Online trading at its peak

Until now, everyone is interested in the question of how to make money on the resale of goods. After all, resale as a stable way of earning money has been relevant at all times. This area changes with times and environmental conditions.

For example, in the Middle Ages, resale was the Great Silk Road, camel caravans, wealthy merchants, homemade shops and markets in cities. The relevance of the trading business lost ground only during the Soviet Union. But since the 1990s, trade, in particular the resale of goods, has been reborn as a stable form of commercial activity.

This is what we'll talk about in this article.

But before you start, pay attention to the course on money thinking from Ilya Sitnov.

How to make money by reselling goods in Russia

Today's realities set new rules for trading. The development of technology has opened up endless opportunities for trade. If logistics issues are resolved in a particular region, then residents can trade almost all over the world. And the events of recent years, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, gave a powerful impetus to the development of online commerce.

In August 2021, the marketing agency RBC - Market Research conducted a study. It was attended by about 150 representatives of the business sector. The survey revealed that 51% of Russian companies see their further development in close connection with online trading.

The development of online commerce is closely dependent on the development of the logistics sector. Due to the fact that demand has migrated from reality to the online sphere, 94% of logistics companies have modernized their services in one way or another. All these facts indicate that the ideal conditions have come for starting a trading business.

Earning from resale can be a temporary way of earning money, or it can grow into a solid business over time. To achieve this level, it is necessary to increase turnover and improve the existing sales channels. Next, we will consider all the nuances of this case.

Resale of goods As a way to make money

Earnings from a simple resale on the Internet can bring a stable income with an increasing trend. This way of making money is available to everyone. And the advantages are as follows:

In real life, many companies are built on a simple principle - buy cheaper, sell more expensive. They have already signed contracts with suppliers and established sales. Anyone can earn under the same scheme. Moreover, huge investments are not required to start, it all depends on the product, but you can develop gradually.

Making money on the resale of goods on the Internet is not a new idea, but its relevance does not disappear. There are more and more directions for this business.

We have already talked about the reselling of referrals on mailers. This is the easiest option, and most importantly, when using it, you do not need to deal with delivery and even more so personally meet with buyers and sellers.

How do you make money on reselling online?

It is not difficult to explain how this scheme is applied. You must buy any value and sell it at a premium.

The profit of the speculator depends on the amount of the margin, how high it will be depends only on the efficiency of sales. It is easier to find buyers on the web, because a huge audience coverage is open.

Now absolutely everything is resold on the network. Many people do not hesitate to look for great deals or direct supplies from the manufacturer.

They see an advertisement, immediately click on it and place an order. Here are some examples used by moneymakers successfully:

  • earnings on reselling articles;
  • earnings on reselling cryptocurrency;
  • earnings on reselling domains;
  • earnings on reselling traffic;
  • making money on reselling CS GO skins;
  • reselling a variety of content;
  • making money on reselling coins from Ebay;
  • earnings on the resale of sites.

With one of these ideas, you don't have to get out of your computer chair. But in this article we will consider a slightly different scheme.

It uses real goods, so in some cases you will have to use the services of transport companies (if the supplier does not do this).

During the coronavirus pandemic, the e-commerce segment showed the most rapid growth in its history. Quarantine has been gradually lifted, and customers across the country are returning to their usual "physical" stores. Nevertheless, many have discovered online stores and are willing to shop there in the future. But is it worth betting on this and opening your own online store?

Pandemic era e-commerce market

The coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine measures taken because of it have become a kind of "perfect storm" for the entire global economy. But some still benefited from it, for example, manufacturers of medical masks and antiseptics, as well as online stores and delivery services. If before the quarantine online shopping was only one of the options to buy goods, then after the start of general self-isolation for 1.5-2 months, there were simply no other options.

Before the start of the pandemic, marketplaces were in the lead in Internet commerce in Russia - the same Wildberries, Ozon, Beru and smaller players. Over the months that have passed since the beginning of the restrictions, almost all trade had to go online, but it was not possible to shake the position of marketplaces.

Thus, large companies were among the first to master new trends:

In addition to such companies, online hypermarkets of products have won. So, if before the start of the pandemic, Utkonos was the leader, then soon it was overtaken by X5 Retail Group, then - Sbermarket, and then VkusVill and the newcomer Samokat came up to it. But grocery online retail is just one of the market segments, which is also tightly connected with specific points in cities (with the same Perekrestok).

But there was no breakthrough with non-food retail - the same Wildberries, Ozon and Lamoda remain the leaders. They were not prevented by the work exclusively on prepayment, or the ban on trying on clothes, or the new conditions for delivery. For example, Wildberries' turnover more than doubled in the second quarter - up to 103.4 billion rubles, and the audience has tripled.

In such conditions, newcomers began to enter the online trading market. Some of them are offline stores that were forced to work via the Internet due to local bans, and some are completely new participants who saw new opportunities during the crisis. But quarantine is gradually ending, retail is opening, and competitors are not going anywhere. So is it worth thinking about opening an online store now?

What you need to open an online store

For non-food retail, the coronavirus has become the most serious test in the last decade - stores were not allowed to operate and serve customers, and in some cases employees could not even come to their workplaces due to completely closed shopping centers.

