US Silicon Valley Hot Industries and Startups in 2021

In the US, all or almost all citizens are interested in business ideas and startups. There, overseas, business angels and people who made their name from scratch are even more popular than show business stars. It is all the more interesting to find out which business ideas that came from America have become the most demanded for us.

Fast food

Recently, American fast food in Russia has been experiencing certain negative effects. In particular, the McDonald's fast food chain is subject to numerous checks. There are even orders to close some establishments. And yet, once upon a time, when American business ideas were just beginning their march across our country, Big Macs and French fries were cult food products. To taste them, people were ready to defend kilometer lines. However, this is not about McDonald's.

The established fast food system in Russia has become one of the most successful business ideas from America. The good news is that fast food has acquired a national flavor. These are pancakes, casserole potatoes, and, of course, shawarma. For example, Artem Ginosyan from Armavir, who came to Anapa, won the hearts of millions of people with his art of cooking this product, juggling with knives and forks.


Ten years ago, few people could answer what cleaning is. In 1999, the journalists of one TV channel addressed this question to bystanders on the streets of various provincial cities. No one was able to give an intelligible answer, and one young woman blushed and said: "How can you ask such a question?" The correspondents did not understand what she meant. Meanwhile, cleaning means a specialized professional cleaning service.

Currently, this type of, as a rule, small business has confidently supplanted the traditional cleaning lady in a navy blue robe and with a bucket in her hand. Cleanliness in shopping centers and offices has become so commonplace that photographs from the past about garbage on store floors seem an anachronism. By the way, some articles say that cleaning is an English invention. Meanwhile, the first specialized office cleaning company appeared in New York in 1904 and was called Wines & Spirits, so it was also one of the business ideas from the USA.

PR agencies

Along with capitalism in 1992, such a thing as PR came to Russia. We are talking about indirect advertising, which, however, brings more significant results than TV spots and intrusive ads in the media and on the Internet. As a result, talented firms have appeared in our country, specializing in writing articles that subtly promote this or that product. Journalists who are invited to such PR agencies sometimes understand technical nuances better than managers who directly sell this product. In any case, this American business idea has successfully taken root in Russia.

Car rental

Business ideas from America

America is considered the birthplace of startups. New ideas bring a fresh breath of air into the everyday life of people. If a business is successful in the United States, it is quickly adopted by entrepreneurs from other countries and adapted to a specific market.

What ideas from the USA have potential in the year

To turn an idea into a profitable business, it is worth at the very beginning to assess the market capacity, the level of competition, correctly calculate the upcoming costs, estimated income, etc. For this, a successful business plan is drawn up, marketing research is carried out.

Ideas may not be suitable in a ready-made solution for the segment of the target audience, because the market in the US has a narrow focus. The strategy should be modified and supplemented, depending on the needs of a particular region.

Hydroponic Farms

One of the successful American ideas that the whole world has already picked up. A profitable business is hydroponic farms located in special metal containers. Farms are set up within an urban environment. Business is done on this in two directions:

This business is profitable and requires minimal costs. The main thing is to correctly draw up a plan.

Purchase of materials, whether it is equipment for the farm or seedlings, is purchased at the expense of the customer. The main expense includes business registration, advertising, application creation, and purchase of a toolbox.

Shop without sellers

These are kind of automated counters. The assortment may vary. Among the main characteristics of a startup:

  • Stores operate on the principle of vending machines.
  • You can go inside only after confirming the action via your smartphone.

It is noteworthy that customers do not need cash or credit cards to purchase goods - the goods are sold through applications on their mobile phones. The user receives a special code by which he selects products, and the required amount will be automatically debited from the linked bank card.

In the USA, the largest companies have already become investors in innovative stores: Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. The project is developing in several cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

What business ideas that came from America have become the most demanded for us.

The United States, the largest and most advanced economy in the world, is a start-up and tech-friendly country with the world's leading support ecosystem. America has huge venture capital ready to support promising start-up companies. It is the perfect location for companies looking for explosive growth and an excellent base camp for conquering the world.

In many industries, American startups are spearheading new ventures primarily through technology. By relying on innovation to create new production systems, these American companies are improving and transforming many industries, including finance, real estate, travel, retail, healthcare, transportation, and even construction, shipping, or aerospace. These young companies, mostly from Silicon Valley and New England, are already active throughout the United States, if not the world.

