Ready business for sale: Internet projects in Moscow

Earning money on the Internet is becoming more stable and affordable for a wide segment of the population. Today, an entrepreneur can buy a ready-made Internet business online, immediately starting to manage and develop it. These can be various objects and services: from hosting to an online magazine.

Business on the web is especially attractive because it does not require a link to a specific location. Depending on the specifics, it can be practiced in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in other regions of Russia and even countries. Also, some are attracted by the possibility of a fairly simple entry into international markets.

Buy a ready-made business on the Internet

On our portal you can buy various Internet projects. When choosing them, you should immediately pay attention to the quality of the site, its position in the search engines, and in the future you can easily analyze its traffic and determine the activity of customers, depending on what kind of business it is:

  • online information business;
  • website development and creation;
  • online store;
  • software services internet marketing;
  • hosting.

Internet projects sale

There are many other options. For example, various exchanges for making money online and projects for developing landing pages. At the moment, most sites are some sort of business.

Buying profitable projects comes down to checking reports on site traffic, target views, the number of purchases, registered users, etc. Also, an accounting audit will allow you to track the company's income.

Buying a business on the Web is a reasonable decision, since a ready-made business implies an already established client base, a certain income, trained personnel and well-established business processes. Such a deal can pay off in three to four months.

"Selling a project"

When selling, you need to make preliminary preparations. Whatever the offer, its main asset is the website. A good web product is different:

The idea of ​​an Internet business attracts many people who want to make money without being tied to an office. Traditionally, such methods are considered as freelancing, video blogging, photo stocks, etc. But there is another great niche that allows you to organize a good stable income. This business idea is connected with online teaching of a wide variety of knowledge.

To create a popular training course, several conditions are required:

  • Deep knowledge in a field of interest to a large number of people. This can be knowledge in the field of IT, marketing, business technologies, psychology, handicrafts, etc. There can be only one limitation - the topic that you own is too highly specialized and can gather a small audience.
  • Knowledge of the English language - at the moment, it is possible to earn decent money on training courses in the English-speaking sector of the Internet. Therefore, without knowing the language, you will not receive much income.
  • Ability to present material in an interesting way and keep the audience's attention. To successfully sell your courses, you need not only to be an expert in your field, but also a showman. If the information is presented gray and depressing, then you simply will not be able to collect the required audience. If you are in doubt about your lecturing abilities, then it is worth taking training in public speaking.

Courses are sold at specialized sites. It is beneficial to use them, since the services are already well known, and you will not need to spend time advertising your info product. Plus, most platforms will save you from stealing your courses, which is worth a lot.

We suggest considering the most worthy sites where you can successfully sell your online courses.


This is a very popular educational platform. Its main feature is the built-in marketplace functionality, which is not available on the sites of its main competitors - Coursera and Udacity. There is no need to prove your expert level to create a course. It is enough to register in the system and start working.

Prices for info products range from $ 20 to $ 100, while the service share is 50% of sales. At the same time, you determine the cost of your course yourself.


Australian service created especially for programmers. Here their knowledge is taught by people who are fluent in all current programming languages, such as Python, Java, HTML, PHP, etc. Also, training in web design is organized here.

To start teaching, you need to write an application in which you indicate the level of your competence. If the application is accepted, then you can start working. The amount of commission you will pay for work on the Learnable site has not been disclosed.


Financial Information


Ready business. Net profit 1.00.00 p.

The online store of Electrical Engineering of A-brands is on sale for 4. 00. 00 Payback will be up to 5 months.

The business is active, we continue to develop it at the moment.

Average Monthly Business Figures:

Turnover 17,000,000 rubles Purchase of goods 15,000,000 rubles Variable costs (managers, drivers) 200,000 rubles Fixed costs (rent, photo, services) 500,000 rubles Marketing expenses 300,000 rubles Net profit 1,000,000 rubles.

The figures can be confirmed by financial statements and other documents.

Main traffic sources: - SEO - Yandex. arquet - Avito - Direct + Edwards

Today, many are striving to organize a distance business that will bring not only good income, but also pleasure. It should be noted that the competition in this area is quite high. To make the chosen direction profitable and interesting, you can use the non-standard ideas of distance business described below.

