Internet Marketing: Features, Tools, Strategies and Trends

Internet marketing provides a huge number of opportunities to promote companies and their products. How to build a strategy, choose the right tools and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, we will tell you in the article.

What is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a set of actions aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet.

Contextual advertising or SEO promotion are just a few parts of Internet marketing. And today, for successful online campaigns, you have to use and even combine many channels. So, internet marketing is about an integrated approach to promotion.

Main goals of internet marketing:

increase in site traffic;

promotion and implementation of new services and goods;

improving the company's image;

increasing brand awareness.

Internet Marketing or Traditional Channels?

To answer this question, just look at the statistics. According to the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR), the Internet was the only growing media in 2021. The volume of the digital segment increased by 21% and reached 169-171 billion rubles.

Digital media is gaining momentum with each city displacing more traditional channels for business promotion.

The Internet, as a marketing tool, is the most effective if you build a business plan correctly and select promotion methods.

Modern advertising is built on attracting customers from the Internet.

Internet access is indispensable today.

On the World Wide Web, you can find your target audience, which will first become potential customers, and then active buyers.

This is understandable in theory, but what about practice?

The words targeting, content, SEO are incomprehensible to the majority, and they will be used for promotion on the Internet.

So what is internet marketing?

How to choose the correct and effective promotion method?

And how to build a strategy that will allow you to quickly and 100% get profit and recoup your investment?

In 2021, professions related to digital are becoming more and more in demand. It is almost impossible to imagine modern life without search engines, social networks, online taxi orders, food, air tickets and more. Whole corporations are working to make life easier and more convenient for people using the Internet and its possibilities.

If you want to find yourself in digital, pay attention to internet marketing.

In a broad sense, Internet marketing is the promotion of goods and services online. As a rule, its ultimate goal is to sell a product / service or increase company awareness.

Its main difference from classic marketing is the ability to use web analytics to track the entire user's journey: from the first interaction to the sale of a product or service. In addition, online marketing allows targeted targeting of each individual user (for example, by launching an advertisement on TV, we broadcast it to a fairly wide audience, and we can show a banner or video on YouTube to certain people who are most likely to become our customers).

Internet marketing consists of:

  • paid advertising (contextual, targeted, media),
  • SMM (social media marketing),
  • SEO-promotion,
  • email marketing,
  • web analytics,
  • content marketing.

Next, we will briefly talk about all the components of Internet marketing.

Paid Ads

Everyone who is in any way connected with business has heard about contextual and targeted advertising many times. First of all, such advertising is used to familiarize the audience with your product and subsequent sale.

The general mechanism is this:

1. Facebook, Google, Yandex, VKontakte and other systems have advertising platforms - places where they sell ads (for example, search strings in SERPs or posts within social networks). And also these sites have information about users (their actions, interests, search queries), on the basis of which you can target them.

2. You place ads through advertising systems, while showing ads only to those users who are more likely to be interested in your product or your service. You independently choose which users you will target (based on the opportunities that the advertising system provides you).

There are tons of tools in digital marketing, but an inexperienced advertiser or aspiring entrepreneur should focus on the simplest. Read more about them in our material.

Internet marketing is a set of tools that is used to promote goods and services online. Compared to offline promotion, this method has three main advantages.


There are tools here, with the help of which you can find your most interested audience and show the advertising message only to it. Geographic location, age, gender, interests, income, place of work - a lot of filters are available to direct the campaign in the right direction.


Promotion on the Internet allows you to better control the situation and more closely interact with the audience. With digital marketing capabilities, you can track customer reviews, communicate directly with them, and in some cases visually see the impact your actions are having.

Web Analytics

Promotion on the Web is also convenient because it makes it easy to analyze your actions. You can always visually see how this or that tool worked, how many visits or buyers it brought to the site. At any time there is a chance to refuse a promotion that does not work, or to change the settings.

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How to start promoting on the Internet

Three obvious but must-have steps to get started.

Decide on your target audience

Internet marketing and advertising is an integral part of business today. And this is not in theory, but in reality. Yes, there are many businesses that only exist offline, and pretty well. They feel good, as they say. But I'm sure they would be even better if they were on the Internet. Our Internet is still growing, it has not reached its peak. What can I say, less than half (!) Of the inhabitants of Russia are Internet users today. And 80-85 percent will at least someday become Internet users, that's for sure. Do you see what kind of prospect this is for Internet marketing? Huge.

The Internet offers great prospects for marketing and advertising!

Of course, this is not of decisive importance for every business. Let's say if you have a hairdresser in Pskov, you are not interested in Internet users in Ulan-Ude. It's clear business. However, even if the internet increases your business prospects unambiguously. If only for the simple reason that it is much easier and faster to disseminate information on the Internet. So don't assume that you and your business don't need to be on the Internet. However, you are reading this article on the net, in general. So you understand this well yourself, I'm sure.

What is Internet Marketing and Online Advertising?

Many of you, I'm sure, are well aware of what Internet marketing is. In principle, Internet marketing and advertising on the Internet is a topic on which not one or two dozen books have been written (if not hundreds), so we will not be able to cover such a monster topic in one article :-). Therefore, here we will talk rather superficially about marketing tools and processes on the Internet, and in the future we will return to this regularly. Internet marketing is very interesting to me, so many articles on this topic are provided, don't worry :-). So, if you have certain knowledge on this topic, you can not read this article, but read, for example, how to make effective advertising. Just kidding :-). Read, of course, you will find something useful for sure :-).

So, let's figure it out all the same, what is Internet marketing? Similar to traditional marketing, this is all that helps us attract new and retain old customers. Online only. That's all. Of course, this is a global definition. Next, we'll take a look at internet marketing piece by piece.

What is internet marketing made of and what are its goals?

First, I would like to note that the goal of any marketing is the same - to increase the profit of the business. Sometimes directly, for example, by ordering advertising and starting sales, and sometimes indirectly and after some time - for example, PR, brand promotion, audience expansion, actions aimed at increasing awareness and increasing trust, etc. All this, of course, done both online and offline. What is everyone doing online?

I divide internet marketing into 6 categories:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM);
  • Social media marketing (SMM and Social Media Optimization - SMO);
  • Direct or direct marketing (e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, RSS feeds, various services and even email spam);
  • PR (public relations);
  • Video marketing;
  • Web analytics.

All types of Internet marketing have their own purpose, methods and principles of work, but in the end, all the same, the ultimate goal is to raise the business to a new level, to increase profits. I would like to emphasize that Internet marketing in all its glory is immediately available to small businesses too. On other scales, of course, but, nevertheless, you can do all this in your business.

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