How to start a business with China and get rich by reselling Chinese products, most beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs think about. There is no doubt about the high prospects and wide possibilities of this direction. Without leaving your home, you can really make good money on goods from China. Today, having studied the article to the end, you will find out how profitable trade with Chinese manufacturers is, what business models can be used. We will tell you about all the nuances of how to establish profitable cooperation and start earning.


How to start a business

A couple of decades ago, when mentioning Chinese products, there was an association with low-quality counterfeits.

Since then, a lot has changed, and companies in the Middle Kingdom have reached a high level of production. Thanks to cheap labor, not only local enterprises operate in China, but also production sites of foreign renowned firms.

Today you can buy everything from the Chinese - from textiles to advanced electronics. It is easy to find goods of excellent quality, made from first-class raw materials using modern technologies. But the most attractive thing is the low price, which allows you to make good money on their resale to the Russian consumer.

Now is the perfect time to start a business with China. Thanks to the "World Wide Web", a huge assortment of goods of excellent quality, today everyone has a unique opportunity to work in this direction. It is enough to study the peculiarities of doing business, have a computer, Internet access and a great desire to earn money.

The basic business scheme is simple:

  • Find goods in China at a low price on favorable terms.
  • Deliver it to Russia.
  • Sell at a good markup.

The resale difference will be your profit. On the resale of goods from China, it is possible to have more than 60,000 rubles a month. First you need to decide what to sell. Having chosen a category of goods, having decided on the pricing policy and type of product, find a seller or reseller in China. After agreeing on the conditions, method and cost of delivery, order a consignment of goods and come up with a concept for selling it at home.

Everything is fast, simple and beautiful! Business with China is also attractive because everything is built according to the scheme: buy - sell. To implement an undertaking, you do not need special knowledge and skills, it is enough to learn to anticipate the needs of potential buyers, as well as the desire to develop and grow.

Essentials for Success

There is a persistent stereotype that trading is one of the simplest activities. However, in practice, young entrepreneurs face various problems that cause losses. To prevent the development of such a situation, you need to carefully prepare for starting a business. In this article, we propose to discuss questions about how to start selling clothes over the Internet, where to look for suppliers and first buyers.

Selling Clothes Online: Business Relevance

Even beginners in e-commerce can use the Internet as a platform for starting a business. The simplest option for this business is to use popular social networks. In addition, you can use special services that allow you to create a full-fledged online store completely free of charge. One of the most difficult stages of creating such a business is finding suppliers. The financial efficiency of the created project depends on this stage.

To date, more than a thousand online stores specializing in the sale of clothing are registered on the territory of the domestic Internet space. Each of these projects has unique specifics and a number of features. It is important to note that few people think about why some online stores become popular, while other projects are closed after a certain period of time.

The success of a trading business depends on the assortment of the store, pricing policy and other factors.

In order to create a successful business, you need to select reliable suppliers who will supply quality products. Entrepreneurs working in this area can enter into contracts with textile factories, promoted brands, official distributors and large suppliers. However, before you start looking for suppliers, you need to decide on a business concept. Today, children's clothing, lingerie and creative things for teenagers are in high demand. The choice of such an assortment allows setting a high mark-up on the offered products.

Doing business on the Internet allows an entrepreneur to get rid of the need to pay rent or purchase warehouse premises where the received products will be stored. Trading in small quantities of goods allows you to avoid the loss of large capital in the event of the acquisition of an illiquid product. One of the important stages in creating such a project is the promotion of the created store. In the early stages, it is very important to constantly track the number of visitors to the created page. This approach allows you to understand which of the marketing solutions are more effective for this business. Despite the fact that such a business does not require large investments, an entrepreneur will need start-up capital. In addition to purchasing the first batch of clothing, you need to constantly invest in advertising.

In addition to all of the above, a beginner in this business needs to consider several important nuances. Some customers of the created site may be unhappy with the purchased products. Customer dissatisfaction can be explained by the fact that the quality of the goods received by the customer may differ from the content of the pictures posted on the site. In addition, many clients of such platforms often make mistakes with the size when choosing clothes. Such customers may demand a refund or exchange of goods. A newbie in this business should carefully study all the pitfalls associated with the sale and delivery of goods to customers.

How much you can earn

The profitability of a trading business depends on many factors. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the range and the current state of the market. In addition, it is important to understand that the entrepreneur will need to spend some of the money received on paying taxes, advertising campaigns and buying a new batch of clothes. The financial performance of such a project depends on the effectiveness of advertising and the number of clients.

In order to better understand the pricing procedure, you need to consider a practical example. The cost of one T-shirt in a Chinese online store is about five hundred rubles, including delivery. Most online stores charge a hundred percent mark-up on their products. This means that the cost of the purchased T-shirt will increase to one thousand rubles. If the volume of monthly sales reaches one hundred products, the volume of gross income will be one hundred thousand rubles.

All costs associated with doing business must be deducted from this amount. This item includes the cost of an advertising campaign, office rental and taxes. Most of the amount received should be spent on the purchase of a new consignment of goods. Subtracting expenses from total revenue allows you to get information about the amount of personal income of the owner of the online store.

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