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Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Investments Ecosystem

Now, in a constantly changing world, you need to always be on the lookout and track trends that may "shoot" in the coming years. Such attentiveness and awareness will allow you to keep your business going in the future.

Kirill Ignatiev, chairman of the board of directors of the Russian Investments ecosystem, futurologist, talks about what changes await us in the future.

For seven years I have been working on the futurological project "Technical progress and the economy of the future." During this time, our team has conducted 370 interviews with experts around the world.

This study allowed us to paint a complete picture of life in the next 80 years, where, perhaps, everything will change: transport infrastructure, consumer behavior, the spectrum of entertainment and much more - right down to the corporate structure.

Here are the trends of the future I can advise you to apply right now so that your business does not lose in the competition.

Encourage creativity

Today marketing is leading in the cost of a product, but it is digitalizing, and tomorrow the idea will be the main one. Collect the backbone of the company from idea generators! Develop the ability to think independently and creatively in key employees of different professions! Increase the speed of converting your idea into business!

The most valuable employees are people with a systematic and at the same time creative mind.

Hire Self-Employed

Self-employment will be the main form of work. Not so much in a legal sense as in fact.

Hello dear friends! Today's business idea has already been tested by many entrepreneurs and, I must say, quite successfully. In our age of ecological madness, fueled by aggressive Swedish girls, the business of recycling various waste into useful goods is more relevant than ever. Recycled plastic clothing is gaining popularity and selling well. In this article, we will tell you how to organize a business for the production of this product and take a cozy niche in the market.

What is PET and what products are made from it?

How many plastic containers do you think the average person uses and throws away in one year? Several tens of kilograms! And this is at the usual level of consumption of the corresponding product. Plastic bottles sell water, liquid oils, some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The material for the production of such containers is polyethylene terephthalate or, in abbreviated form, PET.

Two types of products are made from this material all over the world - plastic containers and fibers for the production of polyester. Moreover, 70% of PET goes to fibers, and the rest goes to the production of bottles and other containers for food. In Russia, the situation is exactly the opposite - most of the PET is used for the production of containers, and less than a third of the total volume goes to fibers. And this fact suggests that in our country there is room for the implementation of a business idea for plastic recycling.

Currently in Russia there are separate small industries where plastic bottles are turned into fibers for the production of fabric materials. However, this business idea has not been implemented on a large scale in any region. And this is very strange, since PET from bottles is perfectly processed into fibers with minimal production costs. Recycled polyester is ideal for a variety of materials. In particular, clothing made from recycled plastics is rapidly gaining popularity due to the fact that it has a number of advantages. In the West, the production of such clothing has been established by many well-known brands, in particular - Adidas and Nike.

How are recycled plastic garments made?

The technology for the production of plastic fibers from appropriate containers is surprisingly simple and includes several stages. Namely:

PET fibers are used to produce polyester, a very common material in the textile industry. Fabrics made of polyester fibers dry quickly and do not change shape or size after washing. Accordingly, clothes made from such fabrics have high performance characteristics - they are practical, wearable and easy to wash. In recent years, it is polyester that has become the main material used by advanced eco-fashion designers.

Recycled plastic clothing: profitable business

As mentioned above, clothes made from recycled plastic are not very common in our country and the organization of their production can bring good income. Below we present you with a general step-by-step guide that will guide you in the wilds of implementing this interesting business idea. So, to make money on the production of clothing made from recycled plastic, you need to follow the recommendations below:

  • study the experience of Western representatives of such a business;
  • try to calculate as accurately as possible all the possible risks associated with the financial part of the business, especially if you take out a loan;
  • evaluate the potential target audience in your area. Unfortunately, this business may not be profitable in all regions of the Russian Federation;
  • organize a legal entity in the form of an LLC and select the appropriate OKVED codes in the classifier;
  • rent a spacious production facility to accommodate there are workshops and a warehouse;
  • purchase the appropriate equipment. It is not profitable to buy new production lines - it is better to study the offers of used equipment;
  • organize training for personnel;
  • develop a line of clothing that you are going to produce;
  • find permanent sources from where plastic for production will come without interruption;
  • organize permanent distribution channels for products.

Important! We advise you to diversify production, that is, develop at least two lines of polyester clothing - budget and premium. Small-scale production will pay for itself in about one year and will allow you to receive a net profit of up to 5 million rubles per year. The figure is approximate, but the calculation was made on the basis of financial reports of similar industries, which are taken from open sources.

In this article we will talk about how the business ideas of the future will look like in 5 years what will be relevant to X. Wells, the famous English author, was terrified when he predicted the Internet nearly a century ago in his 1923 book, People Like Gods. With the rapid change engulfing business now coming mostly from the Internet, forecasting for the next five years is fraught with serious problems. However, it is still reasonable to predict at a macro level what companies will look like in five years.

