Opening an online store: documents, expenses, ideas

Today, the most popular type of earnings is online earnings. The main direction in this area is the sale of goods online. In this article, we will consider options for making money online and a business plan for an online store, so that you know what you need to consider when organizing this case, what documents you need, how much it costs to open such an online company and other important issues.

Content of the article:

There is an opinion that the Internet site is the simplest, not costly type of business. Many people believe that you are just sitting at the computer, relaxing, and at this time the money itself drips into the bank account. If you also think so, then it is better to postpone this venture, because in the first days of work you will have to take off your rose-colored glasses.

An online store is only a means to show products to potential customers. To sell real products, it's not enough just to create a website. You will need legal registration, suppliers, warehouse, office, bank account, telephone, and, of course, time and money. The last two components are the most important for making good money on the Internet, because without them you can only get disappointment, and nothing more.

The main stages of opening an online store

1. We collect the necessary documents

By law, the opening of such an organization has the same features as the opening of a regular outlet. E-commerce is the same entrepreneurial activity, only it uses the latest technology, namely the Internet.

Based on this, the simplest option would be to register an individual entrepreneur. This requires a minimum package of documents, a simplified taxation regime is used, and the cost of registration is small. Naturally, you can also register an LLC, only this is much more complicated. It is better to choose an LLC if your company already has such a legal arrangement, for example, if you decide to increase your profits by expanding your activities in the network.

2. Looking for suppliers

We recommend working with several suppliers at once. Many entrepreneurs only work with China. This is due to the cheapness of goods. In this case, it is better to make bulk purchases and store goods in a warehouse.

There is a more profitable scheme - to find a Russian supplier from another region. You are offering a competitive product in your region at affordable prices. When you receive an order, you order the product from a dealer with delivery to your buyer's address. You are a mediator.

3. We arrange delivery

Most popular options:

In business, planning is an integral part of success. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to write a business plan for an online store. Let's consider a step-by-step instruction on how to do this in practice.

Why do you need a business plan

This document is a detailed instruction of all the steps and nuances of doing business. You can do it yourself, or hire specialists for this purpose.

Before drawing up a business plan for an online store, you need to decide on the niche and concept of online commerce. Next, they begin to draw up a plan.

A correctly written business plan for an online store with calculations helps to find a solution to the following problems:

formulate goals and ways to achieve them;

predict the outcome relatively accurately;

evaluate the competition in the chosen area and your advantages;

setting the assortment, prices, defining the characteristics of goods or services;

marketing strategy and promotion;

determination of the estimated profit, payback period.

Step-by-step instructions for drawing up a business plan for an online store.

One of the reasons for the attractiveness of online trading is the lower costs of starting and developing a business compared to a regular store.

The first step should be a well-written business plan for your online store.

We describe goods and services in the business plan of the online store

To start a description of the business plan of an online store, you need to start with a short introduction - the so-called resume.

Start the main part of the document by describing exactly what your online store will implement:

  • List the services provided or offered product groups / sorts.
  • What are the advantages of the offered goods and services from others? P.. this may include: delivery methods (free, urgent), prices, production features.
  • What will motivate customers to contact you and not other firms?

Market analytics in the online store business plan

Online store business plan: organization


The section contains a list of positions, their responsibilities and salary. The staff of the online store can be:

  • project curator;
  • sales managers;
  • courier (small organizations use hired delivery services);
  • promotion specialists (smm managers, copywriters).


Sample online store business plan

The business plan for creating an online store is aimed at attracting potential investors or for obtaining credit funds secured by the future business. Here is an example of a ready-made business plan, in the structure of which all the requirements and norms for a competent presentation of the project are met.

Resume. The Dom-Market project involves the opening of an online store of the middle price segment in the “supermarket at home” format, with a wide range of goods, with round-the-clock processing of orders and delivery within 24 hours from the moment of payment.

Short-term goal: making a profit by servicing regular customers at a high level of service for all business processes. Long-term goal: to create your own recognizable brand.

  • Stage 1 - 12 months
  • Stage 2 - 5 years

Market analysis. The basis of the e-commerce market today is made up of goods whose cost does not exceed 500 rubles. This is due to the distrust of citizens in new points of sale, in the owners of this business and the high level of fraud in this industry.

Our project provides for a volumetric showcase of goods of this particular price category - dishes, household goods, office supplies, books, children's toys, a souvenir group.

After several trial orders and building trust, the client will pay attention to the next level of goods - household appliances, audio, video devices, mobile phones, etc.

Since there are no online stores for such goods in the city, all existing sites can be considered indirect competitors: the presence of real addresses, city phones and urgent delivery will undoubtedly play in our favor.

Competitive advantages over stationary stores of similar goods:

  • - unlimited virtual space, the ability to place any number of goods;
  • - daily round-the-clock work schedule;
  • - access to goods from any points of the planet;
  • - autonomy of work and a much smaller list of overhead costs.

Drawing up a business plan for an online store

When drawing up a business plan for an online store, you must take into account all the components that are necessary for the full operation of the store. Otherwise, nothing sensible will come of it. For example, if you do not pay due attention to the analysis of competitors, you can choose a niche with very high competition, and you will never reach self-sufficiency. Or invest most of the budget in something that will be ineffective for the store.

Competitor Analysis

In order to draw up a business plan for an online store corresponding to reality, you need to choose a suitable niche, and then conduct an analysis for competition in it. The amount of investments in your store will depend on how much this niche is.

You can read more about how to choose and analyze a niche in the article “How to choose a niche for an online store”.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is a "feature" that will distinguish your online store from hundreds of others. Imagine yourself in the role of a buyer, why should he buy in an unknown store and take risks when you can buy in any popular network like Eldorado. This is where a tasty concrete advantage is needed, which the client cannot refuse. Let's see what it can be.

convenient site functionality (price comparison, convenient structure, etc.);

rare goods (for example, if it is clothes, you can sell brands that are difficult to find in Russia or that are not here at all);

24/7 delivery (if it's a grocery store)

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