Passive earnings from scratch on the Internet: 15 ideas for income without investment

How much can you earn on your website?

For many, the Internet has become not just a place of work, but a full-fledged online business. Some webmasters own dozens of sites and make millions a month.

What is so good about making money on sites is that the more traffic to the resource, the higher the passive income. The site can generate money in a variety of ways, depending on the topic and purpose. The most common way is to make money on contextual advertising. You can get money from the context from the first site visitors. What the context is like is a block with sponsored links. You can see similar blocks on every second site.

The amount of income in contextual advertising depends on the topic of the site.

The most profitable are:

  • Construction and repair
  • Medicine
  • Auto
  • Legal topics
  • Business <
  • Stock market
  • Real estate
  • Site building

To understand, a site with a traffic of 100 people per day in one of the above topics, with proper monetization, will bring you about 1000 rubles. per month (context only). Accordingly, with an attendance of 1000 people. per day, your income will already be 10,000 rubles. per month, attendance in 10,000 people. - your income will be 100,000 rubles.

At the same time, sites with high traffic begin to earn not only on contextual advertising, but on direct advertising - placing banners, links, paid articles. Affiliate programs (for example, affiliate programs of online stores) can bring good money.

Some entrepreneurs make money by quickly making high-profile resources and selling them for good money. So, a business-related website with a traffic of 5000 people. will cost at least 1,000,000 rubles. An experienced webmaster can put together such a website in 6 - 12 months, while doing several more projects in parallel. The real profitability of sites and their cost can be viewed on the site purchase and sale exchange here

Where to start?

In this article we will discuss what types of passive income exist - how you can make money on the Internet without serious investments and with minimal physical effort.

Even if you have a stable job with a good salary, creating passive income will not be superfluous. Let's consider 15 different passive income options, dividing them into separate categories for convenience.

Internet Passive Income for Investors

Let's start with more difficult tasks and discuss what are the options for passive income for people who are "you" with finances:

Become a business partner. We are talking about an investment in an actively developing company, which requires additional capital to expand. You can give your funds on credit, or you can ask for a share of shares. As a result, the owner will manage the affairs and run the business, and the investor will act as a passive partner - an excellent source of passive income.

Before investing money in any project, make sure that it has a good reputation in the market, and that it is really expanding and not "fading" and therefore needs additional infusion of funds.

Another passive income on the Internet is investing in real estate investment trusts. Benefits of trusts are a kind of funds that own different real estate projects.

The funds are managed by professionals, so you just have to choose where you want to invest, and the rest will be done for you. Investing in trusts is usually more profitable than bonds, stocks, or bank deposits.

If you are good at finance and looking for passive income sources, don't pass by index funds. You will be able to receive income from investments in the stock market completely passively.

The advantage of index funds is that you do not have to think about selling or buying shares - all these issues are solved by the fund, which forms an investment portfolio based on the state of a particular index. On the Internet, you can choose a fund that works with any index and in different industries - precious metals, banking, energy.

Passive Income Methods: Simple Options

Hello! My name is Dmitry Chernikov, I have been working in IT for over 5 years and mainly engaged in SEO optimization of profitable websites. I have several of my own sites that generate monthly conditional passive income, and also manage 15 profitable investor sites.

In this article, I will tell you in detail and honestly how a person who is not an IT specialist can make money on investments in information sites.

  • 1 What is a profitable website
  • 2 How profitable websites make money
  • 3 Is it realistic for a beginner to make money on profitable websites?
    • 3. Is it possible to buy an inexpensive ready-made website and make money on it if I don't understand anything about the websites?
    • 3. Is it possible to just invest money and earn passively on sites?
  • 4 Which sites are the most profitable
  • 5 How to estimate the fair value of a profitable site
  • 6 How much money and time do you need to maintain a finished website
  • 7 How much can you earn on profitable sites
    • 7. A real case of making money on a profitable site
  • 8 Where can you buy a site that will bring passive income
  • 9 What can you do right now if you are interested in investing in profitable sites:

What is a profitable site

Formally, any site that makes a profit can be called profitable. But usually informational sites or "information sites" are called profitable sites, they are also "articles" - they will be discussed in this article. In simple words, these are sites that host informational articles; these do not include online stores, social. networks, sites with services, etc.

It is also generally accepted that profitable sites are resources that bring passive income around the clock without your direct participation. And there is the lion's share of truth in this, but, as in the well-known anecdote, there are nuances, which I will discuss below.

How profitable sites make money

There are many ways to monetize a website, here are some of them:

In 95% of cases, the simplest and most reliable way to make money on information sites is used - automatic placement of Yandex and Google contextual advertising.

The essence of this way of making money is as follows: advertisers - commercial sites (online stores, service sites, etc.) .) place paid advertising on the Google and Yandex networks, then the search engines automatically place their ad units on your website, and pay for each click on this advertisement to the owner of the article.

In turn, Google and Yandex make money on the difference between the price advertisers pay for each click on their ad and the amount of remuneration for each such click to the site owner.

The advantages of this method of monetization for the site owner are obvious: minimum time expenditures (you need to configure the places for displaying ad units once, and then Google and Yandex determine which specific advertising to display) and maximum reliability - payments for contextual advertisements always arrive on time and without any deception, everything is transparent.

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