long and ordered the first batch of watches. I selected 10 units for a total of $ 63. At that time it was 3,400 rubles. I paid $ 7.1 for the package. The transportation period was 14 days. In general, I spent 3,800 rubles on the purchase and delivery of goods.

When I received the package, I checked the product with what I ordered, and then checked it. Everything was in place and everything worked. All models ordered were fine. I tested them for several days for accuracy, those models that were moisture resistant, I also tested them by submerging them in water. All clocks were running with an error of 1 to 2 seconds per day. That was fine with me.

Then I created accounts on Yulia and Avito and posted there advertisements for the sale of watches. I didn't buy paid placement, but made some free ads. I set the prices with a markup from 300 to 500%. Cheaper watches were more expensive and less expensive. As a result, within a week I sold all the watches and bought a new batch of goods. All my watches were bought by locals. They were mainly young guys and men under 30 years old.

This operation, which lasted from the moment of ordering to the moment of sale of the last hours, lasted 24 days. This deal brought me a total of $ 240, which in ruble terms amounted to 13,680 rubles. In total, having invested only 3,800 rubles in the purchase and transportation, I received a total revenue of 13,680 rubles, of which the net profit was 9,880 rubles. You can deduct from there another 1,000 rubles, which I spent on travel, and, in total, 8,880 rubles will remain.

At that time, at my work, I received 28,000 rubles and for them I worked very hard. Resale of watches proved to be an easy business. At that moment, I firmly understood that as long as there was such an opportunity, I would be engaged in the resale of watches.

I told all this because to make it clear that there is nothing complicated here. You just need to choose your niche and work in it.

How to work

Here you need to define the edge and understand that all replica watches of famous brands are fakes. These watches are divided into high-quality and low-quality, but in any case, they are fakes and cannot be sold openly. That is, you do not need to issue an IP. If there is some kind of raid or test purchase, then the seller who is registered as an individual entrepreneur will have to pay heavy fines, and in some cases, you can get a criminal prosecution for selling counterfeit goods. For this type of activity, I did not open an individual entrepreneur, but decided to work under a black flag. In my case, even if a complaint comes up against me, I am a private person who purchased the product and sells it as unnecessary through an electronic bulletin board.

Where to get the goods

I am the one who buys my product on several resources.

1. Trading platform Aliexpress 2. Shop MegaOpt3. Vints4 store. Official website of the watch brand QQ. atch. u5. Watch World Shop

These sites are quite enough for me, since I do not have large volumes of sales, but even if they do, these resources are quite enough to organize a large store.

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