Making money on online auctions - 7 proven ways

How to start making money on online auctions

Depending on the chosen method, you will depend on what you will need to start with. We propose to consider 7 possible ways to make money on online auctions that are currently available and that allow you to make money on this. We have already talked about other business ideas on the network in this article.

"Win a lot" method

This method is the most profitable, but to make money in this way, you need to clearly understand what product you need and how much you are willing to pay for it. In principle, there is nothing complicated about this, the problem here is that a certain product at the auction may arrive at an indefinite interval. But despite this, you can buy a product in this way by 20-30% cheaper in comparison (if you would buy it right away).


Many people earn on online auctions as intermediaries, that is, they are engaged in the delivery of goods in Russia and other CIS countries. The fact is that not all sellers work with the CIS countries and the intermediary site offers (to do all the work for the client and solve this issue for a small%), in fact, the sites are engaged in this. They help or make a purchase for the client (if the situation requires it) and deliver this product to him for a modest percentage.

Method "Affiliate Programs"

Some auctions have affiliate programs, they pay a certain amount for each client you refer. Here again, each site will have its own rules and payment amounts. Who is interested in making money on affiliate programs, we advise you to read the article “How to make money on affiliate programs”. By the way, affiliate programs are the only way to make money on online auctions without investments, in any other way you cannot do without investments.

"Sale" method

Everyone has their own secrets on sale, someone sells national goods (hats, balalaikas and the like), someone sells homemade things (phone cases, furniture, etc.). Therefore, it will be rather difficult to recommend a certain niche or a certain product.

"Resale" method

It's worth explaining right away what we mean by resale. We mean buying goods at a foreign auction and then selling them here in Russia. Most of the goods from Europe (especially electronics) are much cheaper at the auction itself than in our market or even in stores. An example from a subscriber - at an auction I found a Samsung case for 150 rubles and on the market the same costs 1,300 rubles.

Bank business plan

The essence of this earnings lies in the redemption of the debtor's property at the price of the debt, and subsequent resale at market prices. Sometimes the profit on such an operation reaches 3000%.

Bankruptcy is the inability of the debtor to meet the claims of creditors and to fulfill obligations to pay various payments - repayment of loans, government payments, payment of taxes and the like - recognized by a state body. To the debtor, according to the current legislation, the procedure of the same name is applied, and the debtor's property is sold to pay off debts.

In Russia, the general bankruptcy procedure for individuals, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities is regulated by federal law of October 26, 2021 N 127-FZ "On insolvency (bankruptcy)".

According to Order N 54 dated February 15, 2021 “On approval of the Procedure for conducting open auctions in electronic form when selling property (enterprise) of debtors in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, Requirements for electronic platforms and operators electronic platforms when conducting open auctions in electronic form when selling property (enterprise) of debtors in the course of procedures applied in a bankruptcy case, as well as the Procedure for confirming the compliance of electronic platforms and operators of electronic platforms with the established Requirements "all procedures for the sale of property of debtors in bankruptcy must be carried out in electronic form on electronic trading platforms (ETP).

The last sentence opens up many opportunities for all citizens who want to make money. After all, as you know, in order to sell something, you first need to buy something. Bankruptcy auctions provide just such an opportunity. Both individuals and legal entities can participate in the auction.

Attention! All electronic sites that sell bankruptcy property must comply with the above Law No. 127-FZ and Order No. 54 of February 15, 2021. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation conducts regular accreditations and checks of the ETP for compliance with the requirements. You can also trust the sites included in the state register of self-regulatory organizations of electronic trading platforms (SRO ETP). Market leaders in the sale of debtors' property are Sberbank-AST, RTS-tender, Russian Auction House, Fabrikant and others.

Links to some accredited bankruptcy trading platforms:

  • bankrot. edresurs. u
  • sberbank-ast. u
  • fabrikant. u
  • ausib. u
  • torgibankrot. u
  • bankruptcy. ot-online. u

There are official electronic platforms in your region that implement the functionality of bankruptcy trading. A link to them can be found on the state regional portal of local governments. Also on the Internet there are ETP aggregators - a site where information is collected from several sites.

Bidding for bankruptcy offers a number of unique advantages for any participant. Previously, such auctions were the lot of professionals - the property of legal entities, as a rule, serious and expensive lots, worth tens of millions of rubles, became the subjects of the auction. Now, after the enactment of the law on bankruptcy of individuals, auctions were replenished with cheaper property - apartments, houses, land plots, cars and much more. Lots are inexpensive - the cost is from 1 ruble, allowing you to earn money without serious expenses on a legal basis, in accordance with Law No. 127-FZ.

The property of bankrupt persons is sold at auctions at a cost equal to their debt. Often this cost differs from the market value. After all, the purpose of the auctions is not to make money, but to cover the debt. If the lot is not sold, its price is reduced.

Hello! Igor Zuevich is in touch, and today we will talk with you about how to make money on the Internet using electronic auctions. You will learn how to realize your online business with a small investment and its benefits.

One of the most popular projects is business at auctions. The whole point is that sellers offer their goods, and buyers place bids on it.

