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Arrange your business in accordance with all legal rules. In this case, you will not have problems with the tax, you will be able to conclude contracts with large suppliers of goods and delivery services.

There are 2 design options:

  • IE (individual entrepreneur): not very strict requirements for registration;
  • LLC (limited liability company).

A suitable version of the simplified tax system is a simplified taxation system.

Registration can be done through specialized companies. Registration of an individual entrepreneur for an online store will not be expensive.

Building a website

The convenience of the site includes:

  • photo and description of the dress;
  • the ability to enlarge the photo;
  • sorting the goods by price;
  • online consultation ...

In addition, the site must guarantee the return of goods and money.

When developing a site, be sure to make a convenient "basket", noticeable contact information (phone numbers, postal address, e-mail), the ability to leave comments. Create a page on the site with information about the terms of payment and delivery.

Every woman strives to diversify her wardrobe by buying a variety of things. But a special place in a woman's wardrobe is given to a dress. Especially if such outfits are purchased for special events. Opening a clothing store is always profitable and interesting. A special place in this segment is occupied by evening and wedding dresses.

Documents required to open dress shops

At the first stage, it is necessary to determine the organizational and legal form of the store. In most situations, it is enough to open the PI. The advantages of individual entrepreneurship include a simplified tax and accounting system, ease of opening, and a reduction in the size of tax payments. The main disadvantage of this form of running your own business is the risk of your own property in case of failure. To register an individual entrepreneur, you must contact the tax office and provide the following list of documents:

  • Applications according to the established template;
  • Paid receipt;
  • A copy of all pages of the passport.

The decision on the possibility of opening an individual entrepreneur in the tax office is taken within a week.

Finding a room

To open a wedding dress shop, you need to find a suitable location. When choosing the place where the store will be located, take into account the most important factor - traffic. You can choose the area in the shopping center. For a dress store, a large display window is a prerequisite for success.

The size of the room depends on the range of services offered. Will you just sell wedding and evening dresses or also provide custom tailoring services? Will jewelry be offered to customers? Will you just have a sale or an opportunity to rent your favorite model? If you plan to provide a wide range of services, then the area of ​​the premises can be 100 sq. m. For a small pavilion, 30 sq. m. is enough. m. The client should be able to see and try on the model. This size of the room is quite enough.

Purchase of equipment and repair of the store

A dress shop should be pleasant and cozy. This may require repairs. The best color scheme is pastel colors. Too bright walls will distract the attention of your clients from the presented models, and a calm atmosphere will allow you to appreciate the beauty and individuality of each dress.

In order to start trading, you need to purchase an assortment of dresses. Today, a large number of fashion houses and designers create unique outfits. Try to make your assortment special. Check out the competition and the popular models in the city. Maybe you decide to target a certain price segment and offer economy or premium class dresses. It is not necessary to order all models from the collection at once. In the store, you can invite clients to familiarize themselves with the catalogs and order the model they like after the fact. In general, in order to make repairs, rent premises and purchase an assortment, it will take from a million rubles.

The purchase of equipment is another important point. It is best to install modular structures in a rented space. Selling clothes will require special racks. The availability of jewelry and accessories in the assortment will require the purchase of special display cases. Here is an approximate list of the necessary equipment to start the store:

With the widespread use of the Internet, it is possible to organize your own business selling clothes on the Internet. Its correct organization can soon become a successful business. It is not necessary to deal with all types of clothing at once - for a start, it is better to limit the assortment to any one type of clothing - for example, it will be dresses.

Find out the specific rules for starting such a business on the Internet and the nuances of selling over the Internet. First you need to register with the tax authority. By registering your business in accordance with all the rules, you will be able to officially work with suppliers, delivery service and issue the necessary documents to the buyer in the future. The best options for registering an online store are IP or LLC. In both cases, it is better to immediately submit an application for registration to the tax authority, apply for the application of the simplified taxation system (STS). This is the best reporting option when trading on the Internet.

You can conduct state registration yourself, all the necessary instructions for this can be obtained by contacting either the website of the tax service, or the tax office itself. If there is no opportunity or time to do this, you can contact special firms dealing with state registration. Tax legislation requirements for individual entrepreneurship are less stringent than for LLCs. Registration of an individual entrepreneur will be cheaper, and the registration time will be shorter.

