The most popular books on how to make money on the Internet

Modern reality is such that any global changes occur only thanks to the information space. It is no secret that many types of businesses have moved to the Internet. But even those who continue their habitual existence in the objective world still use Internet resources rather tightly, as well as network methods to promote their business. That is why in recent years one can observe such a huge number of books devoted to such processes, and below are, by far, the best of them.

Artem Senatorov "Business on Instagram From registration to first money"

Yet that's what makes it so productive. The only thing available to Instagram followers is to view the photo. And this, in turn, generates phenomenal activity in comments and likes.

Artem Senatorov, who has long established himself as a competent practitioner in promoting Internet business, offers readers a convenient, step-by-step guide, which explains in a consistent and accessible language why it is necessary to create an Instagram account (even if you are trading building materials).

He explains how to fill out your page and how to design it in order to interest and attract potential customers, what you need to write about and how often, how to establish a connection with the client audience and advertisers, as well as many other nuances, which only at first glance seem to be trifles.

Basically, this book is a collection of tried and tested tools, packaged in the most attractive and high quality cover. However, the reader will still have to adapt them for himself and his business. Some things will work, some may turn out to be ineffective in one case or another, and nevertheless the publication gives an excellent vision of the overall strategy and provides an algorithm for the necessary actions. And this is already a lot.

Artem Senatorov "Battle for a VKontakte subscriber SMM-guide"

The book is based on the long-established "read and do" principle, and provides its audience with answers to a number of important questions. Namely: how to promote your business on VKontakte, what secrets exist in creating a productively functioning group, the nuances of its positioning and penetration into the top search engines. The book also contains many practical tips for creating marketing content.

In fact, this is a step-by-step instruction containing all available strategies for promoting a page or group on VKontakte, which will be useful not only for entrepreneurs, but for SMM managers. And, of course, all the recommendations are part of the many years of experience of Artem Senatorov himself, who has long shown himself in this area as an experienced specialist.

Sergey Arkhangelsky "Promotion and Promotion on YouTube How to Attract Customers Using Video Marketing"

In addition, the author talks about how the target audience will be able to find your video, gives specific instructions on how to get it to the top, and also reveals the secrets of promoting the latter through playlists and demonstrates methods of its promotion by “strangers hands ". And the expected result is an increase in traffic and the acquisition of more regular customers.

Brad Feld, David Cohen "Startup on the Net Masterclasses for Successful Entrepreneurs"

This edition is a real assistant on your way. It is in it that successful entrepreneurs share their experience in the field of working with ideas, talk about how to create and improve their products and services, talk about the concept of value for the client and how to stimulate him to use your product or service. Also, considerable attention is paid to such issues as the selection and organization of your team's work, the importance of balance between work and rest, and, of course, the issues of financing, finding investors (and whether it is worth looking for them).

How to open an online store? How to create your online business from scratch? These questions concern millions of young and not so businessmen who are looking for a niche for investing money and making a profit.

Below is an overview of the 10 best books on online shopping. Free forever.

One million dollars in one day

The million times quoted phrase of John Reese - "Making a million dollars in one day is possible!" - bitingly captures the attention of readers and motivates to read the book excitedly.

Reese made a million dollars in 18 hours selling his information product online. He paid his partners fifty percent of the cost of his course, and it worked.

Correctly assessing that the more his partners earn, the more he himself will get, Reese was right.

Useful for startups, marketers and businessmen.

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets

In his book, Kennedy explains why most businesses waste large marketing budgets and what to consider in order not to. Many entrepreneurs, developing a marketing strategy, take as a basis large global brands - market leaders. It is unwise to apply such strategies to small and medium-sized businesses.

The book contains cases from the practice of Kneda's successful clients. Ideas are presented to help formulate a clear message of marketing messages using different advertising channels. There are many of these ideas in the book, but they still need to be memorized and applied correctly. Otherwise, you will not see success.

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. A true entrepreneur learns all his life. Education is not limited to a university, special courses and trainings. The best books about business will help you navigate the realities of large and small businesses, give confidence and optimism. In addition, it is during a crisis that many have time for self-development and education.

Choosing books about business: where to start

The list of business literature is constantly updated. New books for entrepreneurs regularly appear on the shelves of bookstores, and it is difficult to distinguish truly valuable material from useless reading material. What should you pay attention to when compiling a rating of publications for self-education?

