Online clothing store; how to create and develop correctly

As I promised, I am putting on display my online store business plan with calculations and real numbers. At the same time, we will discuss which online store is profitable to open in 2021, share my list of TOP-500 ideas for profitable goods, and tell you how to legally open a business on the Internet, what documents are needed for this, and how to pay taxes.

  • What you need to open an online store
  • Ideas for choosing a product
  • Business plan for an online store with calculations
  • Business plan for an online store an example with real numbers
  • Open an online store from scratch
  • Payback of an online store

What you need to open an online store

There are only three things you need to do right to open a profitable online store:

  • choose the right products that you will trade,
  • select reliable suppliers supplying goods at wholesale prices,
  • create a selling site that will please potential buyers,
  • choose the right customer acquisition channels. The rest is secondary.

But not everything is so simple, so before moving on to numbers, I will dwell on each point in more detail.

Which online store to open in a year

For an online store, choose inexpensive goods with a high mark-up - at least 50-100%, but so that the cost of the goods does not exceed 1000-3000 rubles. for a unit. It is this amount of money, according to statistics, on average, people allow themselves to easily spend on online purchases in an online store.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind according to these criteria is clothes and shoes, inexpensive household appliances. However, when trading these types of goods via the Internet, do not forget about a significant disadvantage - most entrepreneurs are just as smart, therefore the number of competitors selling this category of goods is so great that it takes a lot of money and labor to compete with them, or specialize in one exclusive assortment (for example, boots with handmade exclusive embroidery).

The following product categories are also popular on the Internet:

I am not trying to persuade you to reinvent the wheel, but it is imperative to analyze the breadth of representation of the selected product on the Internet and competitors. Someone with imagination as well as mine, catch the TOP-500 profitable ideas for an online store, among which you can find worthwhile options for every taste.

People began to give more and more preference to shopping on the Internet. A thing can be viewed for a long time by the photo, sorting through the assortment by price and quality. There is no lunch break or impolite salesperson - a comfortable shopping option. Consider the question of which online store is profitable to open.

The main advantage of the online store

With the development of technology, many wondered whether to open an online store. People disagree - both the risk and the attractiveness are high.

Pros and cons

Advantages of Online Stores:

  • no costly rent and repair;
  • the ability to work throughout Russia, sending goods by mail and courier services;
  • round-the-clock work and customer access;
  • any form of payment: prepayment, cash on delivery, webmoney, etc.
  • unlimited geography of the offer and many users;
  • if the work is well-organized, the owner only controls the process.

It is beneficial to open such a store as an additional source of income with an existing real outlet or production. But a good site and a high rating cost from 15 thousand one-time and 10 thousand monthly.

The disadvantage of such a store is that the product cannot be evaluated live, tried on or smelled (for example, when opening a perfume store). However, buyers are already accustomed to making their choice based on photos and product descriptions.

Product categories

  • Popular trending products are always in high demand and margins.
  • Goods from China - low prices, large assortment, the ability to work on the dropshipping system.
  • Exclusive goods - narrow niche, low competition.
  • Products of our own production - a large margin, an opportunity for development and creativity.

TOP-variants of goods

To sell a specialized product, you need to be knowledgeable in this area. General purpose goods, clothing, footwear and similar categories are suitable for business beginners.

TOP-15 products for online stores:

An online store, like any other type of business, needs a business plan. It is the business plan that helps to collect all the necessary information, calculate the costs and potential profits, the time frame for reaching payback. Read what to sell online, where to find start-up capital and how to write a business plan, as well as practical tips for attracting your target audience to your online store.

How to create an online store

First, you need to analyze the market, trying to choose an unoccupied niche. Online commerce is developing many times faster than real, so finding a free niche to successfully start a business from scratch can be quite difficult. If you occupy a niche in which there is already a monopolist, the online store should differ from the main competitor in significant advantages.

After a complete analysis of the market and choosing a niche, you start creating a website. Choose a hosting and domain. Be careful when choosing a name for the site - it should be remembered. After that, you will need to select a system that will administer the site. For example, Bitrix 24 or Wordpress. These systems are free, they work on the vast majority of sites.

You will need to configure the site administration system immediately after the portal starts working. Basic settings are free, but additional modules will have to pay a certain cost.

In the process of creating a website, you need to register your business, resolve the issue with suppliers, warehouse and delivery of goods and hire employees. If it is a small store focused on your city, you can hire one driver, but if you work at the national or global level, you also need to negotiate with transport companies.

The next step is advertising. To know about your store, you need a competent marketing strategy, including targeted, contextual and other types of advertising, possibly advertising from bloggers.