Online Cooking Classes

Today one of the demanded directions is the conduct of culinary courses. Many women are happy to pay money to learn all the intricacies of cooking delicious and healthy food. However, not everyone has the opportunity to travel to the other end of the city for one or two hours of classes. That is why organizing cooking courses online is a great solution. How to implement this idea for a distance business?

  • computer and uninterrupted Internet;
  • ability to cook;
  • advertising activities.

To implement this idea, a remote business concept should be developed. You can focus on one category of food. For example, to offer the course "Soup is the head of everything", which involves learning how to cook different types of soups. Another version of the course - "If there were a pie, there would be an eater", involves lessons on baking. You can also teach distance lessons on cooking hot meat and fish dishes, salads, desserts and much more. Be sure to come up with original names for your courses, this will generate additional interest in your activity.

Give your clients choice by scheduling classes. Monday - baking course, Tuesday - salad dressing and so on. Remember that the bulk of clients are not only housewives, but also working women. Plan the hours of distance learning based on the wishes of your students.

In addition, you can arrange private lessons via Skype. Any person who does not know how to cook a particular dish dials your number on Skype, and you tell in detail with illustrative examples in what sequence you need to add the ingredients.

Culinary tricks courses can also be a great idea for a distance business. They are intended for those who already know how to cook, but at the same time want to learn all the subtleties of this area, for example, how to peel onions and not cry, how to choose the right meat or fish, what seasonings to add to side dishes, and much more.

In order for your remote earnings business idea to start paying off, you need advertising activities. Advertising on the Internet has become especially popular on the following sites: Instagram, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Start an interest group at each of these sites. Submit posts with recipes and videos where you clearly tell how to cook a particular dish. This will attract an audience from social networks, which will increase the number of people willing to take your courses.

Reading fairy tales and books for children in real time

Most parents try to pay as much attention as possible to their child's development. However, mom or dad does not always have time to tell the child a story or read a favorite book with him. Thus, reading fairy tales and books for children in real time can become a sought-after business idea.

When implementing a remote business idea, take care of the quality of communication and good lighting in the room. You must be clearly visible and audible. Eliminate the possibility of extraneous noise (phone ringing, TV sound, etc.).

How to implement this idea for a distance business? When implementing such an idea for a small business, you will need:

Recently, this type of investment has become popular, such as buying a ready-made website, which in the future may bring good passive income or already brings, or you can buy an online store that already has a fully established business. By purchasing an Internet project, you automatically become the owner of a website that is already making a profit. You no longer need to spend money and time on the initial development of the project, we have already taken care of this before you.

The finished site can serve as a good start for you if you are interested in development in a particular thematic area. It happens that the competition in the industry you are interested in is very strong, it is almost unrealistic to start developing a project from scratch.

Exchanges where you can buy a website with income or sell

These services are needed, first of all, not even just to buy or sell a website, but for the convenience of conducting secure transactions. In this case, they act as an intermediary, for which they receive their interest. Thanks to this, you will not be "thrown", although there are always risks in any business.

Where can you buy and sell your website profitably? Here on:

  • Telderi is a Russian exchange about the sale and purchase of sites. Not the only one, but the largest. It is possible to purchase an online store with a fully established business, including work with suppliers.
  • Flippa is a foreign exchange. One of the largest, and perhaps the most. On it you can very often buy a website with a company, i.e. a ready-made business.

They can buy not only websites (online stores, blogs, portals), but entire companies whose business is directly related to the Internet. However, such offers are rare.


How much can you sell or buy a website for? As a rule, the price is usually calculated based on a maximum of two years of project payback. But everything depends, first of all, on the method of monetization. If the site does not have passive income, then such projects cost about a year or less. If the project brings mostly passive income, then its price reaches two years of recoupment.

There are projects that can be bought / sold in three years. As a rule, these are promising sites with high income.

If a project uses aggressive monetization methods (pop-ups, SMS monetization), then its price is less than a year.

How to buy correctly

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