Open an online store for free and earn from $ 500 per month

Step by step instructions on how to open an online store. What do you need for this, how much does it cost and how to promote your store for online sales? The answers are here.

Capital investments: 60,000 rubles

Payback: from 3-6 months

The sphere of commerce on the Internet has appeared relatively recently.

But it is developing so rapidly that every second entrepreneur has a question of how to open an online store himself.

For some, this is an additional tool for an existing business that allows you to sell more.

Others are only interested in online sales.

To organize your website, you will need step-by-step instructions, which you will find in the article.

Here is what you need to know to create an online store.

Pros and cons of the idea of ​​opening an online store?

It's worth starting with the advantages of an online store:

  • The buyer can quickly and conveniently find the goods he needs.
  • Registration tools allow you to build a customer base.
  • There are no weekends in online stores, so customers can browse and select products whenever they want.
  • You do not need to pay utility bills, have an extensive staff. This allows for lower prices for buyers.

But the online store has not only advantages, but also disadvantages:

How to open an online store

Many people dream of starting their own online business - opening a retail outlet, selling goods and making a profit. However, not everyone dares to take active real action, thinking that the development and promotion of their store will require a lot of money. In this article, I will tell you in detail how to open an online store for free. After all, there is a way how to start a business from scratch without investment.

Of course, the very process of organizing a case involves several stages. In particular, you need:

  • choose a niche;
  • negotiate with manufacturers / suppliers;
  • make a website for trade;
  • promote business ;
  • and much more.

My article contains detailed instructions on how to open an online store without investment. After reading it, you will understand that there is really nothing complicated about it. You just need to make an effort, set aside time and work a little. Ready to embark on a journey through the fascinating world of online business? Then let's get started!

How to open an online store without investment: we start by choosing a niche and suppliers

The first thing to do before an online store is opened for free is to choose the right niche and suppliers of goods. The best option is to choose the direction, the goods in which you are guided and understand, which evoke positive emotions in you.

Choosing a niche for your store

But you can't rely on personal preferences alone. It is also necessary to consider the prospects of the products in the market. For this, it is recommended to use the Wordstat service or a similar tool from Google. In it, you need to enter a phrase corresponding to the niche of interest and see how many times the search query has been used.

The number of mentions indicates the level of competition. If it is too large, it will be difficult to break through the already firmly standing shops. If there are few references, then there will also be few customers.

Tip! Analyze multiple potential niches at once. Choose products that fall into the “golden mean” in terms of the number of requests - there should be several thousand of them per month.

Want to open an online store, but can't choose a niche? This article will help you identify and find the most promising direction. Together we will analyze each idea according to a list of parameters and choose a winner. After working through the table from the article, you will have an understanding of the next steps. You just have to believe in the inevitable success and launch an online store :) First, we need your ideas ...

What if there are no ideas?

Not scary. Ideas are in the air. You need to write out as many different options for an online store as possible. Pay no attention to doubts, now more is better. I'll give you some pointers for ideas and inspiration:

  • Is your brother, dad, cousin, childhood friend or other relative / acquaintance running a business? Talk to him, find out the details. Such people can become your suppliers. Well, or at least give valuable advice.
  • Browse the Chinese marketplaces AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao. They have a lot of product categories, unusual, original and sometimes innovative products.
  • Are there wholesale depots in your city? Surely there is. Call, find out prices, ask questions: what are the novelties, what is in demand now, on what conditions you can start working.
  • Think about your own hobbies and areas of interest.
  • Trends. It is worth looking around you and you can see many popular, trending products. You should be careful with this method. There is a risk of creating a "one-day" online store. Once the trend is over, the store will have to close.
  • Begin with your own needs. You wanted to buy some product in your city and could not find it? Are you dissatisfied with the assortment or service?
  • Proceed from your own capabilities. You have some useful contacts, a chance to purchase a large batch of goods at a very low price, you often visit Finland, etc.

Organize a brainstorming session alone or with a partner / team. You should now have a list of product ideas for your online store.