What can be sold in the online store: TOP-items

In the list of things that can be sold in an online store, it makes sense to include only those items that will be bought quickly. Therefore, most of the online stores are focused on the mass market, and not on unique and exclusive items. The only exceptions are hand-made stores.

  • Women's clothing

The traditional first place is given to any items of women's clothing. If you want to sell European brands, it makes sense to set up remote control (you receive an order, report it to the brand's representative office, the store sends the ordered items to the desired address, bypassing you). If you plan to focus on a domestic manufacturer, rely on clothes of the middle price segment, which are produced in large quantities.

Experts do not recommend starting a business on the Internet by selling designer-designed clothing items. Even if you dream of a mono boutique with collections of Russian designers, buying their creations in bundles and selling them in an online store at an increased price would be the wrong decision. First, you need to reach payback and set the main vectors for further development.

  • Shoes

IMPORTANT. Before reading the information below, I advise you to devote a minute to reading the business idea itself, using the link How to create your own online store?

Good afternoon! The online store and its business plan will become the object of our close attention today.

This article will try to tell all the most comprehensive information and help you at least a little if you want to open your own online store.

To begin with, I will say that I ask you not to take into account some of the numbers as strict, some price ranges may differ significantly in one case or another. From words to deeds, let's go directly to the article.

How to open your online store

In itself, running an online store at the initial stage can be comparable to a minefield and the slightest miscalculation in one step or another can lead to failure.

To begin with, you must clearly understand for yourself what you want to get in the end and what your audience will be. At the moment, narrowly targeted sites are widely used.

The times of the past years have passed and today it will be much cheaper to promote a site adapted to one direction than an online store where everything will be sold at once.

This should be considered if you want to open a really worthwhile store that will sell, and not clutter up the Internet with your presence.

However, in the article we will try to take the most expensive option and open a traditional online store selling everything at once.

Online store opening

Opening a virtual store on the web seems like a simple task. No rental costs and no hired staff. There is no need to look for premises for a warehouse, to fiddle with unrealized remains of goods. It is not even necessary to leave the house, because you can organize a virtual point of sale right in your apartment.

All this is true, but there are nuances that a novice entrepreneur rarely thinks about. Opening an online clothing store is a great idea, where to start? How to make sure that the store is noticed (after all, there are thousands of them in the network) and is noticed by the very category of people who are interested in your assortment. How to fill in the "showcase", arrange delivery, whether to accept the goods back if the clothes do not fit. Let's discuss these issues.

Online Trading - Pros and Cons

A business from scratch selling clothes via the Internet has its own specifics. The advantages of such a commercial direction include savings in rent, utilities, hired personnel (all operations at a virtual point of sale can be performed at the initial stage by one person). However, you will need to spend on promotion and website promotion.

The main advantage of selling clothes over the Internet is the fact that there is no need to keep the goods on hand to show them to the client. A description and a colorful photograph are enough. If the interest in the product is not justified, the plan is changed and another product is imported - the trade profile is updated without major losses.

The idea of ​​opening a store on the network turns into losses if the priorities are wrong. Not paying due attention to promotion and marketing issues, choosing the wrong supplier, selling low quality goods, ignoring the issues of analyzing visitor behavior on the site. As in any new business, it is advisable to precede practice with theory - to study the main issues of online trading, draw up a phased action plan, and calculate preliminary costs.

How to make an online clothing store: business technology

The online store opening scheme is as follows:

  • define an assortment, write a business plan;
  • create a website, test it for correct operation;
  • find a supplier; agree with him to work on dropshipping or buy a minimum batch of goods;
  • fill out product cards, make a description for all or leading commodity items; add photos;
  • solve payment and delivery issues;
  • take care of website promotion in search engines.

Important! Do not let a novice entrepreneur be fooled by the above plan - the procedure may be different. When you open an online store, you have to do all the points of the plan at the same time: look for suppliers, launch a website, take photos and descriptions, and advertise.

Online store business plan includes:

# Article of expenses Cost, rub. Comment 1 Choosing a niche - The narrower it is, the easier it is to create a store on the network. Finding Suppliers - It will take time and diplomatic skill to build a network of contacts. It is advisable to negotiate with the supplier all the details of future cooperation: - ordering a minimum batch of goods; - payment and prepayment; - delivery time, packaging; - return of defective products. Creation and filling of a website from scratch 100,000 - 300,000 A website based on a template will cost 10,000 - 50,000 rubles. Website promotionfrom 15,000 per month This money will be spent on seo-optimization - creating a positive image for search engines. Marketing from 15,000 per month Experienced businessmen recommend spending your advertising budget prudently, distributing it between different types of advertising promotion, analyzing the benefits of each of them on a monthly basis. Purchase of the first batch of goods 20,000 - 50,000 This expense item can be saved by working on a dropshipping scheme.

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