  • Time of writing the book. Of course, there is a conditional top entrepreneurial literature of all times, and it includes 3-4 books written 50 or even 100 years ago, but it is still better to learn from more modern material.
  • All business books by genre are divided into several large groups:
  • biographies and autobiographies of famous entrepreneurs;
  • motivational literature;
  • publications on the rules of doing business;
  • books on the formation and development of well-known firms, corporations and companies;
  • literature on budget planning, capital management and financial literacy in general.

You should not read several books of the same type in a row, it is wiser to choose 1-2 of the most authoritative from each genre group.

  • Business literature is not read as fiction. Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to write out interesting thoughts and motivating quotes and, of course, use the information in their own business practice.

Important! Before purchasing a paper book or downloading a file from the web, it makes sense to read the reviews of readers. In addition to really useful literature, there are many questionable opuses from self-proclaimed business gurus that are not worth wasting time on.

A selection of business books according to the version of the magazine "ProfitInet"

Review of the literature that every entrepreneur needs to read, let's start with motivational works. At first glance, they do not contain useful information about the development of business projects, but such books help to change consciousness and get rid of harmful psychological attitudes. And this, as a rule, is more important than the most relevant entrepreneurial cases.

Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged ()

The first steps towards starting a business are rightfully considered one of the most difficult. Do you want to get a charge of vivacity and inspiration for a good start? Pick up a standing book!

These books are recommended for reading not only for beginners, but also for current entrepreneurs! Start building your dream company today!

) “Startup with no budget” by Mike Mikalowitz

The author reveals a business model based on the assertion that “a whole roll” is not needed to start a business, just those three pieces of paper, hard work, faith in yourself and your idea are enough. Mike Mikalowitz's book "Startup Without a Budget" will tell you where to find inspiration, what idea to choose and how to start your own business.

) “The Pumpkin Method How to Become a Niche Leader Without a Budget,” Mike Mikalowitz

The Pumpkin Method is a logical continuation of Startup Without a Budget, allowing you to dive deeper into small business development issues: how to find your niche in the market and become a leader in it without millions of dollars in any business area.

) “Dream, Create, Change!” by Sarah Lacy

The list of "stops" includes Brazil, Israel, India, Indonesia and even Rwanda, whose population is less than Moscow. Sarah Lacy affectionately calls all these countries "green lawns", which may soon become a good alternative to Silicon Valley for investors. This book is about how self-belief, passion and love for what you do and the desire to help people have led to the creation of truly successful companies.

) “Startup for $ Create a New Future by Doing What You Love”, Chris Guilbeaux

To write the book, the author conducted a study that included an analysis of more than one and a half thousand companies that bring their owners more than $ 50,000 a year, while the initial investment turned out to be quite insignificant - sometimes the amount did not exceed $ 100. If you have already found your favorite business (even if it is not a business yet) and you have $ 100, then this book is for you.

The Internet today is a sea of ​​opportunities that are foolish to miss. If you also want to make money online, it will be useful to first prepare and study the relevant literature.

TOP books on making money on the Internet

Here is a list of the best books that will help you see the path to making money on the Internet. Choose what is closer to you and start moving towards success.

Book N Pokatilov "How to make money on the Internet"

The book answers many questions of online sales, as well as the promotion of goods and services. The author talks about the fears and barriers that prevent "getting out of the shadows" in order to start making money on his favorite business. After reading the book, you will already have a plan of action for launching services, a list of tasks to form your own beliefs.

Think and Grow Rich Book by H Hill

Throughout the book, the author passes a completely understandable idea that not everyone can immediately understand. You may have to re-read the literature again, but it's worth it. The book, written more than seventy years ago, is still relevant today. It will not let you stay on the same level, which is why it is often called the greatest book of success.

Book A Shust "About my blog"

How to start blogging and not stop. " Useful literature for those who blog and want to grow their audience. There are many answers to frequently asked questions, many practical situations, effective exercises and techniques. Therefore, already while reading, you can experience ways to make money on the Internet on yourself.

Book V Zeland "Reality Transurfing"

A motivating book that can change the perception of reality. This is the must-read if you want to make the leap forward in business, and in life in general.

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