You can sell anything, from any little thing to something more worthwhile. Alternatively, you can start your own business, but this requires an unusual idea.

A real-time auction is significantly different from a simple project on the world wide web, because a classic business requires the purchase of content. And this type of site provides much more opportunities for beginners.

Can you make money at the auction?

But often the question arises of how realistic it is to make money at the auction, because there is no guarantee that this business will bring quick and good profit. It is believed that only those who really know how to trade and have basic language skills can do this. There are many auctions, and if you want to achieve something in this area, then you need to trade not only at Russian auctions, but also go to the international level.

But first, you should evaluate the market and find out the market value of your goods. Also, you must constantly monitor the market environment and know all your competitors.

Plan ahead

Identify the most profitable sales strategies and find out where you can buy goods at the lowest wholesale prices. To have more customers, it is worth considering delivery. If the product sells in your city or in its immediate vicinity, hire a courier, and if you sell at international auctions, then consider postal delivery.

Think in advance about the payment systems where money will be sent to you. The most popular are transfers from e-wallets and bank cards. If you do not comply with the above conditions, then you run the risk of suffering heavy losses, even before you start earning something.

You will be able to transfer your skills by advising newbies on issues that affect the entire operation of auctions.

There is a third type of income - to be an intermediary. In this case, you act as a third party between the seller and the buyer. Your main task is to promote the goods and services of a company, while attracting potential customers.

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Sites with an auction function are not new at all, but they have gained popularity only in the last few years. An online store with an auction function is a place where you can buy or sell items based on bidding. This is a good strategy for starting your own business and gaining popularity quickly.

Sites like these are popular because people don't need to do something extraordinary. This is a good way to get rid of old items and buy the item you need at a low cost. Naturally, no one gives a guarantee for such things. If you are wondering how to create an online auction, then it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Let's look at a site like eBay

eBay is an online auction company founded by Pierre Omidyar in California on September 3, 1995. For the founder, this project was initially just a hobby, which eventually brought him significant profits. Soon, the project turned into a popular site for selling and buying things online.

The marketing strategy of this project is very often overlooked due to the activities of competitors and the media. Today, about 171 million people use eBay. According to statistics, over the past 8 years, the number of users has increased by 100 million. If we talk about specific figures, then the value of goods sold on this site in 2021 exceeded $ 17 billion. And on advertising eBay earned another $ 3 billion.

This site is also used as a marketing platform. For example, Smudgy Monkey, which specializes in the sale of gifts and accessories, used the platform to advertise its products. Advertising proved to be very effective and the company's profits increased by 96.4%. eBay is a popular and easy to use site with a large market share. Do you want to create the same marketplace? If so, you will find more details later in the article.

Why create an online auction?

Auction-based trading has its roots in ancient times, but today almost all auctions are online. It is much easier, faster and you do not need a personal presence to buy a product.

Typically, no everyday items were sold at auctions. On the other hand, you can sell anything from books to tables. One of the reasons for creating an online auction is profit:

  • The main purpose of the site for some is to sell or buy goods, and for the owner of the marketplace - to make a profit
  • This is a great way to attract a lot of potential customers in a short time and make money
  • You already have the basic idea of ​​the site and want to avoid significant waste
  • You want to gain a lot of loyal customers
  • You can develop your site thanks to new platforms and convenient technologies

Most of these sites are created for people who have a hobby to have a good time. Some sites have become so popular that they have become a developed business. However, online auctions can be a great solution to a variety of problems.

It's hard to imagine modern life without the Internet. Who of our ancestors would have thought that in the future it would be possible to make money on the World Wide Web without leaving home? At the moment, a huge number of people make money on the Internet, and this trend continues to grow and develop, turning into a kind of business. The possibility of additional earnings in order to increase capital pushes people to develop new projects that differ from the existing ones and bring a stable income.

One of the most widespread and effective projects for making money on the Internet is a business auction that has gained worldwide popularity and has become a source of income for millions of users.

The concept of an Internet auction

Besides, you can organize your own business, for which you need an original business idea. The online auction is a generator of many ideas for entrepreneurship, allows you to place an order for the production of certain products and keep abreast of what others have supplied.

Unlike the classic online business, the essence of which is buying and selling content, the online auction provides many more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The online auction offers a wide range of real goods at prices well below market prices. Any user with Internet access can get access to it. Buying a product with its subsequent resale at a better price at the same auction or in real life, the ability to open an online store offering goods from anywhere in the world - all these operations bring constant and quite tangible profit, making the business auction the main source of income.

Business idea What is this and what is it eaten with?

A business idea is an idea, a plan underlying a process, the end result of which is making a profit by satisfying a particular need of people. It is the receipt of profit as a result of the implementation of plans in life that distinguishes a business idea from other ideas.

In this case, the business idea is an online auction, which allows you to make money if you have entrepreneurial skills, "trading vein", knowledge of languages, and the ability to sell. At the same time, activities can be carried out in three ways:

  • the usual resale of goods on domestic and foreign sites;
  • acting as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer;
  • the provision of consulting services.

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