Now let's rate each one point by point. But before that, let's give the floor to the law.


Online stores of vapes, hookahs and everything related to smoking, alcohol, replicas and copies of well-known brands, human organs and so on (here is a complete list from Tinkoff Bank). Problems may arise with such items. Starting with the inability to advertise in Yandex Direct, ending with the blocking of the domain by Roskomandzor. Be sure to study the legislation of the country in which you are opening a store. If you have to obtain licenses / certificates - take this into account when drawing up the table and in your financial planning.

Okay, we've sorted out the legality issues. Let's go back to the list of ideas. The ultimate challenge is to keep the most promising option. In the table below, I have given the most important criteria by which to evaluate a future project.

Idea comparison table:

For each store idea you will need to put from 1 to 3 points:

Three honest stories of women entrepreneurs.

To be successful, it is not enough to repeat what billionaires do. You need to understand what mistakes were made by those who did not succeed, and draw the right conclusion from them.

Lifehacker reviewed one of the most popular types of business - online shopping. The former owners were honest about what went wrong, how much money they lost and what advice they would give to newbies.

The "invisible" side of the business

Owner of Kids-collection branded children's clothing online store. u from 2021 to 2021.

Before buying out the online store, I worked in advertising and marketing. Another project was completed, a new one did not start, and I was practically without work. And one evening my husband suggested to me: “Let's open a business for you,” and I decided not to miss the chance.

In 2021, there was a boom in quests in Moscow, and we looked closely at them. At first, there were long miscalculations and drawing up business plans, then we dropped this idea and started looking for another interesting business, and in the end we came to the conclusion that it would be cool to open an online store. At the same time, I got pregnant and decided that the best online store that a young mother can have is a children's goods store, namely clothes. Everything seemed simple and logical: the idea ignited me and inspired me so much that I immediately started to implement it.


I started looking for ready-made online stores and found Kids-collection. u. We began to formalize the buyout of the domain name, the remnants of clothing and contracts with suppliers.

The ransom cost 1,000,000 rubles. My mother-in-law lent me money to start a business.

It was originally planned that for this amount I will purchase two online children's clothing stores with the same product content, just under different domains. But at the time of the deal, it turned out that only one domain name was being sold, that is, one store and part of the rest. At the same time, the second Internet project becomes my competitor.

  • A finished site on some prehistoric CMS, with which only Ukrainian programmers could work.
  • Warehouse leftovers, consisting of three boxes with hats and clothes, which was bought back in 2021 by the first owner of the online store. The entire warehouse fit in my dressing room.
  • Supplier contacts - the only ones in Russia that offered the brands I needed. I was assured that the cooperation had already been established, so I was not worried about this.

We have prepared for you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to open an online store from scratch. We will also tell you how to easily resolve all legal and technical issues before starting online sales.

Stages of opening a store on the Internet

If you trade offline, but are preparing to launch an online store, some steps will be irrelevant to you ─ skip them and move on to the next.

Step Description of leads and competitor analysis

In the language of marketing, you need to describe your target audience:

  • who your customers are (gender, age, where they live, marital status, who they work for and other characteristics that are significant for sales);
  • why do they need or can need the products you sell;
  • which payment and delivery methods are more convenient for them.

Explore the sites of online stores that sell products similar to yours. Please note:

  • how the site is designed;
  • is there a detailed description of goods and photos;
  • how convenient and clear is the ordering process, whether you need to wait for a call (letters) from the manager or everything happens automatically;
  • is it easy to find information about the company, payment, delivery;
  • how they collect customer bases, for example, give a discount on the first order for a subscription to email or messengers;
  • which methods of payment and transfer of goods are used, for example, they offer free shipping to everyone or it depends on the value of the order.

Perhaps your competitors have some other features that set them apart from others: exclusive products, online help in choosing the size, fast delivery, a convenient and beautiful website, an interesting and useful blog, and more ...

After such an analysis, you will have ideas of what you definitely need to configure on your site, and you will also understand how not to do it and avoid mistakes.

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