Future business ideas in years

Enterprises on the wave of mobility

Mobility is a fait accompli. In five years, this will become the norm, taking away everything that is tied to a physical place. The cloud will soar in popularity, and any remaining kinks will have been ironed out by then. More people are already accessing the Internet via mobile phones.

In another five years, few people will continue to use desktop computers for personal Internet access. The proliferation of technologies such as Google Balloon will make the Internet ubiquitous. All devices will always be connected. The Internet will be available, like electricity, anywhere, anytime.

Companies will leverage these trends to become more mobile. The concept of physical offices will diminish, replaced by smart workstations and hot desks from where executives can collaborate with other team members online.

While physical offices and retail stores will not disappear, mobility will continue to grow. Businesses will develop systems to seamlessly integrate their physical and online worlds.

Taking into account the investments provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) - / this is the new stage of the development of the Internet, when more things are connected to it than people. oT connects the objects around us into a computer network. They exchange information with each other and work online without human intervention /, it is safe to assume that in five years IoT will become the basis. Companies that have not adapted to the IoT will become obsolete, stone buildings in the throes of redundancy.

Enterprises will deploy tools such as MS-Dynamics or newer tools that are not yet available. They will use such tools to integrate information collected from sensors and other sources and process it in CRM and other platforms. They will use such information in real time, through the CMS, customer-centric applications and other tools at their disposal.

IoT will drive automation to a large extent, eliminating the need for manual intervention. IoT sensor data can automatically schedule and order parts, without the need to manually log a complaint or a field service technician to manually check before ordering the required spare parts.

Let's take a look at 6 of the most anticipated tech IPOs around the world this year. An IPO is the process when a company first offers a public offering of shares to the public. Once a company is listed, its shares are traded on the stock market.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the IPO activity of global companies in the first half of 2021, with many planned IPOs postponed. Only in the second half of the year, IPO activity began to grow. We are now seeing a new harvest of IPOs as stock markets recover. These are the six leading technology public offerings planned for 2021.

Airbnb IPO

Airbnb, the tech company that has revolutionized the way we travel and travel. Founded in 2021 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, the company is a unicorn, a startup company that is part of the “sharing economy”.

The main business of the company is the online vacation rental marketplace offering accommodation (mainly homestays) or travel services. Airbnb acts as an intermediary between hosts and guests, making money by collecting commissions for its intermediary role.

On August 19, 2021, Airbnb announced that it had submitted a confidential S-1 filing draft to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a future IPO.

Form S-1 is the form used by companies planning to list on the US stock exchange, it also includes the company's prospectus.

This suggests that Airbnb will have an IPO in 2021, although the number of shares to be offered and the price range has yet to be determined.

Airbnb By The Numbers

Airbnb has a market value of $ 31 billion, but the company has had better times. In the second quarter of 2021, due to the pandemic, Airbnb recorded a drop in revenue and an increase in losses.

A question - what ideas for business will be relevant in the near future are asked by many, but not everyone understands that a certain strategy is needed to choose from a variety of options. It is simple but effective and will help you cut off what will not do you good at an early stage.

Strategy for choosing an idea for a business in the year

The basic principle of starting in an entrepreneurial environment will definitely not change in the near future. You need an idea to base your business on. But what if you want not just to come up with a good profitable and relevant idea, but to look into the future. How do you know which ideas will work and which ones will be forgotten by potential clients like a fleeting puff? And we will answer you.

Naturally, no one will be able to look into the future. But everyone can do the simplest logical analysis. Next year, as in the present and past, people will continue to love food, fix cars, buy clothes and shoes, go to places of entertainment and provide for children. This is to ensure that the basic ideas will always remain. And if you want to start a business, then first of all analyze ideas in these areas.

Secondly, think about what you like. Maybe you have always dreamed of organizing children's parties, but you are afraid that this idea will not work for you due to the great competition. In fact, the business is more likely to “not go” because you don't like doing it. And the fact that it is difficult to bring to profit for objective reasons “shoots out” only because you invest there not only money and time, but also your soul.

These two components - personal preferences and social needs - are universal components for finding ideas at any time.

Still, do not forget about trends. Therefore, we still have to talk about what is new in the world of business ideas and what can become popular in 2021.

Idea Printer for Wall Printing

Remember, until recently, 3D printers were something completely new and available only to corporations in terms of price range? And look what is happening now. With the help of 3D printing technology, everything is created - from food to cars, and the simplest options for cars are quite affordable for the average man in the street. The potential for this area is enormous. We are confident that we will never again be impressed by the news in the development of 3D devices that can shape our lives. But now we are interested in how the devices can be used in ordinary business and what may become popular in the near future.

This role may well be claimed by 3D printers that can print walls!

The essence of the device is simple. The device is connected to a special manipulator, which squeezes out special plastic with the help of reinforced fiber. As a result, at the end we get a frame with increased strength. All that remains to be done for readiness is to fill in individual voids with construction foam, and then do the exterior decoration.

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