Some of them are already known in the US and around the world, achieving a significant supply of their products and services to the population. But many of them are also lesser known as they focus on certain narrow business niches and are responsible for the problems that certain industries face.

All of these startups have already achieved unicorn status, that is, they are estimated at more than a billion dollars.

We have compiled a list of the top 30 US startups with details of each company and the total amount of funds received by the company in USD as per Crunchbase as of June 17, 2021.

Please note that Uber and Lyft were not included in this list as they recently went public in order to begin their initial public offering on stock exchanges. Therefore, the status of a "startup", understood as a young company striving for the fastest possible growth, no longer applies to them.

US startups of the year who became "unicorns"

Industry: Artificial Intelligence, News - Total Funding: $ 577M

Dataminr provides a platform for discovering, evaluating and classifying public information in real time to identify important events and critical news. It is an application for multiple industries including corporate security, news, public sector, public relations / crisis management, and finance.


We have grouped the most successful Silicon Valley startups of 2021 by promising industries. Among the leading tech startups in Silicon Valley, there are many globally renowned startups. Valley is still at the forefront of the tech industry today.

Today, many countries around the world want to repeat the success story of this place and become the Silicon Valley in their country. This is Tel Aviv in the Middle East, and Stockholm in Northern Europe, etc.

What made Silicon Valley so fertile for innovative startups? The mature infrastructure of the valley area, access to talented professionals, and a strong engineering tradition make this an ideal place to innovate.

Entrepreneurs from other countries should keep up with the local startup scene, what happens in Silicon Valley pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the startup world and tech hub scenes like New York, Tel Aviv or Stockholm.

Hottest Silicon Valley Startups by Industry

Industry - Blockchain

Industry size: over $ 4 billion We hear about blockchain mainly in the context of cryptocurrencies. Since the emergence of bitcoin over a decade ago, blockchain technology has been adapted as a solution to many other challenges. Blockchain is very resistant to data manipulation (fraud) and can help with security issues. It has now been researched and successfully applied by financial institutions, but Blockchain technology could change other industries as well.

Blockchain Startups

Startup Ripe. o Uses blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to disrupt the digital food supply chain area. Thanks to their technologies, users gain more information about the quality of their food, its origin and more, which helps to make informed choices and become more aware as consumers.

Farmers can also use it to automate internal processes and meet current market needs for high quality and sustainable products. Ripe. o Offers supply chain tracking and visibility, secure data aggregation and sharing, and scalable blockchain, sensor and IoT integration.

A huge number of original business ideas come to Russia from the USA every year. Rope parks, food delivery services, fast food kiosks and other services we are used to today began life in America and quickly spread around the world. What made the Americans happy in 2021, read our material. We have collected the most promising new business ideas from the United States, which are not yet available in Russia.

Food delivery to the airport

A new business idea that emerged in the US in 2021 is the delivery of groceries to the airport. When we go on vacation, we usually free our refrigerators from perishable food. Imagine the disappointment of our stomach when, on our return, we open an empty refrigerator. We have to run to the grocery store, and there, as luck would have it, is a huge queue. Agree, standing in line is an extremely tedious task, especially after a vacation.

The Americans came up with a way out - they decided to deliver fresh food directly to the airport. The customer compiles a list of the necessary goods through a mobile application. Upon arrival, he is met by a courier with purchases.

To implement this business idea from the USA you will need:

  • advertising;
  • creating a mobile application;
  • 2-3 couriers with personal cars.

This business idea can bring good income when implemented in large cities of our country, such as Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and others.


The essence of the idea is that there are no names of dishes in the menu of such a cafe, but there are ingredients. The visitor makes a list of the desired products, and the chef creates a culinary masterpiece from them.

Both experienced restaurateurs and newcomers in this field of entrepreneurship can take note of such a business idea. It is worth noting that there are no analogues of such cafes in Russia yet, so customers will be attracted by the novelty and originality of this business idea from America.

To implement such a business idea from the United States, you will need at least 400,000 rubles, which will be used to rent premises, purchase equipment, products, and so on.

Smart shower

A smart shower helps you track the amount of water consumed and reduce its consumption as needed.

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