Is it profitable to open a store selling doors during the crisis

We can immediately say that this is a great business, with the ability to bypass competitors and achieve maximum sales. Yes, these are the qualities that will help you start your door trading business as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Today we will talk about what you need to consider when opening a door store in your city and suggest some interesting points for beginners.

Business format and competition

Doors business is usually a small retail outlet where a sales manager sits and sells various types of goods, it can be interior or entrance doors. The very format of launching such a business is very economical, which is why in this direction of entrepreneurship you will encounter a large number of competitors who will need to be bypassed either in terms of price or in terms of assortment.

How to assess the situation in your city and choose the ideal place for trading doors? First, go through all similar outlets, and look at the assortment and try to find out the prices, remember which door manufacturer they offer.

Second, try to evaluate what type of advertising they use to promote their business.

Only such a comprehensive analysis will help to identify the weaknesses of competitors, and you will be able to focus on one direction or another when opening your store of entrance and interior doors.

Premises and equipment

At the second stage of planning a business for selling doors, you will need to find an office space, the main thing is a place with high traffic. The office will be your advertising space, so the placement of the retail space is a critical factor.

Many people dream of having their own business, but hesitate to try. It is believed that a lot of start-up capital is needed to open a point of sale, but this is not always true. For example, if you have 100,000 rubles, you can open a business selling interior doors. Within a few months, your costs will pay off, and the business will start to make a profit.

Business plan - how to get started

The first step is to draw up a business plan. And this should not be an unsubscribe for a bank or credit institution, but a really working draft in a form convenient and understandable for you. The business plan will list all expenses, projected income and all your actions for several months in advance.

1. The first step is to find a place to organize a retail outlet. The room must be large enough to accommodate at least 10 stands with opening doors. It should also be a walkable place. The ideal option is to rent space in a building goods store. The main factors to consider when choosing a location are high traffic and low rental costs. Take your time, it can take a long time to find a suitable point.

2. When looking for a place to sell, start looking for suppliers. You need small wholesale companies. A good supplier will help you with the selection of samples for the exhibition, advise the running models. Manufacturers often provide stands for displaying doors at a good discount.

3. Next, you need to find a wizard who will install the doors. You can not hire him to work, but agree on a certain percentage of each order.

4. A car is required to deliver doors to buyers. If you do not own a suitable vehicle, you can agree to hire a GAZelle.

These are the basic components that are required for a successful business. When a place, suppliers are found, issues with installation and delivery are resolved, you can officially register your own enterprise. There are two options - IE (individual entrepreneur) or LLC (limited liability company). It is easier and cheaper to register an individual entrepreneur, a simplified reporting system is provided for entrepreneurs, the amount of taxes is lower.

Another great idea is to make your store website on the Internet. Online platforms are especially successful in big cities. Place information about the company on the website, create a convenient catalog with photos, prices and a unique description of each model.

Be sure to formally formalize your relationship with the landlord, supplier, installer by concluding an agreement. This can be done immediately after receiving the IP registration documents. Equip the room, for this you need a minimum set: furniture and stationery. From this moment you can start working.

Door prices

The markup for interior doors varies from 40 to 150%. The premium on door hardware is usually even higher. When setting a price, pay attention to competitors, if they are nearby. You should not set a lower price, so as not to spoil relations with other companies. If there are no competitors nearby, then you can sell the doors for a cheaper price to attract customers.


Opening a door store gives any active person a chance to meet the needs of people in beautiful high-quality doors and create a stable source of constantly growing income for themselves. The size of the initial investment is relatively small here: from 260 thousand, and the amount of net profit is from 50 to 150 thousand. with a payback period of 6-8 months. This is a very interesting and promising business in the real sector of the economy.

Doors business: relevance and prospects

In recent years, new houses have been constantly being built - they also need doors. Many organizations - administrative, commercial, government agencies, schools, hospitals, shops - also periodically renovate and reopen, which means they need doors. The need for doors only grows over the years. Someone needs simple and cheap doors, someone wants beautiful and expensive doors, but for someone the quality of doors and service is of prime importance.

Therefore, opening an interior door store is a very promising and profitable business, which, despite high competition, can bring a stable income for many years. But only if we manage to calculate everything correctly and skillfully manage the funds invested in the business.

Which doors are profitable to sell?

The concept of the store is of great importance - whether it will be a mono-brand dealer store, or a salon offering doors from different manufacturers. For which buyers the assortment will be designed - for the average man in the street, choosing budget doors, or for wealthy citizens who prefer pretentious models.

The budget segment of the market has several advantages:

  • high demand for products,
  • large target audience, and, as a result, more volumetric turnover,
  • fewer problems with defects and complaints.

The expensive sector of the market also has advantages:

  • it is not necessary to keep doors in the warehouse, you can work on order,
  • high quality doors and a minimum of rejects,
  • target audience - people with high incomes.

The construction business is rapidly moving upward, because while the population is growing, housing will always be required. And what kind of housing is without doors? Today we'll talk about how to open a store selling doors.

How to do it and where to start

The doors are divided into three groups:

  • Input.
  • Interior.
  • Specialized.

Consumer demand between them is distributed as follows: 90% - for interroom, the rest - for entrance and specialized. It is quite logical to assume that it is better to build the main assortment of the store on the first.

In addition to doors, it is worth putting up various related accessories for sale: platbands, handles, hinges, etc., so that the buyer, entering the store, could buy everything related to this area. Moreover, the extra charge for components is much higher than the basic goods.

Store location

Doors are a product that people will go to the edge of the city for if they know that the store has a rich assortment of quality products at an affordable price. Therefore, it makes no sense to overpay for rent in the city center if you can save money wisely and open closer to the outskirts. However, take care of a favorable neighborhood with other hardware stores.

The area of ​​the premises directly depends on the quantity of the assortment. Showcase samples are placed along the walls, "facing" the buyer. The store itself, with a large number of doors, can resemble a small labyrinth, since the space is also used in the center of the room.

Equipment and personnel

A door store is a profitable business that is in demand at any time. In this article, we will consider how to succeed in a competitive market and earn from 100 thousand rubles a month with minimal investment.

In recent years, the construction market in Russia has been developing: a lot is being built and repaired. The demand for construction and finishing materials is high. In this regard, the number of outlets selling goods for construction and repair is growing. One of these areas is the sale of doors.

The business of selling doors has good prospects. Doors are always needed: both when buying a new home and when renovating. Everyone needs doors: in addition to residential buildings, doors are installed in commercial and government institutions.

Interior and exterior doors are a direct part of any interior. Therefore, people choose doors responsibly, considering options and visiting different outlets. A large number of competitors does not interfere in any way with opening new stores. Each has different suppliers and assortment, its own target audience and price segment.

Opening your own door store is a profitable business that generates a stable income with a small investment. The high level of competition in the field will not be an obstacle for a beginner entrepreneur. The main thing is to skillfully dispose of the invested funds and correctly form the assortment.

What you need to open the door shop

For a successful start, you need to solve the following issues:

analyze the market and decide on the assortment that will be presented in the store;

find a profitable place for trading;

find reliable suppliers of goods;

think over the service of your store: method and terms of delivery, the possibility of installments, a system of discounts, etc.;

decide on the method of door delivery to the outlet and to the buyer;

calculate the amount of initial investment, plan income and expenses, determine the payback period.

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