Pet shop business plan with calculations 2021

This article will focus on how to open a pet store, what documents to prepare and what to expect from business.

Pros and cons of the project

Any entrepreneurial path has its own advantages and disadvantages. When the advantages of a business justify its disadvantages, it can be profitable.

  • demand (at the moment, every third family has a pet that needs care and attention);
  • the possibility of obtaining a stable income;
  • if profitable, it can pay off in a short time;
  • the pet market is annually enriched with a variety of new assortments;
  • average level of competition.

  • at first it will be quite difficult to decide on the range of products. After a while, it will be clear what the locals prefer;
  • a high degree of risk (the profit will largely depend on how competently the store is located);
  • the characteristic smell in premises, which is extremely difficult to get rid of;
  • a high degree of responsibility for the animals that will be sold in the establishment.

As we can see, there are still more advantages, which means that investing your money in the pet business is not such a fantastic idea. The decisive importance in this matter is played by the competent territorial location of the store and its business plan.

A step-by-step process for organizing such a business is presented in the following video:

Required documents and permissions

In order to start your business, you need the following list of documents:

  • registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC. The choice of the first or second format will depend on how large the store you plan to open. For a zoological tent, you can issue an individual entrepreneur, and a large outlet will require registration of an LLC;
  • licenses and certificates for the entire range of products offered due to its specificity;
  • veterinary certificates (in case the store has the sale of animals);
  • medical certificates for each employee of the future institution.

According to statistics, the Russian Federation is in second place after the United States in terms of the number of pets per population. This means that every second family has a pet: and we are talking not only about the usual dogs and cats, but also about exotic animals - ermines, lizards, chinchillas. This is why you should study a pet store business plan with calculations. This investment project will be relevant for cities and towns.

Market and Competitor Analysis

A business like a pet store will always be relevant. Any pet needs quality content. This includes:

  • regular meals;
  • accessories;
  • toys;
  • vitamins and medicines;
  • houses, cages and beds;
  • care and grooming products.

However, before opening your own store, which offers a variety of pet products for sale, it is very important to carefully study the market and analyze the mistakes made earlier by competing firms.

Wide opportunities for analytics are presented in large cities. Small regional towns may not have similar stores, which will undoubtedly be a plus. An entrepreneur will be able to enter the market as a monopolist. If there are already pet shops in your small town, this should not be a reason for frustration. On the contrary, this suggests that the presented type of activity is popular and in demand.

Before starting any business, it is very important to understand how stable it will be in times of crisis. In this regard, a pet store is one of the ideal options. The economy of our country is often faced with various difficulties, and, despite the fact that this segment of the business can hardly be called highly promising, the pet store will remain afloat, because it is resistant to various crises.

To date, experts do not classify goods for animals as vital purchases. However, as practice shows, in difficult times, the cost of pets decreases very slightly. In order to get out of a difficult situation, the family is cutting other positions in the budget. According to statistics, the demand for products for pets is growing steadily, and the market grows by 30% annually.

A careful analysis of competitors in your city or region will help you open the most attractive point for buyers. As the preferential factors, you can imagine:

  • wider assortment, products that are not available from competitors;
  • quality service;
  • knowledge of the field, the ability to advise the buyer on any issue;
  • additional services that competitors do not have. This can be pre-ordering products or delivering them home;
  • holding promotions, providing customers with discounts or gifts.

Dumping can become one of the major competitive advantages. Even a slight decrease in price can play into your hands. A certain percentage of buyers give preference to those outlets that are ready to offer the most favorable price for the goods, even if the difference is insignificant.

Relevance of the idea

It will be useful for both a novice investor and an experienced entrepreneur to study a business plan for opening a pet store with calculations. As mentioned above, most Russian families have pets. Statistics say that the maintenance of animals, turtles, hamsters and aquarium fish annually takes about one trillion rubles. This is due, among other things, to the fact that a lot of exotic animals appear. And their maintenance is more expensive.

Pet supply store is one of the most popular business options, especially for the aspiring entrepreneur. A pet store does not require a lot of financial investments at the start, while the profitability of such a business is high. Typically, a business pays for itself in about a year. Many are interested in the question of how to open a pet store from scratch. Here it is necessary to take into account several nuances, each of which will be considered in more detail.

Business Features

Of course, to start a profitable business, it is not enough to make such a decision. It is important to draw up a detailed business plan for a pet store, analyze the work of existing outlets, and evaluate the range of goods. It will be useful to communicate with those who have animals in order to understand what products are in demand. Such information will clarify many questions about how to open a pet store.


These options differ in that when debt appears, the personal property of a businessman (IE) may be charged. For an LLC, responsibility applies only to the authorized capital of a legal entity, which is approximately ten thousand rubles (half - this can be an investment of the initiator of the case, and the other half - investments from other persons).

