Online business - ways to create relatively stable online schemes for making money on the Internet

Hello, dear readers of the KtoNaNovenkogo blog. u. The bourgeois word "business", denoting business activity with the goal of creating a sustainable source of income, in some aspects is at odds with the things I wrote about in articles about possible options for making money online and about who freelancers are and what type of freelancing might be right you. There, we mainly talked about earnings, and not about online business, although to some extent these concepts overlap.

But still, business is when you are a boss, or rather, when there is no boss over you, because many online businessmen do not have subordinates at all, they act in all faces themselves (in fact, these are the same individual entrepreneurs simply drawing income from Internet users). Probably I can also be attributed to the cohort of online businessmen, because the site in many cases can be a source of income (even if this site is not commercial, but informational).

P. ... As much as I would like, but you can't fit everything you need into one (or even several publications) (and the devil, as they say, is in the details). In general, there is an option to take online training on the topic "Internet Marketer from TexTerra". Nevertheless, during this time, you can probably tell everything. But this is paid, of course.

What's the fun of doing business online?

Actually, freelancers are also engaged in online business, despite the fact that in most cases they "work for their uncle." But these same "uncles" are essentially allied partners, to whom they sell their products (services). For example, having opened a confectionery, you are engaged in business, despite the fact that you are completely dependent on large stores that will undertake to sell your products.

In general, online now more and more attracts those who want to make money, because buying and ordering services through the network is becoming an increasingly popular activity and, most importantly, this market will constantly grow for quite a long period of time. But online business is not at all limited to commerce (selling). Here, unlike in real life, you can still implement projects that overnight make you rich and, possibly, famous.

Look at the example of the creators of Facebook and Vkontakte, and the developers of the WhatsApp messenger don't inspire you? Their application for mobile phones (as well as the Vatsap program for a computer), a few years after its creation, was bought by the already mentioned Facebook for an unimaginable $ 19 billion. These, of course, are the most striking examples, and there are quite a few of them, but many do not need to conquer such heights. It's enough to just become a mid-range businessman (or even own a small business), as long as it generates enough income to meet your needs. After all, happy is not the one who has a lot, but the one who has enough.

Do you know what is the main advantage of being online? This is that here you can get an unlimitedly large audience, which in real life may take decades and tons of money invested in advertising to collect. Compare, for example, the income of Facebook and Coca-Cola. If they differ, then only slightly. How long did it take for the owners of Cola to reach this level? A mere trifle - about a century. While online business is able to reach a comparable level in just a few years.

This is due to the huge potential audience, which you just need to captivate and interest, so that she herself (without any advertising, but only relying on the recommendations of her friends or following a trend, rushed in your direction). There are no distances on the internet. In many cases, even regional branches will not have to be created (for example, in the case of online services), except national ones, but again, not because of distances, but because of the linguistic difference.

On the other hand, there are quite a few clever people (who understand how to make money quickly while sitting at a computer) like you and me, which creates serious competition in this market. Most of the conceived business projects on the Internet fail for a number of reasons, and often precisely because of the high competition in this segment.

The one who offers something first wins (or the one who read the trend in time - Google Trends will help you), and everyone else is forced to pick up the crumbs from the table. For example, it is practically impossible to enter the online market with your own project of a social network or search engine, even for companies with enormous capital. This market has already been divided, and the new player will have to offer something that will rip off millions of users from their home. And this is several orders of magnitude more difficult to do than to process a looming idle audience that needed communication or the ability to quickly find an answer to their question, but the market did not offer this, or the available offers were of inadequate quality.

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