It's very easy to order your favorite dress on the Internet

Website development

Creating a website for an online store is the most basic task for getting started on the Internet. Some use a template with a standard design attachment. It will be much cheaper, which is important for a starting business. The cost of such a template site will cost 1400 rubles a month. Website design, made directly for your business selling dresses, will cost 34,000 rubles. Website design should not only attract the attention of buyers, but also be clear and complete. Then he will work to attract potential buyers and help in the implementation of orders. In order to upload photos and descriptions of dresses, track the number of visitors, conduct consultations and answer questions, you need a specialist. Basic information on the product on the site should contain the following:

The site must contain information about the terms and options for delivery, about the guarantee of the return of goods or its replacement. An information card with contact information is also required - these are phone numbers, e-mail, postal address, so that customers can leave their comments, ask questions about the models of interest, and also place their orders.

Online store sales

Selling on the Internet is different from selling in a regular store. The site displays photos of dress models. When an order is received for a dress, you buy this dress from the manufacturer, with whom you conclude a sales contract in advance, and send it to the customer. With this kind of business, you will not purchase non-popular dress models. But in practice, manufacturers put a condition on payment of a certain part of the contract amount immediately, despite the fact that you will pick up already paid models as soon as orders for them arrive. Therefore, your initial capital should be between 40,000 and 150,000 rubles. You can have a small part of the dresses from the assortment displayed in the window directly at your place. Your margin should be no more than 25%. High competition in this area of ​​trade dictates its own rules and prices, and if the prices in your online store are higher than those of competitors, customers will choose their services.

The online store should have a large selection of goods


Investments: from 1,468,000 rubles

Payback: from 10 months

Wedding is a priority event for every family. Even if the young people refuse a magnificent celebration, then they will organize a photo session in festive dresses for themselves. And every woman wants to look stunning on such a day. Therefore, the bride chooses her wedding dress with special care. You can make good money on their sale. Let's take a look at how to open a wedding dress store and how much you can earn.

Business Concept

Opening a store selling wedding dresses is not only a profitable business, but also an exciting hobby. The owner of the salon is a prestigious status, and working in such a place always gives joy and a sense of celebration.

The attractiveness of this niche is due to high competition. Therefore, in order to successfully implement the idea, it is necessary to develop a high-quality business plan, taking into account all the peculiarities of the wedding industry.

What is required for implementation?

Before opening your store, analyze all the nuances of the business:

  • assess the existing market. It is necessary to understand how many competitors there are in your city, what products they offer, at what level is the demand for this or that type of product;
  • decide on the main line of business. In addition to the fact that the store will offer wedding dresses and accessories, you can provide car rental services, decorating halls;
  • foresee all possible pitfalls that may arise on the way (off-season, wedding excitement);
  • resolve issues with the purchase of goods - will it be a completely independently organized business or you will become a well-known and well-known brand;
  • you will also have to decide on the suppliers of dresses, accessories, wedding paraphernalia.

This is just a small list of points to pay attention to when preparing to implement a business idea.

Step-by-step startup instructions

If you are interested in fashion and want to further develop in this area, you will surely like the idea of ​​creating your own online clothing store from scratch, how to open it with minimal investment, we will tell you in this article. This segment of the market is very popular for women and men, as fashion trends and trends do not stand still, they are constantly changing, so you have to buy half of your wardrobe every year to match the current fashion.

Step-by-step instructions for opening an online clothing store

In order for your business to develop and function successfully in the market, you must first study all the pitfalls, analyze potential buyers and competitors.

The first step is choosing a niche

Think carefully about the things you would like to implement. There are many demanded directions, we will analyze only a few.

This niche has the following advantages:

  • the child is growing rapidly, every six months it is necessary to change the wardrobe, buy new outfits;
  • parents try not to save money on their children.

However, high requirements are imposed on children's products, the material must be hypoallergenic, pleasant for daily wear and of high quality.

Advantages of choosing this segment:

  • if a man was satisfied with the order, he will come back to you more than once;
  • the stronger sex is not inclined to pick things up for a long time: if he liked the wardrobe item, he will acquire it immediately.

This niche is highly competitive with large companies. In order not to get lost, it is necessary to choose a narrower sphere. For example, you can specialize in implementation:

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