For those who have no experience in registering a business, there are intermediary services. However, in reality, the registration procedure does not require a lot of investment, effort and time. It is recommended to choose a simplified taxation system.

You should also remember about OKVED codes, which are indicated during the registration process:

  • 48. 1. Here we are talking about retail trade in household chemicals, which include shampoos for animals.
  • 48. 3. This applies directly to the retail trade of pets and pet food.
  • 48. 9. We are talking about the specialized sale of non-food products not included in other groups.

If a novice entrepreneur has not fully decided on the future range of products, it is recommended to write a universal version - code 52. 8.. This includes all the codes listed above, as well as a number of some other product groups.

Remember the required documentation package. Submit:

  • a license for the sale of feed, vitamins, vaccines and medicines;
  • a certificate from a veterinarian (if animals will be sold);
  • permission from fire and sanitary-epidemiological service.

An online pet store or just a pet store is a great idea for a small business, especially if a person is looking for a promising job. The article provides all aspects of this activity and a plan on how to open a pet store from scratch.

Pros of Pet Shop

The main advantage of a pet store is a quick return on investment. It will take about 12 months to return investments in big cities, and up to 20 months in small ones. Also, pet shops are practically not affected by the unstable economic situation in the country: people both bought goods for their pets and will continue to buy. Moreover, in every second family you can find some kind of animal - a hamster, a cat, a dog, etc.

Pay attention! In most cases, pet shops are opened by protectors or simply animal lovers. They do their favorite thing, periodically observing the life of animals.

Nowadays, a fairly large number of brands produce goods related to the animal world, so any store owner can create his own unique assortment and make his business competitive.

Cons of a pet store

There are also disadvantages to starting such a business. No matter how contradictory it may sound, there is high competition. Pet shops are on every corner in any part of the city and if the client does not like something, he will calmly find a replacement. Therefore, you need to know how to increase sales in a pet store. To do this, you can reduce prices, carry out various promotions, trying to go to zero for the first two or three months. Then the business will start to flourish.

Another drawback is the smell of animals. No matter how cute they are, everyone has sniffing reflexes and later such a specific smell will start to irritate. This can affect recruiting.

Legal side of the pet supplies business

You can open a store of this type anywhere: in a shopping center, on the first floor of a building, but transferred to a non-residential fund, in a separate building. You need to start, of course, with renting or buying premises. But before you open a pet store from scratch, you need to register a business using the legal form of an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

List of documents for opening a wide format pet store from scratch

Everyone goes to a pet store and buys an animal based on their preferences and wallet capabilities. When purchasing an animal into the house, do not forget about the responsibility that you take upon yourself. You will be required not only to give affection and love to your pet, but also to take on certain obligations to care for him.

Animals act on a person as a kind of sedative. They are able to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house. If you come home from work tired and irritated, then seeing the kind and devoted eyes of your four-legged friend, you will understand that life is good.

Want to start your business from scratch and wonder where your knowledge and skills will come in handy best? Try starting a pet store from scratch. The demand for these goods has always been and will remain. Even if the economic situation in the country is not very favorable, people will never give up their pets.

Significance of a business plan for opening a pet store

How can you make capital selling pet supplies? You can get an answer to this question by drawing up a detailed business plan of a pet store with calculations. When opening any business, first you need to understand its essence, decide what exactly you plan to sell to customers.

A novice businessman can go down the wrong path, starting immediately to sell animals and accessories. This, of course, brings a good profit, but do not forget that it will take money to leave them, and you do not have too much of them yet. For the maintenance of one thoroughbred cat, for example, it costs about 3.5 thousand rubles a month. This is not counting the cells, vaccinations at the veterinarian, etc. Therefore, it is better to start with various little things and feed.

Hence the conclusion: the step-by-step instruction "How to open a pet store" is your first step on the path to success. Without it, your actions may be unsure.

When drawing up a business plan, follow the instructions below:

  • come up with a name for your store;
  • analyze the market and opportunities for potential buyers in your city;
  • study your competitors well;
  • study the target audience;
  • describe the organization of the entire workflow;
  • describe the service and the product being sold;
  • make the necessary financial calculations.

Market Analysis Competition

Before opening a pet supply store, study the market, if possible try to analyze the mistakes of competitors. If there are already similar stores in your locality, do not worry - it means that there is a demand for this type of product.

There are over 30 million domestic cats and about 22 million dogs in Russia. Leading experts of the zoo market unanimously argue that the growth in demand for pet products is constantly growing. The annual growth of the pet food market is 25 - 30%.

The competition in this business is quite high. The market for pet products is completing its formation. His state at the moment can be described as "on takeoff."

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